So many hindu men’s penis suffer from phimosis and paraphimosis

Many hindu and other indian men’s penis suffer from phimosis and paraphimosis. Many of you must be hearing this term for the first time which is no surprise lack of awareness plus these topics are not discussed openly that society but muslims are mostly circumcised and cannot suffer from this, musalmans take good care of their dicks and enhance their sex power its in their tradition and food culture they have, it automatically does it for them.

Now what is phimosis and paraphimosis ? Since these are medical terms which you might not understand I would try to keep it as simple as possible. You may search this on google there is so much info on it.
In medical science (urology) Phimosis refers to the inability to retract or pull back the foreskin over the glans of penis.
Below is the pic showing what is penis glans. Glans is supada, topa or head. Lund ka supada puri tarah se khulta he nahi.

penis glans

Example of Phimosis
Example of Phimosis

hindu lund

Above images are examples of Phimosis the dick is hard enough to go into the pussy but still the foreskin doesn’t pull back.

Paraphimosis: Paraphimosis is the entrapment of a retracted foreskin behind the coronal sulcus.
In other words Paraphimosis is a medical condition in which the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis is stuck behind the head of the penis and can’t be pulled back further.


In the above image the foreskin has pulled back a bit but not enough its stuck behind the head (supada) of the dick.

hindu dick blowjob


hindu dicks

Paraphimosis mai lund ka supada khulta to hai par puri tarah se nahi foreskin trap ho jaati hai supade k piche.

In both phimosis and paraphimosis  retracting or pulling back the foreskin can be painful. It decreases sexual performance. The male cannot fuck the pussy with full fore, he has to do it slowly, intercourse can also be painful and there is also a risk of tearing  the foreskin during sexual intercourse (fucking) which can be bloody and painful. A woman cannot ride the dick with full intensity it might tear off the foreskin or could be painful for the male.
The women doesn’t get full satisfaction. Imagine a hindu woman whose husband or boyfriend has such a penis and that women suddenly hooks up with some circumcised musalman guy, Why wouldn’t she feel the difference, in fact she would feel much greater difference and from then onwards she would prefer that circumcised mus dick.
Condoms can help you a bit if you have phimosis and paraphimosis but real pleasure with the partner is without condom.

Most professional porn stars are circumcised, cut cocks look harder and in better shape apart from physical appearance circumcision also enhances sexual performance male porn stars are required to fuck for long duration without  premature ejaculation and circumcised penis lasts longer.
Some people say more sensitivity = greater pleasure its not true. Higher physical sensitivity in the penis doesn’t necessarily mean more sexual pleasure, Physical sensitivity is response to external factors whereas pleasure itself is more subjective and dependent on other things. A young boy who hits puberty his penis head is far more sensitive than an adult male, with time the sensitivity tends calm down as he begins to use his penis.

In most of these homemade indian porn pics and videos the male is hindu and uncut, and in so many of these penis have phimosis or paraphimosis. So many hindu men with this problem.They fuck slowly because if they do it hard it puts pressure on the foreskin which may be painful and there is also a risk of foreskin getting torn if too much pressure is applied. Browse through the daily updates of indian porn videos on various forums and blogs you would almost every day find such penis, which is a turn off for me.
Full hard circumcised dicks cheer up women while soft uncut dicks look drowsy to me. Women want to feel the sheer hardness. Women seem to enjoy sucking clean dicks with exposed heads of full hard cut cocks much more. Its hotter to see a woman getting overwhelmed by a big circ mus dick.
Even on many forums I see indian hindu guys asking about this medical condition and possible treatment which in many cases is circumcision and adult circumcision is different from infant circumcision which muslim males go through which doesn’t require stitches on the penis. In many cases when they discover about it they feel shy and reluctant to visit a urologist.


Another gem that I came across, wow he asked that on a genuine medical forum healcon “Do hindu girls like circumcised penis”

hindu girl likes cirumcised


hindu circumcisiona


Severe Phimosis


hindu couple xxx

indian blowjob

So many not possible to post all of them.
I wouldn’t call it a disease it is a faulty medical condition, you can carry on your lives with it no problem but it definitely affects the sex life and sexual performance. Most importantly women may not feel sexually satisfied in the bed to the fullest and if she goes to a circ musalman guy then she would be totally blown away by it and would prefer that for the rest of her life.

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In the end video of a hindu couple and muslim couples.  Seems like that h girl doesn’t feel any pleasure as he fucks her, cant blame her.

Muslim couple videos, much better videos, isko kehte hai lund

Big circumcised bullah chusne ka maza he kuch aur hai

Jate jaate sonam bhabhi ko dekhte jao alag he jannat ka maza mil raha hai inko to

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  1. This is a gem of a post… I bow down in all humility to the enigma of muslim lund as a impotent hijra hindu man with barely 2.5 inch hindu lulli… mere ko lagta hai mujhe Phimosis hai jisme lund ka supada khula hi nahi… ladkiyan mujhe janbhjh ke sadak pe hijra aur impotent kahke insult karti thi… do bar mere munh par publicly spit kiya do hindu girls ne aur bola hijre impotent shayad tere baap main hi dum nahi tha tabhi tere jaisa hijra paida kiya…
    Result… now I have found my true place… meri asli jagah muslim lund ke niche hai… usmain se jo gangajal ki varsha hoti hai usko prashad samajh ke sevan karta hun aur mere Muslim master ki hindu male bitch banke jivan ke asli maje le raha hun…mera muslim master meri hindu randi maa ka bhi master hai… uski chut, gand jab chahe leta hai… humain full slave ki tarah gale main patta dal ke hindu bitch bana me rakhta hai aur chodta hai… hum dono uska cum pite hain… piss pite hain… asshole jibh se saf karte hain… aur wo hume galiyan deta hai,.. humiliate karke degrade kar karke chodta hai as a muslim lund is supposed to do… muslim lund ki jai ho..,

  2. Please all us hindu lullis let’s come forth and comment on this post and confess our sexual truth… every hindu lulli like me… please state your size of lulli, how long it remains erect, whether supada is open or not and other individual details about your hindu lullis… please let us tell everyone that we are not ashamed of being Hindu lullis but embrace it with open hearts for a better future…

  3. mine,
    4inch wen erect…wen looking at girl it stays erect for 10mins
    wen looking at forced bi/sissy porn it stays erect for 20mins

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