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Shalini seduced navel lover muslim guy

Shalini and Yashir were friends in college. Shalini was bold girl who used to wear hot clothes everyday. It was last exam of their college. last paper. they both were studying for the exam along with other friends.
When exam time started, Yashir went to exam hall in hurry and forgot his mobile on the table.

Shalini saw his phone and silently took it, to play a prank. after exam got over, shalini forgot to give Yashir’s phone.
She took his phone to her hostel and thought to return it on next day which was farewell day.
In the night, Shalini and her roommate decided to explore Yashir’s phone.

They saw some pictures, there were many pics of girls, models, actresses and others. There was a folder named Hindu girls. shalini opened it, n saw many girls showing their sexy back, their belly, in hot poses. She found it weird, by now she had understood that Yashir likes Hindu girls.

She opened his WhatsApp, saw few groups and contacts. she opened one chat named Pooja and started reading messages.
“Nahi Yashir. Abhi husband hai.”
“chup Sali kutti. Abhi hi dikha.”
Then there was a picture of that girl with deep cleavage and bare belly.
Another pic she sent was of her flat stomach and deep navel.
Shalini liked reading this. She opened another chat of contact priya
“saali tujhe to abhi thokne ka Mann kar raha hai. “
“to aajao na. Tumhara 6 inch ka yaad karti hu toh Mann hota hai”
“Tu hai Randi aur rahegi bhi Hindu raand hi”
“Kya karu kutte. Tune ekbar apna musalman ka ghusa Jo diya hai mujhe. Ab kaise bhul paungi”
Shalini closed WhatsApp. By now she was thinking, Yashir is so strong and he has fucked many girls. He likes Hindu girls and deep navels. She slept thinking about these.

Next day, it was farewell day. Shalini wore a black sari as they had sari and suit day on farewell. She kept her pallu on the side which revealed her sexy waist curve from side. She had tied het saree well below her navel. She had put on rounded bindi on her forehead.
She met all her friends. Greeted Yashir too.
When Yashir asked , “hey shalini where is my phone?”
“oh no. I have kept it in my purse, in our batch class. Come with me I will give it to u”
Yashir followed her to the class. It was empty because all others were participating in ceremony.
Shalini Sat on bench, Yashir too joined her.
“I’m having little headache, can we just sit here for a while?”
“ok” said Yashir.
“How m I looking today?” she stood up and turned her side to Yashir.
“Gorgeous. U r beautiful my friend”
Yashir stared at Shalini’s navel. It was oval shape and very deep hole.
“What r u looking?” Shalini asked.
Yashir looked away and said, “nothing nothing “

Shalini said, “I know u were staring at my navel. Did u like it?”
“it is sexy and deep.” Yashir said.
He felt he can fuck shalini today. She herself leading to this. Hindu bitch.

Shalini said, “look ur gallery pictures”
Yashir opened it. N he was shocked. There was one pic of Shalini. She was in bra and her navel pic.
He looked at her like hungry dog. She approached door to lock from inside.
Yashir hold her from behind. “saali tu bhi Hindu Randi hi Nikli”
“aisa mat bol Yashir. Main to sirf tera Lena chahti hu bas ekbaar”
“Randi, ek baar legi fir baar baar aayegi mere paas”
“haan dekhe Maine messages, kitni ladkiyo ko chodke chhod deta hai tu”
“Hindu kuttiya ko chodneme maza aata hai. Bhot tadapti hai saali musalman ka Lund dekhke”
Yashir ne pallu khinchke Shalini ki saree nikal di. Blouse kholke boobs press kiya. Hoth ko chusa, navel me ungli daali aur tadpaya saali ko bhot Lund ke liye. Uski saanse ful gayi thi. Navel andar bahar ho rahi thi. Siskiya le rahithi.
Shalini hindu ladki tadap rahi thi musalman ke haatho me. Aakhir me Yashir ne apni zip kholi aur munh me diya shalini ko.
Fir tika ke piche se thoka.
Shalini bol rahi thi, “Yashir kutte. Aur zor se, zorse maar. Faad ke rakh de mujhe”
Yashir ke chehre pe arrogance tha. Ek aur hindu aurat ki ass faad raha tha woh…

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  1. Nice, i also show my body to many muslim friends on facebook, i like to hear dirty comments on my body

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