Shoaib Akhtar Sonali Bandre and pak connection

Sonali Bendre and Shoaib Akhtar: The Rawalpindi Express once openly confessed his love for Indian actress Sonali Bendre. Shoaib had said that if Sonali refused his proposal, then he would kidnap her.
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“Many wondered if this was the same carefree cricketer who had once openly professed his love for Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre and even threatened to kidnap her if she spurned his proposal” Its true –http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cricket/An-enigma-called-Shoaib/articleshow/22795390.cms
The article below is named “Seven India vs Pakistan romances that knew no border” and in every one of those instances the male is Pakistani and girl is from India no wonder why. http://www.cricketcountry.com/news/valentines-day-and-india-vs-pakistan-in-cricket-world-cup-7-romances-that-knew-no-border-249869

The truth is that mostly the girl is indian hindu and boy pakistani musalman. In every India Pakistan romantic relationship the couples try very hard to hide their relationship of obvious reasons like Shoaib Malik Sayali Bhagat. In most of such relationship the girl and the boy are in denial mode but they do everything behind the scene.
The pak connection http://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/pak-connection/article1-597252.aspx
Actress Neetu Chandra denied knowing Pakistani pacer Mohammed Asif, but calls exchanged between the two indicate otherwise :D. Sacchai to ye hai ki neetu chandra chupke chupke Asif se phone mai baat karti thi aur lund bhi le chuki hai wo Asif ka and Sonali Bandre is no exception usne bhi liya hai behind the scene Shoaib ka.
Sonali Bandre saree back captured from a tv serial. Is jism k Shoaib ne daba kar maze liye hai. Sach to ye hai ki aise jism dikha kar he hindu ladkiya unke big lodo ko khada karti hai.

Vaise liya to isne aamir ka bhi hai

Paki hunk Shoaib was one of the most desired sports man for indian hindu girls and Sonali couldn’t have refused the proposal she enjoyed the big one behind the curtain.

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