South Indian Actor Jamshad Swayamvar With H!ndu Girls

South Indian actor (screen name) Arya / Arya Jamshed whose real name is Jamshad has irked some males on social media, some are saying that he is a lovejihadi because of his bride hunt show. Some sources reported that recently on his show the girls were asked if they would convert to Islam, some girls said yes and some said no.
It is a reality show and mostly hindu girls have participated in the show and they are competing with each other to be his bride.


You can view some of the views from the show here on his facebook page

Jamshed has no shortage of h!ndu girls, the pics below are a proof enough. How many gals would be willing to marry him ? probably lakhs. He is just giving a chance to other aam common girls to be with a musalman mard. Only till will tell which h!ndu girl wins this kaliyug ka Swayamvar and proves herself to be worthy of being this musalman man’s wife

or: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1t46t8z0u/

2 thoughts on “South Indian Actor Jamshad Swayamvar With H!ndu Girls

  1. It’s fake he is Hindu…He is keralite..bt he is South Indian Tamil movie Actor..his name Is Arya….Don’t post fake

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