Shraddha kapoor live in relationship with farhan

Just 2 day ago this news made a lot of noise on the social media

Later her father denied the reports saying that none of this happened.

Farhan and Shraddha have always kept their relationship under wraps.
She lived with Farhan secretly and enjoyed his big musalmani lund.
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It seems Farhan’s lund has banged her real good.

Its not the fist time they are in the spot light

hindu girl muslim lund

Usually when the musalman man is involved with a hindu girl it attracts a lot of attention and triggers a lot of intense reactions, which makes copulation between musalman mard and hindu woman even more intense. Its one of the reasons in such cases they tread carefully try even harder to keep the relationship secret.

Hindu girls drool over and love to be banged by mature divorcee muslim guys. There are quite a few examples of this in bollywood also. The musalman male’s value increases after each divorce he becomes like a super alpha male and gets even hotter hindu girls than what he previously had. Its kind of like your job profile, eligibility and experience increases when you leave one company with some years of experience and then you become more qualified get an even better job.

Hindu ladkiya musalman ladko se set ho jati hai. Jab Shraddha ne Farhan ne big muslim bullah dekha to wo apne aap ko rok nahi paayi.

That is what gives them real satisfaction.

Musalman mardo ne nazar gada rakhi hai Shradda Kapoor par

Andhi nahi hai sab kuch dekhti hai, feel karti hai, fir usko samajhti hai.
Pehle wo bada musalmani lund dekhti hai, fir unko pakad kar feel karti hai aur andar leti hai aur fir unko samajh mai aata hai umm in musalman mardo k lund kitne mast hote hai.

kya maza aata hoga isko apni ye sexy tange farhan k mature 42 varshiye laude k aage failane mai.

9 thoughts on “Shraddha kapoor live in relationship with farhan

  1. Agar LOVE JIHAD ya INTERFAITH SEX ki koi brand ambassador ho to wo Farhan Akhtar hi hoga. Kitne hindu ladkiyo ko pela hoga ye mulla. Pure Bollywood ki sabhi khubsurat hindu ladkiyo ki jawani ka ka maza lut rahe hai ye mulle.

  2. interfaithxxx.com ko salam ine sab kuch pahle hi andaza lag jata h kuch months pahle hi bola tha ki shraddha ko Muslim mard ki jarurat h aur aaj sach hogaya… my twitter @hsluts4mstuds

  3. These things are common nowadays.. even in my college and neighbourhood. . Hindu girls have become crazy after khans.. my 20 yr old sister is in love with a 30 yr old muslim .. i dont know how to stop her

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