Shipra the sexy chef

shipra khanna in saree

shipra boobssexy sareesexy in sareeshipra khanna in sareesex neckshipra khanna hotNow a short story
Shipra’s encounter with Syed Kazmi.
Shipra a practicing hindu women used to visit both temple and majar. Once she visited a majar and after the prayers she met Syed Kazmi who was a maulvi, it was not the first time she saw him. Mr Kazmi lived in her neighborhood.
Mr. Kazmi- So charming, I can see you have a bright future ahead of you.
Shipra with her eyes down thanked him.
Mr. Kazmi- I will remember you in my prayers.
Shipra- Thank you very much for your generosity.
Mr. Kazmi- Be my guest today come with me to my home, dont say no to a maulvi please accept.
Shipra couldn’t say no and Mr. Kazmi accompanied her to his home.
There shipra removed her shawal, the sexual beast inside Mr. Kazmi started to get chefHe sat beside her and with his hand on her shoulder he praised her beauty. Then he started cuddling her.Oh Kazmi ji what are you doing.
Mr. Kazmi- Giving you what you crave for.
He pressed her boobs and she moaned then ripped off her top then unhooked her bra. Sucked her nipples and turned them red. He sucked her soft tender body.
Soon he revealed his thick muslim cock.

Oh Mr. Kazmi its so big.
Aisa hai hota hai musalmano ka lagta hai pehli bar dekh rahi ho.
Hungry shipra grabbed his cock and started sucking and deep throating it.
She craved for Mr. Kazmi to ram her pussy but the maulvi was cleaver and experienced.
Mr. Kazmi- (Pointing towards his big cock) You want this, you have to earn it. I have a perfect job for you.
He made her naked and asked her to cook beef for him in a completely naked state.
She did as he told her.
The maulvi was in no hurry he was enjoying watching a naked h women cooking beef for him.
After consuming that delicious beef Mr. Kazmi was full of energy.
He was on top of her rubbed his cock head on her pussy lips, inserted it a bit as she moaned with an open mouth and intoxicated eyes.
He jerked it further inside as she moaned even louder.
Mr. Kazmi- you act like a real hungry bitch.
Pious Mr. Kazmi liked hindu women he thought they act like sluts, actually he did not approve their actions he was rather happy to get a chance of dive in and pulling out and show dominance and supremacy.
He rammed her pussy and gave her organsms which she will never forget.
Mr Kazmi fucked her like a Mystical Nymph. He rode her on his big cock like stallion and cummed her her pussy with nutritious islamic cock juice.


  1. my mom and sister have sex with muslims

  2. Are Hindu girls really submissive sluts like in this story? if so, I gotta get me one..or two.

  3. yes mark…hindu girls are slut. you can have them anywhere.

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