Shrouded desires of a H!ndu girl

An emotionally charged story by Ritika based on her own life.

A sense of happiness gripped the class room when the students heard about the lecturer being absent today. They were free, at least for an hour. Ritika a 22 year old Hindu girl sitting with a close friend of hers in the class was chattering about something.
Aanya told her about what happened last night. She was drunk and was all alone with Shahzad in his room. Shahzad didn’t have a drink but he paid for it. Aanya was too tipsy but she wasnt out of her senses, she could handle herself fairly well.
Shahzad started getting a bit romantic. Ananya exclaims “Shahzad grabbed me and started kissing me.” She was extremely surprised, first she tried to resist him but soon he started touching and pressing her sexual organs and she gives in to his advances. Next he was all over her, he removed her fancy looking shorts and top and fucked her all night long.

On hearing this astounding relevation Ritika told her friend to report this incident, Shahzad should be punished for this, she says.
Ananya – Don’t get so emotional, I also let him, I mean I started enjoying it after the fist few minutes of shock. I would have said yes if he’d proposed me to take our friendship to the next level.
Ritika – What can I say at the end of the day what matters is what you think.
Ananya – Besides, you know what would happen if I report him as a rapist, so many of those Hindu guys just wait for an opportunity like this to demonize Muslims. It would just give them a reason to further their propaganda, I can’t stand them even for even a second. It defeats our ideas and beliefs and as a Hindu girl who is committed to secularism and liberal values I won’t let it happen.
Ritika – I kind of agree with you, they thrive on stories such as these many of which turn out to be false, and if you like him then its completely ok.
I went home that day thinking about if that had happened to me, how would I have reacted ? I couldn’t think of a definite answer.

I had a large social circle with ladies from rich and respectable families. A 40 year old woman named Manisha was very close to me. She was much older than me not to mention full of wisdom. On quite a few occasions in the past we drank together and had very interesting conversations.
Again came a day when we met and she took me to her apartment for a drink or too. She was very rich and lived alone therefore she constantly searched for good company and I was someone she trusted, her husband was usually busy at work and her only daughter studied in the U.K
She told me – (“maze karne k yehi din hai”) these are the days to have real fun after the marriage you never know what you would have to contend with.
She had more than 4 pegs that day and looked more drunk than usual while I just had two. She starts disclosing the secrets which were hidden in the deepest parts of her brain. She tells me that she is seeing a guy named Umar these days, he is nice and makes her feel alive while her husband is useless.
She was in a sexual relationship with him. It was an astonishing revelation.
I used to call her aunty, I asked her what if your husband come to know about the affair that too with a Muslim man.
So what ? she says in a drunk voice. I don’t care if he finds out probably he would then realize that he isn’t a man enough. My family wouldn’t have allowed me to marry a Muslim but I can definitely have sex with a Muslim man, all the more reason you see.
I inquired, did you have a Muslim boyfriend and your parents didn’t allow you to marry him ?
No, but I am very sure about it that they wouldn’t have let me since they were very adamant about whom I should marry.
Don’t you feel guilty while sleeping which another man ?
She stated, No in fact I feel nothing but pure pleasure that I cannot explain to you.

I couldn’t fathom out the reason behind all these independent and modern Hindu females not only sleeping with Muslim men but also going crazy for them. A distant female relative of mine also had Muslim boyfriend. She had a government job and at the age of 25 she eloped and married him. A year ago it was a much talked about incident inside our family. I heard a few male relatives of mine slandering her for marrying a Muslim. One of them said (in katwo ka to kaam he yehi hai doosre dharamo ki ladkiya fasana”) its the job of these “katwas” (katwa – a slang used for circumcised muslim males) to lure and trap girls belonging other religions.
Personally I didn’t have any close Muslim friend, the only Muslims I knew were the mutual friends of Ritika. I began to think is there anything inherently special about there muslim guys which turns these Hindu girls on.

Certain kinds of fantasies began to foster in my mind regarding muslim men. Usually at night I felt so aroused as I found my heart and mind instilled with thoughts about a Muslim male nailing me with his big dick and I am enjoying it in spite of knowing this very well that my family won’t allow a muslim man to touch me even if he was the last man on this planet. A frenzied pleasure gripped my soul as I touched my inner thighs and clit thinking about the taboo of the highest order ‘the Muslim dick’.

Just another day in college –
Five of us were jabbering away sitting in the park which was next to the college. One of my friends Tanvi took out her phone and started playing a porn video. Our eyes turned towards her phone. Tanvi was the porn girl in our group. She was fond of Arab amateur homemade as she had a liking for Arab guys.
Aanya was also among us and she said this in jest “dekh katwe kitne pasand hai isko har baar unki he videos utha k le aati hai” ( look how much she likes katwas every time she brings their videos ).
To which Tanvi replied “mujhe to sirf pasand hai lekin le to tu rahi hai, aaj kal ye ek muslim ladke k saath ghoom rahi hai bata du uska naam ?” (I only like them on the screen but its you who is getting banged, should I tell the name of that muslim guy with whom you roam around these days)
Ritika – Shahzad hai uska naam bol tujhe bhi lena hai to bata de dilwa dungi. ( You don’t have to, Shahzad is his name. If you are feeling a bit envious then I could help you get laid with him ).
I tried to talk some sense – “Don’t use the term katwa its derogatory.”
They all started laughing.
One of the girls in the group said “see how much she loves them, a true lover spotted.”
Another one said: May be she is in love with someone.
No, I am not its usually used by other males as a slang.
Nikita laughs and says why you getting so serious we girls can use that term just as a white girl can yell “nigger” while getting nailed by one. As far as other males are concerned they just sound gay when they say katwa as if they want one or have experienced one in their arse.
We were a ‘bakchod’ lot, usually in the group we used to talk rubbish.

Party invitation –
Manisha Aunty invites me to a party and I couldn’t refuse her this time mainly because I made excuses and did  not accept her invitation two times in the past.  It was saturday night Manisha greeted me as I entered the apartment. The entire apartment building was owned by her. There were about a dozen other men and women in the hall and Manisha knew each one of them very well. To her money didn’t matter all she wanted was trustworthy people and I was one such person in her eyes.
I was there sipping on the peg of vodka as she comes to me and says, You look so dull, let me spice it up for you. See that man at the corner let me introduce you to him.
No I am ok.
Come on dear liberate yourself, you are so pretty that every man in this room would fight each other to be with you.
hmmm ok.. whats his name ?
Sarfaraz, he is a manager in a company.
Are all your friends Muslims ?
No, I just chose the best one for you as you are the sweetest person I know and furthermore being with a Muslim will help you reach the peak of liberation.
I couldn’t clearly understand what she meant by that second sentence as a look of awe crept into my face.
She knew I was a bit confused.
Don’t worry you will understand this in due course.

She waved at Sarfaraz and called him, after the introduction and a few words she left us and joined other friends. Sarfaraz was a confident individual and had a charming personality. Quite literally he struck me as a man rather than those college boys I had grown so accustomed to.
I finished a peg of vodka while talking to him he stood up, picked the bottle and poured another peg into my glass.
I said you are not drinking but you want me to drink another one.
Sarfaraz – Tonight I need to work all night long to keep you awake. Drinking would push me into falling asleep in the middle of the night.
I smiled, why do you want to keep me awake ?
To fall asleep would be such a waste as I want to spend every second of the night with you.
I was like, oh! its so sweet but I didn’t understand his real intention behind that statement which I found out later. What he really meant was that he is going to fuck me all night long without letting me sleep.
He poured another peg of vodka into my glass, I was feeling excited and cozy with him. I drank another peg after which I started loosening up even more.
We had a long conversation after which he said, you look sleepy let me take you to your room.
He held my hand and took me to another room in the apartment I was too tipsy and wanted to lay down. He put me in bed and started touching me affectionately.
Hey I am not so drunk, put that out of your mind.
Your innocence is so seductive, he said.
You muslim men are so crafty, you just seem to be charming and nice from the outside but from the inside you are quite the opposite.
Really ? What has a muslim man ever done to you ?
Nothing… but a muslim guy took advantage of my friend while she was drunk.
I knew he wanted to fuck me but I was not willing to give myself up so easily, so I was trying to play around a little.
And she told you about this herself ?
Did she report ?
Was she distressed or did she cry in front of you while telling you this ?
Then probably she enjoyed it.
How can you say so ?
Because you are going to experience the same pleasure tonight.
He then grabbed both my hands and as he was moving down to kiss me I yelled stop please.
What now ?
How do you know Manisha aunty ?
Met her at a party somewhere else a long time back.
Did you get into any kind of relationship with her ?
Yes she was just craving for it, she is quite fond of muslim men in the bed.
Hmmm I suspected it.

I though this is what happens when a hindu woman has sex with a muslim man or gets a muslim boyfriend or hubby she wants other hindu girls, her friend or colleagues to do the same in order to make it more normal / common and to weaken the stigma. She may push her friend in the lap of a muslim guy, encourage her or make her befriend one.

You are also yearning for the muslim thing huh! , he said.
I kept quite and passive as he places his lips against mine and begins to suck them passionately. He got hold of my boobs and pressed them hard as the temperature beings to rise. He removes my top and starts kissing other parts of the body.
I was feeling the tension of the amorous atmosphere in the room as a muslim man was exploring my body for the very first time. It was something I used to fantasize about. He removed my bra and tickled my nipples with his tongue, it filled me with immense pleasure.

He removed everything from the lower part of my body and reached for my pussy with his hand while kissing me. I was deeply staggered as he touched by clit and rubbed my pussy with his fingers.
Vodka in my stomach had emboldened me, I wasn’t afraid, I was actually enjoying the feeling of a muslim man taking away my innocence.

He removed his shirt and pulled down his trousers. That was the first time a muslim manhood came in contact with my pussy. He inserted the swollen head of his circumcised dick into my vaginal opening. A frenzied burst of emotion rippled through me making me gasp at the intensity of the touch that lit my blood on fire.

I anticipated that he is going to push the entire organ inside me but he didn’t instead he smiled wickedly and said “you yearn for the muslim thing don’t you, I am not going to give it to you so easily.” He grasped me firmly and started sucking my lips so hard it felt as if he is gonna suck the life out of me. I reached for his dick with my hand and had the audacity to grab it. I began to stoke it gently, my palm sensed the shear hardness of this dick and my brain told me I am in for a very rough fuck session tonight. Sarfaraz was filled with joy as I stroked his dick.

Once we rip off your clothes you hindu girls turn into cock hungry wild bitches and all that innocence and purity you show off fades away into the abyss, he said.

I clutched his dick with all the strength I had in order to give him some discomfort but his rock hard dick was too strong. He pulled my hairs and says bitch is trying to bite, lets give her a taste of real manhood. He quickly placed his dick on my lips and pushed it inside my mouth as I savored it and did my best to please him.
After his fat cock explored my mouth it was wet and ready to conquer my pussy. With a huge meaty blow he pushed it inside me and filled my pussy with his dick. My vagina expanded and I was filled with intense carnal pleasure. He fucked me continuously for about 20 minutes or so and then with a huge burst he filled my pussy with his cum. After that he went to the bathroom and I closed my eyes.  After sometime Sarfaraz came back and started it all over again. After a few minutes of kissing and cuddling his dick got hard again. This time he fucked me longer than ever before, from behind like a bitch. I was in doggy position as he banged and ploughed my pussy from behind. I though he was going to last forever. My hands were tired so I bent my elbows completely and rested both my arms on the bed with my nose crushing against the bed and I could hear the throbbing sound of his dick pounding my pussy. After prolonged fucking he cummed inside my pussy again.

I was a bit exhausted, I finally laid myself down straight on the bed thinking that I yielding so easily to his high-handedness and it was something that kindled my heart on fire and made me submissive.
Sarfaraz said to me, ”baby I am going to the other room to eat something.”
After that I fell asleep for sometime but soon I woke up as I found Sarfaraz licking my boobs and fingering my pussy. I though he is such an animal. I turned my eyes to the clock that was hanging on the wall it was 2 AM, I had slept for 30 minutes. Don’t know what he ate, he came back completely energized ready to enjoy my womanhood again. His dick was hard as ever.
You won’t let me sleep tonight.
No, I told you.
He inserted his dick into my pussy and started ramming me. I hugged him tightly as he penetrated his muslim cock deeper inside my cunt. I had never had such prolonged sex in my life, I was drained. I gathered all the courage I had and said “you katwa bastard thats all you’ve got I expected better” in order to taunt him, as I wanted him to use up all this strength this time and fall asleep afterwards.
He gave me a smile and said that is what you hindu bitches crave for, ‘the katwa lauda’, you’ll never forget this night and from now on whenever you would be horny you will remember this night and yearn for it to repeat.
He started fucking me with greater force as I moaned in ecstasy and my ears could hear nothing but the throbbing sound of his dick beating my pussy.
After sometime he groans and cums into my pussy while gasping for breath. I saw the clock it was 2:45 then. Now I could barely keep my eyes open. It was both the effect of vodka which makes you feel sleepy after its effect weakens and tiredness after having so much sex in a single night which had drained all my energy. I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.

After that I remember I was ‘half awake half asleep’, I could feel Sarfaraz’s dick going in and out of my pussy. All I could sense was his warm dick rubbing against the folds of my vagina. I was in a different world I was neither asleep nor awake maybe it was just a dream or did he really fuck me after that.
I saw him after waking up in the morning and after that I never met him again, he was from a different place.
I couldn’t walk normally without making an effort to make it look like everything is all right. I was back to normal after 2 days.

New Beginning –
At the end of the last year of my college I applied for an internship and got approved. I joined the training along with other freshers, I didn’t know anyone of them. Our trainer was a 30 year old Muslim guy named Yusuf Osmani, I was 24 then. We were a batch of 30 people. On the first day apart from the introduction Yusuf made a record of name, address and phone number of each one of us. He also gave us his phone number and email id  in case we need to contact him.
I made friends with some of the girls but it was nothing like college friendship. Yusuf was also on facebook as I saw other people in our batch had added him. I also did the same.
From the outside Yusuf looked more like a Pakistani Pathan or an Arab. He was handsome, nearly 6 feet tall with a nice physique. It was barka eid when I saw his pic on facebook that caught my eye. He was in a white kurta with a muslim skull cap on his head looking like a mullah and all the females around him were in hijabs.

When Yusuf instructed us I always tried to make eye contact with him and when our eyes met I gazed at him hungrily without blinking. He was an eye candy for me. I sometimes sensed that he knew what my intentions were as I looked at him differently, on seeing me staring at him he moved his eyes away in an instance. May be the though of me as just another hindu bitch craving for a muslim man in the bed. May be he already has got someone who he fucks.

Few days later I called Yusuf in the morning telling him that I cannot come today due to some urgent work. He advised me not miss the training session as I would not be able to understand whats going to come next.
I insisted on taking the day off.
He told me that I can come to him some other time after 3 PM today if I want to make up for the lost session.
I was ok with it.
So I went to him at 3 PM. I wore a tank top and shorts that day hoping that it would catch his attention. I entered the room and there was no one there except him. He looked at me differently that day may be he was thinking “kya maal hai (what an item)” seeing the way I was dressed. I sat down on the bench he came to me and sat next to me. I was never so close to him I could smell his aroma. I took out my notebook and he started teaching me. In between for a few seconds I found myself lost in the thoughts about him. Clearly I was attracted to him.
Out of a sudden he asks me a question and I couldn’t answer him, it was an embarrassing moment for me.
I think your mind is somewhere else, Yusuf said.
You always look lost whenever I see you in the class, he added.
I said, sorry I was just lost for a moment due to some tension.
Let me guess, tension due to your boyfriend, most likely at your age.
I don’t have a boyfriend.
Then whats the matter ?
I lied to him, my parents said they won’t let me work outside so I was thinking why should I carry on with the internship.
Hard to believe, your parents let you go out dressed like this but won’t let your work outside, Yusuf said.
Whats wrong with my dress.
Nothing, you don’t seem to come from such a family who would not let their girl work outside.
May be its too hot for you and being a Muslim you won’t understand it.
He smiled and said you hindu girls get so agitated and are ready to fight the moment someone talks about your dress.
Is it too hot for you ?
Yes I am starting to melt… Now you should just concentrate on what I am about to teach you.
I kept quiet and listened to what he said.
After reaching home I messaged him thanking him for the special class. I also tried to contact him on the facebook and eventually I got a conversation going with him. Initially it was formal but soon it turned into casual chat.
He asked me why I do not have a boyfriend. I just told him didn’t find anyone worthy.
Would your parents allow you to have a boyfriend, he asked
Yes, I said.
And what if your boyfriend is a Muslim guy, would they allow that too.
No, then they would oppose.
Therein lies the real fun.
You muslim men are really crafty, so you mean I should have a muslim boyfriend.
Why not.

A month passed by and the internship was coming to an end. Just 3 days were left when Yusuf told me to wait after the training session. I went outside and then came back again after seeing off some of the friends I knew.
Yusuf was in the room and there were empty benches all around. I sat on one of them as he approached me and sat next to me.
I don’t have much time. You sent me those pics of yours in skimpy clothes last night, why.
Because I trust you, dont you find them sexy.
You definitely need a boyfriend, I know you are attracted to me.
Aren’t you do I not turn you on.
Yusuf placed his hands over my thighs I got the answer. He quickly grabbed my boobs and pressed them hard while swiftly kissing my lips. I was filled with delight.
Its not safe here, you should now go. We should meet in the evening, he said.
I was ecstatic, went home to get ready for the evening. I put on the best undergarment I had underneath the tank top and shorts I was wearing.

We finally met in the evening, he took me to a hotel. As soon as I entered the room he shut the door and grabbed from behind. He had been trying to control his urges for many weeks but finally he bursts off which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted him to dominate me in every way possible.
He kissed me hungrily and I said ‘ab to saari sharafat bhul gaye’
Mera lund khada karne ki bahot aag hai tujhe, tere ko thanda karna he padega bahot tadap hai tere andar, he said.
He roughly removes my top and unhooks the bra. Then presses my boobs so hard that I almost screamed. He licks around my nipples and sucks around the boobs leaving a suck-mark on my left boob.

Yusuf grabs my hairs and pushes me down towards his midsection and then he says, I know how bad you yearn for it, now don’t give me that look of innocent come on open it up.
I unzipped his trousers and moved my hand inside. I anticipated something big but when I took his dick out I nearly swooned at the sight of his gargantuan and anomalous muslim cock which was far bigger than I imagined.
Yusuf- “you brought it upon yourself,  you don’t think you can handle it huh!”
To prove him wrong I started sucking his cock. Yusuf was way bigger, he looked like a mountain in front of me and I had to open my mouth more than usual to suck his dick. His dick head was Mushroom shaped nice and pronounced and the shaft as hard as a steel rod. I was holding onto the shaft of his dick with the same hand around which I was wearing a kalava. His dick was wet with juices leaking from my mouth and his very own dick. I felt the sensation of a few drops that dripped down along the skin of my hand toward the wrist and got absorbed by the sacred thread I was wearing.
Yusuf removed his shirt while I was busy with his dick. He lifted me up and gently pushed me onto the bed. He was fully naked and looked like a bull. He then pulled down the shorts I was wearing and then the final barrier my undergarment.

Now his unyielding dick was touching my inner thighs. He was ready to put it inside me. I saw his dick and wondered about how is that thing gonna fit inside my pussy. He moved himself closer to my pussy and I could feel his dick already even before the first touch which filled me with awe and left me pondering about would happen if that thing really goes inside me.
Yusuf placed his dick over my pussy and I could feel the weigh of his dick. Then he pushes the head of his muslim dick inside my pussy and a tidal wave of pleasure rippled through me. He tries to push his dick further inside my cunt as I begin to feel a bit of pain mixed with pleasure.
I opened my legs wider, stretched them apart as far as I could to accommodate his dick. His dick was expanding my pussy to the core, I was in a different realm. Here I was getting fucked by a superior muslim dick that was only meant for plus sized salma begum who had the power to deliver 10 muslim kids one by one in every nine months.

Yusuf now started applying more pressure slowly but surely my pussy was opening up. He moved down and rested the upper part of his body over me. His chest rubbed against my boobs while he was bulldozing my pussy. I clung to him, he was must larger, his body had sheathed my entire body and the only parts that were visible from above were my legs which were spread out and my face which was between his neck and shoulder.
He lunged forward with the lower part of his body as his dick went inside my pussy as deep as possible, I started moaning heavily as a tsunami of undiluted pleasure enraptured me. His mushroom shaped swollen Muslim dick head was ploughing through every inner fold of my vagina intoxicating me and the notion of getting invaded by Muslim manhood was turning me slavishly submissive.

I was quivering as he unrelentingly over and over again stroked his dick inside me along with powerful lunges every now and then. I fell into the sea of wild frenzy and scratched his back with my finger nails and bit his shoulder and neck but it seem to have no effect on him. His Muslim dick, an embodiment of great sexual power and undiluted masculinity was engulfing me with pleasure waves which enlarged with every throb of his dick.

Here I was spreading my legs wide open in front of a Muslim man just like the women of the olden days who opened their legs for the Muslim nobles and warriors, helped them spread the mighty seed and made them settle down in the land which is now known as Hindustan.
Thanks to that seed it grew and passed on and on and here I am enjoying every bit of it.

I was totally lost and could not gather my thoughts until he cummed inside my pussy, I felt a splash of his huge cum load hitting my vagina from the inside. He was groaning as he filled up my pussy. After a few minutes he was ready to fuck me again.

Once I was having sex with Yusuf and he said this while fucking me, all the hindu men should become sanyasi / monks and leave you to us for real pleasure and satisfaction, I spread my legs even wider agreeing to what he said, by now he knew I like to be rough fucked and dominated by him both physically and mentally.

My adulation for Yusuf and my friendship with him kept growing until we finally decided to get married after a year. As expected my parents opposed this marriage, they were not ready to see me becoming a wife of a muslim man. The words once said by Manisha aunty popped up in my mind – “Being with a Muslim man will help you reach the peak of liberation.” That time I didn’t understand it clearly but now it was crystal clear to me. I was hell-bent, I strived for one year trying to convince my parents. Finally they realized that there is no other option.
My parents told me, do whatever you want to do but they wont attend the wedding, they kind of disowned me. I went ahead with the marriage.
The sex during the wedding night felt so good and heavenly, I was riding and bouncing on his dick feeling like I have reached the stars. Like so many Hindu women I was now the latest one to reach the peak of liberty and pleasure.
As we Hindu women are considered a personification of ‘divine feminine’ a symbol of power and empowerment there is no way one could stop us form exploring, following our heart, going to a musalman man and reaching the peak of liberty. Many times we have to shroud our true desires from the society but it doesn’t matter what we use to cloak our true desires whether feminism, secularism, marxism, humanism, conservatism, liberalism at the end of the day most of us crave for the Muslim Lund and it deeply arouses us all.

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