Sophisticated Muslim Alpha Needed


Is there a sophisticated, very well educated, confident, doing well in life, Muslim alpha? I will like to find out if my very shy, stubborn, but sexy Hindu Brahmin wife can be slowly persuaded to become very good friends with him.

She is 47, professionally qualified, and is very conservative when it comes to socializing with other men of our socio-economic class.

I encourage such alphas to advise me on how to proceed and make her feel comfortable in their company.

13 thoughts on “Sophisticated Muslim Alpha Needed

  1. Congrats on taking this step.
    I can tell you that is is wonderful. We have our Muslim Alpha Khalid who is a proper Bull and was our gym trainer

      1. We should chat. Maybe I can introduce a Turkish ALpha Bull to you. I know a very handsome Arab Hunk from Turkey who has made 16 indian ladies pregnant.
        SHare your email id

        1. Keshav,

          A Turkish alpha? Or a Arab alpha?
          It will be really nice if I get an alpha who is sensitive and sophisticated to make her feel mentally comfortable. I’d love to watch him slowly impress her, seduce her and then ravish her.
          I get so excited just thinking about it.
          I’d love to imagine a hopefully real situation where she is absolute comfortable being with him and enjoying. I may just watch. And be prohibited from being with her.
          Do write to me at [email protected]

    1. Imran,

      Read my initial post very carefully. I am looking for a sophisticated, highly educated, very well established Muslim alpha. Only.

      1. Without even knowing about me how did you decide I did not fall in that “Sophisticated, educated” category? To let you know I am not only earning 6 figures every month but also done P.G degree and working in a top MNC. Better know others before you start judging em.

  2. Searching for a Muslim bull, to seduce my shy, naive, conservative Hindu Brahmin wife.
    कोइ पठान, इरानी, अरबी bull?

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