submission of a proud Indian hindu woman

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HEY,I AM IMRAN KHAN .I AM A X ARMY OF PAKISTAN AND NOW RUNNING A BUSINESS IN INDIA.WE PAKISTANI MUSLIM HUNK LOVES TO BANG INDIAN HINDU WOMAN.BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST BREED OF WOMAN IN THE WORLD.THEY HAVE A GREAT ATTITUDE A GREAT DRESSING SENSE,THEY KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH TO EXPOSE AND THEY DO NOT GIVE IN EASILY. THEY MAKE US WORK HARD TO COME IN HAND.APART FROM ALL THAT THEY HAVE A SEXY PROVOKING FACE AND A PERFECT SEXY CURVY BUSTY BODY. SO I HAVE AND I HAD GREAT ATTRACTION AND LUST TOWARDS INDIAN HINDU WOMAN. I WAS THINKING ABOUT WRITING DOWN ONE OF MY EXPERIENCE NOW I AM WRITING IT DOWN,HOPE YOU ALL WILL ENJOY IT. THIS IS A REAL STORY OF MY LIFE THAT TOOK PLACE 2 YEARS AGO. BEFORE STARTING THE STORY LET ME GIVE YOU THE INTRODUCTION OF MAIN CHARACTERS. Imran khan-38 year old hunky 6 ft 4 inch with strong physic. Rough look a beard face which makes the look more rough and intense. Imran khan loves to spend time in gym and with Indian hindu women .This are his favorite pass time. Imran khan is a evil kind of person who loves to tease dominate and seduce proud classy rich sophisticated sexy hindu women. Imran khan is someone who loves to break the proud of women. on the other hand Divya chatterjee- a high class sophisticated arrogant and proud bong hindu woman. wife of a rich business man. And mother of a 4 year old boy.But her hubBy was a cuck and a worthless person. Her age is 35. she is one of the most attractive and beautiful woman of kolkata. she has a perfect busty curvy sexy body,flesh in the right areas of body and add to that a perfect sexy provoking face with red thick juicy lips and alcoholic eyes. she has a bulky busty ass and great pare of boobs(36c 30 36).
Now the story starts – Imran khan just like other days is working out in the gym at 10 am, at that time divya chatterjee enters in the was her first day in the gym. As she enters in the gym in a sleeveless black t-shirt and a tight slax pant which shows her fleshy thighs. As he enters the gym everbody starts to stare at her . she walks in the gym and passes imran and stand infront of and started talking to the gym trainer. imran sees her as and seeing her while lifting the wet he says to himself “massa allah what a sexy woman , she must be a indian hindu woman”. Imran is doing wet lifing but his eyes on are the sexy curvy body of divya. Meanwhile the gym trainer comes to Imran. Gym trainer -” imran can you help me ? actually I will have to go and you are the best so can you actually help her in the gym ? she is new here.” Imran thanks allah in his mind and then standing up he says “why not , i will help her, she is already in good shape”. He is talking to the gym trainer but his eyes are on the sexy body of divya. while talking he was checking out divya with full of lust. Divya too was amazed to see such a huge strong body and smoky look but being a proudy and loyal wife she ignores. As the gym trainer leave the place divya and imran looks at each other and imran looks at divya in her eyes with a rough look , it is the first time divya is facing a hunk who is giving her rough looks that makes her uncomfortable. so she ignores her look and move her eyes down. Imran – “why you want to join the gym , you already have a attractive figure .you are sexy I must say”. imran says with a evil smile. first time anyone has complimented divya so directly in a aggressive way and in a straight way. divya – “I think you should mind your tong” divya says with a confident look. imran -” saying the truth is nothing wrong and i have the dare to say it ” imran says with a rough look. Imran-” lets start with dips then” , divya says ok and get in the position to give dips. as she starts doing dips imran eyes are on her busty ass and fleshy thighs. suddenly imran gets down on knees and grab her waist farmly. divya feels a shiver as imran grabs her waist because no one ever touches her like this and before divya could say anthing imran says ” your waist is not going down properly ” .divya can not say anything in confusion and the next move of imran puts divya in more uncomfortable situation. As imran moves her hand and while moving her hand he softly rubs her ass with her rough hand. divya feels like a current runs through her body and she could not say anything in shyness. she was feeling so ashamed because no one ever dare to touches her like that. Divya stand up as she was feeling shy and could not look at imran. imran knows the situation better that anyone says “what happened divya?” Divya slowly says nothing puting her head down to avoid imran eyes. divya was feeling helpless and confuse infront of imran so she says ” actually i have to go , i have a party in my house and after finishing her words she rush out from the gym. while going to her bunglow she was thinking about the incident that took place in gym, she was shock and ashamed she was thinking about the daring straight forward imran and his compliments. she tries to not think about the touches but it was coming in her mind and it was making her shy and excited at the same time.
divya gets busy because of the party that she has to hold on her bunglow ,it is the birthday of her son avay who turns to four. suddenly she recives a text in her whatsapp. “hey attractive hot lady this is not fair ” divya reads the text and in confusion replies back quickly “who are you” imran replies “how can you forget the touches and the compliment so soon ” as soon as divya read the texts she get shock and excited ,the first thing that came to her mind are the touches and compliment of imran, her heart beat raises , still she replies back “sorry but who are you and what noncense you are saying” imran get the text and lough and sent his photo where he is working out just wearing a boxer and replies back “i know you know who i am” divya recives the text and start breathing more fast in huge excitement and embarrassed. she could not replies back. imran now calls her and geeting the call from imran divya gets more confuse ashamed and excited at the same time, her brain stops working and she was thinking what to do , then being a proud and confident woman she gathers courage and says hello, imran -” i can hear the sound of your breathing ,what happened? ” asks divya teasingly .divya does not have any idea how to reply back , after a minute of silence she replies back in a low tone “no nothing actually its to much work in the home for the party” imran -“so its your son’s birthday and i am not invited, is it fare ?” divya had no clue how imran came to know about it ,divya does not want to invite imran but she has now no option but to invite him, divya-“ohhh sorry imran i forget to invite you all ,actually i was in a rush” imran -” no issue divya , i will come, tonight we will have fun” imran says teasing divya. divya replies back “fun” but imran cuts the phone . divya stands there in shock and she has no idea what to do, she starts to think what imran says. After some time she gets busy and forgets it all.
The evening appears divya chatterjee gets ready she wears a black saree with a cream color blouse , the blouse is liitle deep neck and back cut , which shows nice amount of the tight deep cleavage of the sexy hindu womam , she puts on red deep lipstic and black eyeliner and high hills, she has put on the saree in a way that shows her curvy belly and sexy waist. The get up of her makes her look like sex bomb. she forgets about imran and was welcoming the guests, at that she hears a mainly voice in her hear as imran whispers “ohhh massa allah you are looking like a sexy doll the most sexy woman i have ever seen” as divya hears the comment she get excited and uncomfortable again, she turns around and looking at imran she says “welcome to the party, please behave yourself , no one talks to me like this” imran-“maybe no one dares to say the truth but i will say ” saying this he steps forward to divya , divya could not replies imran is the first man who is treating divya as like just another woman and showing his mainly attitude , its new for divya and she was feeling shy and excited and confuse. as imran steps forward ,divya steps back and says “go and enjoy the party i will have to attend the guest , so excuse me please” and divya moves away , she was attending the guests but her mind was on imran, she does not want to face him, she has no idea what she should do. first time in her life this proud hindu indian woman was melting.
after attending the guests she cuts cake with her son and starts talking to the guest but her eyes and brain was looking for imran , she was feeling tense and excited because she knew imran is near her . she was talking to one of her friend imran comes and touches her soft ass , as soon as imran touches she gasp and turn around , imran looks at her and with a evil smile says “hi divya” divya looks at imran with angry look and says -“listen imran i am a married hindu woman, you have no rite to touch me like this” imran-” you are not just a married hindu woman but also a proud indian hindu woman and thats makes you more sexy” divya in shock asks “what do you mean by indian are you not ?” imran -“no i am not a indian, i am a pakistani, x paki army ” as divya come to know about the fact that he is a pakistani divya feels more ashamed that a pakistani muslim has touched her and give her such compliments ,but she was feeling a excitement too as well as ashamed. it is the first time divya was going through such mix feelings. two minitue of silense no one says anything then imran breaks the silence imran -“dance ??” he puts his hand forward, divya steps back “no way, i will not dance with a muslim that too a pakistani ” imran-“so you are scared right ? indian proudy married hindu woman divya is scared to dance with this paki muslim” imran says teasingly. imran plays the mind game and target divya’s ego. not looking at imran divya replies “scare , why should i be scare of you ?” imran -“you are scare because you will fall for me if you dance with me” divya looks at imran and says “no way ” imran smiles inside as he knows he has trapped divya to dance with him and his plan is a success. “so prove me wrong have a dance” imran says, divya says nothing and then says ok ,
imran and divya get up on the dance floor , the dance floor was dark , suddenly imran hold divya’s waist and pull her towards him, divya could not react and as she feels the touch and the strong hand she gasp , she could not say anything in shyness. imran knew he has his pray he hold her waist farmly and moving his two finger on divya’s curvy body he whisper in a hot and mainly voice “you are looking like a perfect sexy indian hindu milf ” hearing such comments makes her hot and shy because first time in her life someone calls her milf.divya moans a liitle as she gets excited and feeling shy and week divya- ahh imran you are not allowed to touch me like this,how dare you call me a milf?” divya says slowly putting her head down, she is inch away from imran’s body. imran-“you are a milf a sexy indian hindu milf that should be crased and ravaged like a whore” and as he ends his sentense she squueze divya’s busty ass softly . first time in her life someone has degraded her like this and used such vulgar comments on her , it makes her more excited and shy as she fells the lust of imran, the vulgar comment and the activity of imran makes her hot and she could only moan .divya-ahhh ahh please dont touch me like this, i am a proud married indian hindu woman” imran in a rough tone and with full of lust “i will melt your proud and will make you my personal property,this indian hindu milf is going to be my whore” and pull her closer as close that even air can not pass .divya- ahhh no ohh please dont degrade me like this, you can not break my proud like this , i will not give in” she says slowly and in a shaky voice. imran -“you have already give in , you are mine , i am going to breed you and ravage you, your busty curvy body is for my use ,you will moan like a whore when i will ravage your ass” and saying this imran pinches her belly hard and with a nother hand sqquez her busty ass roughly. divya- ahhhh auchhh ohh god please no, imran please ” divya could only moan she was feeling helpless powerless first time in her life . imran- “yes my indian hindu milf whore you are mine , tonight i will fuck you like a whore in your own bedroom” everyone was enjoying the party , her worthless hubby had no idea and no one has the idea that a proud indian hindu milf is melting on the hands of a paki muslim hunk and soon will get fucked in her own bedroom.
imran hold divya’s waist and they start going to divya’s bedroom. divya the proud indian married hindu woman could not do anything but follow imran’s command . divya was in the sea of lust her heart was beating fast , she was breathing heavily .
divya and imran enters the bedroom divya stands in the middle of the room putting her head down just like a shy doll . imran close the door roughly , divya hears the sound and it makes her more vulnerable. imran comes infront of divya ‘look at me my proud indian hindu milf proudy han , i have melt your proud and it will end when i will ravage your busty ass and will breed you now” imran says and slaps divya on her cheek . divya could say nothing but only moan ahhhh comes out from her mouth. imran remove divya’s saree from her shoulder and its drops in the floor and lust and only lust comes out from the eyes of imran .imran-“ummm my busty hindu milf you realy have a great pare of boobs ,, my paki pthani dick will fuck your cleavage tonight” imran holds the busty ass of divya and pull her to him , divya moans again as ahhhhh comes out from her mouth . now she was full of lust too her leaps are open nipples are erected she has closed her eyes in lust.
The proud hindu indian woman is now in the hand of a pakistani muslim hunk .imran looks at divya who has closed her eyes in lust ,imran looks at her and starts rubbing her thick juicy lips by his finger and with another hand he was crashing and squeezing the curvy belly of divya, divay’s lips are already open and imran was playing with her it makes her more hot ,now imran puts his two finger on divya’s hot mouth “suck it my indian hindu whore” imran says in a rough tone ,divya wothout saying a word start sucking imran’s finger ,divya was not in the position to talk she sucks her finger for two minitues then imran turn divya and now divya’s back was facing imran.imran removes the hair from divya’s left shoulder and holdin her belly tightly with another hand starts to kiss and byte divyas shoulder and throat .imran-ummm mera sexy gosh vara chinal tum indian hindu aurat a sabse sexy aur soft hote ho. divya starts to moan louder and she was moaning only, divya-“ahhhh imran ohhh please let me go ahhh” .divya’s moan and her helpless situation makes imran more honry ,imran smash divya on the wall and holding her on the wall he starts to byte her naked white back and at the same time squuzing her ass .Imran-“ummm proudy indian hindu woman like you are our fuck doll” ,divya-“ahhh please no ohhh god ahh imran please aise mat bolo”. imran continues to byte her sexy back then imran unhook the blouse of divya and throws it away now the proud indian hindu milf is standing just in a red bra her saree was on the floor she was just in the bra infront of the paki muslim hunk . imran turn her towards him and looks at her fleshy white naked body with lust and hunger .Imran-“ummm such a busty curvy Indian hindu whore you are , you are a sex machine”.saying this,Imran holds her saree and pull it from her body and throws it away , divya’s white body turns to reddish color in shyness and excitement . Imran-“kneel down my Indian sexy hindu raand ,kneel down my whore” says in a mainly tone .Divya does not kneel down as she was excited felling shy and was feeling ashamed but as imran says it a nother time and with a more commanding way “kneel down my fucking indian hindu whore” divya could not help herself and kneel down .Now the proudy indian hindu milf is on the feet of a pakistani muslim hunk. imran-“look at the mirror ,thats your perfect position infront of us , my milf whore” divya looks at the mirror by the side of her eye and feels more ashamed and excited . imran now takes out his pthani dick and as it comes out divya gasp seeing the large dick ,she was shock seeing the large thick cut dick,she has never ever seen such a dick in her life it is three time more large and thick then her hubby’s. seeing the large dick the heart beat of divya statrs to beat faster then ever her heavy juicy boobs were going up and down. Imran -“shock by seeing my dick, umm my whore thats a dick of a paki muslim hunk not like your impotent hindu hubby”. divya could not replies as she was in shock .Imran now started slapping divya’s face by her dick shatt shatt shatt he starts slapping her white sexy face , divya was taking the slap helplessly and moaning slowly ummm ahhh. imran now startts rubbing her dick on divya’s juicy lips and command in a rough way “suck it my milf hindu whore”. Divya open her lips in lust and slowly start sucking imran’s dick ,first time in her life she was sucking a paki muslim hunk’s dick imran has broke her proud and melt her . divya slowly sucking the dick and with her soft left hand she is folding the dick ummmm umm she continue sucking the dick and the sexy lust full sound was coming out .imran-ahhh ummmm my fucking hindu whore you are such a sucker ,your mouth is perfect to suck dick of us . imran take out his dick and says “so my indian hindu milf whore do you submit as my whore” divya in shyness puts her head down and slowly says -“yes i submit myself on your feet ,i am your hindu indian whore” this makes imran more excited and brutal and put the dick back on divya’s mouth and start to fuck her mouth roughly . divya -“ahhhh ummm ummmmm ummmm” was sucking it and moaning. divya was out of breath as imran was fucking her mouth hard. imran then holds divya by her hair and making her stand he holds her petticoat and untide it and the petticoat falls in the ground and then holding the red panty he tore it and throw it away. imran lifts divya and takes her to the bed ,he makes divya seat on his dick and divya moans “ahhhh please no ummmm” imran unhook her bra and make her complete naked and starts rubbing and squeezing her big juicy boobs and pinch her nipple and pulling her nipple .divya was moaning like any thing siting on imran’s lap and as imran was playing with her boobs and erect nipple .divya-pleasw imran ahhhh no ohh god you brut ahhh . imran- “umm my milfy hindu whore you are a fuck doll a fucking whore” saying this imran holds divya’s waist and lift her and put the dick on divyas busty ass. it makes divya moan louder. divya- “ahhhhh ohhh god ohh noo please imran ahh i can not take this” . imran gets more brutal and excited hearing her moans amd imran was making divya jumps on her dick by holding her waist he was lifting divya up and down. divya- “ahhhh auchh ohh god ahhh you bastard ahhhh you get me , ahhh i never thought this day will come ahhhhh auchh divya moans in excitement and pain and pleasure as imrans continues to make her jump on his dick. Imran continiues to fuck her busty ass for 30 minitues and then imran throws her on bed and comes over her holding her throat he says “tonight i will breed you ,i will make you mother of my muslim children” saying this he puts his dick on divya’s cunt in one strong jark.imran-ahhhhh ummm such a tight hot cunt you have my whore. divya- ahhhhhhhh auchhh ohhhh god ohhhh noooo i will die ahhh ” moan so loud that people in the party will get to hear it. divya’s moan makes imran a hungry animal and just like a lion imran was now fucking divya ,imran was taking her dick out and putting it in with more force he was fucking deep on her cunt. divya-“ahhhhh aucvhh ahhh ohh noo ohh god ohh ahh ohhh you are such a lion ahhh please slow please ahh i beg ” imran-“umm i dont show mercy on my indian hindu whores ummm ahhh ohhh my whore” the bed was shaking like anything and imran was fucking the proudy hindu divya like an animal. imran fucks divya like this for more than 40 minitues ,imran-ahhh umm my indian hindu whore i will feel your womb with my pakistani muslim cum and will make you proud umm saying this imran releases his thick cum on divya’s womb before divya could complete her sentence she was about to say “ohhh no imran please no but as imran feels her womb with cum divya-“ummmm imran ahhh what you have done ,you have spoiled me you have destroyed me. imran- “from now on you are my whore my begum and my personal property .its just a beginning i will fuck you infront of your impotent worthless hindu hubby ,i will take you with me my whore saying this he turn divya and slaps on her ass roughly shatt shattt shatt he slaps on her ass and says “are you ready to go with me my whore ? will you follow my commands from now on my milf ?” divya moans and says – “ahhhh auchh ahh yes i will , i will.”
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  1. Great story, I am wet, so hot muslim stud. We hindu sanskari women love to submit to rough arrogant low class muslim masters who show us the true path, the way to swarg. Divya I know would in next episode submit to her muslim malik even to entertain his rough muslim friends

    1. Megha please write “My Conservative Mom Seduced” Part 3. You have written Parts 1 and 2 only. I am an avid reader of your literary works. Please complete the story, its a request.

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