Shy innocent H!indu wife to Pornstar

My name is Radha(22yr) Sharma, wife of Sameer(28yr)

My husband Birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him something very special. As he love me a lot and ask me frequently to pose for him some bold photograph. But everytime I denied him. So I thought on his birthday I will give him some of bold photograph… I want to keep it surprise
So difference is that I have to find good photographer.

We went to our husband’s company party, His boss was a very nice Muslim gentleman whom I met first time.

At the party I met a pretty young lady Pooja and we started talking. I asked her if she knew of any photographers who did photographic shots for me. Later she told me that my husband’s boss, Firoz khan, might know of one.

My husband had left for a business trip and it was a longer one.

We talked on the phone the night he said that he were not going to be able to call for the next four days.

A couple of days later she called and gave me the number of the photographer. His name was Javed, He made an appointment, The next day I dressed up a little sexily. I looked around his studio and was impressed.

He really had a great set-up. It was on the edge of the Muslim populated part of town.

On The day of the shoot,

While I waited to go start to pose I drank the hot tea that he had given me. “This will relax you a little bit and calm your anxiety.

When Javed finally got me to go pose I had chosen some dresses, a few sexy top and skirt. I walked out into the main studio, and noticed the big king-sized bed in the circle of lights. I posed in two of the dresses I had chosen, and then Javed moved me smoothly given me another sexy dress .

I stopped him at one point and asked for a drink of water.He got me some more of that tea. I was really feeling good and sexy now.

Javed moved me on to the bed for the more scenes.

Now Javed had me get into some more revealing dress which he had picked out. I hesitated because they showed more than I had intended, for photographs.

Due to effect of that tea,
Here I conservative shy innocent Richy upper class hindu wife posed in different sexy position with sexy dress in front of stranger Muslim Mard.

As we went on he said other things and I wanted to please him as much as I could for some strange reason. It seemed as if all of my inhibitions had been slowly lowered with each change of clothing or something.

As drug on tea steadily increase it’s effect on me, I agreed to Javed demand that
aved had talked me out of all clothing completely. He had me lying on the bed, on my back, legs spread,. I was so hot, I wanted to have that orgasm that was just about there. I was getting frustrated.

“Radha, what do you want?”

Frustrated, I almost yelled at him. “Anything just releive my frustration!”

“ I had a big Muslim cock. If you want it you have to ask for it by name. Now what do you want?”

I was desperate by now. I had to cum soon.

“Javed, please! I need that dil…that big Muslim lund. Please let me have that big Muslim COCK! PLEASE.”

I was agonized at this point. I couldn’t understand what had happened in the last forty-five minutes or so, but suddenly I needed Javed to assist me as much as possible.

“Yeah Javed, help me out here please? I need for you to help me out as much as possible.”

Javed asked me, “Radha do you need someone to help you? I have an assistant that will help you. He knows how to use a big Muslim cock.”

I didn’t understand at first. What did he mean, someone?

“My husband isn’t here Javed. I can’t have another man using that cock inside me. I am so horny though, what can I do? Please help me Javed.” I was trying to be faithful hindu wife,I really was.

I was so buzzed by this point, but I still resisted. “NO! I can’t let another man fuck me. My husband… I just can’t…I’m married. No! Well…

Due to effect of drug in tea,I was getting desperate to the extreme at this point. I really, really needed to relieve my orgasm, big time.

“Please let him fuck me with the BIG Muslim COCK!”

I shouted loudly, not caring who heard or anything at this point. I just need to have that Muslim lund In my hot wet hindu pussy, NOW.

I felt the man get on the bed. I was still spread-eagled on the bed. He got between my legs and started to move up and into my hole with his hard, hot cock. He was Muslim, that much I knew.

He was soon stroking in and out of me like a battering ram. I loved it. A few minutes went by and I was still right on the edge of cumming when I felt him shoot off in me. I felt the warm spray inside, and knew that it was heading right into my womb. I didn’t care. I needed to cum still. Soon he was back at full speed. He rolled me over so that I was on top I was bouncing in Hot Muslim Cock.

His cum shot out and it was much hotter than the first time. He changed position a bit and his cock was close to my head.

I leaned in to him and took it into my mouth.

I had all of his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I felt his cock throb and begin to shoot into my throat.

I collapsed on the bed. Then, I felt the tingle begin yet again. NO! I was getting that feeling all over again. I couldn’t take that again. I felt the man leave. He said something to Javed. Javed told him that the pictures would be ready in a week. I was confused. What pictures? Javed hadn’t taken pictures of us fucking had he?

Javed called out to somebody and soon I saw three big Muslim muscular men off to the side of the bed. They were naked. They were saying nasty things about me.

” She is really a hot hindu slut isn’t she?”

I loved what they were saying to me. My mind was in this zone where it never had been before.

The men around the bed started to move in on me. I could see Javed with a movie camera, getting in close.

“What do you want hindu slut?

“Please, I need your big hard Muslim cock.”

He laughed at me. “What would your husband think if he saw his ‘faithful’ wife begging for a big Muslim cock in her married cunt?”

“I don’t care what he thinks he isn’t here to take care of me. I need to get fucked now. PLEASE fuck my married hindu pussy. I need your big Muslim cock in MY MARRIED CUNT!”

I was in a state of mind that I had never experienced before. I didn’t care about you, my husband. I didn’t care who fucked me just so they fucked me. I had to get off so badly that nothing else mattered.

I suddenly felt a cock at my mouth.

The other man pulled me up on top of him.

I then felt the third man behind me. His cock was very hard and it was pressed up against my ass.

Soon I felt the fat blunt head of his cock at the tender hole. After that I felt him start to relentlessly push it in until it would go no farther. I was crying it hurt so badly.

Soon they were all fucking me, and I was cumming in multiple orgasms. They were all hard and long lasting. I was in nirvana and lost track of who was doing what and where they were doing it.

When I came to I was still on the bed, but now I was alone. I had cum all over me. I then fell back on the bed and fell asleep.

When I next woke up, Javed was trying to get me to drink something. Then he got me on my feet and walked me into a shower.

Whenever I was thirsty he gave me some of that good tasting tea. Soon I was tingling a bit.

“Well, I have some more film to use up and you are a very photogenic lady, so I thought you could be the start of my next film. You did so well yesterday and all, so if you would just sign this little permission slip, we’ll be on the way.”

I shrugged and signed where he was pointing. I didn’t care what I did now. For some reason, doing another movie wasn’t a problem with me. I was, deep down, ashamed of what I had done over the last hours, and knew that I should run away as fast as I could. But, I couldn’t run, Javed needed me to stay for more photos.

In the studio the bed had been moved around. Javed had me sit on the edge of the bed.

He gave me the signal, so I stood and slowly started to untie and drop the robe. As it fell off of my shoulders I heard gasps and moans in the darkness behind the lights.

” would you look at those perfect breast?”

“Man, I can’t wait until my lips are locked on those hard little nipples.”

“Look at that flat tight tummy. This chick is going to be fun to fuck into oblivion.”

“Will you all just look at the hindu whore? Man she’s standing there waiting for some big Muslim dick. Look at those tits.

They all moved in towards me. I stood there by the bed, naked and waiting to be well fucked. As the first one of them got close to me I grabbed him and fell back on the bed pulling him with me. He landed on top of me and his weight took my breath away for a minute.

“Slut, you need to beg for the Muslim cock you want. You need to EARN the right to be fucked by these Muslim cocks.”

I started to beg them.

“PLEASE will you give me what I need? Your Muslim cocks are so hard and big they need to be used. Please come and fuck me?”

They moved in and started to grab and pinch my breasts. Someone got down by me and began to finger my pussy. Another hand was at my ass, fingers poking and prodding for my nether hole. Soon I had both holes filled with fingers, stretching them and moving in and out in rough jerky motions. I was surprised when the man I was sucking slapped my head.

“Bitch, pay attention to your duties here. Get my cock in your throat now!”

My nipples were hot and stinging now from all of the pinching. I found myself wanting more of it. I fell into the trance that had held me last night and just floated. They all pulled away. While two of them picked me up between them, another got on the bed on his back. They aligned me with that shaft standing there and then slowly lowered me down until the base of his cock was crushed against my clit.

As I started to rock on him, another man got in front of me and pushed his cock into my open mouth. I took all he had, A as a third man got behind me. I felt his cock poking around, and didn’t realize what his intent was until the head of his cock started to push in alongside of the one already in my pussy. He was going to fuck my pussy too. I had two Huge Muslim Lund n my Poor Abused Hindu Pussy, and LOVED IT.

Muslim hot cum shot into my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and before I knew what was going on another cock was in my mouth.

The cocks in my pussy started to flex and I soon felt hot baby-making Muslim sperm roaring into my Hindu womb. The man under me slid out, and another Muslim students slipped in. His cock fell into the hole left waiting.

They continued with me like this for quite some time. I finally passed out from the sensations I had been getting. When I woke up I was alone on the very messy bed. Lying in large pool of cum.

I didn’t find out until later that Javed had spiked the tea with a drug. It caused your inhibitions to be lowered.

When I woke up it was daylight. Javed leave me at my home and told me we will meet as soon as your husband will leave for work…it’s good that Hindu male busy in earning Money, while here we earning his hindu wife’s pussy… we Muslim are able to spend more and more time with this Hindu wife and convert her into Muslim Cock Loving Slut while their husband are away…..

When Sameer got home that week I was torn between telling him everything and keeping silent.

My husband again leave for work within 2-3 days.The day my husband left to go back to work.My personal hell was about to get worse! Javed stopped by that afternoon and got my things for the trip to kolkatta, then made me go with her to a motel near the airport. The following morning we left.!

Our first day in kolkatta was horrible! Javed had me dress up in that front slitted dress again. We then went to an office building As Javed led me down a hall, I looked into whatever door would be open;. I found out that indeed it was a studio, for making porn films!

Javed led me into an office where there were six Muslim men. “Here is the new ‘hindu slave’ girl!”

One of them slipped his hand into my dress and he got a firm grip on my tit! He pinched and rolled my nipple.

“She is going to be a real deal maker!” He let loose of my tit and ran his hand down to my crotch! “SHIT!”

In less than a month I had gone from a happy, loving, faithful wife, to an on demand slut! I quietly undid the straps on my dress and let them fall down to my waist, where I held my dress up, as modestly as I could! wasim stepped in close to me. His hands covered both of my tits and he squeezed them!

“Drop the dress slut!” He said. I let loose of my dress and it fell to the floor.

“We want them to be able to party good tonight dear!” And with that Javed got up and walked out leaving me with these eight strangers! Naked!

wasim leaned over and took one of my tits into his mouth! He lightly bit down on my nipple! As he was doing that a big Muslim man moved up between my legs. He started to finger my pussy. He started with one finger, but quickly added fingers until he had four fingers moving in and out of me! I was getting wet, and turned on! I was ashamed of myself at how easy I turned on for these Muslim men! How could I ever prove otherwise when my body betrayed me like this!

All 8 Muslim men mercilessly fuck me in all hole., I soon just passed out!

When I came to I was being wiped up. Then I was stood up and walked outside to a waiting car and! I was taken to our hotel room and dumped on the bed. I slept for hours. About 9 p.m. Javed woke me up and got me into the shower.

Javed swept me out the door and down the hall! We came to room 1210 and Javed knocked. It opened and there were only two men in the room. I was relieved that it wasn’t a larger number! Javed had dressed me in a micro-mini skirt The top was a very small barely covered my nipples!

They moved in close to me and started fondling my body. Soon I was naked and sucking one hard cock while the other was pounding my pussy like!

Soon they shot their loads off in me. As I was cleaning up I overheard Javed telling them that I would be at their service later that week if they wanted! I got dressed and we left. we went on to room 1212. Upon entering the room, I was greeted with whistles. There were several Muslims guys. They were all around me in seconds, grabbing and feeling me all over. Most roughly poking and pinching wherever they could get their hands on me!

Javed called them off of me and had me phone Sameer. I was crying and falling apart! To have a wife call her husband while dressed like a slut! To tell him everything was great just before getting the fucked out of her by a group of Muslim men? It was the hardest thing I ever had done!

Mentally I was about to break down!
As I went out into the main room of the suite, I saw a man with a camcorder all set up and ready to tape the events! I pulled myself together once again, it seems that all I did anymore was fuck, cry, and pull myself together, and fuck some more! After all of the gangbangs by groups of men, somewhere in them I would lose myself and just go with the flow!

The next days seemed to run together. I was usually fucking and sucking one, two or many more men. Then two nights before our scheduled departure, Javed took me down to the office building. We went into the big studio, where there was a large group of men and some women seated around a small stage. Javed pulled me in close to her and told me I was going to make an epic film tonight!

You are going to meet the girl you are replacing!” As Javed said that a woman was coming up the ramp. A woman who looked very familiar. OH! GOD NO! Bhakti! It was my sister Bhakti! Javed had somehow gotten my sister involved in her sick business!

When I looked in front of me there were ten men lined up on the stage. Ten big naked, huge cocked, Muslim men! I knew that either Bhakti or I were going to be the next show! Javed guide me to strap table and had me sit down on it. “Lay down Radha, and spread your legs wide!” My legs were strapped in and then my arms. Under my bottom a board was removed and my whole crotch area was open from the small of my back behind me to, well all of me front. I then knew I was destined for a long hard night! Then the first of what was to be many men line up and plunged into my pussy! He stroked a few times then moved his cock down to my ass! After pumping there for a while, he pulled out and moved around my spread-eagled body to my head. Here he plunged his cock into my mouth and down my throat! He was fucking my mouth like he had my pussy and ass! Now another man stepped up and it started all over! For the next three or four hours man after man fucked me in all of my holes! The ten Muslim men got me first, but then it became audience participation! I had orgasm after orgasm until eventually I passed out. Javed told me the next afternoon that the line had kept up for about an hour after I passed out!

After that many days I become fuck toy of javed.. he someime call me to his studio for Muslim gang bang or send some of his friend to my house…. where I can fuck all Muslim on my master bedroom…Whenever any Muslim man is in my house I have to be naked all time….Now their friend also used me for their own purpose and ask me to wear very short cloth , transparent blouse and take me to Muslim populated market… I once inoccent shy hindu housewife converted into Muslim cock loving slut… I lost the count how many Muslim man I had fucked…. Later I found out that my video of gangbang with Muslim man are the biggest hit on internet…. Now I am from religious upper class housewife to become sensational porn star….

Radha went to the site where she was gracing the main page as the “Biggest mega-slut to hit the net ever” as she scrolled down, she could see action shots of her in various positions with Muslim men. Usually more than three, usually looking like she was enjoying everything happening to her.

As she went into the site and showed us even more. Things that couldn’t believe she would do, all sorts of things. they had other types of sexual situations and deviations in there also. The last four pages of Radha’s section had her performing in large gangbangs. Men holding her legs wide open showing her once tight vagina gaping open. You were able to look deep into her holes, both of them. Cum pouring out of her in gallons. She looked like she was truly happy to be there, doing that.

What if my husband will know it… or he already know it…? Or secretly watching my porn video on internet….

As now I m addicted to Muslim Cock, Javed and his Muslim men refuse to fuck me until I introduce 3 more shy innocent hindu wife to Muslim cock like me…. Are you ready to help me….please, I can’t live without Big Muslim Cock….

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  1. This is in Delhi too.
    I was offered a decent from there but I prefer to dedicate full dedication & love making/ pleasures slowly, gently(rough on request) & vibrantly to let her smile the moment she recalls.

  2. Radha is living the bliss and heaven
    Nirvan Jo Muslim mardo ke niche hi hota hai

  3. Very good story. Radha is having the time of her life.

  4. This story is too kinky.making me wet. Love reading it more n more

  5. its true or fake story?
    if true pls send the video link plssssssss

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