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Hello all my name is Soumya Shah, I belong to traditional Jain community and my family are ardent followers of Jainism, My family is very orthodox and traditional. We are from Gujarat and settled in Mumbai. Currently I am doing PG(M.Tech CSE) and my age is 22. Luckily with god’s grace and my body structure and my cute face I just look like sweet 16. I have 31 size boobies, 26 size waist and 34 size ass. My plump ass is the best part of my body and coupled with my slim waist I can rise dicks of even an old man. Complimenting that I have long and wavy hair and a smile to die for. My cuteness increases many folds with my smile and I can get away with any crime with my smile cute face.

I was like my family up to my B.Tech 1st year. Then I met my hostel friends and they changed everything they helped me to see the world, they thought me about sex, boys and they introduced me to porn. It increased me sexual hunger but I was too young to get committed. In my engineering last year my best friend from nowhere has asked me out and without even proposing we hugged each other at a lonely place. Gradually hugs turned into kisses and he started playing with my young boobs. We used to go on drives where I used to drive and he used to keep his hands inside my dress and play with my boobs and I was getting lot of pleasure from his touches but I was afraid as he was not ready for any commitment.

The frequency of meeting have increased we used to go to movie theatre just to play with each other. One day he took me to top of my college building and pulled his penis out I couldn’t resist the sight of his thick and long penis and I held it my hands. He made me move my hands up and down on his cock while he started playing with my boobs and kissed my lips. I moved my hands for 5 minutes and his body got stiff and cummed in my hands. For the first time in my life I saw someone Cumming and I took my kerchief and cleaned my hand and kept the hanky in my bag. I actually liked the smell of the cum. In the night I took the kerchief out and started smelling it and with my other hand I rubbed my pussy in excitement. The kerchief was wet with his cum and I kept in my mouth and licked the stains of cum on the kerchief and rubbed my pussy wildly reaching my 1st orgasm ever.

This relation moved to next step when he fingered my pussy in theatre his thick fingers has entered my tight pussy showing me new level of pleasure in sex and on the same day he made me suck his dick inside the theatre he kept on stroking his cock inside my mouth and was pressing my small boobs. He fucked my mouth for 10 minutes and finally cummed inside my mouth. His dick was long but not thick and luckily I could take it inside my mouth. After my first blowjob experience where I even drank the cum directly I was eagerly waiting for the next adventure with my boyfriend. My waiting was fruitful and my boyfriend gave me the taste of oral sex by licking my virgin pussy. After initial foreplay He opened my salwar pant and pulled my panty down and licked my pussy like a dog still I reached my orgasm. This adventures continued mostly in movie theatre and sometimes in college too.

My boyfriend begged me to have sex and I was tempted so many times to have sex with him but his perseverance was not so good and he was not ready to give a long term commitment. Slowly he got bored of me and proposed another girl leaving me dry.

Luckily I got to meet love of my life and we entered into a long distance relationship and hardly meet once in a month. We daily used to do sex chat over video call and used to relieve our sexual desire whenever we met. However we both decided not to do full intercourse until marriage. My lover was shy and he doesn’t even indulge much in oral sex. So I was bit frustrated sexually and was waiting for our marriage. Bot me and my BF are doing PG from different colleges and for internship we were asked to travel to different cities.

There in my internship I met my manager Rahim. He is very good looking and helpful. He always took special interest in me to help me in my assignments and we developed nice rapport over 3 weeks. That weekend my boyfriend was coming to my city to visit me. I told to Rahim casually that my BF was coming to city. He asked me where he is going stay. I told him in a hotel. He told why do you want waste money I have a 3 bhk flat and you both come and stay in my flat. Even my girlfriend is not in town so no one will disturb you. Initially I rejected the idea but Rahim insisted a lot and I was forced to agree. I was tensed that if I reject him outright it might affect my end rating. So on weekend my bf came and we went to Rahim flat and stayed over the weekend. Rahim didn’t disturb us and even gave his car to roam in the city. Sunday evening my boyfriend Ajay was supposed to reach the airport and I don’t know car driving so we came back and gave the car to Rahim and told we will take a cab to the airport but Rahim bhayya insisted to drop Ajay at the airport and me at my PG. My idiotic BF also liked the idea and we three went to the airport and dropped him at the airport and we came back. That day I was wearing sea blue colour saree to impress my bf. Instead Raheem got very impressed and praised my beauty all along the drive back home. I left my bag in Raheem’s house so we both went back to his house. I was feeling grateful to Raheem and knowing that his girlfriend was not there I offered him help in cooking.

Soumya: Rahim bhaiyya, how will you manage your meals now that Rehana(Rahim’s girlfriend) is not at home?

Rahim: I was thinking of ordering some food from the hotel in the neighbourhood. I am a very bad cook, wouldn’t be able to cook even if I had to save myself.

There was a reason Rahim said this. He wanted to gain Soumya’s sympathy, so she would stay and cook dinner for him.

Soumya had no option but to ask him shall I cook which he readily accepted

Soumya went back to kitchen and started cooking. Due to working in kitchen, she had tied her saree to the exposing her beautiful navel. Also she was sweating a lot due to humidity. She was looking gorgeous in that saree with open hair. Rahim was standing at the entrance of the kitchen and was staring at Soumya.

Soumya: Rahim bhaiyya!!! You are early. I have just started cooking, dinner won’t be ready for at least another half an hour!!

Rahim: No problem. I had nothing to do and was getting bored so I thought of coming here and helping you with the dinner preparations. Do you mind?

Soumya had no option but to allow him in the kitchen.

She said to him there is no need and she will do the work by herself. He also came in and started chatting with her. She also started to like the conversation and was not minding Rahim ogling her body as she was tired and was busy preparing dinner. As she was serving dinner, Rahim was curiously looking at her juggling young breast. While serving food. His eyes were transfixed on voluptuous ass when she turned back.

Rahim was having a lot of difficulty holding himself back having such an angel beside him. He was very horny and his massive dick was making a huge tent from his pajama. All the time, he was complementing Soumya on her looks and was praising her continuously.

Rahim: Soumya, you look really beautiful in this saree. Your boyfriend is really lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend. I wouldn’t have left such a beautiful girlfriend for even a second.

Rahim: Dinner was fabulous. Thank you so much Soumya, you not just beautiful but also an amazing cook….you are a complete young girl!!!!!

Soumya: Don’t mention it Rahim bhaiyya…its not big deal and I am not that great.

Soumya was getting red with each compliment as she was not used to male company except her boyfriend and her ex because of coming from restricted Jain community.

Rahim: I would like to thank you for this meal with a gift I have for you. Its in my bedroom, I will get it in 2 minutes.

Soumya: No thanks…that is not necessary…..

Before she could complete her sentence Rahim left the room

She got confused and was eagerly waiting for the surprise. Rahim came back after a few minutes.

Rahim: Here…this is the gift for you.

Soumya: What is it?

Rahim: It’s a surprise…open it.

Soumya put her hand inside the bag and took out the “gift”

It was a nighty!! It was a very expensive, fancy and a very revealing sleeveless nighty

Soumya was shocked seeing this kind of a gift. Never in her life had she seen or even worn such a flimsy cloth

Soumya: Bhaiyya…I cannot take this….I….

Rahim: Please Soumya!! I bought it for my wife but it didn’t fit her because she is fat and the shopkeeper refused to take it back.

Rahim started laughing at his own joke making it awkward for Soumya who smiled a little.

Rahim: Please take it Soumya;

I know you will look really beautiful in this.

In fact, this nighty will compliment you beauty.

Rahim forced Soumya to take it. Soumya said she doesn’t accept gifts but due to Rahim’s pressure had to accept it.

Rahim: If you don’t mind will you try on this nighty now? See Rehana tried wearing it a couple of times but it didn’t fit her. I was wondering if it had loosened and would it fit you properly?

Soumya : Now…no…I will try it tomorrow and tell you later how it fits…not now…

Rahim was adamant, he just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Soumya agreed reluctantly and went to the bedroom to change from saree into the nightie.

Soumya said ok and went back to change. When she was changing she found out that nightie was exactly the same size as hers. It was of pink colour of very flimsy material. She had never worn clothes like this before. It was sleeveless as showing upper side portions of her perky boobs.

She was checking herself out in the mirror, admiring her sexy body when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Rahim: Does it fit ok?

Soumya: uhh…yeah….

Rahim: Is the size perfect?


Rahim: Can I see you now?

Soumya: No…No…I cannot come out wearing something like this.

She was trying to refuse him. Suddenly her cell phone which was in the drawing room started ringing. From the ringtone she could tell it was her boyfriend…Ajay!!!

She had to rush to pick the phone, if Rahim would have picked up the phone it would have created a problem for her as what she is till doing in her manager house at 10 pm at night. So she went in the nighty itself. She picked up the phone and it was Ajay. She was talking to him for 5 minutes. When she kept the phone down she realized that Rahim was looking at her.

Rahim: Wow Soumya, you look awesome…just like a those models they show in lingerie ads you are so beautiful!!!

Soumya know realized her situation, she was completely alone with her manager who she could tell was lusting for her. Rahim then went close to her and put his hand on his bare shoulder saying how soft her skin is and wished his wife would have been beautiful as she is. Soumya tried to break his hold but suddenly he hugged her by using her strong hands and pulling lean Soumya into his muscular body. She was desperately trying to be free herself but he was not leaving her. Her beautiful breasts were crushed against his muscular chest.

Rahim: You are going to be mine tonight. I can’t let go of a chance like this. I will fuck your virgin jain pussy with my big muslim dick and make you mine. Soumya please co-operate because I will have you one way or another.

Soumya was scared and she knew that she has to submit to this wild man, her career is at stake. She never liked him his scary beard, and a strong build. Even though she admired his masculinity, he always looked evil to the beautiful simple lady. Then Rahim dragged Soumya to the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

Then he jumped on her literally crushing her with his weight. He was kissing her wildly and was trying to insert his dirty tongue in her beautiful mouth. She was trying to resist but she was weak in comparison to this masculine man.

Then he tore the straps of the nighty which he had just gifted to her and threw it away. Now she was in a pair of Red bra and panty. Rahim just stood there for a while staring at her. He was hypnotized by her body and was licking his lips in anticipation that he will have such a young and beautiful body that he only imagined in his dreams to fuck. Soumya was looking very hot in red bra and panty and her bobs were attracting under the bra. He got on top of her and pinching her breasts over the bra.

Soumya was pleading him to leave her; she was horrified with the things that were happening to her and was afraid of this beast.

Soumya: Let me go Rahim…Please…I am just like your younger sister…Leave me!!!!

Soumya tried begging Rahim

Rahim: I am not letting you go without fucking you nice and proper. If my sister was so sexy, I would have pounded her as well.

Now Soumya knew that it is going to happen. She knew she couldn’t overpower this man; he was way too strong for her. She knew that she would have to tolerate what was going to happen. She knew that from now on, nothing in her life would be the same.

Rahim was still pinching, pressing and licking her boobs over the Red bra. Occasionally he would forcibly kiss her pink rosy lips. His hands were roaming all over her body, from her neck to her arms to her stomach and to her pussy. Rahim noticed wetness on her crotch. He got up to see it. He saw a wet patch on the panty. He knew that this young girl was ready.

Rahim bent a little and dug his nails in her waistband of her panty and started pulling them down. Soumya unknowingly lifted her butt a little to let the panties come of her thighs. Soumya even though afraid, her young and inexperienced body was ditching her and enjoying the touches of a man who has lot of experience in handling a young girl body. She watched as Rahim slowly dragged her panties down from her thigh, to her calf, to her ankles. Rahim is the third person to see her in this state but first two she did it willingly but now she was forced into this by a Muslim man. Rahim pulled it for a final time and it was off. He flung it to some corner of the room.

Soumya watched in wonder how she had willingly let Rahim take of her panty. She was amazed and conflicted. She was a loyal girlfriend to a wonderful boyfriend, a loving daughter and an ideal girl. She did not like Rahim one bit but here she was letting this ugly man do things to her that no one apart from her boyfriend did.

Once the panties were off, Soumya closed her legs to deny Rahim the view of her virgin pussy. Rahim with force pushed her legs apart; she was too weak to resist his power. Rahim was mesmerized with the view. A fair, young tight pussy was within his arms reach, his tongue’s reach. Her pussy was clean shaven. Soumya kept her pussy devoid of any hair just the way her boyfriend liked. Two days before she shaved her pussy for her boyfriend and that idiot didn’t know how to utilise the treasure he has in hands and now Rahim is making the most out of the gold mine.

Rahim pulled Soumya to the edge of the bed. He got down on his knees near the bed and bought his head near the pussy. He rubbed her thighs with his rough hand and then started kissing and biting her inner thighs. While licking and biting her thighs, he slowly made his way to her swollen pussy. He took a deep breath. The scent of her pussy was intoxicating. He took his long tongue out and started to lick her pink cunt.

He dragged the flat of his tongue along the entire pussy waiting at her clit. He took the clit in her mouth and started suckling on it. The sweet and salty taste of Soumya’s pussy was amazing. He inserted his tongue in her pussy hole and started tongue fucking her. Soumya was now breathing heavily. She moaned and sighed as Rahim’s tongue did things to her that she never had experienced. The oral pleasure given by her inexperienced boyfriend was nothing when compared to the pleasure given by Rahim’s experienced tongue.

Soumya was a conservative girl and never thought she will be fucked by a man of not her religion. She was newly into a relation and was a virgin. Ajay was a virgin too. In the few months of relation, the couple had never tried sex. Soumya now thought why hadn’t she tried this with her boyfriend? But right now a middle aged Muslim man was licking her pussy like a dog licking a bone. She was feeling a strong force build up in stomach. She knew it was an orgasm. She had got them from her boyfriend but this was nothing compared to it. As Rahim bit her clit, Soumya screamed at the top of her voice, arched her back and squirted her love nectar which fell on Rahim’s face.

Rahim hungrily drank up all her pussy juice and waited for her to calm down. In what seemed like ages, Soumya came down from the orgasmic high and regained her composure.

She thought to herself even if this man was looking like a beast; he was giving her enormous pleasure she had never imagined existed. Listening to her moans Rahim knew that she was completely under his control. He was going to give this young girl the fuck of her life with his big dick.

Rahim got up and went up to her. He looked deep into her eyes, rubbed his finger on her lips. At the same time he took his right arm around her to the bra strap. He skillfully removed the bra strap and took it off her shoulders. Soumya’s milk jugs were now in the open. They moved up and down with Soumya’s each heavy breath. He held both her boobs in his big strong hands and started squeezing them.

Soumya’s boobs were not big, for freakishly large hands of Rahim they were a tennis ball. Rahim took his tongue tip and flicked the nipple of the left boob. Soumya shuddered at the touch. Rahim then licked the area around the areola. He was licking all over the breast and was making it wet. He was deliberately not going for the areola and the nipple. He was teasing her, depriving her sensations that tit sucking brought.

Soumya had enough of this and could not control any more. She put her hands in his hair and dragged his head to the nipple. Rahim took one look at her; she smiled at him weakly and kept on pulling his face towards the nipple. Rahim got the signal and went straight for the erect nipple and bit her. Soumya moaned and writhe as Rahim mercilessly sucked and bit her pink nipple. He would pull her nipple with his lips right up to the point where they would get out of his mouth. He got the nipples all wet and blew cold air on them making them extra hard. Soumya was seeing the pleasures she never saw before.

Rahim did this with both the boobs expertly, so much so that Soumya had an orgasm with just his expert sucking. Soumya hadn’t had orgasm in months and it was a long time for a girl who tasted the pleasures of oral sex. Her pussy was wet from the enormous flow of the juice. Rahim had enough of the tit sucking. He sucked her nipples for one last time leaving several love bites on her boobs. Soumya thanked god that her boyfriend wasn’t here or else she would be in trouble for all the unexplained love bites.


Rahim got up from the bed and started taking off his clothes one by one. Soumya stared as one by one all of Rahim’s clothes were separated from his huge muscular black body. Rahim took off his underwear and his giant black cock sprang out. Soumya gasped as she saw the monster dick hanging between Rahim legs. She could not help but compare it with her idiotic boyfriend’s dick. Ajay’s penis was short and thin and here Rahim’s penis was a huge monster. This was the third penis she had seen in her life and in comparison to this Rahim’s big black cock other looked like kid’s penis.

Rahim got on the bed on his knees while Soumya raised herself on her elbows. Rahim brought his dick near Soumya. Soumya stared at the fine specimen of manhood. The penis was long, more than 10 inches. It was circumcised with the purple dick head shinning in all glory. Veins jutted out of this strong dick which resembled at black police baton. Soumya turned towards the right where Rahim was kneeling, resting on her right elbow. She brought her left arm to his dick and grabbed it with her tender fingers. She let her hand roam around the dick from the head to the base feeling the strength and skin of the dick. She delicately massaged his massive ball sack and wondered how much cum did this massive sack hold.

She tightly held the dick in her palm and started jacking it up and down. Rahim moaned loudly, sensations of pleasure went through his spine as soumya’s young tender fingers moving up and down his manhood. They looked at each other, their eyes filled with pure lust. After a couple of minutes of receiving an amazing hand job, Rahim put his hand at the back of her head, gripping her long, thick brown hair and started pushing it towards his dick. As Soumya’s mouth slowly came towards Rahim’s penis, she realized what was expected of her. She inhaled the strong scent of his manhood and precum was oozing from his dick. She accordingly opened her mouth wide to accommodate this massive pole. Finally, Rahim’s cock entered her mouth unopposed and her pink lips wrapped around his massive black dick.

The dick head disappeared between her beautiful pink lips as Rahim pushed his dick further. Slowly almost half of the dick went in when Soumya gagged. She immediately pulled out and started coughing. Rahim laughed watching the scene so did Soumya. She looked up to him, smiled and went for his dick again. Soumya till now has sucked dick that were nothing in comparison to Rahim’s dick and she was immature in sucking them. Whenever she did she was in a hurry because she did not like it. Rahim realized that Soumya was new to oral sex and was yet not capable of deep throating his massive organ. Soumya could only suck only a little further than the head but Rahim wasn’t complaining. The site of this gorgeous young girl sucking his monster dick was enough to turn him on. Soumya was stunned; she had never imagined that she would even let another man touch her, let alone suck his dick. She was amazed how she was sucking on this black beast as if it was an ice cream. Soumya from an orthodox jain community is now sucking dick of a beef eating muslim man dick without any guilt or remorse.

Soumya was a quick learner. She swirled her tongue around the monster dick. She took it out for a few times, stared at it, lightly kissed it. She dragged her tongue along the length of the dick. Rahim also made her suck his balls. Soumya was now completely enjoying this amazingly new experience. She had forgotten that she was jain and she was loyal to her boyfriend, that the man with her in the bed did not even belong to her religion. In fact, the feeling of doing the forbidden was exciting her even more.

All this while, not a single word was spoken, only sounds of moans, heavy breathing, sucking, kissing and licking filled the room. Possessed by lust a man and a young girl were pleasuring each other to their hearts content. Soumya’s saliva mixed with Rahim’s precum was drooling down her throat making it an erotic sight to watch. Soumya was deeply involved in sucking his dick and satisfying his man.

Rahim pulled out his dick and Soumya gave a disapproving moan. Rahim broke the silence.

Rahim: Soumya darling let’s try something new!!!

Soumya thought to herself that all the things that she had done and experienced tonight were new, what else did this man have in store for her next?

Rahim made her lie down on her back and sucked her young inviting boobs for a few moments. He licked the area between her boobs making it wet and slippery. He got on top of her with his knees on either side of her boobs. He put his dick in between her boobs and asked her to push her boobs together. Soumya followed like an obedient student.

Rahim now started pushing his dick back and forth like a fucking action. He moaned at the wonderful sensation and looked into Soumya’s beautiful black eyes.

Rahim: Darling, this is called titty fucking. You have such a beautiful pair of jugs; I just couldn’t resist doing this. You like it?

Soumya smiled and nodded her head in approval. She was doing things in one night that she hadn’t done in her entire life. The feeling of a hot stiff pole between her young perky boobs was amazing adding to that Rahim was pulling her nipples every now and then driving her crazy.

Rahim’s dick was hitting her chin with every forward push. Soumya tilted her head and opened her mouth in a way that Rahim’s dick would enter it with every forward thrust he made. Rahim moaned loudly in approval as Soumya’s tongue flicked his dick head. Rahim’s dick was oozing pre cum. Soumya tasted it while sucking his dick and like the salty taste. She wanted more….all of it!!!!!

With such vigorous tit fucking, Soumya was breathing heavily, she had already experience another orgasm, the third of the night but Rahim showed no signs of tiring. He went on fucking her jugs and pinching her pink nipples. After several minutes of high speed tit fucking, Rahim’s orgasm started building, he started breathing heavily and his dick twitched wildly.

Rahim: Baby….I am going to cum. Where do you want me to cum?

Soumya: In my mouth….In my mouth. I want to drink all that juice. I wanted to taste it. It’s so amazing…GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Watching Soumya beg for his cum so loud and open, Rahim was pushed over the edge. He asked her to open her mouth. He finally shot his load in big long spurts in to Soumya’s mouth. A few strands flew across in to her hair, cheeks and eyes and as the force of his orgasm reduced, some of it fell on her chest and slowly made its way to her neck forming a ‘Pearl Necklace’. Young sexy Jain girl covered in cum of a muslim man

Soumya drank all the cum in her mouth and showed her tongue to Rahim. Both of them smiled at each other wickedly. She also picked up the cum on her cheeks and eyes and ate it. Rahim with his semi erect dick picked up the cum on her neck and fed it to her. She ate all of it as

if she was addicted to it. She sucked his muslim dick clean.

Rahim collapsed next to her. Both of them looked at each other, their eyes displaying their satisfaction. Soumya turned toward him and kissed him deeply. Rahim also responded in equal measure. Rahim could taste his cum on Soumya’s lips.

From what seemed to be a nightmare to the conservative Soumya, had turned into a heavenly experience. Soumya was now Rahim’s Bitch!!!! A conservative Jain girl has become bitch of a big dick muslim married man!!!

After a tiring experience, Rahim and Soumya kept talking to each other. Just a few hours ago Soumya didn’t even want to talk to him, now she was chatting away as if she knew Rahim for years. Rahim also liked how Soumya had become a willing partner in his quest. When she resisted, he thought he will have to rape her and feared the repercussion. But he had successfully managed to turn this shy young girl into a cum hungry slut.

They were talking, occasionally kissing each other. Rahim would every now and then suck and bite her tits and she would squeal and laugh in pleasure. Soumya was running her hands on Rahim’s body, especially his dick and his balls. She had fallen in love with it and knew she couldn’t stay away from it anymore.

Soumya looked at the clock on the wall in her bedroom. It was 12.15 am. She thought to herself that Ajay had called around 10 pm and this experience started soon after. So this means that the whole act lasted for 2 hours. She was shocked. Oral Sex with Ajay lasted for a maximum 15-20 minutes and she would get tired. But today she went on for 2 hours. She wondered that Rahim had not even fucked her yet. How long will that last, 4 hours?

She smiled at the thought. Rahim watched her expression…

Rahim: Sweetheart…what are you thinking about and smiling sheepishly?

Soumya: Rahim…we were doing it for 2 hours and you haven’t even fucked me. If you do, will you go on for the whole night?

Rahim: Hahaha….i just might baby…and what do you mean if you do fuck me…I am going to fuck you and fuck you real hard!! I will tear your virgin pussy and make my whore. Not just the whole night but also during the day. We are not going to work tomorrow and Swathi isn’t coming back for a couple of days. So it’s going to be you and me fucking like rabbits for 2 days and 2 nights.

Soumya blushed at Rahim’s plan. She wondered what kinky stuff they would end up doing in the next 2 days but she was definitely looking forward to it. Soumya got up and went to the bathroom to relieve herself, Rahim followed her.

Soumya watched herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess; she had love bite all over her body especially on her young boobs. There was dried cum in her hair, traces of it on her cheeks and neck. She had become a complete slut. Slut to a Muslim man.

Rahim on the other hand lifted the toilet seat and started peeing. Hearing the sound Soumya turned back and watched how Rahim’s dick streamed out urine in a strong, uniform flow. His dick was flaccid but still it was larger than Ajay’s.

Soumya: Ajay!!!!

Soumya ran out of the bathroom to the living room where her cell phone was. She checked her cell phone for any missed calls. There were none. She was relieved that her boyfriend hadn’t called. Looks like he was busy while she was enjoying with Rahim. Rahim came to the living room, Soumya turned around to face him.

Rahim: I am very hungry. Do you have anything to eat?

Soumya: I am also very hungry. There are leftovers from dinner. Ok for you?

Rahim: Fine with me. Anything which is ready is ok. After all, I don’t want to waste my time eating when we can fuck.

Soumya laughed at his naughtiness and proceeded towards the kitchen. Rahim watched her as her young plump ass swayed from right to left as she walked nude infront of him in house with any inhibitions. He smiled at himself and thought he was the luckiest man alive.

Soumya brought some chapatti and sabji in 2 plates and kept it on the dinner table. Rahim had by then switched on the television and was watching something. Rahim sat on the dinner table and looked at the plates

Rahim: Soumya darling why waste 2 plates? We will have food together in one plate.

Rahim put all the food in one plate, pulled Soumya towards him and made her sit on his lap. Soumya realized that they both were completely naked in the living room, another new experience.

Rahim took a piece of the chapatti and sabji and ate it. He then brought his mouth to Soumya and kissed her. As their lips met, they opened their mouths and Rahim passed on the food from his mouth the Soumya’s mouth. She loved his style and this process continued till their stomachs were full.

After Soumya was done in the kitchen, she came to the living room. Rahim was watching TV. He patted on the couch asking her to sit near him. Soumya quietly went and sat next to him cuddling into his manly body. They watched the regular channels for a while, and then Rahim switched to the local cable channel. There was a porn movie on that channel. Soumya blushed after watching it and Rahim laughed.

They watched the movie for a couple of minutes. She always wanted to see one along with her boyfriend but Idiot Ajay never did that and now Rahim was fulfilling her wish. This was a night of unique experience she thought to herself.

Her chain of thought was broken when she felt a hand grabbing her left breast. She turned her head towards Rahim to look at him. He smiled at her and she blushed. Encouraged by this gesture, Rahim turned to his left and turned Soumya so that she was facing him. With his both hands, Rahim started squeezing her boobs. He was squeezing them, weighing them, pinching her nipples. All these actions had an effect on Soumya and her breath quickened. Rahim then brought his mouth to her nipples and started sucking her boobs one by one. Soumya lay down on the sofa with her head resting on the armrest while Rahim sucked her boobs like a baby. This time he was gentle on her, doing things leisurely rather than the rough and hurried way he was doing before.

He pushed her boobs together till her nipples were adjacent to each other and then he sucked on both of them together. Soumya was now moaning, her hands were roaming all over his body. She felt his silky hair; his toned back muscles and brought her hands down to his taut butt.

Soumya: Ohhh Rahim…you seriously know how to push my buttons. I didn’t know sex could be so amazing before I met you. I am really glad I did this. You are my true lover!!!

Rahim stopped sucking her boobs and went up to her and softly kissed her. Soumya responded to his kiss with tenderness.

Rahim: Sweetheart, I wanted to fuck you from the day I saw you and today my dream has come true. You have such a splendid body, it deserves to be worshipped and not ignored. You are an amazing young girl Soumya.

Rahim went back to sucking her boobs. Soumya realized that he called her Soumya. It sounded so cute. She loved the way it sounded. She was falling for this Adonis like man.

Rahim: Soumya, do we have have ice in the fridge?

Soumya: Ya…why?

Without answering her Rahim got up and went to the kitchen. He was back in a minute with a vessel carrying ice and chocolate syrup bottle. She realized that Rahim was up to something kinky. Rahim made Soumya sit up straight, with her head resting on the back of the sofa. He went on his knees in front of her. He took an ice cube, put it in his mouth and kissed Soumya. The ice cube juggled between their mouths and melted in a few seconds from the heat of their mouth. As they kissed they could feel their cold tongues soon turning hot with all the action.

Rahim took another ice cube in his hand and started rubbing it on her young sensitive nipples. The coldness made her nipples extra hard and Soumya arched her back from the mind boggling sensation created by Rahim’s sucking. He put another ice cube in his mouth and started sucking her boobs.

After a while of sucking, he took another ice cube and put on her navel and rubbed it all over her stomach and navel. Rahim’s creative moves was having the right effect on Soumya who was moving towards an orgasm really fast. Rahim took another ice cube and started rubbing on her pussy. He then inserted it in her pussy. This pushed Soumya of the edge and she had a massive orgasm but Rahim held her down firmly and kept sucking her pussy. Rahim looked at Soumya who had just calmed down after her orgasm. He went up to her and kissed her. She licked of her own juices of his face.

Soumya then took an ice cube and put it in her mouth. She gestured Rahim to come to her side. As soon as he did that, she grabbed his dick and started sucking on it. Rahim moaned loudly has his sensitive dick head was exposed the ice and also to her warm mouth. Rahim then stood in from of her while she sucked his dick with full vigor. She grabbed his tight butt and forced more and more of his dick in her mouth. She was now getting used to his size and could suck much more than she previously did. Rahim looked on in wonder as the shy, conservative Soumya had turned into nymph sucking his rod like a possessed young girl.

Rahim pulled out his dick and lied down on the floor. He gestured Soumya to lie on him with her pussy at his mouth and his dick at her mouth.

Rahim: Soumya, this position is called 69. It will allow us to pleasure each other simultaneously.

Rahim: Because, we look like the number 69 when we are doing it.

Soumya looked at their reflection in the glass showcase near them. They really were looking like 69. She laughed at this and wondered how knowledgeable Rahim was in the art of love making. In the meanwhile Rahim took the bottle of chocolate syrup and gave it to Soumya. She knew what to do. She opened the bottle and poured a generous amount to chocolate syrup on his dick and his balls. She spread it across the organ. Rahim then took the bottle and poured a lot of syrup on Soumya’s pussy.

They both just went at it. Licking and sucking each other’s private organs. The chocolate syrup made it sweeter. It mixed with their juices and gave it a unique flavor. They were completely focused on the task at hand as if there was a race where the one who cums first lost.

Soumya was gobbling up Rahim’s dick as much as she could. She was trying hard to impress her lover with her oral skills. Rahim on the other hand was working equally hard. He bit her clit, Soumya moaned loudly, biting his dick a little, which made him moan as well. Soumya was holding Rahim’s ankles, with her long hair all over his crotch and thighs cloaking it from view.

Rahim was grabbing Soumya’s supple buns and was tongue fucking her, her juices dripping into his face.

Turn by turn they took the chocolate syrup and poured it over each other and kept sucking hard. Rahim’s expert licking was bringing Soumya to an orgasm but Rahim showed no signs of it. Soumya was awed with his stamina. Her stupid boyfriend Ajay would last only 5-10 minutes max on normal days and if this kind of sex Soumya felt that Ajay will last only 2 minutes and laughed at her pathetic boyfriend.

Rahim was fingering her pussy, inserting his middle finger up to the hilt. He brought his other hand and started rubbing her asshole and a little later inserted a little of his thumb into her asshole. The licking, pussy and ass fingering was a little too much for Soumya. She took his dick out of her mouth and screamed in pleasure as a massive orgasm hit her. She almost passed out from the pleasure. She collapsed on his crotch. Rahim stopped sucking her pussy. A few minutes later, Soumya regained her composure and got down from Rahim’s body. They both sat up and started laughing.

Rahim: You lost sweetheart…hahaha….

Soumya: Your tongue is no match to anything. I just couldn’t keep up with you.

They kissed each other. Soumya looked at Rahim’s dick. It was still erect. He had not got an orgasm.

Soumya: Are you going to keep that erect dick out in the open or are you going to fuck me. I think we have had enough of child’s play. Let’s go for the real deal…. break my virgin pussy and make me a woman.. make me your woman Rahim.

Rahim: Hahaha….I think it’s time I fuck your brains out and make you addicted for my dick. Let’s go for it!!! I will fuck your virgin pussy with my big dick and make you my bitch (and fingered her pussy)

Soumya: Ohhh!!! Yessssssss…..!!! Do you have a condom?

Rahim: …uhhh…I have it but I don’t like wearing it…reduces the pleasure. I want to fuck you bareback.

Soumya: Ya I would love that too but the way you dick is behaving and I am sure I will get pregnant even before marriage with just one fuck. No pussy till you wear a condom.

Rahim smiled at her and got up. While Rahim was away fetching condoms, Soumya watched the clock. It was 2.30 am; their second session lasted more than one and a half hour. Soumya was convinced that they would go on till dawn. She laughed at herself for thinking such things. She wondered how she could go on like that for hours. She thought it was Rahim’s effect on her.

Rahim returned with a few condoms in his hands from other room. He locked the door behind him and walked towards her. Soumya got up. They kissed each other hard as if they had been away for days. Rahim picked up Soumya and hold her at waist. She locked her legs around his waist and he carried her to the bed all the while kissing her.

He kept the condoms on the side table and threw her on the bed. After a little kissing and boob sucking, Rahim got up, went to the side table and came back with a condom and handed to Soumya.

Soumya was really turned on by the site of a butt naked man with a massive hard on walking towards her with a condom. Soumya was falling in love with a man from other religion and willing to lose her virginity.

She tore the condom packet and carefully removed the condom. Rahim got on the bed while Soumya got on her fours. She was about to put the condom on his dick when he stopped her.

Rahim: Soumya darling I want you to put the condom on my dick with your mouth.

Soumya winked and smiled at him wickedly with her cute face. She put the condom on her lips making an ‘O’ shape with her lips. She slowly took his dick in her mouth automatically putting it on the dick. She sucked his dick a few times. She noticed that the condom was strawberry flavored.

Soumya lay down on her back while Rahim got on top of her, his dick lightly touching her clit. Soumya was ready to loose her virginity and was waiting for the final assault.

Rahim rubbed his dick on her pussy, Soumya moaned with the pleasure from his teasing. Soumya’s pussy was leaking with excitement. Rahim then proceeded to push his dick into her tiny virgin hole. As the dick slowly made its way, Soumya was feeling it stretch her tiny pussy. The dick was touching her walls and stretching them more than she imagined. Her eyes opened wide as her pussy was being torn apart by this monster dick. Rahim’s dick was swollen with the anticipation of taking the virginity of this young beautiful girl. Rahim slowly pushed his dick inside Soumya’s tight pussy.

Raheem’s muslim dick faced resistance when he reached Soumya’s hymen. He looked it Soumya’s eyes and kissed her lips and told her be ready to be mine. He sealed her lips again that she will not shout in pain. He pulled his dick a little and gave a strong Jerk tearing Soumya’s hymen and making her a woman. Soumya has turned from an innocent Jain girl to a muslim cock sucking bitch.

It took two more huge strokes to reach the depths of her pussy. It was completely buried in her pussy. Rahim didn’t move for a while but was kissing Soumya and sucking her boobs allowing her to recover from the pain created by his monster dick stretching her tiny pussy and breaking her virgin pussy.

Tears rolled down her eyes but she did not want to back out and was holding Raheem strongly digging her nails on to his back/ After a couple of minutes, he started rocking back and forth. Slow at first, but gaining speed with every thrust. Soon he was at full speed, ramming his dick fast and all the way to the clit. Soumya was moaning, in fact she was screaming. This was the first fuck of her life and became the best. Her pain reduced with each stroke and it was filled with pleasure that was not known to her. With each stroke she was seeing the heaven in sex and was completely involved in sex forgetting about her small dicked idiotic boyfriend Ajay who will never be able to satisfy her like Rahim.

Soumya: Fuck me Fuck me. Oh my god Rahim, this is awesome. I could do his forever…aaaaahhhhh. You are the best man in the world…a real man…You make me yours…

Soumya’s moans encourage Rahim further and he started fucking her even faster. Her tits were juggling so fast that they created an illusion of 2 pair of boobs. She came twice. Rahim slowed down and stopped after a while. He was breathing heavily. He kissed Soumya so hard that he ended up biting her lip and made her bleed. He sucked her tits and bit her nipples. Soumya didn’t care about her torn lip, all that mattered was the fucking.

There was a large mirror in the bedroom opposite to the bed. Rahim made Soumya turn around and face the mirror and get on her fours. He positioned himself behind her, his dick just at the entrance of her pussy. They both looked in the mirror and were amazed at the site.

Soumya’s boobs were hanging in the air, delicately touching the bed with her ass in the air. Behind her was Rahim with his muscular, hairy chest heaving. Turned on by this view, Rahim rammed his giant hog into her pussy is one swift stroke. Soumya screamed in pleasure at this sudden assault on her pussy. Rahim started to fuck her steadily, getting faster with every stroke. He stopped for a moment and withdrew his dick almost to the edge of the pussy and then rammed it again.

Soumya gasped at this move, sweat trickling down her forehead and her upper lips. Rahim continued this move till Soumya got another orgasm. Rahim got off the bed, removed his torn condom from his dick and picked up Soumya. She locked her legs around his waist while he inserted his dick into her pussy. They were fucking in the standing up position. Rahim was fucking her like this for 10 minutes. She had lost count of the orgasms she received since the fucking started but this guy just wouldn’t cum.

They continued fucking in several other positions like against the wall, on the chair, on the table, doggie again, wheel barrow etc. Rahim then again put her on the bed and started fucking her in missionary position. Rahim was now sweating profusely, his body shining with the sweat. Soumya’s hand moved all over his muscular torso. She grabbed his ass and pulled further inside. She started pinching and licking his nipples and at the same time, she inserted a finger in his ass. This pushed Rahim off the edge. He moaned loudly as his 2nd orgasm of the night hit him. He kept leaking semen into the fertile pussy of soumya filling her with potent seeds. His orgasm lasted for a minute. Soumya also came with him. Rahim collapsed on her, they held on to each other tightly as their orgasms passed over them.

After their breaths normalized, they spent some time kissing each other. Rahim picked her up and went to the bathroom. She sat on the commode and urinated while Rahim’s dick went in and out of her mouth. Rahim also relieved himself. They then took a shower, slowly cleaning themselves and had another round of hard fucking in the shower.

When they finally came out, Soumya looked at the watch, it was 4.00 am. She smiled at herself. They really did go on till dawn. They slept naked in each other’s arms. They needed a lot of rest after a 6 hour session and for the 2 days of fucking they were going to enjoy.

The next couple of days, Soumya and Rahim did it almost continuously. They did in the kitchen, living room balcony, all over his house, terrace and car. They just kept on going.

Luck was on their side, when they thought that their ‘honeymoon’ was coming to an end, Rahim received a message from Swathi that she would stay at her mother’s place for another week. Now they had 7 days and 7 nights to explore each other’s body.

Rahim: Soumya baby, are you ready for an extended honeymoon and some really hard fucking?

Soumya: Yeah my love and I have also started taking the pill.

Rahim: I love you jaan (my love)

Soumya: I love you too.

They held each other’s hands as they proceeded to her bedroom for the most memorable week of their lives.

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