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Salam Sir!

Hindu girls being in awe of Muslim actors is not a new phenomenon.
But I would like to draw your attention to a young stud named Shaheer Sheikh.

He has won several awards and is a handsome talented actor. He famously played the role of Arjun in the televsion series “Mahabharat” with Hindu hottie Pooja Sharma (a Brahmin probably).

Many Hindu girls like Shaheer, and it can be seen here:

Some media outlets gossiped whether they were dating:

Top Indian women’s website missmalini has also certified his hotness:

Missmalini tells why he is the hottest guy in indian television. Btw that famous blogger missmalini is also married to a musalman guy see here

Hindu girls drooling over kashmiri musalman Shaheer Sheikh is no a secret.

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Pooja and Shaheer

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Television fans crave to see Shaheer and Pooja together. They literally pray to see them in a relationship in spite of the fact that Pooja Sharma is married but affairs bhi to jyada hindu wives k he hote hai.

Its not the first time. Earlier Shaheer was linked to cute and submissive looking hindu girl Soumya Seth as they worked together. The hindu girls and guys loved to see them together as they opened plenty of facebook groups and pages dedicated to Shaheer (anant) and Soumya (navya) just like they did for Jodha Akbar.

Shaheer ne Soumya k saath full maze kiye.

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Khoob rangraliya manayi dono ne

Soumya ne khub gulcharrey udaye muslim mard k saath.

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That submissiveness

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Pleasure of Submission

Shaheer Sheikh sex scene

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