Son shares his bengali mother’s sex story Part 3

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These erotic adventures of my mother continued with her new Master Bull AFZAL ALI ANSARI for the coming weekdays. During the weekends, when my father arrived to our home from Kolkata, my mother greeted him cordially by kissing him on his face. My father was really surprised to see such a greeting as he was never used to these kinds of treats. He was horrified to see my mother just covering her assets somehow by wrapping a saree. My father enquired straightforwardly what the hell on earth his wife was onto. My mother then started his cuckold counseling to my father as suggested by AFZAL. She said that she was extremely in heat for the past few days and it was her dream that every lad, man in our neighborhood would see her in flaunting and revealing dresses.
She also said that she had thought of a new name for him, “CHINKY”. She also asserted that from that day onwards, my father would sleep in my room downstairs and I would be shifted to the study room. My father was on Mars when her wife gave all the conditions in one breathe.

He straightforwardly rejected all the conditions. My mother then as an expert manipulator stated to my father that as my board exams were nearing so I need to concentrate much more on my studies, so it’s better that I shift in the study room. She also said that her bedroom was in a real mess as some potent, dense, intense scent of some liquid always comes up from her bedroom and she wanted to figure out about it. Hence it would be worthy that her husband, shifts to her son’s room for the time being. Though my father accepted the condition of my studies, he was not convinced about the potent and intense scent from his marital bedroom. Before he could enquire about the matter, my mother again greeted him with surprise breakfast dishes, in fact favorite dishes of my father. Now my father loved to eat. And when he was greeted with his favorite dishes, he was pierced like a knife pierces butter.
“CHINKY!! Do you like the way I treat you?”, asserted my mother. My father was so happy that he accepted her wife’s condition: he would be called CHINKY from then onwards even in public; he would shift into my room; he would allow her wife to wear flaunting and revealing dresses from then onwards.

After my father finished his meal, he had a bath. My mother then took him to her bedroom which was really scenting harsh, potent and intense from the scent of her and her lover’s cum juices.
AFZAL deposited his cum juices on the bed, pillows, carpets, curtains, tables; everywhere in the bedroom and made his bitch, my mother SOSTI Mukherjee do the same. My pimp and naïve father was unable to understand that it was the smell of his and her lover’s love juices.
“CHINKY, will you mind if you help me cleaning this mess from my bedroom?”, my mother seductively asked my father. My father said that he had worked very hard for the entire week, he was already tired and if he had to help his wife in cleaning the bedroom that will be a tiresome job.
“CHINKY, if you help me in cleaning my bedroom mess, I will again treat you with very delicious dishes and will also give you a hand job!!”, asserted my then expert manipulative mother. Again my father had to oblige to his wife’s requests as he was bribed again with tasty dishes and a hand job. On that weekend, watching my pimp and naïve father, cuckolded by his own wife turned me insane. I was  jealous as I watched my father cleaning up the bed sheet, pillow covers, curtains, washing the floor, and even cum stained bra, panties, sarees and petticoats. The way my Hindu Brahmin mother SOSTI cuckolded her husband Jibanlal (CHINKY) was really turning me on. The entire day was very tedious and tiresome for my father, but in the end he was gifted by my mother with delicious dishes and a hand job. As usual, the feeling that he was experiencing a hand job from his wedded wife made my father so horny and erotic that he climaxed only in 20-25 strokes. I was just thinking then, if my mother ever had to give just a hand job to her lover AFZAL, then it might take an entire day for AFZAL to climax.
These continued for weeks. During the week she would be a bitch and a fuck toy of AFZAL. Her only objective would be to server her Master Bull AFZAL ALI ANSARI in all the way she could. During weekends, mother would behave like a polite and pious Hindu Brahman lady in front of father and cuckold him: she would always throw him her cum stained dresses and inner wears to be cleaned, she would make him to clean her bedroom items (pillow covers, bed sheets, curtains, carpets). I then could not understand why being a Hindu Brahmin lady she was humiliating her own kind and helping her bull, a Muslim stud, to humiliate. When asked about this to my mother, like a seductress she replied- “Bengali Hindu men don’t have the power in their balls to satisfy us in bed. So we Bengali Hindu girls will have to look for potent studs like AFZAL to feel the pleasures that we are destined to. I am thinking that when you get married you must allow AFZAL to bed your wife. Your wife will love to do that again and again and will thank you for that.” This reply shocked me entirely and a cold wave flowed through my veins with the idea what would happen to me if my own wife cuckold me for a Muslim circumcised cock.

During the entire week, every month, I could not concentrate on my studies as my mother’s and AFZAL’s moans, groans, screams and growls forbid me to study. Every time I would see AFZAL crafting new positions and techniques to fuck his fuck toy SOSTI. My mother would gracefully accept that as if she was serving and performing a heavenly duty. I just masturbated watching or hearing them to mate like husband and wife. The environment in our house was that like of a blue film studio where AFZAL was the MUSLIM bull, breeding his Hindu cow SOSTI in all the places: the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the corridor, the study, the drawing room, the balcony. My mother’s loud
screams and moans always proclaimed to our Hindu neighbors that she was soaring the high clouds every time she was invaded in all her sacred holes by her potent masculine lover, AFZAL. My mother had then already manipulated my father to summon her as “MISTRESS”, and AFZAL as “MASTER”, both in house and public places. She also persuaded and convinced my father that he would obey his “MISTRESS” and “MASTER” every time and everywhere and as a result of these submissions he would be treated with excellent dishes and hand jobs by my mother.

On one weekend day, we were out for a shopping. We did not own a car, but my father knew driving since he had to do a lot as a part of his work in office. On that day AFZAL deliberately brought the smallest Maruti 800 model car. He was dressed as usual in traditional Muslim Kurta-pajama and a Muslim cap. My mother was in her revealing and flaunting transparent sarees, sleeveless and backless blouse. My father was their driver for the day. We did a lot of shopping but mostly the dresses were of AFZAL’s and SOSTI’s. I and my father were the carrier boys for them.
The entire backseat of the car was stuffed with the items. I somehow managed to accommodate myself in the backseat along with the items. My father was in the driver’s seat and AFZAL with his huge 8-pack masculine physique sat just beside my father. There were no places in the car in which my mother could accommodate herself. AFZAL winked his eyes to my mother as a gesture.
“CHINKY, would you mind if I sat on AFZAL’s lap. You see there are lots of goods and the car is very small. The only place I can accommodate myself is on the AFZAL’s lap.”,asked my mother mischievously to my father. My naïve father seeing no other way accepted the condition,”Yes MISTRESS, please accommodate yourself on MASTER’s lap. Make yourself comfortable.” I was simply horrified at the stupidity and naivety of my father. AFZAL was laughing like a demon as my mother accommodated herself on his lap.

The car moved on, and what I looked from the rear mirror in the car, shocked my backbone. AFZAL was mauling my mother’s busty milk buckets. His mam moth anaconda was rock hard in his pajama and poking my mother’s buttocks. As my father turned his eyes towards my mother and AFZAL, she tossed her hands mischievously on his face,“Come on CHINKY!! Do you want all of us to meet an accident!! Our lives are on your hands”,
replied my dominant and seductive mother. Seeing no other way, my father had to oblige and concentrate on his driving. AFZAL would taunt my father to look at them when he voluptuously licked my mother’s naked back as if he was licking nectar from her body. AFZAL farther taunted my father saying” CHINKY, your Hindu Brahmin wife sweats honey and shits GULAAB JAMMUNS”. I could not meet the situation and somehow wanted to disengage my mother and AFZAL. I demanded to have a treat and so my father stopped at a roadside hotel. I was out of the car instantaneously my father came out next, but my mother was still on AFZAL’s lap. When my father enquired about their whereabouts, my mother seductively replied that she like would stay in the AC car as it was very hot and humid. My plan to separate AFZAL and my mother was completely blown away.

My father and I were in the hotel enjoying our meals when I was shocked to see that the alarm system in AFZAL’s car was running frequently. There were people in the hotel who gazed at AFZAL’s car. Some even went close to enquire about their matter and when they came back they were laughing at my father and me. We could not meet their insulting gaze and finished our meal and turned to AFZAL’s car. I was horrified to see my mother’s complete devastating yet lustful look.
Her makeup was damaged. Her lipstick and hair were all messy, and she was frequently licking her lips trying to clear them of something. I could not sense then what actually happened in the car between AFZAL and my mother. But when my father started the car to return home, a cold wave flooded my veins. AFZAL cleared few drops of liquid from my mother’s chin and said,” CHINKY tell your wife not to waste any drop of my precious liquid”. My mother took AFZAL’s fingers in her mouth and cleared AFZAL’s cum on his fingers. I was terrified that my once faithful HINDU Brahmin mother SOSTI Mukherjee gave AFZAL a blowjob in the car along the roadside without caring about the public.

As days passed into weeks and weeks into months, my father’s dominance in the house degraded to grounds. He was forbidden to enter into my mother’s bedroom without her permission, in fact he was forbidden to keep his foot on the entire first floor of the house. AFZAL whereas had all the control over the house. He could enter any room anytime anywhere. One day when he was washing the cum stained clothes of my mother in the ground floor bathroom, as usual in the weekends, AFZAL straightforwardly entered my mother’s bedroom in first floor and invaded her rose buds mercilessly and relentlessly.

Inside the room, AFZAL began his fucking as he slammed into my mother’s tender vagina, his big black cock filling her completely and stretching her to limits dad could never dreams of reaching. Being invaded by her bull with her cuckold husband in her house washing her cum stained clothes in the bathroom, made my mother so horny and erotic that he demanded AFZAL to shove his manhood in her womanhood till he had completely drained his balls out in her womb. The slutty moans and groans that escaped my mother’s mouse made my proud father crumble into pieces. He came to know what he was onto and why was he being treated like a maid servant. Orgasm after orgasm rocked my mother’s body as AFZAL used her breasts and her cunt for his pleasure. Their lips intertwined many times as if they were husband and wife performing their duty in their bed, only the cuckold father was replaced by a stronger male. That was a marathon fucking session. The sheets reeked of cum and vaginal fluid as AFZAL emptied his heavy hairy balls inside the HINDU mother’s womb many times. Every time mom orgasmed to AFZAL’s potent and masculine circumcised manhood, I saw my proud father dying inside a little, blaming my mom with his eyes, how she can betray him like that. She made him a cuckold although he hasn’t seen it in his own eyes; she crushed his manhood and everything he was working for.

What I found completely devastating for my father that as he heard his wedded wife being taken away by a more potent Muslim bull, he started to masturbate in the bathroom. He knew that if he entered his footsteps on the first floor to have a better look at the erotica of his wife and her lover AFZAL, he would be beaten to the inch of his life by AFZAL. He might have felt that erotica that he was already a cuckold and that only way he can pleasure himself is by masturbating himself as his wedded wife pleasures a potent man like AFZAL on his own marital bed. He was so horny with his cuckold experience that he shot himself within 5-6 stokes and lay in the bathroom hearing how the slutty moans and groans escaped the mouth of his once faithful and trustworthy wife SOSTI Mukherjee. He wished that he can be the bull in my mother’s life just like AFZAL, but he was not
even 10% to the animalistic stamina that AFZAL possessed in terms of breeding White Hindu mothers. After AFZAL ran his bitch SOSTI senseless in her husband’s bedroom in a marathon fucking session, he came downstairs to take a peek into her husband. When he found that he was masturbating leaving the usual job of cleaning the clothes, he dragged him out of the bathroom. He was beaten relentlessly by AFZAL. He was so damaged in his potency, manliness and power from within his heart, mind and soul that he did not protest. As my mother gained her senses and came downstairs she was all shocked to find her husband on the floor being rampaged by her bull. AFZAL ordered my mother to lock my father’s little dick in a dick cage, so that how horny and erotic he might feel hearing the moans of his wife in a pleasure session with AFZAL, he would never be full erect again. AFZAL’s wishes were orders to my mother and she followed them word by word as she locked her wedded husband’s little cock in a cock cage.

After this incident AFZAL was overjoyed that he had Jibanlal Mukherjee into a pimp and cuckold with the help of his own legally wedded wife SOSTI Mukherjee. I really felt sorry for my father but I could not also protest out of fear of AFZAL’s outrage. In fact, on some days when I refused to follow AFZAL and my mother’s words, they would threaten me with a scissor that they will make me and my father impotent by chopping off our balls. We did not have any guts left in our balls. Henceforth, out of sheer fear we had to follow AFZAL’s and SOSTI’s all orders. One day, my mother was really happy with our role as servants of the house. She decided to treat us by cooking our favorite dishes. AFZAL entered in the kitchen like a raging bull when she had almost finished cooking our treats. He was infuriated and decided to spoil our treats. Standing behind my mother, he put his big masculine hands on her shoulders. My mother felt a shiver cross her body through her saree.
“I am feeling that as you prepare treats for your cuckold husband and son, you must give me a treat as blowjob!! On your knees hurry.”,asserted AFZAL like a true owner of our house and my mother’s body. Mother didn’t argue. She just nodded her head.

Like a little girl waiting for her chocolate lollypop, my mother knelt in front of the giant potent Black Muslim stud AFZAL and looked with passion in her eyes as he freed his cock. He didn’t take off his underwear; he just took his big thick cock from underneath them. “Put this holy black rod in your mouth bitch!! Let’s cook some tasty dishes!!”,said AFZAL. My mother licked her lips in anticipation and as she approached to service this hunk, the manly smell of his freshly cleaned potent manhood filled her nostrils, making her big rosy nipples ache and her cunt lubricate with her hot juices. Without delay, my mother engulfed the huge 12 inch circumcised manhood in her mouth, moaning and slobbering over it as some dribbles of saliva stained her homely saree. As she began sucking faster, the black cock hardened touching the back of her throat. The cock having cut the air to her lungs, my mother began choking on the big Muslim salami and she coughed and gagged out loads and loads of saliva from her mouth. AFZAL laughed at my mother’s ordeal as he watched her kneeling in front of him holding the cock that nearly choked her. As she breathed back, mom grabbed the black pole in one hand and began caressing the big wrinkled balls of the stud in the other. She slammed it whole in her mouth as she looked with a burning gaze in the man’s eyes. “It seems that my bitch can’t live without my salami!! Keep my cock in your fucking mouth. I am almost ready to cook the treats that your pimps deserve!!”, AFZAL asserted in a manly manner. A few minutes later, mother’s jaw was getting sore from the thickness of the cock and her saree was already stained with saliva and pre-cum. My mother heard the muscular hunk bellow as he began discharging his hot potent dense liquid seeds. AFZAL did not feed his bitch SOSTI with the treat of his cum this time; in fact he bullied all the hot liquid like a sausage over all the dishes that my mother cooked for us. Some drops of cum stained the kitchen floor and those were the leftovers that my mother was treated with. AFZAL order his bitch SOSTI to clean off the mess from the floor; and like a roadside slut who can’t waste a single drop of her treats my mother licked the drops of cum from the floor. AFZAL was so horny that he decided that he would again rampage the rosy petals of my mother as we will be enjoying AFZAL’s cum dipped dishes.

I and my father were summoned in the kitchen like slaves. As we started to enjoy the cum dripped treat, this time AFZAL dragged my mother out of the kitchen holding her hair and tossed her over to the floor in the drawing room as she was his fuck toy and only purpose was to serve her bull. Tears started to flow from my eyes and my fathers. We knew what AFZAL was going to do. “CHINKY, will you like to see how I devastated your wife the other day when you were masturbating in the bathroom hearing her moans and screams”, asserted a manly animalistic Muslim stud AFZAL ALI ANSARI. My father was in complete tears and he had no potency left in him to revolt. He just nodded his head in submission to his MASTER’s orders. This was just a wild dream for my Hindu Brahmin mother that he would be invaded by her bull AFZAL and her husband would watch her invasion, but however horny her husband would be, he would not be able to gain an erection. Seeing that her idea was being fulfilled in reality by her bull AFZAL, my mother started to leak her juices from her sacred spot. Since my father was already dick caged, so he did not have full erection even if he was watching a live blue film starring hi own legally wedded wife SOSTI Mukherjee and her potent Muslim lover AFZAL.

Watching her ass sway, my father saw my mother go to AFZAL, reach down, and take hold of his big black circumcised 10 inch cock. AFZAL pulled her to him, and kissed her fully on the mouth. Tongue kissing now, their passion rose. They were standing up, embraced in a passionate kiss. His cock pressed between them, my mother SOSTI was humping her horny crotch against him. He put his hands on her shoulders, and gently guided her down to the couch where she was brought face to face with his big black circumcised meat. Having to use both hands to control his monster, she fed herself his cock, and began sucking the dark slab. Unbelievably, my father watched as it grew in my mother’s mouth, and watched as she struggled to open her mouth to accommodate him. Using both hands to stroke him, she slobbered all over him, occasionally stopping to lick his baseball size balls.
AFZAL’s hands deep in her thick hair he was telling my mother what a good cocksucker she was. I couldn’t believe this. My father was watching my mother on her knees in front of a muscular black Potent Muslim man, as he called her an excellent cocksucker! She moaned at his comment, and we all knew that she was just that at the moment. A cocksucker. Even better, she was a Muslim circumcised cocksucker!

AFZAL taunted my father, “CHINKY do you like your wife slurping on my circumcised Muslim invader? I know you like it pimp”. I saw my father was leaking his pre-cum from his dick cage as he nodded his head in acceptance of the excellent cock sucker his wife was. AFZAL forced my mother only to use her mouth, tongue and lips to service her hunk. My mother followed her hunk’s orders word by words as she slurped, gagged, choked and coughed on her hunk’s gigantic weapon by using her mouth, tongue and lips and lubricating it. She was also getting the hardest turn on of her life as she was servicing her hunk in front of her own husband and son. He told her that he was going to cum if she kept doing it, and she greedily worked more of his massive weapon into his mouth.
desi wife cuckoldSoon AFZAL was gasping as his huge cock began to pulse. My mother sped her mouthful service, and sucked harder awaiting his mighty orgasm. The suddenly he roared and jets of his cum spat out of his cock into my mother’s slutty mouth. Pulse after pulse shot into her mouth and try as she could, she could not swallow such a copious load. Spent, but still mostly hard, AFZAL withdrew his meat from my mother’s face and sat down on the couch. Her entire face was facial-ed by AFZAL’s hot, thick, dense cream pie. AFZAL was as thick as an iron rod even after he climaxed. My father was devastated to find that he was not up to even a quarter of potency that his wife’s hunk AFZAL possessed.
“CHINKY do you know your wife love to slurp on big Muslim circumcised meat and also feed on the salami of the meat?” Like a slave to his “MASTER”, my father nodded in acceptance. There was no man left in him. He was just a living body without any soul. We all knew we had entered a new phase in our lives, and when my mother told my father that she was going to fuck her hunk AFZAL, all my father could do was say “I’ll be watching”. She appreciated my father’s cuckoldry , that she wanted my father to see her used by AFZAL. My father asked her what she planned to do about birth control, and as she replied in utmost ferociousness that she wanted to be knocked up by AFZAL and impregnated by him. Stunned my father sat on the floor with his dick caged as he was leaking his cum; as her wife walked away to be taken by this young black stud.

My father watched as my mother to be knocked up by her Muslim hunk. He had a clear view of my mother’s ass and pussy as she readied her cheating hole for her new lover. My father could see the glistening dew all around her hole. She was wetter than he had ever seen her, her body ready to accept the huge phallus. AFZAL’s circumcised meat was well lubricated by my mother’s saliva and his cum. My mother lay on the couch with her legs spread as far as she could to accept the raging invasion of her once faithful hole. AFZAL reached between her legs, grabbed his cock, and began lewdly rubbing it between her engorged cunt lips. Her primed pussy was dripping its juice down the mighty shaft and down his balls. Soon she accepted the head of his cock into her hole, and she began to hump her pelvis back and forth to accept the raging invasion from her hunk.
“My god, are you really doing this?”, uttered my devastated and shocked father as he saw her wife sunk inch by inch onto her hunk’s potent manhood. “Yes CHINKY, you cuckold!! Every time I have desired for a true man, and my search ended in AFZAL”, asserted my lustful mother. She was fulfilling my father’s fantasy of fucking a big black circumcised manhood in front of him.

Even more he was stunned as he watched AFZAL’s bare, uncovered circumcised meat slowly sink into his wife SOSTI’s stretched fertile cunt! Back and forth AFZAL rocked his hips, and slowly in circles as he rammed more and more of his manhood inside my mother. AFZAL could not hold his speed with the idea that he was fucking a Brahmin Hindu lady in front of her own husband and started to blow rhythmic pounds into my mother’s over stretched cunt. My mother was shaking so hard that she had her frequent strong orgasms, something which she lusted for in many years. My mother was moaning, screaming and groaning in pleasure, pain and erotica as her hunk serviced his huge circumcised manhood inside her. My mother looked at my father and said breathlessly,
“I’m sure CHINKY!! You won’t mind sharing your wife. There’s plenty to go around.” AFZAL this time was so aroused by all the dirty talk, insanity of the environment that he climaxed into my mother’s fertile womb ploughing his potent seeds deeper and deeper; fulfilling her cavity with his seed AFZAL overflowed his cum on the couch. My father was in total disbelief and shock. His dick was leaking from the pleasures and his tears were flowing from being a cuckold husband. AFZAL was as hard as a long thick iron pole even after he had climaxed tow times into his wife’s sacred cavity.

AFZAL bend SOSTI over in doggy style without withdrawing, and began to stroke her. Long, deep and slowly, he began the shafting of my mother, taking her as I knew she wanted. Her legs flailing in the air, and her gasps and groans of continuous orgasms he pounded her mercilessly out and in. My father watched his wife’s distended pussy lips and the now continuous flow of cunt juice drenching through her thighs. Her hands stretching her ass as far as she could so that she could accommodate the huge masculine circumcised meat in her rose buds. My father knew there was no way she could stop AFZAL from cumming relentlessly and frequently inside her. As deep as he was going, and as open as she was, my father knew he would soon be watching his wife getting impregnated. AFZAL’s pace quickened and the erotic slapping sound erupted as AFZAL’s groins slapped my mother’s ass cheeks. My mother teased and humiliated my father, “Amazing, isn’t it? Have you ever seen such a cock before?”. My father shook his head no, and looked at her wife in total surprise.

Just then my father watched in stunned disbelief as AFZAL began pounding my mother SOSTI even deeper, harder and faster. My mother had already orgasmed frequently as she was soaring the high clouds of heaven in pleasure, erotica and ecstasy. AFZAL then told SOSTI he was about to cum. She moaned and grabbed her ass spreading them as far as she could so that she can accommodate every drop of his potent seed deep inside her. She turned her gaze up lustfully to her hunk saying “Yes…yes.. cum inside me, don’t stop, Cum every time you invade me I want to bear your child” … and she began cumming like never before. Her whole body shook, and her pussy clamped down on his massive member. He plowed through her tightening pussy, and my father watched as AFZAL’s balls began to jump, and his ass cheeks clenched. He roared and began cumming! His powerful orgasm brought SOSTI to new heights, as she screamed and babbled, her helpless body lying before the onslaught of her lover, catching his cum in her womb. My father could see AFZAL’s pulsing cock shoot rope after rope of cum into his wife’s sacred cavity, and I watched my father helplessly shooting his cum on the floor without even touching his dick.

As my father looked at the almost vulgar sight before me; Lying atop his wedded wife SOSTI Mukherjee was a Black Muslim Potent lover. Spent he lay there, holding his cum inside her. As they both recovered from their exertion, my father new this would not be the end. He had just had my mother’s darkest fantasy fulfilled. My HINDU mother had been taken and probably impregnated by a Muslim bull man in front of his own eyes. SOSTI then looked at AFZAL’s cock, all slimy and covered in cum from him and her, and said, “What a mess, I guess I had better clean you up.”With that she began to slowly suck and lick at his sticky messy cock. I just stood there looking at my mother. She was laying on the couch, legs spread wide, not even bothering to cover herself. The cum was pouring out of her open cunt, and her black cunt hair was wet and matted. A puddle was forming on the sheets as the cum ran down the crack of her ass. Her eyes were closed, and her flushed chest was heaving up and down. She had never looked so beautiful. My mother lay before all of us, a used cum filled HINDU slut. SOSTI stopped sucking AFZAL long enough to say, “Boy, she’s a mess, why don’t you do something about that?” The implication was clear. Mesmerized by the sight before me, I saw my father climbed between my mother’s thighs, looking all the time at her oozing hole, and planted his mouth on her nasty, cheating cum filled cunt. He looked up at his wife’s face, and could see her smile a smile of satisfaction. I knew our life had changed forever. What was more humiliating for my father was that my mother compelled him to pay money to AFZAL for giving her the pleasures that my father was unable to give her on his marital bed. Every now and then whenever AFZAL, would fuck my mother, my naïve cuckold father would hand over his wallet to AFZAL and AFZAL would cordially accept his treat for servicing a HINDU married Brahmin mother. Now everyone knew my HINDU BRAHMIN Mother SOSTI Mukherjee fucked black potent Muslim men.

My studies had come to an end as I can’t concentrate farther and I only masturbated standing outside my mother’s bedroom hearing my mother’s and her Muslim lover’s moans and screams. One day my mother proclaimed that her menstruation cycles had stopped and my father’s world crumbled into pieces. We came to know what my mother exactly meant to say with that. That night when AFZAL arrived to give his Sultaani services to my Hindu married Brahman mother’s already Islam-i-fied body, I challenged him that this can’t continue for long. AFZAL politely replied that it was my mother who wanted all this and provoked him. I was shocked. AFZAL chuckled mischievously, dragged the pallu of my mother’s saare to ground, stood behind her and as he pressed my mother’s boobs from behind, he showed me the little bulging in my mother’s belly. I was in total shock. AFZAL said-” You see this boy. The potent Muslim bull has bred your hindu mom”. That night mother disclosed that she had already accepted Islam by heart, and will speak to father for a divorce. The matter did not go long and she got a divorce, she denied to take my parentage and married AFZAL ALI ANSARI. What mostly shocked me that she was in love with a Muslim guy who  was almost 10-11 years younger than her!!

I completely failed in the board exams. I was totally depressed. My father was already at the mental asylum as he could not withstand the humiliations of being a cuckold Hindu Husband. We did not have any near or distant relatives who would stand by our side to help us in the time of distress and humiliations that we suffered. I too was rushed to a psychiatrist and he concluded that best for me would be to move away from Raniganj to somewhere else. My father recovered somehow from his mental instability with the help of his colleagues; got a new job in DPS Delhi, we got settled in Delhi; father never married after that. As atmosphere changed when I moved to Delhi with my father, I recovered and was back in studies. But I was still haunted by the feelings of a cuckold son. I sometimes got terrified when I thought what would happen, if my own wedded wife ever cuckolds me in the same manner my father was cuckolded by my mother. I was always hesitant to fall in a relationship with girls. My friends used to have fun with girls, went to pubs, discos and all; but whenever I heard there was a female companion in the group I always rejected parties and fun.

Almost 14 years passed. I completed my MBA, got a new job in a MNC at Kolkata. I was 30 years then somehow managed to fall in a relationship with a very polite girl ANNANYA Mishra. She was my colleague and we had decided then that we will get married. She was somehow dominant over males especially me; but I accepted her thinking that she would never fall for any Muslim bull as she was very arrogant and dominating. One day, I was shopping in the streets of Dharamtalla in Kolkata with my wife ANNANYA. I heard a lady calling me by my name, the voice sounded familiar to me. I was able to recall the voice, and a cold blood flowed through my veins. I turned back; I recognized that it was my biological mother. She was converted and her name was SAKEENA. I also found AFZAL ALI ANSARI, and I was quite amazed to find him in the same charming physique. I and my wife were introduced to their family. During their 14 years of married life my mother already had 2 sons and 2 daughters from AFZAL. AFZAL told me-“Boy, your Hindu moms breed very well. 5 years back I married another Hindu Brahman girl, and now I have 2 sons from her. Another child is kicking her womb”.

Now I was badly insulted by my wife ANNANYA, as I hid my traumatic past from her out of fear, insult and guilt. And when she came to know that my mother married a Muslim stud, she was really outraged for keeping the secret. My biological mother somehow consoled her. AFZAL gave us a treat at the famous AMEENA Hotel in Dharamtalla. I found my Hindu wife attracted to AFZAL’s charming behavior and physique. Before we departed, I asked mother, was she happy with what she did to me and my father. She said – “Look at my family and loving husband, and I am soaring in seventh heaven”. I thanked AFZAL for taking care of my mother and keeping her happy. I hugged him, kissed his hands and bid farewell. What I did not notice, was that AFZAL already plucked my Hindu Brahman wife, ANNANYA. And I was really frustrated to know that ANNANYA was dating AFZAL Ali Ansari. I was again frustrated. I have already divorced ANNANYA for cuckolding me with AFZAL and his two sons.

This time I was cuckolded by my own wife as she fell for AFZAL’s potent manhood in spite for being a dominating and arrogant woman. I will definitely share my experiences how my wife cuckolded me this time. I have joined a community called “MOMS MUSLIM LOVERS” which is a community of Hindus whose wife or girlfriend are now with Muslim lovers. I want to share those experiences. In the name of almighty I am confessing with all the power left inside me, that Hindu lady especially Bengali Hindu ladies do lust for potent Muslim men . I am going to lead a hermit life now as I have decided to renounce the physical world. But before I become a hermit I will definitely share my experiences how ANNANYA cuckolded me. Please send your comments at [email protected]

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  1. Plzzzz wife cuckold wala lao jaldi plxz
    Very good and trie story plzz plzzzx writer within today yeh kahani lao

  2. very good story.mujhe apni married elder bahan ko afzal type muslim k sath share karana h.aur uski chudai dekhani h.bahut bade bobs h meri bahan ki.mast mota mal h

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  5. Hi raj tumhara dost hai Muslim

  6. Same here bt wt can I do when my Brahmin mummy submitted herserself in front of my best friend rehman qureshi.I hate him badly bt I can’t do anything.

  7. wowwwww superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    i have lot exp here of my mom and sis with many muslim bulls
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