Strong Man Fucks My Wife

Disclaimer: Dear readers. I am going to be honest with you here. I am 34 single male from UK. I am Indian and I am . I have been reading sex stories and watching porn since many years. My favorites are wife sharing and cuckoldry. Honestly I would like be Cuckold myself. I have cuckold feelings and like to be submissive in bed. I personally find men very strong and powerful. So my stories involve characters of strong men. The cuckold husband’s character is mostly drawn from my character and feelings.

So feel free to imagine myself as a Cuckold hubby. Wife’s character based on the kind of woman I like to marry and make my wife. By involving religious reference, I do not intend to start a racism fire, or give feelings to masses that one is weak and another is strong. I am simply writing because what I feel nice to me personally. I mean no disrespect to any one or any religion. If you don’t like anything which I wrote, I apologies in advance. If you hate it and want to express your anger you are welcome to write to me personally on my email ID.

If you like it and enjoy what I written, then please feel free also to express your positive comments. With this story, I really wish to reach to the wider audience and if possible make some nice friends who are likeminded. And last but not least I really wish to find myself a nice wife who can understand my cuckold feelings and co-operate to become this fantasy as reality. And also wish to find a nice bull for future. My email ID is [email protected] ]. Hope you will enjoy the story.

It was 10:30 in the clock. We were in the living room and watching a movie. Movie would go on for another hour or so, but everyone of had a long day and very tired. I was busy preparing for dinner since evening. While my wife Shilpa got busy getting up ready. I cooked Chicken Biryani, and then went ahead to prepare the bedroom. Shilpa wore a nice red saree with green blouse. She wore the ornaments set which Tasleem gifted her on Eid. It was a set of Earings/ neckless/ bangles and anklets. She wore those earrings.

It was golden Zhumka (long earings) with red and green gems embedded on it. She wrapped the thick golden evening type neckless which pearl beads. Necklace rested just above her mangala-sutra she was wearing. She put up sets of colorful bangles around both her hands. She wore the light chain of anklets. Her black hair was pulled back tightly and tied in a bun style and holding there with the support of a stylish hair pin. She has put up a foundation, eye linear, mascara.

She wore a red lipstick with gloss. Her nails were painted in soft pink color. She wore the T-Strap hill sandals with aqua green color stripes. She wore a soft perfume. She is 5.3’ tall, fair and little plumpy with 34 32 36 figure. Her sleeveless Green Blouse fitted tightly around her 34d breasts. Gap between her blouse and saree exposed her belly and naval. Little fat around her belly lumped down and rested on the waste line where she tied her saree.

After cooking is done, I went to prepare the bedroom. I cleaned a room. Fresh white bed sheet was placed. Pillows got dark brown color covers. Fresh flowers were places in the vase. Fragrance candles were lit. It was 8:30 PM. Tasleem parked his BMW X5 car. Came out and rang the door bell. I opened the door and welcomed him smilingly. Tasleem gave a smile too and gave me a firm handshake. His hands were big and strong. He is 6.1’ tall, wheatish and at the age of 42 still very fit. He has broad shoulders, well tones biceps and forearms. Strong legs and thighs. His hair was short and beard was grown yet carefully maintained. He was wearing a nice black leather shoes. Blue jeans and grey t-shirt. T-shirt exposed his bulging biceps, big chest and little belly. He was wearing a strong perfume.

Shilpa came excitedly out of living room and hugged Tasleem. Her head rested on his big chest and her arms wrapped around his ribs. He hugged her happily too. Her hands moved around her back and he felt the open area on her back and rubbed there softly while he planted kissed on her head and cheeks. Shilpa blushed and hugged him again. She moved her hands to hold and feel his biceps, then slided her hand onto his hand and guided him the way to Living room. Before sitting on sofa, he politely asked me for the use of toilet. I led him to the bathroom. Opened up the toilet seat for him and showed him the hand wash and fresh towels placed on the sink. He thanked me and I came out.

He came is few minutes and rested comfortable on the sofa. Shilpa giggled and sat next to him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. She held his hand in one of her hand, and her other hand was rested on his chest. I brought them a glass of Juice. Turned on the TV and put up the movie for them. I went in the kitchen to make the dinner ready. Tasleem is a big meat eater. So apart from cooking Chicken Biryani, I had brough meat platter from the market. I have kept the Chicken Biryani to reaheat. Opened up the meat platter and washed the pieces of mutton, beef and ham. I cut them in pieces and put them in oven with spices. In 15 minutes dinner was ready.

I announced for dinner. Tasleem jumped out of Sofa and pulled shilpa with him. They both sat on the dinner table. I served them dinner. I served meat platter in one small dish for him. And chicken biryani on big dish for him. He loved eating meat so he feasted on 2 dishes of meat and 2 dishes of chicken biryani. Shilpa only ate one plate of chicken biryani. After dinner Tasleem crashed on sofa and shilpa around him. She rested her hand on his belly which had grown little bigger than before after big meal.

I got busy cleaning the kitchen and dishes. Ate my dinner quickly and joined them in living room to watch movie. We all spoke about what is happening in movies and joked and giggled about few things here and there. Tasleem thanked me few times for lovely dinner. We were all yawning in between.

Around 10:30PM, there was an advert break in the movie and I got up. I said I will get the bedroom ready. I went to the bedroom. Now bedroom was full with nice fragrance from candles. I have arranged the bed sheet and pillows again. Checked the drawer by the bed. There were 2 packs of ribbed condoms. One with Strawberry flavor and another one with watermelon flavor. The flavors were to make the oral sex more pleasurable for women. Next to that were set of fresh napkins to wipe of the spilled cum on body. I picked up condoms and napkins and put it on top of drawer next to bed. Though there was a dim light in the bedroom, I kept the light on.

I went to the living room and told them the bedroom is ready. Tasleem thanked me again and told that he is really tired. They both got up and I showed the way to bedroom. I opened the door let them both come in. Tasleem took his shoes and sox off before entering the bedroom. Shilpa took her sandals off. They left them outside and came in. I made an excuse to keep the lights on for some more time and I told them I would turned them off before I got to bed for them. They did not object to it. I came out and pulled the door, but did not close it completely. I left it open slightly. The door was on the corner of square room and bed was placed in the middle of the room diagonally to the door. That means with slight gap to the door can give me clear view of bed. I left that gap open and Tasleem and shilpa did not bother. I arranged the shoes and sandals in one corner. I rolled the sox and put inside his shoes properly.

I went to check the house. Cleaned the pending stuff. Check the doors. Turned off the lights in rest of the rooms. Only kept a dim light in the corridor outside the bedroom where Tasleem and shilpa went. I pulled up a chair arranged it outside of the door gap out of bedroom. I could clearly see both of them on bed. Tasleems shirt had come off and he was lying on the bed. Tasleems body was thin hairy. He had concentration of hair on his chest, and below the naval area. His underarms were shaved. Shilpa’s saree was fallen down from her shoulder but not completely removed. Her blouse was exposed. She was lying down next to him and she was kissing and feeling his strong body. Her hands were touching, feeling and grabbing his strong shoulders, his bulging biceps, strong forearms and beefy hands. She also moved her hands on his big broad chest. She kissed and licked those places. In between she would go up. Caress his beard and gave kisses on cheeks and lips.

She moved down and felt his belly with both her hands. She gave many kisses on his belly. She moved down now and unhooked his jeans. He left his hips on so that she can pull his jeans down. She did pull his jeans down and pulled out of his legs. She threw it down the bed on floor. Tasleem now only had his regular size briefs on his body. His big muscular thighs are now exposed. He had thin hair on his thighs and legs. Shilpa started kissing him on his ankle and kissed her way up to his strong thighs. Her hands moved and felt his thighs and give many kisses on them. She moved up, and felt his beard again and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

She felt his shoulders and biceps while she kissed on his chest. She moved down. Now putting both of her hands on his belly, she kissed on his belly. She kissed around his navel. She kissed beneath his naval. Tasleems heart was beating fast and his belly was going up and down due to heavy breathing. He was lying down and enjoying it. His eyes were close and mouth was open. He was breathing heavily. Shilpa put her hands on the sides of his briefs and started to pull down. He left his hips again and shilpa pulled it off of his legs and threw his briefs on the floor.

Tasleem was completely naked. His big cock was hard and erect. His balls were covered by the hair. The shaft of his penis was strong and thick. Coming out high from the hair he has between his legs as if a tall strong tree rising above the grass on the ground. 70% of his shaft was covered in shaft skin. 10% above it were covered by outer foreskin. There was a circumcision scar and rest of his shaft and cock was inner skin. Outer skin area was wheatish skin color and circumcised area was mixture of clean white and little red color. He spread his legs. Shilpa rolled her hands on his thighs up and down. She sat on her knees. She was sitting in a space between his spread legs. She was still wearing all of her cloths, her ornaments, and her makeup. She places her hands on his strong thighs and bent down. Her head lowered, she held his cock in her hand, opened her mouth, angled his cock.

Tasleem felt surge of happiness and pleasure as shilpa took his cock is her mouth. Her lips were tightly wrapped around his Frenulum (bottom of forehead of cock). His cock’s Glans and Meatus (Area od forehead of cock) was in her mouth. She sucked it, rolled her tongue around it. She pulled his cock from her mouth and waited for a second. She angled his cock again, opened her mouth big and took as much she could of his cock in her mouth. Her lips only reached till the mid section of his shaft. Her eyes were closed. One had was firmly on his thigh, another holding the bottom of his cock and she was eating and tasting as much as she could.

She did not bother to put a flavored condom on his cock for oral pleasure. She preferred the natural taste of this real mans cock. His big strong meat shaft was in her mouth and she was tasting the manly juices flowing from his cock. She sucked him, rolled her tongue around his cock, she stroked his cock in her mouth. She tasted his inner foreskin, his outer foreskin and some of his shaft skin. She gulped down the pre-cum flowing from his cock. She gulped down the semen bits he was releasing involuntarily. Tasleem was breathing heavily and slow but deep moans started coming from his mouth. He started lifting his hips a little. He was ready to cum. Shilpa was still sucking him. His cock was still in her mouth.

He spoke quickly, I am cumming I am cumming and he let a thick white load cum out of his cock. Shilpa pulled her mouth out and let the semen in her mouth fall on his cock. His cock was covered in his semen. It was so thick that it flowed very slowly out and down from his cock. Shilpa pulled a napkin and cleaned his cock. Cock was clean again but marks of shilpa’s lipstick were still around his cock. Shilpa folded the napkin and kept it on the drawer. She went down on his cock again and started sucking him. His cock had become bit soft but was still in full length.

Tasleem was fully erect again. Shilpa was still between his legs and his cock was in her mouth. He got up and placed his hand on her neck. Shilpa continued sucking him as he held his hand around her neck. Shilpa pulled her mouth out. His cock was standing erect. Wet and glowing as it was covered in shilpa’s saliva. Shilpa Turned and sat between his legs by turning her back to him. Tasleem unhooked her blouse and bra and threw it on floor. He pulled her closer in between her legs. Her beefy hands wrapped around her breasts and he massaged them, squeezed them hard, Shilpa was resting on his chest. Her eyes were closed, mouth open. She was helpless in this big man’s arms.

Tasleem enjoyed the feel of young women in his arms. He squeezed her breasts as he pleased. He was kissing and biting her neck and shoulder. Shilpa was still wearing the ear ring and necklace he had given. He felt her ear ring and asked her something she said something to him and he gave a one hard squeeze on her breasts. He felt her necklace and mangalasutra, she said something to him and he gave another big long squeeze. Her hands went down on my wife’s belly. He felt it and squeezed it. He said something in her ear. She moved away a bit stood on the bed and removed her saree. It went to the floor. She removed her panty and threw it in one corner of room.

She lied down next to him on her back. Tasleem was still sitting. He felt my wife’s body with his hands again. His cock was steel hard now. He reached to the drawer and pulled up a condom. He rolled it over his cock. He spread my wife’s thighs. He rolled over. He was not sitting on his knees between her legs. He felt her thighs with his hands. My wife was naked but still had all the ornaments on her body. He spread her legs little more.

He placed her strong hands on her thighs. He clutched his hands firmly on her thighs. He moved in closer. His big strong cock is now hanging on her pussy. He Vulva lips were flared and bulged. He adjusted his cock on the opening of her g-spot. Rubbed it for a while. He lifted one of his hand, adjusted and placed his cock on her vagina opening and pressed down hard with his finger. With this my wife let out audible moan. Her mouth was wide open. Tasleems cock was in my wife’s pussy. He moved his hands up and grabbed my wife just above her waist line. Tasleem pushed his cock further inside her.

He moved his hands more, and started to lie down on her. As he did that he legs came close, and my wife’s legs were spread like wings to accommodate Tasleem’s legs and hips between her legs. Her anklets rolled down from her ankle. Tasleem was fully on her now. He pushed his big cock deep inside her pussy and stretched himself over her. His lips were touching my wife’s head. His beard was touching my wife’s cheeks. His hands wrapped her from behind the shoulder. My wife was lying helpless in this big man’s body lock. Like a helpless deer whose neck is in the mouth of lion and its teeth buried deep inside her neck. No escape. She surrendered to him.

She wrapped her hands on his back and moved up and down. Hoping this will calm him down a little and she will go through less pain. Her bangles made click sound. She lifted her legs and wrapped around her hips and ass. Tasleem gave his first thrust. And my wife let out a silent moan. He pulled his hip a little up and then he started giving her strong pelvic thrusts. My wife’s moan were audible. Tasleem started pumping his cock inside my wife’s pussy. With every strong pelvic thrust he gave her, I heard thumping noise. My wife’s body moved beneath him. Bed moved and squawked. My wife gave audible moans and sometimes helpless sighs of pain.

Tasleem was getting more furious. Hot breaths from his nose and body were hitting shilpa on her head and face. More shilpa sighed and moaned, more strongly he was fucking her. He was fucking my wife with his big strong cock. His thrusts increased, he was going strong. Pumping her hard. His balls banged on my wife’s ass with every thrust he did. Thumping noise was bigger. My wife’s pussy was all wet and juices were flowing out in streams from her pussy. Friction between his cock, my wife’s pussy walls and this flowing juices created ‘puch, puch, puch puch’ noise. Bed screeched and squawked louder. My wife’s mouth was dry, tears flowed from her eyes and dried.

With every thrust Tasleem did between her legs, a faint sigh came from her mouth. She had surrendered to the pain. He was climbing into her with the vigor of animal. His moans were aggressive and louder. His body was becoming tense. He started giving louder moans. His hips gave my wife a big strong pelvis thrust. He stayed squeezed between her legs, let a loud moan out as big thick cum shot from him cock. They both lied motionless as they were for next few minutes. Tasleem’s got it. Removed used condom from his cock and dropped it in dustbin just next to the bed. He then lay aside my wife closing his eyes.

I got up and went in living room to put the chair back. I went to kitchen. Poured 2 glasses of water and 2 glassed of water. Put them on tray with some biscuits. I took the tray to bedroom and left it on the table next to bed. I covered both of them in blanket. I picked up their clothes from the floor to put in the laundry. I turned off the light and started the dim one. I walked out of bedroom and closed the door. This time properly. I left the cloths in the laundry basket. Went to my room. I lay on the bed. Pulled my pants down, I masturbated and came quickly. I pulled my pants up. Covered myself in blanket and slept.

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