Shaadi Main Devika Ki Chudai

One of my best friend’s brother was getting married & my friend Chandni told me that if I donot come for her brother Altaf’s wedding she will never talk to me.Actually the marriage was in other city & it was to be a 3 day affair.My parents we not ready for it. But when Chandni pleaded from my side to my parents they relented.I was happy as my whole group was also going.

We left for the marriage on Wednesday & were to return on Sunday.We reached the marriage hall & were warmly welcomed.The next day was some family function,on Friday the nikaah was there for which only family members, near & dear friends were invited & Saturday was reception for all.

Our group had lot of fun for 2 days.The hall was spacious with a nice garden in front as well as back.The bride’s party as well as the groom’s party we well off to arrange such a lavish wedding.In this 2 days I saw one person who was always staring at me. I found it disturbing so I asked Chandni to ask someone from the bride’s side as to who this person was.But Chandni as naughty as ever replied “Kyon Devika uspe kya tera dil aaya hai kya?” I started at her with mocked anger & told her the reason.

She went & after inquring came to me & said “Devika woh aadmi 28 saal ka hai aur mare bhai ka dost hai.Woh mujhe is liye maloom nahi tha kyonki woh ab idhar hi rehta hai****ki abhi tak shadi nahi hui hai aur uske liye ladki dhoondna shuru hai.Bol tera naam bhi dalu kya list mai uske?” I hit her on the back & said “Jaa jaa mujhe nahi aaise aadmi se shadi karni.Lagta hai Altaf ke baad teri hi shadi jaldi karni padegi.Tera dil aaj kaal bada bechain rehta hai.Bol teri ammi se bol doon?”

This time she hit me & we laughed away the topic. But this man was not leaving me.On the nikaah night he even gave me a flying kiss which really surprised me.He was a tall man of 6 & 1/2 feet, fair,navy cut hair, & really good looking. As I didnot do anything about his flying kiss that evening he always smiled at me whenever our eyes met & winked his eyes many a times. He looked at my whole body as if he was going to eat me.I didnot want to be seen as a snob so I also smiled back a couple of times.That evening ended here.

The next day was reception.I had specially brought a Gujrati sari for this occasion.It was a dark green sari with special embroidery border with blouse of same colour & matching jewellery.The thing I liked most was the pallu coming from behind the back which give a different look to the person.But the only problem the blouse had no hooks.It had a cloth lace with had to be tied from the front.When I tried the blouse then it was ok but now a big another problem cropped up.As my blouse was slightly low cut my bra would peep out.I wore my bra & blouse & tried to hide my bra straps & cups but found it impossible to hide them under my blouse.I asked 1-2 friends about any remedy but they were also helpless. Then I decided that I will wear no bra under the blouse and also because I had to wear this clothes for 5-6 hours I will bear with them.So now I was ready for the function.In all of this tension I forgot about that man also.

We all came to the reception hall at 6 pm. As soon as I entered the hall that person was there. Today he had wore a golden sherwani & really speaking he was looking really smart & handsome.As I saw him I don’t know why but automatically my hand went to my pallu to check if alls well because I had not wore a bra.He saw me adjusting my pallu & smiled & with signal said that I was looking very beautiful. If you tell any girl that she looks beautiful she will readily accept it.I was pleased & replied back that he was also looking good.

In the function I could always feel his eyes on me scanning me from head to toe.And as always when ours eyes met I would adjust my pallu.During this time he stood up 2-3 times & adjusted his trousers over his lund area.He would see me with lustful nazaar & I don’t know why but I also felt a liking for him.Many a times he licked his lips after seeing me adjust my pallu.I felt the game was getting hotter & hotter.Then after sometime he suddenly disappeared.I was looking for him here & there for quite long.After sometime I saw him on the second floor standing behind a pillar hardly visible to anyone, but we could see each other clearly.

When I saw him he smiled & signalled to me to come up there.I said no by nodding my head.But when he insisted on it I asked why should I come there. He signalled that he wanted to talk to me.I asked him what he wanted to talk & he signalled that he wanted to talk about us.Then he made a action which took me unaware.Through signs he conveyed to me that he also wanted to hold me in his arms & kiss me on my face,boobs & all over my body.He then requested me to move my pallu a little to revel my boobs.I was shocked at his request & denied it,but when he requested 3-4 times I moved my pallu a little to show one boob.As the blouse was stitched a little tight & low necked my boobs were tightly packed in it lifting them & showing an ample cleavage to the looker.So seeing my ample cleavage from the braless blouse he smiled & then showed how he wanted to pump my boobs.I don’t know why but his such vulgar action made my chut hot & I pressed my thighs hard.He kissed my boob from the air & again called me up.In reply I put my hand over one boob & caressing it a little asked him if he wants to do it like this? He replies yes but more hard & both the boobs.I couldnot believe that I was doing all this & getting hot after seeing & doing some vulgar actions with a stranger. Once again he requested me to come up.
Atlast I agreed & got up. I could see his happy face.I slowly went to the stairs talking to some people on the way. The staircase was in the corner & I started climbing fast.When I reached the first floor there were some people there but as soon as I went to second floor I could see no one except that person.Now I was a little terrified & also my heart was jumping hard. I came near him & smiled. He smiled back & coming two steps near me he said,”Aap to bahoot khoobsurat dikhti ho.Kya aap is nacheez ko aapka naam bata sakti ho? Mera naam Raza Hasan hai par aap mujhe Raza bula sakti ho.Mujhe yakeen hai aap ki tarah aapka naam bhi khoobsurat hoga.”

My heart was still beating hard so I was slow to reply but said “Mera naam Devika Shah hai lekin aap mujhe Devika keh sakte hai.Raza mujhe ek baat batayega aap mujhe kyon ghoor ghoor ke dekh rahe hai?Aur mujhe dekhke waise ishare kyon kar rahe hai?”

Again gaving me a full look he said “Bada pyaara naam hai aapka,bilkul aap ki tarah.Aur kyoki aap aapke naam jaise hai mai 3 dinse aapko ghur raha hoon. Aapka to poora badan …… mera matlab ki aap sir se pao tab badi khoobsurat lagti ho.Aur rahi baat isharo ki to jab tak aap mujhe aamne saamne nahi milti hame isharo se hi kaam chalana padega na? Aapne bhi to mera ishara maan kar aapna pallu hataya hai na?”

Uske aaise bolne se ab mai thodi sharma gayee aur boli “Aapko kissi aanjaan ladki se is tarah ishare karne accha lagta hai kya?Aur maine pallu hataya nahi bus thik kiya.”

Raza haaste haaste bola “Jab woh ladki mare dekhne pe baar baar aapne sine pe pallu thik karti hai to mai kyon sharmau.Mana ki aap pallu thik kar rahi thi lekin pallu thik karne ke bahane mujhe aapne woh bhi dikhaya jo mujhe tarsa raha hai.Devika jis dinse maine aapko dekha hai mujhe aapka chehera har jagah dikhta hai.Devika mera dil karta hai ki aapko bahoo mai loon aur woh sab karu jo maine isharo se aapko dikhaya.”

After Raza had made his intentions clear I should have left that place but I don’t know why I didnot.It would have been better if I had left that place then only.Looking in his eyes I said “Aapka matlab kya hai Raza.Maine to aapko kuch dikhane pallu thik nahi kiya tha, aur aap kya karna chahate hai.”

We both we silent for a moment then,turning my back to him,I looked at the function & all the haasi maajak downstairs I said ”Raza koi mard jab baar baar kissi ladki ko dekhta hai to usse lagta hai ki uske kapdo mai koi kami hai.Tare baar baar idhar (pointing to my chest) dekhne se mujhe aaisa laga jaise ki mera pallu thik nahi hai ya blouse ka hook khula hai.Issi kaaran mai mera pallu baar baar thik kar rahi thi. Aur ek baat bolo is shadi mai mujhse khoobsurat ladkiya hai to unhe choodkar aap mujhe kyon tang kar rahe ho?”

All of a sudden I felt his hands over my shoulder caressing them.Kissing my back head Raza now was caressing my arms & going down caressing my back,waist,legs & then came up again & said “Devika par aapka baar baar pallu thik karne se meri nazaar aapke sine pe aati hai.Tum bhi bindhast ho jo mare kehne par aapne sari ka pallu hatake mujhe aapne sine ka darshan karwaya. Tumne yahan tak mujhe isharo se poocha ki mai aapki chuchiyo se kaise khelna pasand karunga.Aur rahi baat shadi mai aaye hui aur bhi khoobsurat ladkiya to ek baat hai aap jaise sexy aur bindhast koi nahi hai in sab mai.Yeh gora badan uspe yeh green sari.Sari se bhi behtaar hai yeh sexy blouse.Tang mai aapko nahi balki apka yeh nashila badan mujhe 3 din se kar raha hai.Devika kya aap mare saath thoda time garden mai chal sakti hai,mujhe aapke saath kuch aaisa kaam karna hai jo karne ke baad na mai aapko tang karunga aur na aap mujhe?”

He was doing saying all this without any hesitation.It was such a direct approach from him that it left me speechless**** avoid looking at him I kept looking down lekin mare aaise karne se jaise uski himmat aur badh gaye kyoki maine usse abhi tak roka nahi tha.With his back to the wall Raza now was standing behind me.
He put his arms around me now & pulling me near him started kissing me neck,ears & face rubbing his lund over my ass.His hands were on my stomach now.Actually Raza had literally fucked me with his eyes in two days many times.
His yes,thoughts & his recent actions had made me hot from last 2 days & I know all this was to end in getting myself fucked by him.But I was not ready for such a direct approach so choosing the right words I said “Raza choodo mujhe. Koi bhi hame dekh sakta hai.Tu kyon mujhe sabke saamne bahoo mai le rahe ho?Aur mare saath aaisa kaunsa kaam karne ke liye tum mujhe garden mai bula rahe ho jisse hum dono ek doosre se tang nahi rahange?”

Ab Raza ne mujhe aur dabocte pallu poori tarahse piche karte mare blouse ki knot ko pakadte kaha “Devika mai to dekhna chahata hoon aasal mai teri badan jaisa dikhta hai waisa hi hai na?Dekh tera pallu hataya to teri bhari chuchiya kaise uchal rahi hai blouse se azad hone.Hai kya sexy blouse hai tera Devika. Tune mujhe blouse mai kaid chuchiya dikhai lekin mai aapne haatose tujhe poora nanga karke tera badan dekhna chahata hoon. Aur to aur tune bra bhi nahi pehni hai.Hai Devika tera nanga badan dekhne to bada maaza milega.Aur Devika teri baato se aaisa lagta hai ki tujhe meri bahoo mai aane mai itraaj nahi hai sirf is baat ka daar hai ki kahi koi hame na dakhe.Is liye mai bol raha hoon chal mare saath garden mai wahan koi nahi hoga sirf tera nanga badan aur mera nanga badan.Bol chalti hai kya mare saath?”

Raza was openly talking of making me naked & hearing it I should have been angry.But all his talks & actions were making me more & more hot.During saying this Raza opened my blouse knot & freed my boobs.With excitement the nipples were standing themselves.He removed the blouse from over my boobs & made them naked.He cupped my both boobs in his hands & started pumping them. I just couldnot stand it so I pushed myself more in the corner on his hard lund so as to hide myself from anyone looking at us & said “Raza maine blouse mai bra nahi pehni thi isliye mai thumhare dekhne pe baar baar pallu thik kar rahi thi.Mujhe thumhare idhar dekhne se lagta tha ki mera sina thumhe dikh raha hai.Aur Raza yeh such hai ki 2 dinse tu mare dimaag pe chaya hai lekin mai ek ladki hoon iska to lihaaj rakh.Tu to mare sab kapde utarne laga hai.Please tum kehte ho to mai thumhare saath garden mai aane tayyar hoon lekin mare idhar aur kapde mat utaro.”Then smiling at him I added “Raza garden mai tujhe sirf mera nanga badan dekhna hai ya aur bhi
kuch karna hai?”

Meri baat sunke Raza mare saamne aaya aur ab mujhe bilkul kone mai dabate aur har nazaar se chupake meri chuchiya haatho mai lake aur muskurate unko dekhte aur maslate bola “Aare Devika ek baar tu mare haatho se nangi hui to mujhse zaroor chudagi.Aur Devika yaar tera itna sa badan idhar nanga kiya to kyon darti hai tu.Yaha to koi nahi aayega.Lekin mai tera dil rakhta hoon.Lekin aagar tune garden mai aaisa kiya to mai chilla chillake tujhe nanga karunga. Ab mujhe teri in mast chuchiyo se zara khelne de.” Saying this Raza made me remove my blouse even when I didnot want to remove it.His way of talk & actions should have cautioned me but I was so hot that I didnot grasp his authoritarian language which would have saved me from his latter painful fucking.Removing my blouse he kept it in his pant pocket.
Ab mai Raza ke samne kamar tak nangi khadi thi aur woh meri chuchiya masal masalke usno choos raha tha jaise ki koi baccha doodh pita hai****ka meri chuchiya masalna,tatolna,dabana aur nipple zorse choosna mujhe pagal bana raha tha.Mai bhi aapni chuchiya uske muh mai thus ke aur uska sir aapne sine pe dabake usko saath de rahi thi.Is bich Raza mera baki jism sehla raha tha, usne meri gand pe haath ghumaya.Phir usne meri sari uthake meri panty ke upparse meri chut sehlane laga.Woh mujhse aaise behave kar raha tha jaise ki mai uske saath barso se chudwati hoon****ke baalo se haath ghumate mai boli “Raza mai garden mai koi raktok nahi karungi lekin tu bhi itna khayaal rakh ki mai kuwaari ladki hoon.Yeh khayal rakh ki kissi ko koi khabar na lage.Aur aaisa kuch mat karna jisse meri badnaami hogi.”

Leaving my boobs Raza now stood up & said “Thik hai Devika chal ab pehle to pichewali garden mai aaja aur dekh mai kaise tare badan ka luft uthata hoon. Mai aage jake aapni mulakaat ke liye jagah banata hoon.Aur mai tera yeh blouse le jaa raha hoon.Tu sari ke pallu se aapne nangi chuchiya chupake 10 minute mai garden mai aake mujhse poori nangi hoke chudwa le.Aur tu aagar garden mai nahi aaye to mai is hall mai aake tera yeh sexy blouse tare samne phad dalunga samjhi?Jaldi aa mujhse ab raha nahi jata.”

Before I could say anything Raza took my blouse & left me standing there speechless.I called him but turning his face to me he just smiled & waved the blouse at me & went away.I just couldn’t go after him also. Abusing him in my mind I carefully pulled my pallu over my chest tightly making sure that no part
of my chest is exposed & looking here & there started to go in the garden.I could feel my nipples standing against my sari.I was now thinking of avoiding to go to meet Raza but found that it was more impossible to explain to any one about my missing blouse. I was praying that no one stops me so when Chandani called me I just told her that I am going to the bathroom,went out of the hall to the garden in the backside.

Without encountering anyone as I stepped in the garden the enormity of what I did & how I was dressed hit me.If my sari was of light colour or if I had been stopped by anyone my haalat would have been miserable.I was very angry with Raza but unknowingly was feeling more hot.Just the thought of the way Raza handled me made my panty wet & I stood behind a tree pressing my thighs to let the waves of ectasy subside.As soon as I regained my composure I looked around & saw Raza standing nearly 20′ away behind a huge pipal tree.It was already dark now so no one could see us.He called me to him, & as I went near him he roughly pulled me behind the tree.There I saw that he had removed his sherwani & was completly naked.I also saw that he was rubbing his dick with my blouse.This place was very convinient where no one could see us as it was well hidden.

Raza caught the sari pallu & removing it roughly from my chest said “Ab kyon sharma rahi hai tu. Idhar tak to aadhi nangi aaye ab chal poori nangi ho jaa. Dekh tera blouse mera lund kaise garm kar raha hai.Devika tu to badi bindhast ladki hai,ek to itni shaandaar chuchiyo ke liye bra nahi pehanti aur uske uppar yeh aaisa blouse.Mujhe to laga tune panty bhi nahi pehni hogi.Accha yeh to bata mujhe ki tujhe bina blouse ke yahan aane koi dikkat to nahi hui na?”

During saying this Raza had removed my sari & loosened my ( ) petticoat which fell in my legs so I was just in my black panty standing there.Raza didnot give me anytime to think also.As his hands were playing with my chut I said “Raza tune yeh accha nahi kiya jo mera blouse lake aaya.Lekin ek baat bolti hoon tare aaisa karne se mujpe ek ajeeb kisam ka naasha aaya.”

Getting his hand wet with my precum Raza started applying that cum on my tits & said “Tu hai hi ek garam ladki. Dekh tujhe chodne ke khayalse mera lund kaise khada hua hai.” Saying so Raza removed my blouse covering his lund. I was stunned to see his lund.It was nearly 9″ long without foreskin & 4″ thick. The red head was shining with his juices & it was just raring to fuck anyone’s hole.As my eyes were on his lund,Raza pulled down my panty & removing it completely kept his hands on my shoulders & pressing me to sit said “Devika aare dekhti kya hai,chal isko chusna shuru kar.Aajki raat to tu is lund ki gulam hai.Aaj to tare badan ka har chodne layak hissa aur purza mai chodunga.Ab pehle is lund ko choos phir teri gaand marni hai.Badi pyaari hai teri gaand aur mare lund se jab chudwa legi to tujhe jannat milegi Devika.Teri aaj mujhse hone wali chudai tu hamesha yaad rakegi.”

Raza ka lund bahoot bada tha aur mujhe malum tha ki aagar mai uske lund se gaand chod loon to meri khair nahi. Mai ghutno ke bal baithi to aapne lund se Raza muh pe marne laga.Maine uska lund pakda aur boli “Raza tu mujhse aaise kyon behave karta hai jaise ki mai koi raaste ki ladki hoon.Mai tare saath aaye is matlaab yeh nahi ki mai teri har behuda harkat sehan karu.Aur dekh tera to bahoot bada hai please meri gaand mat maar, mai chal nahi sakungi aur sab samjhange ki kissne mujhe choda hai.” With saying this I opened my mouth & took his lund in it & started sucking it.

Hardly 4-5 inches lund went in & I felt my mouthful of its taste & touch. Raza didnot say anything but closed his eyes & holding my head was slowly fucking my mouth & saying “Sorry Devika aagar tujhe aaisa laga to lekin kya karu tare chikne badan ne meri 3 din se neend haaram ki thi aur ab jab tera yeh badan mujhe nanga mila to mai kuch bhi bakne laga.Le aur aandar le aur chus Devika. Tare is garm muh ka chusna mera lund aur tight karta hai.Hai kya mast chusti hai tu,lagta hai lund choosne ka bahoot experience hai tujhe.” Removing his lund from my mouth lifted his lund & took his 2 balls in my mouth & started sucking them.Raza closed his eyes & pulled my head on his balls. After sucking them good I lowered his lund & started sucking it again.As I put my tounge in Raza’s pisshole he got so excited that he tried to put his whole lund in my mouth thus chocking me.

When Raza’s lund started feeling good he removed it from my mouth & then making me sleep on a bedsheet which he had brought from the hall took both my boobs & pressing them hard said “Devika pehle to mai tujhe mare niche lake aur lund teri chut mai daalke chodunga lekin thode time ke baad tujhe ghodi banake chodunga.Aagar tujhe ghode banke chudwana nahi hai to abhi tu jaa sakti hai.Ek baar mai chudai karna shuru karu to mai kissi ki koi baat nahi sunta.” I was so hot for sex now that I agreed to his terms but said “Raza ab tare saamne nangi soye hoon to chudwake hi lungi par please tera lund aaram se daal chut mai nahi to mai bardasht nahi kar sakungi.Jab tak mujhe taqlif nahi hoti tu dil chahe waise mujhe chod.”

Raza spread my legs & first felt my cunt.Meri chut bilkul saaf thi(I like to keep my cunt without any hair).Raza ne meri chut sehlai aur ek ungli aandar dali.I was so hot that I had cum once without playing with myself.Moving his finger in my well lubricated chut Raza said “Devika teri chut to ekdum gili hai.Lagta hai ki tujhe chudwana accha lagta hai.Aaj to mare lund ki aaish hai.” I pulled his other hand on my boobs & said “Raza jab tu hall mai mujhse waise bate karke udhar hi mera blouse utarke aur meri chuchiya masalke mera blouse le aaya aur mujhe bina blouse yahan aana pada to such kehti hoon mai itni excite hui ki ek baar mai zad gaye.Par zadne ke baad bhi meri chut tare lundse chudana chahati hai.Oh Raza ab mujhe aur mat tadpa aur daal tera lund meri chut mai.”

Now Raza sitting in my legs spread my cunt & placed his lund on it.He gave a little hard push & his lund entered my chut.For the first time my chut was stretched so much so it pained a bit.Then Raza got on his knees & holding my waist gave a hard push stabbing his lund all through my cunt like a hot knife in butter.It was so painful that I closed my eyes & bit my lips.Tears started flowing from my eyes.I didnot shout as if to show my will power but Raza took other meaning from it & which was then painful for me.Though it was paining the sensation of such a nice lund was more satisfying.As nearly 3/4 of his lund was in my chut Raza now sleeping over me started fucking me.Oh god I was feeling so good.The sexual tension of the last 3 days was resulting in me getting fucked.We both held eachother close & he was rotating his hips with the result his lund was getting rotated in my chut & fucking me.Due to this each & every nerve of my chut was getting aroused. Then smashing my boobs harshly Raza said “Devika lagta hai tu bahut chudai hai,kyonki jo ladki mera lund pehle baar lati hai chillati hai lekin tujhe to thodi hi taqlif hui.”

Keeping my pace with his pace I said “Raza yeh zaroor hai ki mai kai baar chudwa chooki hoon lekin phir bhi tera lund aandar dalte hi mujhe dard hua. Lekin mera naseeb accha ki mai pehle baar chudai nahi kar rahi hoon.Nahi to aaisa tagda lund meri sabse pehli chudai karta to mai to mar jati. Hai Raza maaza aa raha hai.Aur chodo aur chodo.”
Ab Raza poori tarah mujhpe tha aur mujhe chodte chodte meri chuchiya bhi masal raha tha.I had caught him in my wide open thighs in the process my ass was lifted up.Meri chut ko zor zorse chodte ab Raza ne meri gand sehlate sehlate ek ungli meri gaand mai daal di.Raza ke aaise karne se mujhe accha laga****ki yeh harkat se ab mai gaand usko aur open karke de rahi thi taki woh meri chut marte marte meri gand mai ungli bhi kar sake.Thode time baad Raza ne doosri aur phir tisre ungli meri gand mai daal di.Mai chut mai lund aur gand mai 3 ungliya lake behaal hui thi.Raza bich bich mai hamari chudai ka juice ungliyo pe leta aur meri gaand mai woh ungliya dalta.Jab mera paani aanewala tha maine usse daboch liya aur zad gaye.

Lekin Raza ka lund abhi bhi tight tha aur thoda rukke phir mujhe chodne laga. Raza aasal mai badi chudakkad tha****se maloom tha ki mujh jaise kamsin ladki ko kaise garam karke chodna chahaye.

Achanak Raza ne aapna lund meri chut se nikala lekin ungliya gand mai rakhte mujhe kaha “Devika ab tu yeh pade (tree) ko pakadke jhuk.Mai kutta banke aur tujhe kuttiya banake chodunga.Jhukke aapni gori tange faila taki mai teri chut chod saku.”

I got up & bend holding the tree trunk & spread my legs wide to expose my chut & gaand.Raza’s fingers were still in my gaand.As I bend Raza came near me & held his lund on my choot & pushed it.This time it was not as painful & his lund entered my well oiled chut.Now Raza was humping my chut like a dog fucks a bitch.I could see my costly sari with the sexy blouse & my panties thrown carelessly a little away from our area of action but didnot care about them as I was getting royally fucked .I could see my blouse had wet patches which were precum of Raza’s lund.He was playing with my boobs also which were hanging like fruits hand from the tree.I was really in heaven.My chut & gaand were getting fucked.Crushing my boobs Raza said “Devika lagta hai mera lund poori tarah teri chut mai gaya nahi hai,mai usse bahaar nikal ke phirse dalta hoon.”

Maine uski baat ko maan liya aur Raza ne aapna lund bahaar nikala.Mai waise hi jhuki thi.Raza ne jaise dono haatho se meri gaand failai mujhe kuch aahsaas
hua.Par mare aur kuch samajhne se pehle Raza ne uska bhari mota lund meri gaand ke ched pe rakha aur aage jhukke mare muh pe haath rakhte apna lund zorse meri gaand pe dabaya jo meri gaand phadte andar ghus gaya.Mai zorse chilai par Raza ka haath mare muh pe hone se meri chik dab gaye.Mai balance ke liye pade (tree) pakade khadi thi isliye mai kuch kar bhi nahi sakti thi.Maine meri gaand bahoot hilate aage piche ki lekin Raza ne mujhe aaisa daboch liya tha ki uska koi aasar nahi hua.Thoda rukke Raza ne doosra jhatka maara aur mujhe aahsaas hua ki uska poora lund meri gaand mai hai.Mujhe dard se rona aaya. Maine kaise bhi uska haath mare muh se hatate kaha “Raza reham khao mujhpe meri gaand phat gayee.Tune kaha tha ki mai teri gaand nahi marunga. Lekin tu aapne waade se mukar gaya.Please Raza ab mujhse khada bhi nahi raha jata nikalo aapna lund meri gaand se mai tare pao padti hoon.”

Lekin Raza ne meri kamar pakadte meri gand ki chudai shuru karte kaha “Devika tare badan ne mujhe yeh 3 din bahoot tang kiya.Saali tera aaisa gathila badan aur gand matak matakke chalna mare lund ko baar baar garm karta tha.Maine teri gaand nahi chodne ka koi waada nahi kiya tha samjhi.Aur maine kaha tha ki mai garden mai teri koi baat nahi sununga aur jaisa mujhe chahae tare jism ka luft utaunga.Aur sun hall se aate waqt mai sirf tera blouse lake aaya tha, par aagar tu jyada chillai to mai tare sab kapde lake mare ghar chala jayunga tujhe nangi choodke samjhi?Ab jab mera lund teri gaand mai gaya hi hai to dard khatam hone ke baad gaand marwane ka luft tu bhi utha.”

Yeh sab kehte waqt Raza barabaar meri gaand maar raha tha.10 minute baad mera dard kam hua aur phir khatam hua to mujhe accha lagne laga.Ab mai bhi Raza ke dhakko ka jawab dane lagi. Mujhe aaise karne pe Raza meri gaand thapthapate bola “Dekha saali tujhe bhi accha lagne laga na.Mujhe malum tha ki tujhe dard ke baad mera lund teri gaand mai accha lagega.Aare maine aaj tak jitni ladkiya chodi hai sabki gaand mari hai aur woh har ladki mujhse gaand marwake khus hai to tu kyon nahi hogi.Lekin aajtak maine mare niche sulai sab ladkiyo mai teri gaand sabse tight thi.Saali lagta hai tujhe upparwale ne sirf chudwane banaya hai.Dil to karta hai aaj raat bhar tujhe chodu.Bol Devika aati hai kya mare saath raat bhar mare ghar mai.Teri saheli ka bhai uski naye begam ko chodega aur mai dulhe ke behan ki saheli ke saath suhaagraat manayunga aur raat bhar tujhe chodunga.Aaisa samajh teri aur meri ek raat ki shadi hai aur chal mare ghar.”

Raza’s lund in my gaand was giving me a heady feeling.I was feeling so good that I didnot mind his calling me any names.Also I liked his idea of spending the night with him.But the problem was how to get away from the marriage party without making anyone suspicious.I decided to think about it later & said “Raza ab mujhse khada nahi raha jata.Please mujhe sulake chodo.Tare lund ne to meri gaand phad di hai lekin ab maaza aa raha hai.Rahi baat tare saath raat gujarne ki to hum baad mai soochange pehle idhar meri chudai khatam kar aapne is mast lund se.”

Seeing that I had not outright rejected his idear Raza was happy****ne aapna lund meri gand mai waise hi rakhte mujhe apne haath pairo pe jhukake kuttiya banke chodne laga.Yeh position thik thi.Ab mai dil aur gaand kholkar chudwa ke le rahi thi.Woh meri latakti chuchiya masal raha tha to mai boli “Oh Razaaa.Aaaaaa uuuuuurrrrrggggggghhhhh.Aurrrrrrrrrrr chodo raja aacha lagta hai.Meri chut phir jhadnewali hai Raza chodte raho mujhe zorse.” Mai khud aage piche hoka uska mota lund gaand mai le rahi thi.Mujhe aaisa lag raha tha jaise uska lund aur phool raha hai aur meri gaand aur phadnewala hai.Mujhe dard to ho raha tha lekin dil kar raha tha ki uska lund mujhe aur aandar aur aandar aur aandar jake chode.Mai uske mote lund se gaand chudwane ka luft utha rahi thi.

Ab mujhe laga ki Raza jhadewala hai lekin mujhe dabochke aapna paani meri gaand mai dalne ke bajai Raza ne uska lund meri gaand se nikala****ka lund bahaar nikalte waqt puk aaise aawaz aaya. Mujhe kuch samajhne se pehle Raza ne mujhe ghumaya aur aapna lund mare khule muh mai daal diya.Aapne gaand ki taste muh mai pake mujhe kaisa to laga aur maine uska lund bahaar nikalne chaha lekin Raza ne mera sir uske lund pe dabaya aur 8-10 baar aage piche kiya to uska lund zadne laga****ke lund ka paani jab mare muh mai utra to mai aapne aap ko rok nahi payee aur phir mai zadne lagi****ka paani itna tha ki mera muh bhar gaya aur bahar nikalke meri chuchiyo pe girne laga.Meri dono chuchiya uske paani se bhar gayee.Aapne lund ke paani ke aakhri katre ke nikalne ke baad Raza ne lund mare muh se nikala.

Hum dono bahut thak gayee thay.Mai yeh sooch rahi thi ki Raza ke ghar jane ko kya idea lagau lekin tabhi Raza ne aaise harkat ki,ki mujhe gussa aaya.Woh shyaamse mujhse aaise behave kar raha tha jaise mai uski gulaam hoon. Uska mujhe hall mai aadha nanga karna,mare mana karne par bhi dhoke se meri gaand marna, mujhe kuch bhi kehna yeh sab maine haaste haaste liya.Lekin aapna lund meri gaand se nikalke mare muh mai jabardasti dalke zadna aur ab us lund ko mare kimti blouse se Raza ne poocha aur blouse meri taraf phekte kaha “Devika tera blouse ab aandar se mare paani se gilla hai.Yeh gillapan tujhe mare saath raat bitane ke yaad dilate rahega.Mai barabar 9 baje tujhe ishara karunga tu phir mare saath aa jaana.Raatbhar tujhe chodke subah tujhe yaha chood doonga mai.Tu aaj ki raat meri biwi aur mai tera mard.Itminaan se dekh mai tujhe kaise chod dalta hoon.Aayegi na?” Then he bent down & rubbed all his cum on my boobs throughly & in the process massaging my boobs once again very hard.

I was so angry with his behaviour that I wanted to slap him,but then I also remembered what he had done in the hall.I was afraid that he will do something worst here & make me a laughing stock.So to keep him in a good humour I got up & taking my panty cleaned my chut & kept my panty aside & wore the petticoat & the blouse coated with his cum with a smile on the face but anger in heart.I could feel my both boobs getting sticky & wet with his cum & was feeling like a slut but was helpless.Then I wore my sari & came near Raza & said “Raza mujhe raat tare saath bitane ke yaad yeh gilla blouse dilata rahega.Tu meri yeh panty aapne pass rakh jo mai aaj raat ko tujhse chudwane aane tak mare badan ki yaad dilata rahega.”

Raza smiled & took the panty smelled it & shamelessly kept it in his pocket. Then again reminding me of the night kissed me & told me to go first.I literally ran from there to the hall with great difficulty as my ass was paining.I found Chandni & went & told her that I was not feeling well with a sad face. Since she was busy with the ceremony she didnot question me & told one of her cousin sister to drop me to the hotel.I wanted to avoid Raza at any cost.So with her cousin I went to the hotel with the firm determination of not meeting Raza.

I changed my clothes & decided to wash the blouse.I took it to the bathroom but then I don’t know what stopped me from washing it.I felt the sticky blouse in my hands & then I smelt it one & then again & again a few times & this time I found the aroma of Raza’s cum very nice.I kept smelling it & rubbing it on my face as if it was Raza who was caressing my face with the cum on his lund.I come out of the bathroom deciding never to wash that blouse which will keep reminding me of Raza’s lund.

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