Spellbound and dazzled by Khaliq

This thing was inside me for a long time, I think I should spit it out and there isn’t a better place to do it.

I am a 27 year old Hindu girl, I used to work for Saudia Airlines as a cabin crew member. Along with me there were girls from different nationalities who worked there.
I met a Muslim guy Khaliq (name changed) who was working as an airline technician. I didn’t know arabic and he didn’t know hindi, so we talked in English.
We used to go to the cafe, he even invited me on a dinner date which I happily accepted.

We were in Turkey once and there I had sex with him for the first time. His dick was biggest ever, I had never seen a dick like that before and I am pretty sure I wont see something of that sort again especially when I am engaged to a hindu guy and I would marry him. Dick is not the reason to marry someone but when it comes to sex then it may be one of the reasons, there are other reasons to settle down with my fiance but surely I will never forget Khaliq’s dick.

We kissed and had some  foreplay after which he removed his pants and when his dick popped out right in front of my face I was like hey bhagwan ! o god wtf is this.
I said – this is enormous. His circumcised dick was brown in color both thick and long.
I sucked his dick, I struggled to take it deep inside my mouth.
Khaliq said to me – You hindu girls aren’t used to such dicks.
I smiled and said no baby but I’ll get used to it.
When he fucked me his dick stretched my pussy like never before.
I gasped heavily as he drilled my pussy.
He made me work his dick for long durations, sometimes I sucked and played with his dick for as long as an hour, it was crazy. He used to make me bite his rock hard dick, he liked it, I used to bite his shaft with some caution but his dick was robust.
After a few times we had sex I started craving for him. I began to yearn for his dick in my mouth and pussy.
He too wanted to fuck me everyday but it was not possible due to the work schedule but whenever we got the change and during days off we always had sex and I think those were the most enjoyable moments of my life.

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  1. Jawani to hindu ladkiya katwo ka le kar he lutwati hai. Mai bahot dekh chuka hu. Aur desh mai lakho musalman ladko ki yaun iccha bhi hindu ladkiya he pura kar rahi hai jo ki bahot nek kaam hai.

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