Story of an affair between Hindu Brahmin woman and a Muslim man

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hindu brahmin wife affairVikram Juneja writes-
I am sending this narration of true story of my friend as shared by him. His Hindu Bengali Brahmin Mother, Parvati Goswami Dixit, had a 4 year long affair with a Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid, when her husband was abroad. Her steamy sexual encounters with that Muslim man are detailed here. this is the first part, more parts will be sent if you upload this on your website.
Honestly I too am excited at the prospect of a Hindu married woman cheating on her husband with a Muslim man. Hope your site will continue to upload such stuff in future.

The Story:
My name is Sandeep Dixit and I am 18 years old. I am from Lucknow. This is the story of my Mother, Parvati Goswami Dixit, who is 46 years old now. The story dates 4 years back. My mother was born in Murshidabad in West Bengal. She came to Lucknow University for her doctorate in Ancient Hindu Philosophy when she was 23. Here she fell in love with her advisor, a brilliant intellect and Indologist, Mahesh Dixit. They married within 6 months, she was 24 and he was 36 already. I was born 4 years later when she was 28. She completed her doctorate and joined the Lucknow University as faculty in the same department as my father.

We lived in Maulviganj area of Lucknow, very near to Lucknow University. We had a two storeyed house, with a courtyard and road in front and back of the house. The upper part of the house had independent rooms and kitchen but somehow we never rented it and it was vacant. On the ground floor was my parent’s bedroom, my room beside it, common living cum dining room and kitchen. I had an attic at the top part of my room which was meant to put stuff, but is was largely empty with some of my old books lying there. There were 3 small windows in the attic which opened into my parent’s bedroom, the attached bathroom in their bedroom and the living room, through which I could clearly see all the living room as well as the kitchen.

My mother was a very beautiful woman, a typical Bengali beauty. She was not very fair, not dusky either, in between. But her face had sharp features, big eyes in which she always used to wear mascara. A nose ring and the big bindi on her forehead added to her appeal. She was slightly plump, very curvy. She had fuller body, but the flesh on her body was in proper proportions. She had a slightly bulging belly, but without any folds. Her tall frame at 5’6” made her look like a model. She had a long hair which reached half her back, and which she used to tie in the form of a bun. Earlier, as I had seen in albums, she used to wear Sarees, typical Bengali style, sleeveless, low cut and almost backless. But now she used to wear churidaars. But the tight figure hugging churidaars and kameez with small sleeves looked good on her too. She was kind of woman you would be forced to look at again and again if you saw her once, she could turn glances if she moved in a marketplace.

I started exploring about sex when I was 12. I used to watch porn on the internet. Then I developed the habit of watching the activities of my parents through the attic window. Their sex life was dismal. They rarely had sex, father was already in 50s. And whenever they had sex it would be over in 3-4 minutes. My mother barely used to respond to such sessions, she would just lay there motionless. Sometimes, she would later finger herself later on. I used to feel guilty when I used to see them. So lately I avoided.

Things changed when I was 14. My Father got an offer from Chicago University for research for 4 years in the US. My mother was not willing to go as my studies would have been affected and asked father to rethink. But he was more than willing to go. Mother didn’t force him much. Anyway things were not well with them. So they decided to stay away from each other for a while. Just about a week before my father was to leave, he received a call from his collage time junior from Kanpur University. His name was Kaleem Mujahid. He was transferred to Lucknow University. My father invited him to our home lunch.

He was a tall guy, around 6′. He had trimmed beard but no moustache. He also wore a typical Muslim skullcap. From the looks, he looked like a devout Muslim. I came to know he was a scholar in Islamic Philosophy and was in the same department as my father and mother. He had lost his wife very early and had not married since then. He was single since then. He was very soft spoken. He was witty too and was very good at shayari. He could charm anyone with his sweet talk. My father invited him to stay with us for some days till he found his own accommodation. He agreed. Next day my mother left to Murshidabad for Durga Puja. She was to come a week later. Father was to leave within 5 days. Mujahid shifted to our home and occupied the top floor. As I was unpacking, I saw he had brought his exercising stuff as well, dumbbells etc. He told me he was very particular about his physique. I could see that. He was wearing only vest and trousers when we were unpacking. He had very tight muscles; his chest was very wide, and hairy. He was very hairy, even his shoulders had considerable hair. He was a good cook too. Sice the time my mother left, he used to cook. I had developed a good rapport with him. He used to help me in my homework as well.

My mother arrived two days later from Dushehra, and the day my father left. Parvati and Mujahid were formal with each other. As he was already cooking for me, and I praised his cooking too, Mother readily agreed when Mujahid offered to help her in the kitchen. They also used to go and return from University together in Mother’s car. Soon they were spending most of their time together. A couple of days later, I was studying in my room and they were chatting in livingroom. I came out to fetch water, when I saw them watching our old family photo albums together. Mother was telling her about our photos. I overheard a comment from Mujahid praising her that she looked good in the saree. He even told her couple of shers praising her beauty. I noticed her reaction. She was blushing. It was a lot time after she was getting such romantic attention from a man. I didn’t care much about it though. Next day to my surprise, after coming back home she changed into a saree.  I remembered Mujahid praising her looks in Saree the day before. It was from her old wardrobe. The saree fit her slender frame very well. But what was exciting was, the short sleeved exposed her smooth fair arms. And a large part of her midriff was exposed. Her back was almost visible completely, even from the front, the transparent saree hid a little and showed her tummy and navel. And she had kept her hair loose which was also unusual. When Mujahid came down to help her, he again praised her for her looks. I somehow liked the two of them getting together well.

A couple of days later, I was studying in my room. My door was closed. I heard the sound of Mujahid entering our house to help in kitchen. I didn’t bother as it was everyday affair now. Within 4 days, he had built a very good understanding with my Mother. Around 20 minutes later, my door opened by itself due to wind draft. As I got up from my chair to close it, I saw Parvati and Mujahid standing together, preparing food. They had their backs towards me, They were standing very close together, his right arm was almost touching the smooth left arm of my mother. Just as I was going to close the door, I got a shock. Mujahid put his arm on Parvati’s back. He put his hand on her exposed fleshy back. I closed the door, but started watching from the keyhole from where they were clearly visible. Mujahid then caressed Parvati’s exposed back with his hand and took some of her flesh in between his forefinger and thumb. He continued to caress her for next 20-30 seconds. Then with some force he turned Parvati towards him. Both stood facing each other, looking deeply into each other’s eyes. My Mother then threw a glance towards my room. Convinced that my room was closed, she raised her feet and kissed Mujahid full on lips. It was a gentle peck on his lips. They again looked into each other’s eyes. This time Mujahid bent forward and took her lips in his mouth. This time it was a little longer. After breaking their kiss they again looked into each other’s eyes. My mother than touched her forehead with his, and a little later bent her face a little forward and kissed his lips 3 times back to back. Then they separated and became engaged in cooking again. I continued watching. They didn’t kiss thereafter. Probably they were worried about my presence. But Mujahid once put his hand on Parvati’s ass globes tightly draped in Saree. She swayed her buttock, slowly and seductively and smiled. About an hour later they called me for dinner. After dinner I quickly left to my room to pry on them from the keyhole. But they simply chatted and nothing happened. Mujahid left and Parvati went to her room to sleep.

When I lay in the bed during night, the whole incident revolved before my eyes. I couldn’t sleep. The image of Mujahid’s hand caressing the bare back and ass of my mother Parvati, and the way she raised herself on her feet, to kiss Mujahid, came before my eyes again and again. Surprisingly I was super excited from this effort, rather then feeling enraged. The prospect of her cheating on her husband and a love affair between my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati and a devout Muslim man, Kaleem Mujahid titillated me oddly. The next whole day in school I imagined whether Parvati and Mujahid kiss each other while being in office or in car or elsewhere. I don’t know why, when I came home from school I decided to pry in Mujahid’s room. I didn’t find much. Then I opened his laptop and searched for pics and videos. To my surprise he had a large collection of porn. I opened it. It was full of amateur porn. They were all shot by a camera and it was Mujahid’s own sex sessions with 3 different women. There was more than 150GB of data with more than 1000 files. These files were stored under three file folders: Gauri Basu, Radhika Sharma and Parthvi Kamath. I quickly transferred all the stuff to my laptop. In the evening we had our dinner and unlike yesterday nothing like kissing or caressing happened between Parvati and Mujahid. In the night I was watching the videos and masturbated. Mujahid was a great lover. He fucked the three women to their delight. One thing I noticed that all three women were Hindu Brahmin. I thought Mujahid has a fetish for Hindu Brahmin women. I had masturbated twice already when I opened the third folder Parthvi Kamath. I accidently read Parvati Kamath. Immediately a chill ran down my spine. I imagined Parvati and Mujahid together. I opened one of the video and imagined Parvati in the video instead of Parthvi. This time I had a greater erection. Within 5 minutes I ejaculated and it was more intense than my earlier two ejections. Ah! The mere thought of my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati Goswami Dixit, making love to a Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid, excited me a great deal. I was sure Mujahid had already seduced Parvati and soon he would lay his hands on her. I hoped it may happen soon. I didn’t knew then that it was to happen the very next day. I didn’t know when I slept.

Next day was Karva Chauth, the day Hindu women fast for her husband. Parvati and Mujahid were late to arrive today. When they arrived I noticed Mom had got a fresh coat of Mehndi on her hands. They had brought some stuff like bangles too. I didn’t see it as odd as it was normal, she did this every year. In the evening I ate alone. Mom said she will not eat tonight. Mujahid too ate little and excused himself soon. He left early and didn’t talk much like usual. I was not able to comprehend their odd behavior.  Anyway in the night; mother slept early around 10. I masturbated once again, this time watching the fucking of Gauri and Mujahid, but like yesterday I imagined Parvati and Mujahid. It was around 11 when I heard noises from adjacent room. I went to attic and noticed, mother had just come out of the bathroom and was dressing herself up. She opened up her closet and took out her wedding saree as I had seen in her album. Then she dressed up and applied some light make-up. She wore bangles afterwards. These bangles I noticed were different from the one she used to wear earlier. These were bridal bangles, worn by newlywed brides. She wore anklets as well which she had never done earlier. Her Mangalsutra laid prominently in between her breasts. She looked like a newlywed Hindu bride. She paced gently in her room. I was not able to comprehend what she was doing.

Couple of minutes later there was very gentle knock on the rear door of her bedroom. She opened it at once. Mujahid entered. I now knew I’m in for a treat, what was only my imagination to see my Hindu Brahmin Mother Parvati to make love to a Muslim man, was going to be a reality right in front of my eyes. Mujahid was dressed in a Back Pathani Kurta Pyjama and a skullcap. He had a small bag with him. He put it in the table near bed. Immediately he went towards Parvati who embraced him in her arms and they were engaged in a liplock. They separated after couple of smooches.

Mujahid, “Let’s eat first”

Parvati, “Yes, I’m starving”

Mujahid opened his bag and took out stuff. He put some stuff on the small table and chair on the opposite of bed. Mother went towards closet and took out some cutlery and utensils. Mujahid then took a Whisky bottle from the bag and put it. OMG he was going to drink and then fuck. Seeing the whisky bottle, Parvati took out two glasses. Two!  She was going to drink too, I was like jumping.

Mujahid, “You know I cook better beef, but it is difficult to get raw meat. These restaurateurs can’t cook. Beef need to be cooked for a long time on low intensity flame, but they do it fast to serve customers faster.”

Parvati, “This is the first time I’m going to eat non-veg. I have consumed fish but we consider it vegetarian.”

Mujahid, “Oh you would love it”

The gently kissed and sat down to eat. Mujahid poured whisky and both took a sip each and said, “Cheers to our new Beginning” and started to eat.

Parvati, “Ooummm, it is delicious, never knew beef could be so tasty.”

Mujahid, “I knew you would like it.”

What was shocking was that my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, broke her fast of Karva Chauth not by drinking water and eating rice but by drinking whisky and eating beef in the company of a Muslim man, Mujahid Kaleem, who was not her husband. She was licking her fingers after eating beef. But more shocks were to come, when she talked dirty with Mujahid:

Parvati, “This beef is tasty, now I’ll taste some delicious cock as well and then drink the butter that will come out of it” and winked at Mujahid. Parvati licked her lips with her tongue in a seductive manner when she said this. I was amazed at her slutiness. Mujahid finished his dinner and went towards bathroom to clean. After coming out he took out his digicam from the bag and started adjusting it. He was going to film and record everything as he did in his previous affairs, but apparently Parvati had no objection to it. After sometime Parvati too finished and cleaned her hands. Mujahid had in the meantime poured two more glasses of whisky. Both drank together and gulped it fast.

Mujahid and Parvati were standing beside the bed. And then Parvati approached him. Mujahid took Parvati in his strong arms and lifted her. Parvati wrapped her arms around his back, pushed her face forward and kissed Mujahid full on lips. It was a passionate liplock. Both were eating and chewing each other lips. It was a great sight to see my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, dressed as a bride in the arms of a bearded Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid and kissing him ardently. Mujahid put her down and she stood on her toes, without breaking her liplock. Her hands were travelling up and down on Mujahid’s back while Mujahid’s one had was pressing her ass, and other was mauling the exposed flesh of her back. Now they were playing with each other’s tongues. I remembered when father used to kiss her, she would turn her face away. But now she was kissing her Muslim lover with full vigour.  Soon she inserted her hands inside Mujahid’s Kurta and caressed his back. Mujahid was caressing her ass with greater force. Parvati lifted the Kurta of Mujahid, he raised his arms to help her remove his Kurta. His very hairy chest was in front of Parvati. She immediately bent forward, licked his hairy chest with her tongue and kissed his nipple. Mujahid put his hand on the back of her head and forced it on his body. She was taking his nipple in between her lips.  I noticed a huge bulge in Mujahid’s pyjama. He put his other hand on Parvati’s ass and pulled it towards him and thrust her Pelvis area on his boner. Parvati swayed her ass to feel the hardness of his boner on her cunt. Mujahid then tried to remove her pallu.

Parvati separated from him. She took out her saree from her petticoat and threw it on the floor, above Mujahid’s Kurta. She was looking seductively into Mujahid’s eyes when she was removing her saree and licked her lips once with her tongue. Immediately afterwards their kiss started again. Mujahid’s hand were now moving up and down on her back, caressing it, pressing the ass globes, and pulling her fleshy midriff in his fingers. Parvati’s one hand was on his back and other was caressing his bulge over his pyjama. This continued for sometime. Mujahid then opened the sting of his pyjama and it fell down. He stepped out of it. Now he was left in a small V shaped Jocks, that had huge tent like bulge due to his boner. Parvati again grabbed it with her hand and their hot smooch continued. Mujahid was now pressing the breasts of Parvati in his strong hands and Parvati was moaning. She clasped her arms tightly around his back and pressed her pelvis against his bulge to feel its hardness. Mujahid took out his cock from his jocks and took one arm of Parvati in his hand and directed it towards his cock. She grabbed it and started massaging all the while continuing to kiss. My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati Dixit was clasping the Circumcised cock of a Muslim Man Kaleem Mujahid in her Mehendi clad hands while kissing his passionately.

10 minutes had passed. Mujahid then picked up the cam and sat down on the bed, spreading his legs wide. Parvati understood, she sat on the floor in front of him on her knees and pulled his jocks. Mujahid lifted his ass and allowed Parvati to remove his underwear. His 9” Circumcised erection was free and Parvati immediately took 9” Circumcised cock in her hands. After caressing it with her hands she bent forward and licked it complete length with her tongue. Mujahid  tried to open her blouse hooks. She stopped and opened her blouse hooks for him.  She removed her black bra too and she was topless now. She wasted no time to take the Circumcised cock in her mouth again. She was relishing it. She would take the balls in her mouth. She would rub Mujahid’s Circumcised cock on her eyes, forehead, cheeks, nose all over her face. Mujahid held her one breast in his one hand, the other was holding the camera with which he was recording the hot blowjob he was getting from Parvati. Parvati then stopped a bit and rubbed the red tip of Mujahid’s Circumcised cock on her erect nipples. After rubbing she again went on to licking. Her hair was felling forward. She stopped and lifted her arms to tie it in the form of bun. I liked her clean armpits, her stretched breasts and the Mangalsutra in between. She again started licking, She was licking with great pace now, I could even faintly hear the slurping sound as well as the clinking sound of her bangles.

After a little while, she stopped. Mujahid’s 9” Circumcised cock glowed in Parvati’s saliva. Parvati was heaving from vigorously ribbing her luscious lips on Mujahid’s cock. She then bent forward and took Mujahid’s cock in between her breasts. She was giving him a boobjob, which I had seen happening only in porn movies. Mujahid continued to press her breast. Her Mangalsutra was resting sideways on her breast just above Mujahid’s hand. Mujahid while rubbing her breasts noticed her Mangalsutra. He held it in his hand and tried to bring it towards his Cock, which was in between Parvati’s breasts. Parvati understood. She stopped and adjusted her Mangalsutra right in between her breasts. Then she bent forward her torso, and took the Circumcised cock of Mujahid in between her breasts again. OMG, my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati Dixit, was the circumcised cock of a Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid, on her Mangalsutra in between her breasts. The Circumcised cock touching her Mangalsutra excited me a lot.

After giving him a boob job for some 5 minutes, she again took his cock in her mouth. She was rubbing it vigorously with her hands, her head moved at a fast pace, Mujahid too was lifting his pelvis a bit to allow its greater penetration into her mouth. Seeing the sight of my half naked topless Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, kneeling before a Muslim Man, Mujahid and  giving him a tight blowjob made me to rub my cock vigorously too.

Mujahid, “I am about to come.”

Parvati stopped rubbing her lips on his cock and instead increased the pace of her hand. And then Mujahid ejaculated. The first blob fell on her forehead, just where she had put vermilion, and on her huge bindi. When the first bob was ejaculated, Parvati directed Mujahid’s Circumcised Cock towards her Mangalsutra. The second third and fourth blobs fell right on her Mangalsutra. After it finished ejaculating, Parvati rubbed his semen drenched Circumcised cock on the erect nipples of both her breasts one by one. Parvati licked Mujahid’s semen drenched Circumcised Cock dry with her tongue. Parvati’s face still had the blob of semen on her forehead and maang. Mujahid took his right thumb and rubbed his semen over her vermilion. Hindu husband applies vermilion on his wife’s maang, here Mujahid applied his semen on a Hindu woman’s maang. He rubbed his hand on his cock to remove any semen left, spit on his hand and rubbed it on the semen that was lying on Parvati’s forehead. It was a sight I couldn’t resist, My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati Goswami Dixit, had her maag filled by the semen from the Circumcised Cock of a Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid while her face shown in the saliva and semen of Mujahid. My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati’s Mangalsutra was completely drenched in the semen from the Circumcised cock of a Muslim man Mujahid. I never imagined Parvati was so passionate. I could never imagine she could cheat. But what was greatest shock was that My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati Dixit, cheated on her husband, on the day of Karva Chauth, with a Muslim Man, Kaleem Mujahid, ate beef, drank whisky with him, rubbed her Mangalsutra on his Circumcised Cock, covered it with his semen. And that Muslim man Mujahid made the Hindu Brahmin woman Parvati his slave by applying his semen in her Maang. In just 6 days Mujahid had won over my conservative Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati and the vigor with which she sucked Mujahid’s 9” Circumcised cock, made me realize this is just the beginning of her enslavement to Mujahid’s Circumcised Cock. I too ejaculated at the site that was in front of me and the thoughts that were going in my mind.

Mujahid lay on bed, his legs still stretched and lying on the ground. He then got up and went towards the table and made two more pegs for both of them. Both of them sat on the sofa and drank together. They were chatting. Mujahid had spread his legs wide and his cock was lying flaccid on one side. Parvati was easily gulping her whisky. She then lifted her leg and rubbed her feet on Mujahid’s coke. Both smiled. After finishing their 3rd drink together, Mujahid got up and lay down on bed, his back propped up against the wall and his legs spread wide. Parvati was standing beside the bed and adjusting her hair. She was clad only in a red petticoat, her bangles and Mangalsutra. The bindi on her forehead, that was made from vermilion too, was spread across her forehead and it was mixed with Mujahid’s semen. She sat on bed and moved towards left side of Mujahid, she put her hear in between Mujahid’s shoulder and head and licked his neck. Parvati’s hand was caressing Mujahid’s chest and tummy. She was moving her left hand from his chest right upto his cock.  Little after, Parvati came down and started licking Mujahid’s hairy chest. She would take Mujahid’s nipples and adjoining hair into her mouth. She even spit once on Mujahid’s nipples and licked her saliva back with her tongue. Mujahid was all this while caressing her back or pinching her nipples. Parvati had made Mujahid’s chest wet with her saliva. Parvati lifted her face and kissed Mujahid full on lips. It was strange excitement for me, My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati Dixit was lying on the bed clad only in a petticoat with a fully naked Muslim man, Kaleem Mujahid, in her own bedroom, where she used to sleep with her husband.

Mujahid turned Parvati and made her recline on his chest. Parvati’s head was lying between his chest and face. Mujahid put both his hands on Parvati’s breasts and started caressing them. Soon he became a bit rough and began kneading her breasts in his strong hands. Mujahid would take Parvati’s nipples in between his forefinger and thumb and press them hard and then pull them. Parvati would moan loudly whenever he did that. She was pinching her lips in between her teeth. Mujahid then moved his hand in her petticoat and began to rub her pussy. Parvati was hissing now. Mujahid had excited her to new levels. She herself opened the string of her petticoat and moved it a bit downward to give free access to Mujahid’s hand. Parvati turned her head, took out her tongue and licked Mujahid’s lips with her tongue. Mujahid took her tongue in his mouth. Parvati lifted her left arm and put her left hand Mujahid’s head and pushed it more towards her face. It was beautiful. Mujahid’s one hand inside Parvati’s Petticoat, other hand was busy pinching her nipples. Parvati one hand was on Mujahid’s head, clenching his hair tightly and pulling it more towards her mouth while other hand was on Mujahid’s other hand pressing it more towards her cunt. And her face was turned towards Mujahid and they were involved in a passionate kiss, sucking each other’s lips like a lollypop. The sight of My Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati in such a state of lovemaking with a Muslim man Mujahid was such that I could jerk of a million times looking at it. Mujahid was really hitting it off with her pussy. Parvati was really moaning loudly now.

After some time Mujahid stopped fingering Parvati’s cunt and broke off their kiss. He moved downward on her, kissing her breasts and her navel on the way. He then removed the petticoat that was almost down to her knees already. Parvati lifted her ass a bit, as a sign for Mujahid to get rid of her black panties as well. Mujahid obliged. For the first time My Hindu Brahmin Mother Parvati was completely naked in the presence of her Muslim lover Mujahid. Mujahid  spread her legs wide and began to lick Parvati’s clean shaven cunt. It licked it wet with his tongue. Later he inserted two fingers in her cunt as well. Parvati’s both hands were on Mujahid’s head, pushing his face further into her cunt. She was lifting her pelvis, in order to allow Mujahid’s tongue to reach deeper down inside her. She was literally writhing in sweet agony of lovemaking. It was a contrast when Mahesh used to fuck Parvati, it would be over in 3-4 minutes. Mujahid was in a different league. Perhaps Parvati was never loved in this manner before. A virile Muslim Man Kaleem Mujahid had transferred a Hindu Brahmin Woman, Parvati Goswami Dixit, into sexual heaven. Mujahid was fingering her cunt at a great pace; in between he would take her clitoris into her fingers and press it gently. Parvati would jump on such occasions, Mujahid’s licking with tongue continued non stop. Finally Parvati collapsed with a great moan. She ejaculated on Mujahid’s mouth. Mujahid’s lips were wet with Parvati’s squirt. Parvati lay motionless. Mujahid went up, kissed Parvati full on lips and lay beside her caressing her body gently. I couldn’t control myself to see my Hindu Brahmin Mother, Parvati, lying exhausted beside her naked Muslim Lover, Mujahid, on the same bed on which she used to sleep with her husband.

This fits well here as Mahesh Dixit had money and good job but hindu aurat paiso se satisfy nahi hoti unko satisfy karne k liye asli strong lund chaheye jo beef khane wale musalman dete hai unko, asli masala.
Hindus put women in temples to be worshiped but Muslims know how to satisfy them and their women they fall for the latter.

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  1. true story. same happend with me . my husband is weak in sex. he arenged me a muslim sunni boy named fakhat chishti for fuckking. as u described mangalsutra in several places of story, u should write about nose ring too of ur mother.

  2. This has become very very common these days..
    Most Hindu brahmin housewives , specially those who remain alone after their hubbies go to office and small kids off to School, enjoy with their Muslim Maaliks…
    They have a nasty hard fucking..
    I have personally met at least 5-7 such couples in Kolkata

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  5. hotttttt storyyyyyyyy dearrrrrrrrrrr
    same exp in here my mom with a muslim man my mom 37 and he 52age
    he is my stepdad now

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