Sexy muslim men are invading because white women want it

Many right-wing euroepan blogs and sites these days are talking about how white women are loving muslim cocks, how muslim men are alpha and how their white daughters and sisters (white women) are welcoming them spreading their legs in front of them 🙂 and how white men are cuckolds. Reminds me of the obsession with African cocks penis envy mixed with some racism. Muslims are going to fuck white women no doubt they are going to be envied no doubt and they are going to become the alpha males of Europe, yes. The stage is set.

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The sexual appeal of strutting military age young men would be to whom? To women, both young and old. If the appeal is sexual it can’t be to anyone else. It is to women.
Does that mean an invasion of these Muslims is appealing to women? The smart answer seems to be No. But if the sexual appeal is not to women, then there is no sexual appeal, but we know and we feel there is a sexual appeal. Therefore the correct answer has to be YES. And the smart answer has to be wrong.
The sexy men are invading because the women want it.

Plenty of European women have now seen video streams and photographs of young Muslim men crowding into Germany and elsewhere.
Whatever the psychological motivation of refugee-loving White European women, it has to stop, or be stopped, soon.
Women are aroused by male strength and dominance above all other considerations. If the wider culture and ruling classes are arranging society so that Muslim migrants have the run of the place.

sexy white girl muslim man

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  1. White women all over the world are welcoming this “invasion” with open arms and widespread legs…I hope all white females will soon follow their lead.

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