Story of a crossdresser who converted for his Muslim boyfriend

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I am Manish, 28 years old crossdresser and I am sharing my true story with you. Have patient to read this.
Since my childhood, I knew that I am not a male. I used to feel like a girl and behave like a girl all the time. I was from a conservative brahmin family from UP, India and always felt ashamed of myself as I was not enjoying boys company. In fact, I used to enjoy company of girls and behave like them too.
My parents were worried about me. After 12th, they sent me to Mumbai at my aunt’s home for further studies. Mumbai gave wings to my dreams and I came to know about a whole world of crossdressing and gay world. There was a website called where people used to find gay people. I made an account there and started meeting people. 
Being a crossdresser, I always wanted a hunk, muscular type male who can make me feel like real woman. I have met few Hindu tops (in LGBT world, a top is the alpha male in the relationship who is the husband on bed and bottom is the wife on bed). I did not like uncut, small and smelly Hindu cocks. I never enjoyed it and remained vergin for a long period of time. 
I have concentrated more on making my body more feminine by doing exercises that made my belly flatter and my blosooms heavy and pulpy. In a year and two, I was looking like a real woman when dressed. 
I made some crossdresser friends too in Mumbai. Now I was doing a good job in a bank and living alone. Simi, my cd friend told me about difference between Hindu cocks and Muslim cocks. They told me that Muslim cocks are more long, thick and cut with no smells and nothing. She has many Muslim top friends. I never met anyone of them.
One day, when I was at my job, Simi called me and asked me to come to a party at nalasopara. I did not know about it so I said no yar, what would I do there. 
She told me that it’s a gay party and there would be no females there. Only tops and CDs. Now I was somehow curious. I thought let’s see and explore this opportunity and make some friends. Who knows I might find someone special.
On Saturday night, I went to the party with all my stuff. When I reached the venue, I felt extremely good. It was a beach side resort with few rooms and a common dance floor. The entry fee was 600 rupees. The organizers were good and humble and asked me to share a room with others. 
Being a cd, I wanted a separate room so I requested organizers to allocate me a single room. They were sorry as there were only 15 rooms and total number of people would be 200 around. I asked for some advice as I was new to this place. He said me that you can try nearby resorts and if you are lucky, you can get a room there. 
I went to a resort that was located exactly opposite direction to the party resort. I asked at the reception and there was a spare room. I was relieved. I told the reception manager that I am a cd and will dress as a female and go to the party. He said it’s okay, there are many cd couples come here. I was completely on the seven heavens. I went to the room and went to brush and bath. 
Now let me tell you about me, my height is 5′ 7″ and weight is 68. I have a wheatish skin tone and have no hairs except head. My skin was smooth and glowing. I have soft chests with small boobs. When you see me, you can find a clevege too.
Before going to bath, I called Simi to know her whereabouts. She told me that she is there with her gang of friends. She was also getting ready. She told me to come fast. 
In hurry, I took bath and started getting ready. I had a shoulderless black dress that reached till my thighs. It was extremely short dress. First I wore a strapless bra and underwear. Then I wore a dress. Then I did makeup. I was looking extremely hot like Bipasha Basu. I had a medium hair wig. I applied wig and use more eyeliner to make killing eyes. 
When I was ready, I wore Sandles and locked the room. And went to the party resort. 
At the entrance, a few people were collecting money. I paid there and went inside. On the dance floor, a few people were dancing. Some guys were drinking and smoking on the tables. I searched for Simi and found her sitting at a table with some guys. 
I started walking towards her direction and suddenly I bumped on something heavy. He said- oh sorry sweetie, I am extremely sorry. 
I was in anger.  My phone was on ground. I shouted on him without looking at him- can’t you see someone coming to you? You moron! 
I picked my phone and stand up to see him. I was dumbstruck seeing him. He was about 6′ 3″ height and his weight was around 100 kilo. Still he was very musculine and healthy with flat belly. His biceps were like my thighs. He has dark black skin and heavy beard and mustache. He was wearing a black t shirt and denim jeans. He has some scar on his forehead that run through his one eye and till the centre of his cheek. You can say that he was like a goon type fellow. 
He again said sorry and went to the counter direction. I went to Simi. She wore a black backless party dress. 
Simi- hi Payal, how are you?
Me- I am good, how are you?
Simi- meet my friends. He is Rehan, he is Asif and he is Shoaib. Guys, this is Payal. 
All three friends greeted me with smiles. I can see their lustful eyes in their smiles. 
Simi asked me to sit near her. I sat there and suddenly Simi introduced me with someone. 
Simi- Payal, he is Javed. Javed, this is Payal. 
I was in utter shock. Javed was a same guy I accidently bumped with. He was smiling. 
I awkwardly smiled and shake hands with him. He sat exactly opposite to me.I was feeling nervous. 
Shoiab, Asif and Rehan were looking like simple, boy next door types with good built and handsome faces. On the other hand, Javed was like a street thug. His black complexion, muscular body and scar on his face was enough to scare anyone. I bet no woman would look at him if he is passing on the road. Mother’s would keep their sons away from him. 
Simi and her friends were talking something about. Honestly, I was never intrested in it. My mind was occupied with Javed. The reason was something different and I knew it. He was someone I wanted for my entire life. A lover who can make me feel like woman. Who can make me on my knees. Who can crush me under his body weight. 
Simi and her friends were going to the party floor. I excused them and went to the counter to buy cigarettes. When I lit cigarette, I saw Javed was talking with Simi and Simi was laughing. I ignored it and went to the same place where I was sitting and started puffing cigarette.
I saw Simi was moving his body and her three friends were around her kissing and pressing her body parts. I was feeling comfortable with the environment now. 
Some gay couples were kissing near the beaches and some crossdressers were sitting at the tables drinking alcohol. 
I could not find Javed now. I was searching for him but he was nowhere. Suddenly a group of people came to my table and asked me to join with them on a dance floor. I politely said no. 
One guy from the group who was looking like a leader of the group came close to me and put his hand on my face and started squeezing it. I was curious now and I give him a push. He was adamant now. He again tried to come to me, bit was stopped by a heavy hand. 
Javed was there to rescue me. I said thank god in silent. He pushed that guy back and stood before me. The group went silent and went from there. I was feeling sorry now. I called Javed moron earlier and now he was here helping me. 
I said- Javed, thank you and sorry for earlier. I was…
Javed said- no issues sweetie. It happens. Hope you are now okay. 
I sat there again and lit another cigarette. Javed sat near me and we sat there for around half an hour. 
Simi and her friends came to the table to relax a bit. Javed and his friends went to buy some drinks. Now me and Simi were sitting along. 
I found this opportunity to talk with Simi. 
I said- Simi, how this party work? I mean, what is the purpose of such parties. 
Simi- the concept is very simple. You come either single or with partner. You drink, dance and have fun all night. The party ends at 10 am in morning. All you need to do is to have fun and that’s it. Do you like it?
I informed her about the group incident and how Javed helped me. 
Simi- don’t go on his looks. He is a very good person. Haa, wo thoda illegal activities me involved he. But for friends, he is good and can do anything. 
Me- what types of illegal activities?
Simi- nothing dangerous. Like smuggling, hawala, batting and all. 
Me- oh! It’s okay. Why he did not join you at a floor. 
Simi- Javed’s story is different. He only likes crossdressers. No girls, no boys. Just crossdressers. The main thing is he is looking for someone who can be his lover for a lifelong. He does not believe in flirting and casual hangups and one night stands. That’s why he is alone. Rehan is my boyfriend. Natasha is on the way, she is shoiab gf and Pooja is not coming today, she is Asif’s gf. We all have partners, but still we enjoy sex in groups. Javed does not like it. He is looking for someone special. 
I was quite impressed. I was feeling weak now for him. I asked Simi.
Me- what he was telling to you when k went to the counter? 
Simi burst into laughter.
Simi- oh my god! Are you really interested in him or what? 
Me- oh come one, I knew you guys were talking something about me. So just curious. 
Simi- yes, he was telling me that who is your friend and how’s she and all that…
Me- what you told him?
Simi- nothing. Just it’s your first time and you are bit shy and all. If you are interested, I can talk to him.
Me- no yar, I am just asking. 
Suddenly, Javed and his friends came with drinks and the talk was over. 
Then Natasha came and they all went to a room to have fun. They asked me to join, but I refused. Now Javed and I were alone on the table. 
The silence was awkward. Javed was looking at the people and sky and I was smoking one cigarette after another. I was exhausted and decided to break the silence. 
Javed, what do you do?
Javed turned to me and smiled. 
Javed- Ji, I am in some dirty business. 
Me- like what?
Javed: beautiful woman like you should not discuss such things. Talk something as beautiful as you. 
I was flattered. 
( Guys, I know it’s too big story. The next part will come within a day or two. Thank you for your patience and love? 
Shabana Javed khan

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