Stages of h!ndu wife seduction to Musl!m Lund

The sweet process of Hindu wife’s mind toward submitting to the needs and demands of Muslim Cock often begins in numerous ways and means.

There are mainly four stages as follow….

1. Fear

Hindu girl looking at a Muslim guy with lust in her eyes.When our fears meet our fantasies, the process is often difficult.

Prior to muslim Mard experience, they have poured countless hours gossiping about Muslim men among their friends, gossip about regarding what they’re packing and trying to figure the amount of pleasure that can be gotten from allowing themselves submit to a strong Muslim Cock.

2. Denial

Her Muslim Mard can, of course, help her at this stage with making up her mind, further seducing her to commit to what is forbidden to her. She realizes that she is thus standing at a crossroad and should she go ahead to which her subconscious mind has always tell her to do, then she knows her life and pretty much her entire world will never be the same after this.

3. Submission

The power of her Muslim Mard’s seduction, along with the sight of that gorgeous Muslim Cock, becomes too much for the Hindu wife to handle. She eventually does give in to the erotic turmoil building inside her body and lets him take her.

There will certainly be some tension at first as she gets to pleasure his cock. Her duty is to become a sexual tool for her Muslim Mard’s cock. His sexual needs must come first more than anything else, and never should she deny to be sex with him. . Though they might start out slow, but as he picks up the pace, and she gets to feel the power of his cock stretching her pussy in ways never before done, as she tightens her arms on his shoulders, as her body surrenders to his grasps and kisses, she then would realize that she’s falling into a well of submission. One that she’s never ever come out again. woman’s idea of what a good Fuck is will be obliterated by Muslim Cock!!

4. Addiction

A Hindu wife’s to Muslim Cock Training is never for an hour of sexual pleasure, nor is it for a day. From the moment she gets to enjoy her first Muslim Cock experience, it become imperative for her Muslim lover to instill into her the expectation of becoming more and more open and submissive to his pleasure. It’s not just for her getting used to his cock stretching her pussy. The more she gets to submit to him, her desire for wanting his cock is expected to grow into an addiction of becoming the best thing ever she could want in her life.

A Hindu wife’s daily schedule should revolve around her thinking always of her Muslim Mard. The mere thought of her day-dreaming of his cock should send as much shock-waves through her nerves and break out goose-bumps across her skin. Her mental state of mind should henceforth become geared toward accepting the phase of ‘Going Muslim and Never Going Back’. And like that, she should as well pass this desire of Muslim cock around to her closet friends with it, regardless of their age or gender.

The pleasure of Muslim Cock is what every Hindu women out there who want to enjoy. Even now, their husbands and boyfriends are, too, becoming self-aware of this and are of it toward want their women as is definitely expected of them as part of their own submission/Reparation process.

The Muslim Man takes his Sexual Dominance to another level when Fucking a Hindu Man’s woman in front of him. He likes letting the Hindu Boi know who is in charge.

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