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Son shares his bengali mother’s sex story Part 1

Hello readers.
My name is Gautam Mukherjee. Recently, I joined a community called “Mom’s MuslimLovers”, which is a community of a Hindu boys and men whose wives, sisters or mothers have somehow fallen in love with Muslims and gone to the extent of marrying them. I just want to share my own experiences. I personally firmly believe that the Bengali Hindu women are the sexiest and they have enormous lust for large Muslim circumcised dicks.

Take my own mother for example. At the time of this incident I was 16 years old and preparing for my board exams. I am born of a Hindu Brahman mother named SOSTI Mukherjee, my father Jibanlal Mukherjee. My mother was short height, approx 5 foot 5 inch, but very well proportioned busty and sexy body even at the age of 34. I will not say she was fatty or obese, but she was well proportioned in terms of her age, height and weight with a desirous body.
She was milky white complexioned and her shape was 38” boobs -32 ” waist-40” buttocks.
She had beautiful long, dense black hair which always covered her buttocks, adding farther glamorous look in her beauty. My father, in 52+ was very fatty and was not in very good shape. He always had some problems with his digestions and was always on medicines. Though my mother was very truthful and faithful to my father, she was somehow unsatisfied by my father in her marital bed. She had even complained about her unsatisfied sex life to my father. Actually my father got married at a very late age of 35, when my mother was bursting her youth at 19 years. In Bengali community, an age gap of 10-12 years at marriage was normal at that time. So my mother was not able to enjoy her womanhood to the full extent after she started parenting me. Not only that, she was also very demanding in terms of money and jewellery, extremely shopaholic; something which my father found somewhat difficult to meet all the time.
My father belonged to a very narrow minded Hindu family and didn’t like Muslims. I and my mother SOSTI Mukherjee were somehow liberal in approach. We stayed at Raniganj and it was a good Muslim populated area in West Bengal. I then studied at Gyan Bharati School, Raniganj. My father was a school teacher in Kolkata and stayed there, only came during weekends to visit us. My best friend was then AFZAL Ali Ansari. He also happened to be my private home tutor. He was 22, and then just completed his graduation from Raniganj Tribeni Devi Bhalotiya College. He was enormously built 6 foot height and very muscular, fairly dark complexioned. His father, Jamal Ali Ansari owned a car showroom, hence they were very rich, in fact most rich and respected Muslim family in Raniganj at that time.
AFZAL was very pious Muslim and very polite to me and my mother. Though we were not that much rich compared to AFZAL’s family, we were financially stable and well maintained. We owned an old ancestral duplex house in the town of Raniganj, which were two storeys. The ground floor had my bed room, a study room, a kitchen, a dining room and toilets. The first floor had two bedrooms, balcony and toilets. Being my best friend, AFZAL often used to take me and my mother to nearby shopping plaza for marketing and we often enjoyed good get together and treats every day. AFZAL was very fond of my mother and always presented her with jewels, sweets and other cosmetics. Whenever AFZAL would take me and my Hindu married Brahmin mother for shopping, lunch or dinner to the local shopping-plex, he would always dress in traditional Muslim ways of kurtas, pajamas and Muslim cap. My mother would always be in usual Bengali ways with silk or siphon saree, sleeveless and backless blouse, knot of her saree below her naval and Mangalsutraa by her neck, bindi on her forehead and bangles in her wrist. I really found that very insane seen my Hindu Brahmin mother dressed up in traditional ways with my Muslim best friend. But since my mother was a very liberal Hindu lady, she rarely paid any heed to what I was thinking or people in the town were talking about her. As she was presented by various gift items from AFZAL frequently, so she was having tender feelings for AFZAL in her heart.
Sometimes I really found my best friend, AFZAL’s activities in public places really suspicious and annoying. AFZAL would often rub his black masculine Muslim hands on my Hindu Brahmin mother’s milky white bare back as if he was teasing her in public as her husband, he would take my mother by her side while strolling and rub her milky white arms as if he was her husband. Also while in lift systems, when it would be too crowded, he would stand behind my mother and poke his manhood on my mother’s buttocks. If my mother would try to adjust and manage herself in heavy crowded lifts, he would even hug her from behind and press her back and bulky buttocks on his manhood even more and sometimes he would not hesitate to maul my Hindu Brahmin mother’s busty milk buckets.
In response my Hindu Brahmin mother would chuckle mischievously and pinch AFZAL ’s hands as if she was his girlfriend or wife. I thought that my mother was just trying to be good and just with my best friend, AFZAL, since she was receiving good presents from him and also she was a very liberal lady not narrow minded as my father, and those acts were just a passing by incidents. I also thought, as my Hindu Brahmin mother, SOSTI Mukherjee was very loyal to me and my dad she would not dare to cross her limits, as for AFZAL, my best friend, he was just trying to enjoy his youth and flirt with my mother, since he always preferred matured women as companions. So even after all suspicions, I used to neglect their teasing acts and intimacies.
Since AFZAL also happened to be my private tutor, he often spent nights in our house as I always required his help in my studies. Whenever AFZAL met us, he always used to dress in a very cool, macho and smart manner in kurta-pajamas. With his huge muscular physique, he always felt very attractive and manly to my Hindu Brahmin mother SOSTI. During summer days, he always threw his
sweat stained kurta on to my mother’s face and show his masculine physique to attract my mother. He often used my mothers’ sarees’ pallu or towel to wash off his sweat.
I can still remember that my mother used to cut her lips by teeth, whenever she would meet AFZAL’s eight pack masculine physiques. She would always greet AFZAL with her smile and handshakes. She always praisedAFZAL for possessing a masculine physique. She would deeply smell AFZAL’s sweat stained kurtas in front of him. I knew her heart pounded like drums whenever she viewed AFZAL’s 8-pack masculine physiques. So she always felt aroused every time she saw a potent masculine stud in my best buddy AFZAL.
While at home, my mother used to cook very delicious recipes especially for AFZAL and invite him to dinner or lunch, and AFZAL always praised her for being a very good housewife and excellent cook. AFZAL often recited shayeries praising my mother’s beauty.
Sometimes on dining table, he would go to the extent of saying some adult jokes and make my mother laugh out loud. All these incidents compelled me to think, was something cooking in between my best friend  AFZAL Ali Ansari and my faithful Hindu Brahmin Mother SOSTI Mukherjee? I did not wait longer for an answer. My suspicions grew harder as after that day, even in front of me, my father, or even in public, AFZAL would not hesitate to summon my mother as JAANEMAN, DILL-E-JAAN etc. AFZAL did not even care the warnings of my father and ridiculed him in front of my mother and me for being obese and in-efficient to suffice my mother’s needs and demands
both materially and physically. AFZAL said to my father, Jibanlal- “You filthy pimp!! You only know to marry women but you never know how to worship them on bed!! If I would have met SOSTI-JAAN before your marriage, I would have bred her 15 times in 16 years!! And you accuse me that I am flirting with your wife!! Your wife too enjoys my flirts as she desires real man in herlife. Look at you Jibanlalji!! You seem to me pregnant with that huge fatty belly of yours!!..  Look at your wife SOSTI-JAAN, she seems to be your daughter!!. My father was very hurt by AFZAL’s hard words and he never messed up with AFZAL after that. What was more astonishing and surprising for me was that my mother never raised her voice when AFZAL was humiliating her own legally married husband. Slowly and slowly, AFZAL was replacing my father, Jibanlal Mukherjee as the owner of our house and breeder of my Hindu Brahmin mother, SOSTI Mukherjee.
Actually, by that time AFZAL had become a family member and he stayed with us most of time. He slept in my study-room, he guided me in my studies as I was preparing for my board exams, and he dinned, lunched and had breakfast on frequent days with us. It was an un-written rule in our house that whenever I and AFZAL were at study- room no one used to disturb us. It’s not always that
we were engaged in studies. Since I was in my mid-teen and AFZAL was in his potent youth age, honestly we had some discussions regarding sex and girls. AFZAL had accepted several times that he was aroused only by married Hindu ladies. He sometimes brought with him some blue film dvds and cds of interracial sex and inter-religious sex, especially between Hindu ladies and Muslim men. I had grown very fond of both interracial and inter-religious blue films.
 One night, I badly required AFZAL’s help to complete my school project. AFZAL,did not help me with it. I folded my hands and pleaded to AFZAL that I would do anything if he helped me with the school project. He agreed to help me and I was the topper in the class for the project. After this AFZAL, demanded his present and I had to oblige as I had promised before. But what AFZAL demanded completely shocked the ground under my fee t. He asked for my mother’s photo, somewhat revealing photos, especially from the marriage ceremonies or family occasions. As he was stubborn on his demands and also warned me that he would not help me any farther in my studies during my board exams, so seeing, no other way, I decided to do as AFZAL demanded.
The next night, when my mother was in kitchen washing the dinner plates after we had finished the dinner, I sneaked into her bed room and took all the family albums and handed them over to AFZAL. We had already completed our dinner and I and AFZAL locked ourselves in the study-room. I have already mentioned that no one used to disturb us when we were in the study room; hence it was a golden opportunity for AFZAL to frame the next phases of planning to nail my Hindu Brahmin mother SOSTI Mukherjee on his Islamic cock. The way AFZAL was turning the pages of the album; it just seemed that he had grown addicted towards my mother. His eyes were shinning and his face glittered as he turned pages after pages of the album which contained my mother’s photo.
He was sweating heavily in excitement, lust and desires. He was rolling his tongue over his lips repeatedly as if my mother’s photos were any desirous recipe and he was about to taste it.
AFZAL then fixed his eyes on one particular photo. He was gazing it as if he was scanning the entire image in his brains. The photo was real sexy: my mother SOSTI Mukherjee was in my auntie’s wedding anniversary. She was wearing a transparent black silk saree, black sleeveless and backless blouse, the knot of her saree was below her big naval and her long hair was left untied to cover her shoulder. Damn!! She was looking like a sex goddess. Her cleavage was clearly visible. I had never seen my mother dress up like that even in parties recently. But what surprised and amazed me most was that AFZAL was having a huge bulge in his pelvis, something which I was not familiar with.

I asked AFZAL about what he would do with my mother’s photo albums. But the fierce full gaze that he delivered to me; I had not experienced that violent look from anyone in my life. His jaws stiffened, his eyes reddened; and it seemed he was just going to kill me on my idiocies, naivety and cuckold-ness. A cold wave flourished through my veins and a pin-drop silence followed in the study room. I decided not to disturb AFZAL about what he was planning or thinking. I bid him good night and went to sleep in my bedroom.
I was really confused why my best friend AFZAL gazed me in a violent and fierce full manner. I could not sleep that night. I decided to ask for an explanation about his violent attitude to me. Just when I entered the study room, I was shocked to see AFZAL my best friend was all naked lying on the sofa. I was simply stupefied, baffled and surprised to see the size of his manhood: a circumcised cock of 12 inch in length. It was all black. The cock head was chocolate colored and as big as the size of a fully grown Nagpur-i orange. His black balls were as big as the size melons. Was he on Viagra? Was he on steroids? How the hell on earth can a man have such a huge cock? It was not a cock; it was a third leg in between his two legs.

There on the sofa, AFZAL was masturbating his huge circumcised fuck pole looking at various pictures of my mother, SOSTI Mukherjee. If he would sometimes smell the pictures of my mother, then he would sometimes lick the other pictures of my mother in the album. He was saying dirty and ugly things – “OH SOSTI-JAAN!! I want to fuck you!! Your husband can’t give you the pleasures of womanhood!! I am the bull to fulfill all your desires!! I want to fuck you; And after 15-20 minutes jerking his hand on his mammoth fuck pole, he ejaculated his thick, dense, hot cum all over the album. His cum stained the album and the carpet on the floor. He shot for almost 120 to 130 seconds continuously from his black torpedo and what he ejaculated was enough to stain all my mother’s photos.
I was shocked. I was afraid what will happen if my mother ever found out cum stained photos of her in the album. AFZAL on the other hand was so much consumed by his masturbating episodes; he could not even sense that I was watching all his acts. I was surprised and  amazed to see the potency my friend had; even after ejaculating his cum, he was rock solid like a freshly hardened cock. He was respiring and sweating fast and the whole environment of the study room was totally erotic and insane. I was feeling dizzy and my head was revolving like a wheel. Icould not withstand what AFZAL was doing with my mother’s photo album. I left him in his condition and departed in my room.

I did not remember when I wake up next morning. But I was really tensed as soon as I woke up. I rushed to the study-room. It was already 8:30 AM, AFZAL had already left. There were thick cum stain marks everywhere in the study-room: on the sofa, on the carpet, on the table, on the pillows and not to talk about my mother’s photo album, AFZAL had deliberately deposited his thick, dense
and potent cum on all the photos of the album, and it was torn also. The smell of AFZAL’s cum was so intense that it was very well scented in the entire room. I quickly opened the windows, so that fresh air can dissolve the thick cum scent of AFZAL. I was on tears as to what I had done. I had no idea how to hide the mischief that I had committed. I left the room as it is and locked the room and kept the key with me. The maid servant wanted to clean the room and my mother wanted an explanation why I rejected her proposal. But I did not have the courage to tell the truth, I simply said to them there were notes and papers all over the room and it’s in a real mess and I would take care
of that myself. I went to school, but could not concentrate on my studies. I bunked the second half and made myself lonely in the town park. I was thinking then, about what I was onto and how I could stop from what was happening and consequences that was to be followed. I decided to put an end to the episode and do as my narrow minded Hindu father thought about Muslims; they always had an eye on Hindu ladies. I decided not to speak to AFZAL any farther and put an end to our friendly relationships.

I turned my steps towards my house as it was getting dark. I was quite surprised that even in the dark evening the lights of our house was not on. I was somewhat panicked also. As I entered the house, I was shocked and panicked to find the door of my study room wide open. I sensed that my mother had used the master key to unlock my study room. There in the floor I found my mother turning the pages of cum stained photo albums (cum stained by my friend AFZAL). She was behaving like a cheap roadside slut. She was licking the dried cum from the photos. She was licking the table; the carpet where there were marks and stains of AFZAL’s potent cum. She was fingering her cunt by lifting up her saree and moaned as she licked and licked AFZAL’s cum stains from the floor; the carpet, the table and the albums. I could not believe what I was seeing: My Hindu Brahmin mother, SOSTI Mukherjee falling brick by brick from her SATI-SAAVITRI image, just for the scent, smell and taste of a Muslim stud. She was so much consumed in her erotica and pleasures that she forgot to turn on the lights of the house in the advancing dark evening and did not even notice that I was seeing her in her slutty AVATAAR.

As I started to turn on the lights of my house making heavy footsteps, I realized that my mother recovered her senses. She came out of my study room somewhat nervous look on her face. I acted to be innocent and naïve as if I had seen nothing. She enquired me about my day and why I was late. I lied to her and said that I was in the market with AFZAL buying some books. As soon as my mother heard the name of AFZAL, her eyes glittered and a jolt of joy covered her face. She re-enquired whether AFZAL would be coming again and asserted that he was always very good lad to her as ASZAL always presented her with gift items and frequent treats. I was stunned and baffled at her new look that she was turning to be an unfaithful wife brick by brick for AFZAL’s cum scent. As I entered in the study room I found that my Hindu Brahmin mother had licked all the cum stain marks from the floor, carpet, sofa and sofa pillows. I assumed that she might have licked her photo album off AFZAL’s potent cum stain marks as well. I was at complete shock.

That night my mother SOSTI Mukherjee was really suffering from fever. Actually, she was suffering from cough and cold for the past few days and on that night her conditioned worsened. As it was mid-week my father was in Kolkata. I was alone with my sick mother. Also, it was raining heavily outside. I did not know what to do, whom to call with my sick mother on her bed. I phoned AFZAL and made him aware of my problems. He rushed on to my help within minutes. He gave my mother certain herbal medicines that he had brought with him. And within next one and half hour my mother’s fever diminished. Though she was not fully aware of her senses, she somehow kissed
AFZAL’s hands and thanked him for his help and taking care. AFZAL again flirted with my mother saying his usual shayeri- “Ansu tere nikle, to ankhen meri ho; Dil tera dhadke, to dhadkan meri ho; Khuda kare mohabbat hamari itni gehri ho; Ammi tu
bane, to mehnat meri ho.” I was shocked to find AFZAL flirting so boldly in front of me with my mother. My mother’s face turned apple
red in shame, lust and desires. She turned aside and hid her face in pillows. AFZAL was laughing like a demon at my mothers’ shamefulness and helplessness.

AFZAL was teaching me that night and decided to spend that night at our home. That night, he gave me some taff problems and told me that he needed to see my mother SOSTI Mukherjee, as she was ill. He entered my mother’s bedroom and after sometime I heard my mother scream. I thought to see the matter and moved into my mother’s bedroom. As I was crossing the corridor I heard the sound of something shaking violently on my mother’s bed. As I peeked through the curtains, I was completely spellbound to find my white Hindu Brahman mother SOSTI Mukherjee lying on her marital bed on all her four limbs, all naked and AFZAL, my best friend was fucking the hell out of her married tight Hindu pussy, like a huge bull. He was enormous in size almost 12 inch of circumcised cock as I had already known and he was completely invading my Mother’s pussy with his Sultaani dick from tip to roots. After my mother screamed the first instance, AFZAL suspected that my mother’s tight little Hindu pussy will not be able to bear the enormous load of his manhood, so he held tightly my mother’s mouth by his left hand and with right hand he held my mother’s dense hair and neck and deposited the package on the bed. As he was thrusting his enormous potent Sultaani manhood in my Hindu mother’s little pussy, the way my mother’s body was reacting, I was sure he was stretching her pussy to limits.

AFZAL was all the way inside of my Brahmin mother SOSTI Mukherjee. In one single thrust he was burying himself deep in my mother’s married cunt and filling her to capacity and in another he was taking out his gigantic 12 inch demonic cock out and thrusting it in again with all power that he had. I was sure my mother was feeling the pain of having a 12 inch potent Muslim manhood in her tight Hindu married pussy. Tears were flooding through her eyes and she was gasping and panting harder. But I was also sure that she soar the pleasures of seventh heaven with each and every blow and pounding she received from AFZAL ’s potent Muslim dick.
Seeing my mother enjoying her pleasures of womanhood with my best friend and Muslim stud AFZAL, also gave me the hardest stiffening in my small 5 inch Hindu dick. With each and every pounding that
AFZAL gave into my mother’s cunt, she was feeling her cunt being dilated;
she was feeling the areas in her pussy that she did not know ever existed, something which she had never experienced with her cuckold Husband, Jibanlal.
My mother’s marital bed rocked and shocked hard with each and every pounding from AFZAL because FLAP; FLAP sound appeared as AFZAL’s pelvis thrusted with full force on my mother’s buttocks. It seemed to me that AFZAL might break the bed along with my mother’s cunt. AFZAL was bouncing on my mother’s little tight pussy up and down by his massive Muslim cock. The feeling of being rammed was so incredible to my mother that she already had 3-4 orgasms. And after that she fainted from the pleasures of her erotica and ecstasy.
AFZAL sensing that he had ran a Hindu married lady and mother of his best friend almost senseless on her own marital bed, removed his hands from my mother’s mouth and balanced himself on the bed to shove is mammoth Muslim cock in my mother’s cunt furiously and violently.
I watched his thick, long and potent shaft glistened as it bathed in my mother’s cum juices.
My mother was just moaning and groaning as she felt her new hunk and bull master AFZAL, fucking her brains out. AFZAL fucked the hell out of my mother’s pussy relentlessly for about 20-25 odd minutes and then deposited his potent Muslim seed in my Hindu mother’s fertile womb. Thick shots of dense, hot and potent cum flooded my mother’s womb and cunt.
My mother felt AFZAL’s hot cum spurt into her cunt. Jet after jet of the hot liquid seemed to hit her cervix and another mini orgasm shook her body milking AFZAL’s long, thick shaft, for all he was worth.
AFZAL’s potent thick and dense cum overflowed from my mother’s pussy and stained the bed sheet.
I was shivering in excitement, panic, shock and suddenness of the entire situation. I saw my mother was shivering as well, but in pain, pleasures, erotica and ecstasy. Whereas AFZAL was sweating in heat and excitement that he had achieved the unachievable feat to fuck a Hindu married lady and deposited his potent thick and dense baby making seed into that lady’s womb. It was really hard for my mother
to come to her senses after her new hunk and potent lover AFZAL ALI ANSARI fucked her in a marathon…………………………………….
fucking………………………………………………. session.

AFZAL then wore his pajama and took his way to my study room. I hurried back to study room and pretended to be sleepy. When AFZAL was in my room and found me sleepy, he inquired the reason; I said that I needed to relax for the night. I saw the huge bulge in AFZAL’s pelvis. Even after depositing his cum in my Brahman Hindu mother’s married pussy, he was rock hard. His pajama’s pelvic portion was stained by my mother’s love juices and his potent Muslim cum. AFZAL ordered me to take a night off as he will be spending rest of the night caring my mother. I went to bed and pretended to sleep.

He then turned his way back to my mother’s bedroom. This time again, I heard my mother scream. I followed to my mother’s bedroom. Watching the erotica from behind the curtains, what really surprised me was that this time my mother SOSTI Mukherjee had started to gain her senses, though she had not recovered her strength from the previous marathon fucking session. She was sobbing and pleading to AFZAL not to ruin her life. AFZAL was furious by my mother’s pleadings and really enjoying. He thought to drag the happenings a little farther. Last time, when he fucked my mother SOSTI Mukherjee, the windows were closed and he held my mother’s mouth to prevent her screams. Now, AFZAL opened all the windows of the bedroom. Cold breeze and rain drops started to catalyze the erotic environment of my mother’s bedroom. And AFZAL switched on the tube lights of the room. A cold wave rushed through the veins of my once my Brahmin mother SOSTI Mukherjee. She sensed what AFZAL was going to do with her; AFZAL would again fuck her brains out and this time he will make her scream so loud and hard that all the Hindu families in the neighborhood will be awakened by her screams. I stood like a statue watching my mother pleading in front of my best friend and potent Muslim stud, AFZAL ALI ANSARI. My heart tried to help my mother, but my legs wanted to see her being humiliated by AFZAL’s mammoth circumcised fuck pole. I knew, watching my mother getting fucked by another man would turn me into a CUCKOLD son.

AFZAL slapped her big bubble butts. “Your cuckold son was sleeping in the bedroom, while I banged your married little pussy. He is in deep sleep now!! Stop resisting!!”
AFZAL yelled to my mother SOSTI Mukherjee. I then thanked God that at least AFZAL was unaware that I had watched and would be watching their marathon fucking session. My mother then accepted her fate and she lay on her marital bed on her chest hiding her face in pillows from her new Muslim potent hunk. AFZAL was laughing like a demon at the helplessness of my mother.
He positioned his mouth in between my mother’s ass-hole and started to lick and suck it. He started to spit on her ass-hole, fingered her ass-hole. He made her kneel on all her four limbs, spread her ass cheeks as far as he could and spitted streams and streams of saliva on her ass hole to lubricate it for accepting his potent circumcised mammoth manhood. AFZAL positioned his black torpedo in between my mother’s ass checks and invaded her ass hole. My mother screamed louder and louder as AFZAL inserted his cock head into my mother’s ass hole. Her heart was beating a million times.

AFZAL- “So my bitch!! Have you been ass fucked before!! Have your pimp husband Jibanlal ass fucked you!!”

SOSTI – “Yes. I have enjoyed anal sex before!! My husband fucked me in my ass and ran me senseless!!”

AFZAL – “You are lying bitch!! If you were ass fucked by your pimp husband, then how come your ass is so tight!!? I know you are still a virgin in your ass-hole.
But don’t worry. You will not be a virgin in your ass-hole from tonight!!”

My mother was completely helpless at AFZAL’s questionnaire sessions.
AFZAL removed his cock from my mother’s ass cheeks and keened forward, blowing softly on her ass. He was rewarded by a huge moan and scream from SOSTI Mukherjee as the saliva from his mouth began lubricating SOSTI’s ass hole. He ran his finger down her crack teasing the cute little rosebud of her ass. He felt her shiver as he pushed just the tip of his finger into her ass hole. He twirled it around in circles, spitting on it again and again and lubricating it, trying to loosen her up a little before pushing his finger in up to the knuckle. My mother SOSTI Mukherjee seemed to like it, pushing her ass back to get more of his finger inside. He obliged her and pushed all his fingers in. He heard her sigh when he pulled it out. AFZAL pushed two fingers in and she tensed up with a moment’s pain as he pushed both fingers all the way in.

My mother SOSTI Mukherjee moaned and screamed from the pleasures coming from her ass.
Her entire rectum was tingling as AFZAL continued to blow in her crack and his fingers pushed his saliva deep inside her farther lubricating her ass hole. AFZAL decided that she was ready as she was going to get and kneeled up again, resting his cock on her cheeks. He spitted more saliva from his mouth on his cock and in her ass-hole and rubbed it all around making sure it was completely lubricated. SOSTI Mukherjee smiled and closed her eyes as she felt AFZAL pushing down his cock as he slid it between her ass cheeks. This was what she wanted as a faithful Hindu married wife, to be kneeling before a man with her crotch thrust up, to be used for his pleasure. She was devoid of that pleasure from her pencil dick Husband and now she was having the pleasures from her new potent lover and Masculine Muslim stud AFZAL ALI ANSARI on her own marital bed. She moaned and moaned louder and louder as his mammoth cock slid down to her rose bud, poised to enter her.

The way she was screaming and moaning really acted as a catalyst for what AFZAL wanted. I saw some neighbors switching on their lights at the screams and moans of my mother and trying to sense by looking through our house what the hell was going on in our house. Why my mother SOSTI Mukherjee was screaming and moaning in the past mid-night? I saw the house of MALATI aunty, SAVITA aunty, SAAVITRI aunty whose houses were adjoining to our house staring and peeking at my mother’s bedroom, through the heavy rain outside, and trying to sense what the hell was my mother SOSTI Mukherjee onto; that she was screaming and moaning so much in pleasures and erotica.

SOSTI – “Oh AFZAL!! AHH!! UMM!! OHH!! AFZAL!! Please put it in“

She moaned and screamed with all she had. She clenched her eyes tight as she felt AFZAL push down so that the head began to enter her, stretching her wide. SOSTI’s eyes flew open when the pain hit in her as AFZAL penetrated his huge circumcised cock, this wasn’t what she expected.

SOSTI- “AFZAL!! Please stop!! Please take it out!! It really hurts!! OH my GOD!! “.

AFZAL hadn’t heard her and SOSTI pushed up on her hands to crawl away, crying out as AFZAL’s action pushed inch inside. She tried to crawl forward, but his strong hands gripped her waist and head, holding her tight. She led out a huge scream as he pushed yet another inch inside. His mammoth circumcised cock was so hard and unbendable that her ass yielded to it, stretching it out even farther.

SOSTI- “AFZAL!! Please pull it out!! You are tearing me apart!!”

My mother cried, screamed louder and louder without AFZAL even caring her screams.
AFZAL- “Shut up and take it, you bitch. Once you give your ass to a man there’s no going back.”

He looked down as his huge cock and saw that about four inches was disappearing into my mother’s stretched out ass hole. The thickest part was inside, so that the worst part of it was over. She tried to struggle again and he held her still as he began pushing more in.

AFZAL-“Don’t worry bitch, I’m only going as deep as your pimp husband. You should be grateful.”

My mother again cried out as AFZAL pushed eight inches in. The pain wasn’t as bad now, but was still unbearable.
SOSTI- “I.. I… lied. Jibanlal’s penis is only four inches. He never anal fucked me in our married life!! Please take it out!! AFZAL you are huge!! I really felt you when you stretched my little married cunt to the limits!! And now you are stretching my ass!! It’s aching!! I can’t bear
it !! “.

My mother cried, screamed and sobbed. She was being watched in her bedroom from the window by MALATI aunty, SAAVITRI aunty and SAVITA aunty. They were watching how AFZAL was ruining and humiliating my Hindu Brahmin mother by his enormous 12 inch circumcised cock. My mother SOSTI Mukherjee, jumped when AFZAL’s strong hands smacked down one of her ass check violently, repeatedly and then he switched and spanked her other cheek

AFZAL – “This is for lying, slut!! Never lie to a man. Your purpose is to serve, bitch!! Serve your virgin ass on my circumcised cock!!”

AFZAL growled as he rammed another four inches in. SOSTI Mukherjee was huffing and puffing like a woman giving birth, as she tried to get used to AFZAL’s eno rmous circumcised dick stretching her ass-hole; the pain and pleasures she was receiving. AFZAL had stopped and was just holding her still with 12 inches of his steel hard cock buried in my mother’s ass. She was beginning to think that she was doomed to spend her life with his cock buried deep inside her ass hole as the minutes passed. The pain as slowly fading away. AFZAL was starting to scare her with his new AVATAAR to that of a strong, powerful man who used a woman’s body like a fuck toy, from fucking her cunt relentlessly and resizing her little white married Hindu pussy to relentlessly pushing his giant black circumcised cock inside her ass. The heat from the saliva of AFZAL and the combination of pleasure and pain from her stinging ass cheeks began to produce results. SOSTI Mukherjee felt her love juices from her rosy buds in between her legs dripping down her thighs and found she liked the thought being taken by a man and serving him. Some of the tension left her and she softly moaned. Her purpose was to serve.

AFZAL- “It seems that you are enjoying being my sex servant!! Do you see your neighbors watching you rampaged by my cock? Do you like it bitch?”
SOSTI- “Y.. YES.. I like the way you humiliate me!! I love being watched when you fuck my ass!!
I did not know what my mother was onto. What she was saying? I believe that she was thinking from her cunt and ass rather than thinking from her head and heart as she was invaded in her ass and cunt by my potent Muslim friend and stud AFZAL ALI ANSARI. She loved being humiliated and used as a fuck toy to a much potent man who had the powers in his balls to shove and resize all her holes in her body. AFZAL felt her sphincter relax and he began to slowly move his cock around inside her.

“Yes,” SOSTI moaned, groaned and screamed louder and louder. “Fuck my ass”.
“You didn’t say the magic word” said AFZAL still holding his cock still again.

SOSTI – “Please fuck me!! Fuck my ass AFZAL!! Please accept my anal servicer to your huge
circumcised cock!! Please fuck me AFZAL!!”

“That’s better !! I like the way you beg for my cock bitch!! ”AFZAL said with a smirk on his face. AFZAL pulled his cock out so that the ridge of the head popped out and then he slammed 12 inches back in. He began fucking her hard so that he was pushing her forwards. MALATI and SAAVITRI aunty closed the windows of their room. I believe they could not bear the sight of how my Hindu Brahmin mother was humiliating her self in front of AFZAL’s huge 12 inch circumcised dick.
But I saw SAVITA aunty still gazing with widening eyes the way AFZAL’s huge circumcised 12 inch cock was devastating my mother SOSTI
Mukherjee’s bubble butts.

AFZAL- “You like having my cock in your ass? Don’t you bitch? You like being fucked when someone is watching you don’t you slut? I knew you were a very cheap roadside slut!! And today I have awakened the bitch that desired a real man!! What do you think bitch!! ”

“Y.. Yes!!” my mother yelled out, still huffing and puffing. “I love having your cock in my ass. I love being degraded the way you treat me with your cock!!”

AFZAL- “Would you like to cum slut?”
SOSTI- “Yes please!!”
AFZAL-“Then beg! bitch”
SOSTI-“P.. Please AA..AFZAL!! Make me cum. I need to cc….cum!!”

My mother screamed, yelled and gasped as she begged for anal fuck and cum to AFZAL. AFZAL grabbed her shoulder with one hand and brought his other down under her leg to her pussy, teasing her slit with his fingers. His teasing was driving her insane. AFZAL was devastating my mother’s little virgin ass hole by his huge circumcised Muslim cock and also fingering her rosebud in between her legs. The pain returned briefly as he pushed his entire cock inside her, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt as his fingers entered her pussy and began playing with her clit. It felt like her entire crotch was exploding as she had the biggest orgasm. Her ass and pussy clenched as she screamed with joy, pleasure and erotica and collapsed passing out.

She awoke to the relentless pounding of AFZAL’s cock in her ass. He was fucking her hard and fast for the past 25-30 minutes, his big oversized balls slapping against her ass cheeks. The rhythm of his fuck resembled the heavy downpour outside. His fingers were still circling around her clit, slowly moving, SOSTI gasped feeling him swell up even bigger and his fingers speeded up again. His cock was so tightly held by her rectum that it could not jump as he started cumming, but she felt the sperm rushing through the large vein on the bottom and it was pumping, pumping his full sperm. His fingers triggered another orgasm and my mother screamed once again from the unbelievable and unbearable pleasure and erotica.

SOSTI finally felt AFZAL pulling his cock out of her ass, hearing farting sounds as the trapped air was released. Her rectum didn’t seem to contract very much and she was afraid that it would remain a gaping hole forever. She looked over her shoulder at her ass cheeks, still red from where he spanked her. SOSTI felt AFZAL’s cum squirt out of her ass as her ass cheeks clenched. She was again senseless with her nude body on her marital bed.

AFZAL got out of my mother’s bedroom naked with his gigantic cock stained from his cum and blood from my mother’s ass. He had become the new owner of our house and my mother’s body. I quickly left the corridor of my mother’s bedroom from where I watched my mother being degraded to a cheap street slut by AFZAL. She had never tried anal sex with my father and now she had lost her virginity from behind as well. This time he was panting hard and my mother’s body lay senseless on her marital bed. He took my mother’s pallu, cleaned himself off his sweats. And I was horrified to see blood stains on his dick. He took his way back to my room. He found me sleeping; I never reacted to what happened. After he lay on the sofa, regaining his strength after his huge workout on my mother’s cunt and ass -hole, I went to toilet and then masturbated several times remembering what I then just saw.

That night I could not sleep. My blood was raging in my head. How could my best friend AFZAL ALI ANSARI do this to my mother SOSTI Mukherjee? I never did anything wrong to him, and yet this was on his mind; to nail a married Hindu Brahmin mother onto his circumcised cock. I thought that I should ask straight forward for an explanation, but thinking of my mother’s prestige and our Hindu community I silenced. I was already humiliated enough as I had watched my mother getting her cunt and ass-hole rampaged by a potent Muslim stud. I was already a cuckold son. In the early morning I felt little bit drowsy, but a sudden jolt of shock wave ran through my veins when I found AFZAL was not in my room. I thought that I will end this matter forever, but what I saw in my mother’s bedroom shocked me. AFZAL had already masturbated his cum all over my mother’s nude body and what was left to shoot from his mammoth circumcised hose pipe dick, he deposited on my father and mother’s laminated marriage photo on the desk right beside the bed.

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