Sikh Woman Who Went to Pakistan On A Pilgrimage Ends Up Marrying a Musalman

Every year thousands of Sikhs go to shrines in Pakistan for pilgrimage.

Few say she was trapped by ISI but chances of this are very dim since she was a just commoner, a common woman without any secrets or links unlike Mathuri Gupta who was in a position of power, it would be a waste of resources trying to trap someone of no importance for any intelligence agency after all the job of these agencies is to extract and gather secret information especially classified information, what secret information could she possibly have, even her husband was a common man with a private job, and if she was being trapped for spying then she should have stayed in India. Furthermore it was reported that she usually stayed at home and remained busy with her mobile.

Her father-in-law Tarsem Singh told India Today that she was addicted to the mobile phone, adding she was very active on Facebook and WhatsApp.
Singh works as a priest in a Sikh temple, “We noticed her speaking to people on the phone for long and when asked, she would say that she was talking to a relative. I doubt that she was honey-trapped by the ISI for spying.”

She had been chatting with Pakistani musalman men on whatsapp and facebook.
It seems she had fallen for them and her visit to Pakistan gave her an opportunity she was looking for. Also she was of healthy age and was a widow. She must have had certain physical needs and desires that needed to be looked after and for that she chose the musalman.

In India widow marriage is usually difficult doesn’t mean it cannot happen, according to tradition which was largely followed was that widow cant remarry, 1 husband 7 janam (lives). Even though were cases in the scriptures like Mandodari was wife of Ravana married Vibhishana after Ravans death, Tara wife of Bali married younger brother sugriva still what was largely followed by common people especially upper caste was that widows should remain vidwa her whole life, some consider them manhoos (मनहूस) pati ko kha gayi, therefore Hindu Widows Remarriage Act, 1856 under the East India company came into picture but passing laws doesn’t mean people would start loving each other or they would ditch their traditions, because that is ultimately up to the people / individual. I have seen a few working class hindu widows in their 40’s who got married to musalman men. I am sure it must have happened in the olden days too because in musalman culture “marrying a widow is considered a good deed,” especially when life expectancy was low and death rate was higher back then. Even though she is sikh but sill the majority culture always has certain influences and society has an upper hand in deciding these matters.

Mohit’s comment on TOI article with received many likes

So musalmans satisfy the lust better

Previous such cases
Kiran, who has now taken the name Amna Bibi, claims she married and converted to Islam of her own accord.
Talking to Time of India over the phone from Lahore on Thursday, Amna Bibi said, “We met on social media.” She, however, refused to say which social media account she had used. “I did everything by myself, no one forced me to do anything,” she insisted. She then hung up, saying, “Please don’t disturb me, I am in court and busy now.”

Watch the video of this woman

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  1. it normal now days.she has not done any wrong thing.every women needs sexual pleasure.lust is more important than tradition.if her lust is satisfied by a Pakistani muslim man than where is problem? after all he is a human before muslim or Pakistani

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