Smita and Ijaaz Ahmed Anwar and Jyoti more hindu musalman couple

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Smita Mitra and Ijaaz Ahmed
In 2010, PR professional Smita Mitra decided to take the plunge and marry Ijaaz Ahmed, an engineer, after 11 years of courtship. Smita was well aware of the ramifications of such a decision – her grandparents had moved from Pakistan to India during the Partition and had witnessed post-Partition bloodshed between the two communities first hand.
“My family was shocked at my decision to marry a Muslim,” says Smita. But she had always anticipated their reaction. “My family wasn’t informed about the marriage as we were very sure they wouldn’t agree. They might even have taken some drastic steps to disrupt the marriage,” she adds.
Smita and Ijaaz had a ‘court marriage’ too, solicited under the Special Marriage Act. Both applied a month in advance. “We were required to produce three witnesses. The marriage certificate was issued to us on the very same day,” says Smita, and adds after a pause, “This was also the time when I informed my family about the final decision.”


Anwar Mashud and Jyoti Jain
In 1998, marketing professional Anwar and banker Jyoti married under the SMA. Anwar’s parents knew about the wedding. Jyoti’s family did not. The marriage was solemnised without a hitch.
Jyoti parents were shocked when they learned that her daughter had married a musalman.

Source: Hindustan Times

Ek baar musalman ka mast kadak circumcised lulla andar jaata hai to ye maa baap bhai band sab ko bhool jati hai. Ab maza he itna aata hai to kya kar sakte hai.

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  1. Hindu ladies are progressive and open minded, they don’t believe in Love Jihad. Instead they are searching true love and real Mard and you all know who are real Mard.

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