Subramanian’s Autobiography: Adventures of my Iyer Mother with a Muslim Part 1

desi sex story

My name is Subramanian Iyer and I am 27 here to say a true story when I was young. For privacy all name are aliases.

Chapter 1: Ateef, the Muslim Bull

I grew up in a beautiful city of Palakkad, Kerala in a brahmin family. The
story takes place when I was 13. My mom was the beautiful Meenakshi Iyer
who was 33. She was 5′ 4″, fair completion and slightly chubby. My dad was
Prakash Iyer, who was 43, 5′ 6″, dark completion, stout and bald. My mom’s
marriage was a typical arranged marriage when she was 20. I also had a
younger sister who was 11 and her name was Vidya Iyer.

We lived a pretty happy and non-exciting life in a brahmin household. My
dad worked as an engineer and we moved to Cochin when I was 11. Things
changed when my dad got a job in Dubai in the construction industry when I
was 13. He moved with plans to bring us to dubai when he made enough money.
During the same time we had a muslim neighbor who worked under my dad named
Ateef Choudhary. He was 6′ 1″, tan completion and 29. He lived with his
wife (for 3 years) who was 5′ 1″, stout, dark completion and 26. His father
whose name was Bashar Choudhary lived with them (after Ateef’s mother died
few years ago) who is 5′ 11″, tan completion, grey beard, wore religious
hat, yellow teeth with some teeth missing and was 55.

Our families were pretty close but we rarely go to their house since they
cook meat (mostly beef) due to my mother’s preference. My dad really
trusted Ateef even though my mother did not like the relationship since
they were muslim. Nevertheless she did converse with Ateef’s wife often.
When my dad left, he told Ateef to help my wife when he was gone with
outside chores (e.g. going to bank, getting groceries etc.). When my mom
goes to the temple (she was very religious) or store she let me and my
sister stay at Ateef’s place. One day during my stay there, I was bored
watching TV and Ateef was at work while his wife was cooking. I went over
to the office room and saw that his computer was on (first time I saw a
computer other than at school). There was no internet or computer games I
could find so I pulled open a CD case to see if there are any games. Inside
there were 5 disks with different names on it (Mahalakshmi, Sridevi,
Kamakshi, Laxmi and Vibha). I randomly put one of the disks in the computer
and it opened a video app asking for password. I looked in the cd sleeve
and there was note that said mallu, so I typed it in and it worked.
Suddenly I saw that there was a beautiful woman sitting on a bed. I saw the
camera man talking to her and realized it was ateef and he started slowly
undressing her. I immediately reacted with closing and covering my eyes
(since thats what my parents taught me to do when we watch movies with
scenes like this). I started slowly peeking and realized that she was
completely undressed. I immediately uncovered my eyes and stared at the
beautiful large breasts with large tits. Before this I have never seen any
woman naked. I immediately saw ateef grab the breast and started sucking
them. I saw there were headphones and put them on and I heard the woman
moaning in delight. I started feeling unexplainable feelings inside and my
dick became very hard which I didn’t realize why back then. Suddenly I saw
him pull her underwear and zoom in on her beautiful hairy pussy. I have
never seen it before and got even more excited. He pulled out his cock
which was huge (prolly 9 inches) and was cut (which i didn’t know was
possible since i was uncut). It looked beautiful with red tip and no
foreskin compared to mine. He immediately forced it in to the pussy and
started pounding it hard while she was screaming and he was screaming
obscenities in malayalam (mostly calling her a whore). I have never felt
happier or excited in my life. It was my first porn. After he was done she
was lying on his chest and he pulled out some whiskey from cabinet and took
beef curry from a bag he bought. He lighted up a cigarette and told her to
eat and drink it while looking at the camera and saying in malayalam, “my
name is mahalakhshmi, i am a brahmin wife who loves beef and alcohol, but
mostly i love muslim cock”. Oh my god, I have never seen or heard any
obscenities like this. My mom used to complain and close her nose whenever
our neighbor cooked any meat and here is Ateef having sex with a brahmin
wife and making her eat beef. The date stamp was last year on the video and
this was when he was in trivandrum for a business trip. Before I wanted to
switch out the cd for another, Bashar uncle came around and said my mom is
here. I then got up and went home sad that I couldn’t watch more. When I
went to the bathroom, I noticed for first time white stuff that smelled
weird on my underwear. This was my first cum.

For the rest of the week, I could not focus in school and kept thinking
about my “hero” Ateef and how the muslim bull penetrated the hindu cow
(brahmin wife). Whenever I come home I always wanted him go to his house,
talk to him and hug him. He was like a father I never had. My mother seeing
how close I was to him, got closer to their family and invited them for
dinner to our house for first time. During dinner, Ateef was very
conversational and funny and mom soon realized they had a lot in common.
Ateef really likes tamil movies and both of them talked for hours about it.
I was very happy with the fact that we got closer as a family.

Few weeks later my mom’s parents passed away in a bus accident in palakkad
while going to a temple in tamil nadu. Grieved by this she left to take
care of the bodies and left me and my daughter at ateef’s place. Even
though I was sad of this loss, I was excited to spend more time with ateef.

While he was gone for work, aunty (Ateef’s wife) made some vegetarian
biriyani for us while she cooked beef biriyani for bashar uncle. While I
was eating I couldn’t help but wanting to eat the beef biriyani uncle was
eating since it reminded me of the video and smelled so good. After he
left, I begged aunty for some of the beef, but she refused saying my mother
won’t approve. After more begging, saying I don’t like my food and I will
refuse to eat, she finally gave in and gave me some beef biriyani and told
me not to tell my mother. My sister was disgusted by the smell and the fact
that I am eating meat, got up and left. When I first ate it, I felt a
little queasy but more I ate with water, the more I enjoyed it. I usually
don’t finish my plate, but finished an entire plate of beef biriyani. Here
I was ,subramanian iyer, eating meat for first time at age 13 and it was
beef and enjoying it. I liked it so much and then I took another plate and
told aunty I will be in the computer room.

I was so excited to see more vcds of ateef having sex with brahmin mothers
and having them drink alcohol and beef. I put in laxmi’s dvd. Out came the
video with a beautiful plump mallu palakkad iyer with large breasts. The
sequence was same as before but was just as exciting. While I opened
cupboard to see if I can increase volume on computer, noticed a bottle of
imported whiskey (same one as in video). MY GOD

… I immediately poured some and drank it (didn’t realize your are
supposed to drink it raw). I immediately got sick and ate more of the beef
biriyani. I threw up in the cup and noticed chunk of beef in my vomit. I
immediately drank it since I wanted to taste the amazing beef. I did this
for many days and one day at school my sister said that she will tell my
mom that I ate beef. I immediately pleaded and begged her and told her to
try it and its really good. I was able to persuade her to eat it, she felt
sick at first so I gave her a canteen to drink. She thought it was pepsi,
but didn’t realize that there was whiskey mixed with it. She immediately
started eating more and liked it. We made a pact after that we will not
tell mother.

My mom finally came back and while it was great to see her, I missed
staying at ateefs place and eating beef while watching porn. He was such a
hero, that I drew him as a picture for school when they told us to draw our
favorite hero who we looked up to in art class. Few weeks later we got a
telephone call that would change our lives. My dad got into a car accident
and died in dubai. My mom was devastated and I was for a short while. My
sister reminded me that now we can probably stay at ateef’s place and eat
more beef and pepsi. My GOD

.. I realized, what have I turned my sister into? She is now a beef and
whiskey loving brahmin who doesn’t care that her father just died. I then
realized that even though I liked my father, he was very boring and very
religious and cared more about work than family. He never even had sex
since he last had my sister and never even thought for a second to cheat on
my mother. I then decided that ateef is a father I would rather have.

I then realized what if ateef marries my mother, then he could persuade my
mom to eat beef and alcohol and can sexually please her like she has never
had before. Thinking about that made me cum even more. Then I realized that
ateef is already married and it would be unfair for aunty who made me and
my sister, beef secretly everyday. Then I realized that my mom could be
like the brahmins in his vcds, a slut that ateef can have sex with when he
pleases. That turned me on even more.

Chapter 2: Meenakshi’s transformation

My mom is grieving over the loss of her husband. She got a phone call from
her husband’s friend in dubai and he said he will call back with details on
what to do with the body. Seeing my mother cry, made me sad and even though
I liked the past few months living without him, I missed him dearly. I went
over to Ateef’s and informed him of the news. He was distraught and come
over to our place to console my mother. I was surprised at how caring Ateef
was and he showed a different side than what I was used to from the VCDs in
his computer room. My mom felt better and Ateef got her to laugh a few
times. He said he will keep in touch in Dubai to be sure to get his body to
India and that the proper rituals are done. My mom felt stronger and
relieved knowing that someone is helping her.

The next few days was tough for all of us. Weekend was coming and I thought
it would be good opportunity to keep the mood up since my sister was
especially gloomy the last few days. On my way home, I saw an ad for a
water park nearby and there was a festival with food and unlimited rides on
Saturday. I thought this will be a good opportunity to cheer my sister up
and to get my mom to come outside. I went home and pitched the idea to mom,
but she was hesitant to go alone with kids. I then told her “what about
Ateef? He could come with his wife!”. My mom liked the idea and said that
maybe this will be a good outing for all of us due to all the bad news the
past few months.

We went over to Ateef and told him about it, he was excited saying he has
never been to a water park and this would be fun. He insisted that he will
pay for everyone and told us to be ready on Saturday. My sister and I were
excited about and talked about all the different rides we are going to go
in the park. We left that morning, and right off the bat, Ateef was very
conversational and made my mom laugh many times with good jokes. My mom had
a glow in her face and I have never seen her happy especially light of all
the things that have happened that past few weeks. Once we got there, my
sister and I went on all the rides and had a blast. While we sat to eat,
Ateef said he cooked for all of us. My mom immediately said that we don’t
eat meat, but Ateef interrupted saying he knows that and made everything
vegetarian. He also said that there was no onion or garlic in any of the
food since he knows that my mom tries to avoid them as much as possible. My
mom was impressed and said she will try it. He said he personally made it
and my mom ate it and enjoyed it very much. I have never seen my mom enjoy
food as much as she did and I could see that Ateef has left an impression
on her. My sister and I however hated it and thought it was bland. When my
mom and Ateef left to buy some ice cream, Ateef’s wife said she knew we
would hate that food and took out a box with beef biriyani (my favorite!).
She dumped it in our food and told us to eat quickly. My sister and I ate
them very quickly and not leaving a single piece of meat in the dish so mom
won’t find out. My mom and Ateef came by and was suprised that we ate all
the food. As a reward, she gave us 2 ice cream each and praised Ateef’s
food saying she has never seen us eat all the food. (while me and my sister
were smiling at each other).

After we left, I kept thinking on how much fun we had on this trip together
and we never had this much fun when dad was around since he always worked.
I was hoping that we do more of this. The next few weeks, Ateef used to
visit often and gave company to my mother. I had a lot of respect that he
never made any move or tried to take advantage of the situation and felt
truly sorry for our situation. Eventually I gave up the idea that my dream
of Ateef having sex with my mother would materialize but hoped that we can
do stuff together and Ateef’s wife continued to give us our favorite beef

Soon, we came upon my mom’s most important event, “Karadaiyan Nonbu”. It is
a festival in South India where my mom fasts all day and does puja at night
before breaking fast for health and longevity for the husband. My sister
and I hated the holiday since my mom only gives us fruits to eat all day
and ‘adai’ (sweet dish) at night that she eats to break “fasting” which our
sister and I hated. We went to Ateef’s house night before and begged
Ateef’s wife to make us our favorite beef biriyani so we can secretly enjoy
during the day. During the day of Karadaiyan Nonbu, we were excited to go
Ateef’s house and eat some good beef for first time during our most hated
occasion. Unfortunately, Ateef and his wife went to the store to buy
groceries. We waited for many hours and when we saw Ateef’s wife, she
apologized and said it will be ready in a few hours. We waited till 6pm but
was well worth it when Ateef’s wife rang the door and said to our mom that
she needed us to help set up the computer. My mom obliged and we went over
and she secretly gave us a huge bowl of beef biriyani (the beef was
especially fresh since they just bought it). We have never tasted beef so
good and we finished the entire bowl in a few minutes. Ateef’s wife was
impressed and said we may eat a weeks supply of beef at this rate. While my
sister and I were eating and Ateef’s wife left, I took out a canteen and
shared it with my sister who still thought it was just pepsi. I unknowingly
to her again mixed some whiskey, since it tastes so good with beef. She
drank it immediately and was hungry for more beef. We ate our heart’s
content and was walking back home concealing our burping and found our
mother distraught and crying on the sofa.

Immediately, I was afraid that she found out our escapades and eating beef.
Ateef who came with us went over and asked what was wrong. My mom through
her tears said that she was worried that she didn’t hear anything back
about her husband so she called the police department in Dubai. She was
notified that before her husband’s death he was arrested a few months back
for molesting and videotaping underage girls and that he died while
escaping from prison. My sister and I were shocked to hear it and we
couldn’t think for a few minutes. Eventually both of us were angry that he
was our father and was embarrassed to call him that. My mom was especially
mad and went into the room and locked the door. I realized that even though
my dad was conservative, never had sex with wife after we were born, he was
never able to channel his sexual frustrations and instead did something
that we found disgusting (which Ateef and I would never think of doing).
Ateef on other hand was able to channel his sexual urges appropriately and
never forced anyone to do it since he could have done it to my mom that
past few weeks. I had new found respect for him.

My mom was locked in the room for many hours and Ateef was worried that she
might hurt herself. He knocked on the door and went in to console her. He
was able to convince her to come out and they went outside to the terrace
upstairs to get some fresh air and consoling her. I was so depressed about
the situation that I wanted to get back to when I was happy so I went to
Ateef’s office and took his camera with original cassettes and hit in our
bedroom’s closet to watch some of the porn ateef recorded with headphones.
Few minutes later, I heard the front door open with Ateef and my mom
talking. I immediately closed the closet door, so they don’t see me in the
closet. Ateef and my mom came into the bedroom and were talking in
malayalam. I was able to peek through the creases of the closet door and my
mom was saying how she was never loved with her husband and that probably
everything happened for the better. Ateef said that while he respected her
husband as a boss very much, he is just as shocked that he would do
something like this. He said its midnight and its probably time to go to
sleep. My mom laughed and said she never did the pooja or break “fast” and
now is no longer interested since she has lost all respect for her husband.
Ateef worried said that she should eat something before going to sleep or
she may faint from exhaustion. He said he will get the food from his house
so she can break the fast. He came back with a cooker pot full of rice but
said that his wife threw away his veg biriyani and only had beef biriyani
that she made with fresh beef from today. Sight of it made my mouth water
but tried to control myself so I don’t get caught. He said he can take the
beef off but this won’t be accepted so he said he will go out and will see
what he can buy outside. My mom worried that it might be dangerous outside
said its okay she will eat it. Ateef and I were shocked when she said that.
Ateef said well, “this has beef, I though you don’t eat meat especially
beef and since today is a religious occasion isn’t it sin?”. My mom replied
that she fasted for my husband and gods punished her anyway so they cannot
do more harm if she eats meat. Ateef reluctantly gave the cooker pot and
said he will bring plates, she said no need and ate the beef biriyani with
her hand from the pot itself. My mom must have been really hungry since she
was stuffing her mouth with the food and kept saying how good it was. She
ate so fast that she started hiccuping. Ateef who didn’t have water saw my
canteen on the table and gave it to my mother. She drank it saying it
tasted weird but completely drank it. I filled that canteen up with Ateef’s
whiskey earlier but forgot to add pepsi and my mom just drank any entire
canteen of whiskey raw. The hiccups subsided and I was standing there
shocked in the closet. Luckily I was in the closet recording the whole
thing even while deleting Ateef’s porn since I knew this was turning me on
more than anything else. Here is my brahmin mother, Meenakshi Iyer, eating
beef for first time while drinking whiskey to break “fast” from Karadaiyan
Nonbu while sitting in bed next to a married muslim man who has had sex
with multiple brahmin wives in the past. The sight of this gave me a huge
erection and I couldn’t control but to ejaculate immediately. She
immediately licked the bottom of the pot with last of the beef juices and
said that she feels lonely and wants to be held. I have never seen her
utter anything like this and it must have been either the beef and/or the
alcohol controlling her now.

Ateef reluctantly held her in his arms and she immediately looked in his
eyes. I have never seen my mom so horny in my life and she immediately
started making out with him. She immediately said in malayalam that she
wants him to pleasure her like she has never been pleasured before. Ateef
immediately undressed her like in the videos and looked at her beautiful
breasts that have been untouched my men in many years. He immediately
sucked on them with a squeal from my mother that I am sure the entire
building heard. My god…I have never witnessed anything more beautiful and
my mom was part of it. I have never been more proud of my mom. Here I was
thinking that it would be Ateef seducing my mother but it was my mother who
seduced Ateef on day of Karadaiyan Nonbu pleasing her truly deserving
husband. He then went down and pulled down her skirt and underwear. My mom
immediately fell back on the bed and spread her legs with no coaching like
the whores in Ateef’s VCD. I never thought my mom would be a bigger slut
that all of the brahmin wives he has had sex with. He immediately obliged
and started licking her clit with a delight from my mom who started moaning
like she has never moaned before. I tried to zoom in as best as I can so I
can view her hairy pussy. While she was reaching her climax, she spoke the
only english I have heard her speak that day “Fuck me Ateef, Fuck me Hard”.
I have never been more horny before and ever since. This was the hottest
thing a guy can ever witness. Ateef took out a condom from his back pocket
and put it on his huge 9 inch cock and started ramming her hard. My mom in
response starting squealing really hard like a pig not caring that my
sister and I are probably sleeping next door. Ateef in response starting
speaking obsenities in malayalam like he did in the VCDs and said he was
going to cum. My immediately screamed “in my MOUTH” and she immediately put
the thalli (mangalsutra) on her tongue and stuck her tongue out. He
immediately pulled out his condom and released all the cum into her mouth
and her mangalsutra. She swallowed all the cum and started sucking on her
mangalsutra of all the remaining cum. I have never seen anything as hot as
this and I was so glad I had a camera in my hand to record everything even
though it is limited through the closet. Ateef with his exhaustion fell
next to her and said in malayalam this is the best sex he has ever had.
I agreed with him since he didn’t last as long and cummed much faster
compared to his other videos although my mom is way better looking with
larger breasts than all of them put together. My mom immediately put her
head on his chest and said in malayalam in a drunk voice, “that in her
religion, during Karadaiyan Nonbu wives are supposed to fast until midnight
for well being of her husband and I have been doing it for 14 years but
today is a special Karadaiyan Nonbu since I got to please someone that I
now look as god in front of gods I used to believe in”. She said it while
pointing to a picture of one of the gods I didn’t notice above the closet.
My god, I cannot believe what I witnessed. A brahmin pallakad iyer widow
just broke her fast for Karadaiyan Nonbu in front of the gods with eating
beef, drinking whiskey and drinking a muslim man’s cum with her mangalsutra
in her mouth who she considers equivalent to god. This was a day I would
never forget and I slept in the closet the rest of night in ecstacy that I
have never felt before.

Chapter 3: Brahmin cow and a Muslim bull

While I was sleeping in the closet, I kept dreaming about Ateef face on a
bull and my mom’s face on a cow. Instead of bull getting on top and having
sex with the cow, for some reason it was the cow holding down the bull and
forcing its juicy cock into its vagina. I was a calf watching it from the
side and I could not be more excited to watch this sight. I suddenly woke
up noticed my underwear was soaked in cum that was dripping down the leg. I
have never cummed this much in my life, it must be the mixture of fresh
beef and watching my hero Ateef finally penetrate my mom. I finally got up
and slowly got out of the closet. While I was sneaking out, I could my
beautiful mom with her pottu smeared, thalli (mangalsutra) on Ateef’s hairy
chest along with her face, while her right hand was firmly on Ateef’s cock
which was still hard. I could see cum stains along the edge of my mom’s
lips while her right leg was crossed over Ateef’s leg with her hairy pussy
exposed. I could not forget the sight, while I was walking out I noticed
Ateef’s used condom which I quickly pocketed as a souvenier (never seen a
condom this big before must have been XXL). I quickly sneaked into the
bathroom, showered and got ready for school. My sister went to the bathroom
after me and after we got ready asked where my mom was. I didn’t want my
sister to know what happened yet since she will be in shock just like me. I
told her that mom is still grieving and we should leave her alone. While we
were heading out, I heard my mom’s voice and when I turned around she was
in a hot churidar telling me if she needs to make me something. I told her
that I will eat on way to school and ran off (hoping to give some personal
time between my mom and Ateef to continue the chemistry).

I was excited to go to school, because I plan on cutting class in afternoon
so I can rush back to Ateef’s place while he is at work so I can burn a VCD
from the hot tape I recorded last night. My sister kept asking what
happened last night since she heard screams from bedroom, I told her that
mom was just crying and upset and Ateef was calming her down. After lunch,
I was able to sneak out of school and went straight to Ateef’s place. While
knocking on door, I noticed sweet aroma of beef and was excited to have
some of it while burning the VCD. Atif’s wife opened door and asked why I
am not at school. I lied to her that I forgot to burn a CD for a project
for school and need to use the computer. She welcomed me in and apologized
that she didn’t make my favorite beef biriyani but did make beef roast with
rice (soaked in lard/beef fat rather than butter). It smelled so good that
I was excited to try a new dish. I took the plate and went straight to the
computer room and uploaded the video. While uploading I was having the
tasty beef fry while watching my mom aggresively having sex with Ateef. I
have never seen anything more beautiful even though I could barely see much
since it was from the closet. After it was finished, I went out and noticed
that our house was locked. I thought it would be good to hide the disk and
condom in my room before going to school to pick up my sister. While I was
in the house, I heard noices outside so I quickly snuck into mom’s bedroom
and hid in the closet. I heard laughter mostly from mother and kissing.
While peeking through the closet door, I saw my mom dragging Ateef to the
bedroom and told him to sit in the bed. Ateef asked why she called him to
come home early and said he didn’t even tell his wife he is here. My mom
smiled and said she has a surprise for him and told him to close his eyes.
I have never seen my mom so happy and have this bright glow in the face in
my life. At that moment I was so happy that Ateef has made my mom this

She came in with a pot of hot food that smelled great. He opened his eyes
and asked what it was. She said that since he gave her such a delicious
biriyani, she made her delicious palakkad sambar but with beef instead of
vegetables. Ateef was shocked and asked where she got the beef, she said
she went to the butcher shop nearby and said it was for Ateef’s family and
got 2 pounds of beef. Ateef impressed wanted to eat it immediately, but my
said she wants to feed him with her own hands. Luckily I had a camera and
was able to shoot the entire event where my mother, a pallakad iyer (who
wouldn’t even cut onions or garlic a week ago), cut and cleaned beef so
Ateef can enjoy it. My mom fed the entire bowl to Ateef and he enjoyed it
so much that he said it was the best beef he had ever had. After he was
done eating, he said needs to go to work and my mom pushed Ateef down and
said that he needs to do something for her. She immediately pulled his
pants down and started sucking his cock which was already 9 inch erect.
Ateef got up immedeately and pushed her away. My mom immediately got mad
and asked why he pushed her away. He said that “we just had sex last night,
which not wait till tonight”. My mom immediately replied that she can wait
that long and pushed him down and started sucking his cock vigourously.
Ateef could not hold any longer and cummed immeadiately into my mother’s
mouth. She immediately swallowed it and licked her lips saying it tastes
even better than last night. She immediately pushed him down and put his
dick in her pussy and started riding it like a horse while moaning. I have
never seen any woman on top of Ateef in any of the videos, my mom taking
charge turned me on so much and the dream I had last night made a lot of
sense. Ateef stopped her saying he doesn’t have a condom. My mom pushed him
down saying she bought birth control pills in the morning and wants to feel
his cum rather than plastic. MY GOD…my mother, a kerala
brahmin…planning to have sex with a muslim with no condoms so she can
feel his cum. I have never felt such an ecstacy in my life. I could see
that the tired Ateef suddenly found energy after she said that and started
riding her harder while calling her a palakkad whore in malayalam before
cumming. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was able to zoom in with the camera
to cum dripping from my mom’s pussy on to Ateef’s balls. She immediately
got up and started licking his balls while rolling her beautiful eyes. He
thali (mangalsutra) was buried on his pubic hair was covered in drops of
cum. I have never seen such a sight.

Ateef immediately got a phone call from work and said he had to go. My mom
was immediately sad and said if he was going to come tonight. Ateef
immediately said in disbelief if she wanted to have MORE SEX. My mom
immediately shook her head yes. Ateef said he will call her after work and
walked out completely stunned. I have never seen such a sight, my mom
having more libido than Ateef and is yearning for sex. At that point I was
glad that I was able to force Ateef to interact with my mom since even he
is having a hard time satisfying her desires. I realized that based on her
desires, I need to probably buy my own camcorder rather than borrowing
Ateefs. Unfortunately I had no money but then realized that I have these
VCDs that I copied from existing brahmin girls he had sex with and more
importantly my mother. I knew that the rich kids in my school will pay
thousands of rupees for these VCDs. I immediately upload this video and
burned it at Ateef’s place and took all the VCDs to school to pick up my
sister. I saw a bunch of rich kids outside school playing games on their
fancy handheld video games. I went up them and told them I had porn and if
they wanted to see it. They laughed saying brahmin boys are not supposed to
watch them. I replied back that these are video tapes of brahmin mothers
including my own. They immediately jumped up and said they wanted to see
it. I told them to meet at one of the rich kids place to play the VCD and
will charge at least 500 rupees per VCD. They immediately agreed and I went
home with my sister and told my mother that I have to go to friends house
for a school project.

I immediately went to his house where all the kids were waiting eagerly
while I brought all the VCDs. I told them that these are videos of my hero
muslim neighbor having sex with different brahmin moms to which I had
stunned look on their faces. I could tell that they have not see any girl
naked just like me before Ateef’s videos. I played the VCD in same order I
saw them, and with each tape I saw stunned silence and even some closing
their eyes. After all of them saw it, I said I will give all the VCDs to
the highest bidder. The richest kid immediately said 25000 rupees for all
of them, to which no one could match. I cant believe it, I got quite a
bargain from Ateef’s collection. I immediately went to the store and bought
a camcorder for 15000 rupees and saved 10000 rupee for later use. I
immediately went home and noticed my mom wasn’t home. I saw a note saying
she went to drop her sister for dance class. I immediately used this
opportunity to go to my mom’s closet and make a small hole on top of the
closet so I can fit a hidden camera using my camcorder. I was immediately
excited with the fact that I can use a remote control to record all of the
sex my mom will have for the next month.

My mom came back home with a smile with her daughter and asked if we wanted
to eat. My daughter hungry said yes, so we sat down in the table. My mom
put 8-9 chappatis for each of us, even though we said it was too much. She
insisted we were growing children and we should eat more so we can be as
strong as Ateef. She then took the same pot that she fed Ateef and poured
beef sambar in both of our plates to our shock. My sister’s eyes lit up and
wasn’t sure what to do. My mom said that she learned that we were growing
children and that beef is very good for building muscle and from now we
cannot say no and should eat everyday. My sister immediately munched down
on chapati even though she hates chapati but loved the beef sambar that was
with it. I took chomped down on the sambar with beef and onions and never
felt so satisfied after eating my moms food. My mom laughed and said she
has never seen us that excited to eat food. My sister immediately replied
if you give us beef everyday, she will eat 10x this much everyday. I
immediately ate and went into room with a smile on my face because my dream
has finally been realized. My mom being horny for Ateef and having sex
everyday and my sister and I getting to enjoy beef everyday.

Chapter 4: Brahmin longing to be a muslim keep

Life was now what I called the “golden era”, since I have been recording my
mom having sex twice a day and having different “palakkad” dishes with
beef, nothing could be better. My friends started asking for more videos
and with the amount of sex my mom was having I had plenty of VCDs to go
around and eventually made over 75000 rupees! (enough to buy a motor bike).
One day before school, my mom told me to go buy a good ashtray for the
house to which I asked why? She said Ateef is coming over to discuss
“business dealings” and it would be convenient if he can smoke while
discussing. I immediately smiled and agreed and took the 100 rupees and
went to the store. I knew what the business dealings meant sex and was
excited that she was going to let Ateef smoke while doing it. The thought
that my palakkad brahmin mother who yelled at my dad’s coworker for smoking
near children at office party will let a muslim smoke while having sex with
her. When I went there I realized that the ash tray for 100 rupees looked
very cheap so I took some money from my stash and bought a nice crystal
ashtray for 500 rupees. I ran home and gave it to my mom immediately and
noticed that she was wearing “maliya phoo” (jasmine in her hair) and very
nice blue pattu podavai (silk sari). I asked her if she was going out, she
said no she wanted to look “professional” for the business discussion with
Ateef. She told me to eat some of the beef masala dosai she made which I
ate and went to my room immediately. I used some of my money to buy
extension cord that can feed to my room so I can connect to my small TV so
I can watch the entire action in my room, since the camera lens is through
a hole on top of closet, the view will be spectacular. It was finally 9PM,
and the doorbell rang promptly. Hearing Ateef’s voice brought not only a
chill down my mom’s spine but also mine. I immediately turned on the TV and
I can see my mom all over Ateef kissing him. She said that this night is
special because it was her birthday and she wanted the sex to be especially

Ateef had a smile and she took out a pack of malboro and lighter from her
bra and put one cigarette in her mouth and lighted it up. I never thought
that my mom asked for an ashtray so SHE CAN SMOKE. She immediately put one
on Ateef’s mouth and he pulled it away saying he tries to avoid smoking
when his wife is around since she doesn’t like it. My mom immediately put
it in his mouth and told him not to be a bore and do it for her birthday.
She then pulled out vodka from the cabinet and popped it the cap with her
mouth and poured it in the glass. Ateef was shocked and asked if there was
any soda to put in it. My mom immediately replied “drink it RAW”. She
immediately forced vodka down Ateef’s throat and she drank from the bottle.
I have never seen a face more shocked than Ateef’s face. Here was ateef who
had sex with every brahmin in the city of Trivandrum with a calm demeanor,
now is perplexed at how my mom has changed since my father’s death. She
immediately pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock like a
professional. Ateef still couldn’t last and cummed immediately. My mom
immediately licked all the cum and took a puff of the cigarette. She said
in malayalam, “usually in my birthday I don’t even eat cake because it has
eggs but now I love swallowing your cum which tastes sweeter than any sweet
I have ever had”.

She then pulled Ateef up and laid down with her legs spread out saying in
english, “Lick my choot like you did on Karadaiyan Nonbu”. She immediately
took glass of vodka and poured it all over her hairy pussy and pulled
Ateef’s head towards it. Ateef immediately started licking it while my mom
started moaning loudly. Ateef then was preparing to put his lipstick
covered cock in the pussy and my mom stopped him. She then handed him a
bottle of coconut oil. Ateef was originally confused, my mom said in
malayalam, “I want your dick in my ass”. Ateef was taken aback and said he
has never done it before. My mom in her drunk voice hit her forehead on her
head and said in malayalam, “do I have to teach everything”. She then
immediately bent over and spread her cheeks and said to pour coconut oil in
his hand and stuff it inside her ass. He immediately did and had a hard
time since it was so tight. My mom started screaming which startled Ateef,
but insisted to continue. Eventually my mom loosened up so much that he was
able to put all 4 fingers in there. My mom then screamed to put the oil on
his dick and put it in her ass. Ateef panicked and immediately put his dick
without putting oil to which my mom screamed. Ateef panicked and said he
was sorry, she immediately grabbed his hip and started pounding it hard
towards her. Ateef could not control and started screamed while he cummed.
All the cum dripped down with coconut oil. My mom immediately took her
middle finger and started inserted into her pussy and licked the cum in
delight. She immediately grabbed his dick and inserted it in the vagina and
told him to pound it hard to which ateef immediately did. Immediately after
they both reached climax at same time and Ateef sprayed last few drops of
cum on my mother meenakshi’s pussy.

Ateef immediately fell on the bed in exhaustion while my mom kissed his
forehead. Ateef immediately said in malayalam “I was wrong when I said I
had the best sex few weeks ago. This was the best sex I HAVE EVER HAD AND
WILL EVER HAVE.” My mom immediately replied just like I planned with a
smile while adjusting her thali (mangalsutra) and laying on his chest. I
was just shell shocked while looking at the TV, forgetting to even zoom
during the critical parts. My mom, meenakshi iyer, who always goes to the
temple and does puja during her birthday instead skipped the temple so she
can smoke, drink and have sex with a muslim while teaching him how to have
anal sex. I have never seen a sight like this and all this time I thought
Ateef will be the master and my mom a student when it comes to sex but I
found out it was the other way around tonight. I excitingly turned off the
TV knowning that this VCD itself with fetch 25000 rupees and went to bed
with a smile.

The next day I went to school with a smile figuring out what to do with all
the money. When I was in class, I got called by the principal who said that
a man named Ateef wanted to talk to me. Ateef brought me outside and showed
me the VCDs I sold to my friends. I immediately froze and Ateef started
yelling at me saying how I got my hands on this. I started to stammer and
told him the whole truth. Ateef looked very disappointed and said that I
was too young to understand this and he was very upset that he video taped
him having sex with my mother. He said that he wanted me to dismantle all
the cameras and said that all of this video is his property and he cannot
sell them to make money although he was okay with me keeping the money I
already made. While he was taking me home, I was so afraid that he will
tell my mom and I was so disappointed in myself since I just had new found
respect for my new mom. While he took me home my mom said in excitement it
was positive while looking at both of us. Ateef was confused and walked in
and asked what she means by that. She said that she took a pregnancy test
and it was positive. Ateef shocked said in disbelief “how is that possible?
I thought you were on birth control!” She immediately replied in a cool
manner, that she must have forgotten to take them on her birthday since she
was drunk. Ateef immediately was upset and demanded that she get an
abortion to which my mom replied “why, your wife is too ugly for you to
have children, why shouldn’t I carry your first child”. Ateef immediately
slapped my mother on the cheek and said you are a whore and thats all you
are to me so don’t bring my wife into it. My mom immediately cried and ran
into the room. I never even saw my dad slap my mom and this distressed me
that I started getting teary eyed and went to my room. Ateef feeling guilty
left the house.

The next day I saw Ateef and I walked away since I was so disappointed with
what happened the day before. He immediately stopped and grabbed me saying
that he didn’t mean to harm my mom and that I will understand when I got
older. He gave me a book called kamasutra and said even though I am not old
enough to understand what he did, I hope this book will help you under the
psychology of brahmin women. I immediately put the book in backpack and
went to school. On my way home from school, I started hearing screams up
the stairs with my mom fighting with ateef’s wife with ateef trying to stop
them. Ateef’s wife started screaming whore while my mom was screaming ugly
bitch in malayalam. My dad eventually pushed his wife in his house and
looked at my mom and told her to never come near his family ever again. My
mom with tears ran into the house. My sister who was with me was shocked
and ran inside her room. I went to the bedroom to see my mom crying while
looking at the photo with all of us at the water park many months ago. She
looked at me and asked me if she did anything wrong. I immediately replied
why she forgot to take the birth control like you promised Ateef you will.
She said that she didn’t forgot but purposely skipped that day so she can
get pregnant. She said that she has never been a good mother for sister and
I due to our dad and wanted a child where Ateef and her can take good care
of it as a good parent. I paused and realized that she admires Ateef just
as much as I did and gave her a hug. She immediately took a cigarette and
lit it up while drinking a bottle of beer. I was shocked at seeing this and
said that in school they taught us that pregnant women are not supposed to
smoke or drink. She replied that doing this is the only way she can
remember the night she felt alive with Ateef and that feeling is more
important than any child. I went into my room just stunned that my brahmin
mother who protected us from smokers so we don’t get any lung infection as
a child is smoking and drinking while being pregnant just so she can
remember Ateef.

Chapter 5: Love for Bashar

Past few months have been ups and down. What ended up being a golden era
ended up being the dark ages after ateef left. My mom was depressed smoking
as much as a pack a day and drinking almost 5-6 bottles of beer a day along
with half a bottle of wine with raw beef at night while her belly was
getting bigger and bigger. I used to be sad whenever I walk to school,
since I walk by Ateef’s door which is locked where my hero used to live. My
sister was also sad that my mom no longer had the spark and smile she had
when Ateef was around. I was so depressed I started looking up matrimonials
on newspaper to see if there are any muslim man that can replace ateef but
soon after I realized that noone can replace him.

8 months went by since ateef left and nothing has changed. All my vcds were
taken, I can no longer masterbate without ateef as inspiration and my mom
is continuing to smoke and drink away in her grief. Suddenly my mom started
screaming saying she has a lot of belly pain, I immediately called an
ambulance and she was immediately rushed to labor and delivery and she
delivered early with a beautiful baby girl. My mom immediately cried and
said I was to name it Ateefa (after Ateef). My sister and I was immediately
excited and played with the baby. We laughed and had so much fun for the
first time since Ateef left. I realized that she looked so much like ateef
and that I was happy to have someone that reminds me of a man we all miss
so much.

We brought him home with smiles on our faces, we saw the landlord outside
the door locking our house. When asked what was going on, he said that
Ateef stopped paying rent for this place and that we need to pay 60,000
rupees of back rent before we can move in. Spending all my money I made
from the VCDs on grocery (mostly cigarettes and alcohol for my mom) and
electricity, we didn’t have the money to pay it. My mom, myself and my
sister was on the streets with a baby sister with no place to live. My mom
angry called the office and asked for Ateef’s address. After much
persuasion she was able to get the address and we were able to get an auto
to get there. My mom knocked on the door and bashar opened. My mom
immediately demanded where ateef was. Bashar said that ateef got a transfer
to chennai and is not here anymore. My mom immediately broke down and said
it was her fault that we are practically beggars now. Bashar immediately
pulled her up and told us to come inside. He noticed that we looked hungry
and gave us all a plate of beef biriyani that we haven’t had in a while.
Since beef was expensive, my mom has mostly been buying cheap roadside
chicken so we can have some meat everyday for past 8 months. We all
immediately ate it all and asked for more. Ateef got a full pot from
kitchen to which we immediately started pouring it on our plate.

Bashar looked at my mom and asked for forgiveness for his son’s mistakes
and said that they can stay at this house until his son can come to his
senses and supports you. My sister and I was immediately excited since we
can now have beef that we haven’t been able to eat since my mom required so
much booze and cigarettes everyday when she was pregnant.

Life was finally back into control since we now have money because of
Bashar and mom finally feeling like she is in a safe place. While in the
house I realized that Ateef’s computer was stored in the closet and that he
didn’t take it. I asked Bashar if I can use it for school to which bashar
said was fine. While setting it up I noticed that all of his VCDs are still
there. I immediately had a smile since finally I can watch some porn that I
haven’t watched in over 8 months. I immediately powered it up and watched 5
minutes of my mom’s first night with Ateef and I quickly cummed at the
sight all over the floor. I was surprised how long its been since I jerked
off to anything. I immediately found a towel and cleaned it all up. I
waiting till everyone fell asleep and snuck into computer room so I can
watch all the videos, I had enough in me to get an orgasm for each one. At
the end I was so exhausted, I went to bed and immediately fell asleep.

As days went by, Bashar was so polite and helpful, he reminded me of Ateef
so much and I realized where Ateef got his good heart from. My mom finally
was able to bond with a male and she was so excited when Bashar taught her
a two about cooking meat helping her transform from a brahmin cook to a
proper muslim cook. My sister and I realized beef made by my mom tasted so
much better that we were happy Bashar was in our lives. Bashar also buys my
mom cigarettes and beer which he says also enjoys in indulging although he
was unable to do it since ateef’s wife didn’t approve. Here was my mom,
meenakshi iyer sitting on the couch while smoking and chugging beer and
talking to a 55 year muslim about the art of cooking beef. Finally this is
the mother I looked up to. I realized that this is a familiar setting that
I saw when my mother interacted with Ateef. I immediately blew the idea
away, since I didn’t think she was such a slut that she will immediately
forget Ateef and get horny for someone who is 20 years her senior.

Few days went by, and my mom was surprised with a cake. My mom blushed
after seeing cake saying she never celebrated her birthday like this in her
life (since my dad didn’t believe in celebrating anything). He said it was
a special cake made with tallow (beef fat) rather than butter since he knew
how much she loved beef. My moms eyes lit up and didn’t think cake could be
made that way. My mom cut the cake and while we expected her to feed us
first, she immediately went to Bashar and fed him first. I saw a glow in
her face I didn’t see since she met Ateef. My suspicions were confirmed
when after my mom asked about his wife, who he said unfortunately died of
breast cancer 3 years ago. My mom felt sad and said how a nice guy like him
is lonely for so many years. He replied that no one would want to be with a
55 year old wrinkled man with teeth missing. My mom immediately smiled and
touched his hand saying any girl would be lucky to be his wife. MY
GOD…all my suspicions came true…my mom is so horny for muslim cock that
she is willing to have sex with old ugly guys to satisfy her needs. I never
admired my mom so much.

She further added with a spark in my eye, “I heard you are very good at
massages from Ateef”. Bashar added that he used to do massages all the time
when he worked in an ayurvedic lodge that accepted muslims to perform
massages. My mom got excited and said she has significant back problems
since being pregnant and was wondering if he can give her a full massage.
Bashar hesitated and said that he didn’t have a massage table and that she
need to undress herself except her towel. My mom exciting replied, thats
not a problem, we can just use the big bed in your room and we can wash the
sheets later. My mom told us to go to sleep since we had school tommorow
and ran to the bathroom to take a shower and lather herself with sesame
oil. I immediately ran into my room and grabbed the camcorder that I was
glad I didn’t sell for money. I immediately ran into the closet with the
big bed and fortunately for me there was a large hole already set for my
camera lens. I used the extension cord to wire it to the computer room so I
can upload the video as its recording. My palm started getting sweaty and I
never felt so aroused since Ateef planted his seed in my brahmin mother.
Now his muslim father who is 20 years older than her will do the same, I
could have not scripted a better turn of events after what has been a
depressing 8 months.

My mom came into the room…and MY GOD… she had nothing but a towel with
her hair out covered in oil. Seeing her immediately gave me a huge
erection. I could not believe that a 55 year old muslim is going to enjoy
this delicious pallakad slut and who could it be none other than my hero
Ateef’s father. Bashar came in with a towel in the room and asked if she
was ready. He said that it best if there are just candle light and he
turned off all the lights while lighting up the candle. I never saw a more
erotic scene and I could tell from my mom’s face on how horny she is with
the mood Bashar has set. He first started pressing on her back and I could
tell my mom was feeling so relaxed. As he was doing it, my mom started with
familiar moan from when she had sex with Ateef. Bashar had such tender
fingers that it sent my mom into orgasmic wonderland. She then said she was
really sore under her breast from breast feeding and wondering if he could
massage there. Bashar said that he has never massaged there but my mom
insisted. Bashar felt uncomfortable and said we should probably stop now.
My mom immediately jumped out of the table with towel falling off and said
“look at me, i haven’t had sex in 12 months and I am desperate to have one
tonight on my birthday. Bashar starting panicking and turned around and my
immediately fell on his knees and started crying. MY GOD…my mother
meenakshi iyer..who shunned sex with my dad for 12 years, who never looked
at any men in the eye and even found shaking another guy’s hand
inappropriate, is now begging a 55 year old muslim man with missing teeth
for sex. I realized that this was a definition of a slut and there is no
better example than my mother.

To my relief, Bashar pulled her up and wiped her tears away and said he
will do what she asks him to do. My mom immediately smiled and said that
her breasts are filled with milk and she already fed her daughter so she
wants him to relieve the pressure. He immediately positioned her flat on
the bed and with such preciseness and tenderness stimulated her nipples.
Her nipples were rock hard and huge, I have never seen any nipples like
this it was so beautiful. Immediately my mom was so turned on she started
squirting milk everywhere, Bashar immediately squeezed both nipples and
positioned them in his mouth and was drinking breast milk like he was drink
milk from a packet. The scene was unbelievable, this was like every guys
dream on a first night. After Bashar was full with satisfaction from breast
milk he pulled his pants and got on top of her with full 7” erect cock. MY
GOD it was thicker and bigger than mine and this at the age of 55. My mom
with glee immediately sucked on it while rolling her beautiful eyes. She
did it for 5 months and I was amazed at Bashar’s stamina since Ateef would
have easily cummed 3 minutes ago. He then went ahead and titty fucked her
until she was shaking like a rag doll. He then put his penis in her vagina
and pounded so hard I could hear the sound even without the mic on the
camera. My mom was moaning so hard and long it lasted for 5 more minutes.
My mom then immediately switched positions with Bashar and started giving
him a hand job. She realized that he had so much stamina it was so hard to
get him to cum. She immediately took her thali (mangalsutra) and put two
hands to rub her thali against the penis. The sharp edges of the thali was
enough for Bashar to cum all over my mom’s face. I have never seen so much
volume of cum in my life, it was all over his shriveled wrinkled balls. My
mom immediately started licking all the cum since it tasted so good didn’t
want to waste any of it. She then pulled his hips up and noticed cum
dripping down his ass. She immediately in her state of orgasm, spread his
butt cheeks and licked around his asshole to get all the cum from there. My
god I have never seen any woman give such a proper rim job. My mom then
licked her fingers and got on top of him and said that this was the best
sex she has ever had and my birthday wish is to have this everyday till I

My GOD….what a palakkad iyer mother…who protected her
mangalsutra and never removed it and made sure no dirt or dirty water
sprays on it…putting kumkum on it everyday…used it to help a 55 year
muslim cum while making sure all his cum doesn’t get wasted going as far as
licking his asshole. I now know where Ateef got his sexual charisma from,
but I realized that Bashar was the true master and I can see my mom
realizing that fact also. She immediately hugged bashar tightly with a big
smile on her face while falling asleep.

Chapter 6: Whore of Cochin

I was able to re-setup my camcorder so that it would automatically sync to
a server to upload videos 24/7. Bashar uncle was nice enough to get me high
speed internet since I told him I need it for school. Since Bashar uncle
does not work, they are having sex with more frequency that I would have to
spend money on hosting servers to save all the videos that I have to edit
after school. Since all the rich kids are starved for some mallu brahmin
porn (which is impossible to find online) I was able to raise prices and
have already made 75000 with the amount of sex they were having. The first
sex they had was a hot seller and I already sold 20, each selling from 8000
rupees. My mom is the most popular porn star in all of Cochin now. Word is
going around already in school that she gives the best blow job in Kerala.
While most kids will be embarrassed by this, I am proud of this
accomplishment by my mom.

I was going through kama sutra that ateef gave me and realized that it was
book filled with brahmin sluts from 1500 years ago that are trained to give
the best sex possible to as many guys as possible. No wonder ateef and
Bashar prefers brahmins, since they are genetically engineered to be the
best sluts a man could have. Even though they are pictures, I started
visualizing all the sluts on their as my mother and all the men as Bashar,
that gave me a huge erection, in order to stop making a mess of the floor,
I pulled the XL condom, ateef first wore when he cummed inside it during
the infamous Karadaiyan Nonbu. I could see lining of ateef’s cum and it
barely fit over my fully erect penis. I made sure to pull my tight foreskin
back, so that it can look cut like Ateef and Bashar. I quickly squeezed the
condom so that the dry cum of my hero Ateef can touch my sensitive penile
head. The thought that this cum was related to my mom and reading kama
sutra made me cum immediately. It is the best masturbation I have ever had.

My mom and Bashar are constantly holding hands kissing in front of our
sister which made me really happy that finally my mom found true love she
was looking for. My sister on the other was confused and asked if Bashar
will be our father. I told her that if that happens then at least my mother
would be happy and Ateefa can have a father she can look up to. She has
already cut down on cigarettes and alcohol, since Bashar is providing all
the ecstacy she needs in a day.

A month after they fell in love with each other, My mom took us to a steak
house where we had scrumptious pure beef steak (from young calf…hard to
find in kerala let alone india) that I said I will pay…lying to bashar
and mother that I got money from school for a 1st prize in sports. The meal
ending up costing 5000 rupees but with the money I am making with the VCDs
I wanted to treat the real stars of the videos. After we ate the delicious
steak and my mom and Bashar chugged down glasses of wine they looked at
each other gave a big kiss in the mouth. I could see my sister blushed and
looked away but turned me on knowing how my palakkad iyer mother was so
religious and conservative few years ago is a sexually untamed wild beast
now thanks to Ateef and Bashar.

My mother suddenly announced in drunk state that Bashar will be our new
father and that they are going to get married in a few months. My sister
and I immediately got excited and my mom proclaimed that the marriage will
be huge with the best food in Kerala in the best hall in Kerala. I knew
inside that she wanted to use Ateef’s money that Bashar is getting to show
the world how happy a Palakkad Iyer is with a muslim man that is 20 years
her senior.

As wedding preparations went on, my mom demanded that all food should only
be beef from the best slaughter house in the world and everything should be
imported especially the booze. She specially did not want any dishes with
any other meat then beef and specifically no vegetarian items. Bashar
stated that people from Palakkad wont eat meat and we should be able to
oblige to them. My mom refused saying her parents are dead and if any of
her distant relatives from Palakkad wants to come they better get used to
meat being served here. This shocked my sister and myself, there is my
mother Meenakshi Iyer, a pakka palakkad iyer who refused to go to any
weddings that not only served onion and garlic but is cooked and served by
non brahmins when we were little, is demanding imported beef and no
vegetarian items for her wedding with a 55 year old widowed muslim man. I
could not wait for this epic wedding with great food, entertainment and a
chance for me to meet my hero Ateef who I haven’t seen in over a year.

Finally wedding day arrived, my mom is dressed in a beautiful pattu podavai
(green) with jasmine in her hair and professionally one makeup. My mother
looked so beautiful and young many would think she is 20. Bashar on other
hand wore traditional muslim clothes with shaved beard. My mother insisted
that it shouldn’t be a religious wedding, so it was filled with dancing,
adults drinking booze and lots and lots of high quality beef. We also had a
10 feet cake made purely from tallow (beef fat). All chairs were leather
and there was not one thing I could find that wasn’t related to a cow.

I never had so much fun in a wedding and finally saw Ateef. I went over
with smiled and gave him a big hug. I already forgiven him for not
accepting my mother but now that his father is doing well in his spot I was
happy things worked out. Ateef asked me how school is going and I told him
I am ranked in top 5 and want to do engineering. He was happy and said that
I will be a great engineer. I admitted that I broke our promise and am
continuing to sell VCDs and videotaping my mother. Ateef smiled and said
well if your happy with it I cannot stop you. I asked him how he was able
to get so many hot brahmin wives when I have trouble asking any girl out in
my school. Ateef replied that I am only 15 and I shouldnt try sex until
college. He said asking a girl is all about confidence and understanding
their psychology. This psychology he stated varies from different religion,
caste and race. He stated “that amongst the hindus, most of them are easy
to please as long as you are confident. Now brahmins for example are best
of the breed, since they know how to please a man sexually. Did you read
the kamasutra I gave you?” I replied yes, and stated that I realized that
they are genetically predisposed to pleasing men sexually and have
insatiable desire. Ateef was happy when I said that he said you know more
than most men and you have a good head start. Muslims on other hand he
stated are very difficult to please. You spend years compared to days you
spend on brahmins which is why I love my wife so much. You will figure this
out as you grow older and why I made the decision to not leave my wife for
your mother.

I still did not buy his reasoning and told him that with all the brahmin
wives I have seen, I cannot imagine having sex with anyone but them and for
me sex is everything for marriage. Ateef smiled and said you will soon
figure out as you grow older why that reasoning is wrong. I insisted that I
want to be like you and make videos and have sex with multiple hindu
brahmins before I get married. Ateef calmed me down and said I am only 15
and I am far too young for it. He also claimed that if I keep in touch with
him when I get to college, he will help me reach that goal very fast.
Hearing this made me smile and I kissed him on his cheek and gave him a big
hug. I walked away knowing that after a few more years, I can be like my
hero Ateef in no time and no longer this virgin iyer boy wearing a poonal
(brahmin’s sacred thread) who cannot talk to girls.

After the marriage is over, I knew it was gift giving time and I planned
months to give my mom the best gift she an get. A good plan for her
honeymoon. While for most couple, it will be the first time having sex, it
certainly won’t be since I have 100s of VCDs of them having sex, so I
planned to make their first sex after marriage special. I could not have
done it with the help of my rich friend from school who bought most of my
VCDs. He said he has a huge penthouse in Goa facing the beach that is owned
by is dad. He has completely rigged the bedroom with multiple high
definition cameras that no one even know its in the room. He said he can
send the feed of all the video to the basement of the building which has a
huge theater screen with 50 seats. MY GOD…the thought of all my friends
paying to watch my hindu mother get pounded by my new muslim father in
front of all my friends turned me on so much. He said that we will split
the profits 50-50 and he can burn all the video on a dvd that can be sold
at the theater.

I was so excited to announce this gift to my mother I couldn’t wait.
Finally after marriage was over I went up to my mom and Bashar and told him
I already planned their honeymoon to their surprise. I gave them an
envelope with a first class (honeymoon seating) train ticket to Goa and
then 1 night stay at a penthouse. My mom was excited with this prospect
since she always wanted to go to Goa and Bashar agreed since he wanted to
see my mom happy.

We secretly annouced tickets in our school for public viewing of honeymoon
of Ms. Meenakshi Iyer (who has already been dubbed “whore of cochin” due to
the VCDs I was distributing), which sold out in 15 minutes. Cost of it was
10000 rupees which included a bus trip there and back and a seat to watch
what I think will be the greatest sex show on earth.

I was able to send them off at the railway station and dropped my sister
and Ateefa at my friends house and ran over to the bus headed for goa. We
were able to make it in time and we immediately snuck into the basement of
the theater. The theater was huge with comfortable seating and my friend
turned on the camera. I was amazed at the high definition detail of the
bedroom which consisted of high quality furniture and bed. I knew this will
be an amazing atmosphere for the newlyweds.

After a few hours, my mother and Bashar finally checked into the penthouse.
I saw one of the service men drag a drum of tallow (beef fat) inside the
room. My mom pointed to the bathroom and service men dumped it in the bath
tub. My god I realized that they were both going to take a bath in beef fat
before having sex…I was sad to find out there are no camera in bathroom
to witness this event. After 45 minutes, my mom and Bashar finally came out
drenched in beef fat. My mom still had all the makeup, mehendi and jewelry
from the wedding, making her look very hot.

She took charge and immediately pushed Bashar onto the bed. She started to
undress, while Bashar immediately grabbed her breasts and started sucking
on it. I immediately zoomed and noticed that her nipples were pierced which
made it look really hot. I could see her moaning while Bashar was patiently
sucking each tit until my mom was satisfied. He then pulled down her skirt
to expose her cleanly shaved pussy which I have never seen before (she must
have gotten brazillian wax before wedding). He immediately started sucking
on them while my mom continued to mourn. As soon as my mom moaned, every
cheered and whistled in the room which made me so happy that all my friends
are enjoying the performance put together by my new parents. My mom
immediately switched positions with Bashar, and started giving him a
handjob with her mangalsutra, which is a fan favorite amongst my friend.
She then did something new, she started blowing him while giving him a
handjob, which bashar wasn’t expected and he immediately cummed inside my
mom’s throat. Everyone in the audience just gasped when they saw that. My
mom then sticked out her tongue showing the cum to Bashar which was able to
zoom in perfectly and she swallowed all of it while having the mangalsutra
in her mouth without having a drop on her tongue. Bashar then proceded to
take what look like a injector used to stuff turkey and chicken and filled
with tallow, he then physically turned around my mother, and opened her ass
with one hand. MY GOD… I have never seen an asshole so big. Bashar loves
anal sex, and the repeated amounts have completely loosened her ass that
there is as much space in their as her pussy. He then filled her entire ass
with the tallow which I was able to zoom in and he immediately inserted
cock and started pounding while my mom was grabbing the pillow tightly and
screaming. The entire audience was silent and in shock. We have never seen
anything like this. He then turned her around and held her down while he
kept pounding her pussy. The noise was so beautiful everyone was in awe.
They both climaxed at the same time and then Bashar just let go his last
amount of cum. While pulling out I was able to zoom in on the pussy that
was dripping with cum mixed with tallow. My mom immediately wiped all of it
with her left hand and put her entire left hand in her mouth down her
throat while she was sucking on it to everyone’s amazement. Bashar finally
fell down next to her while they looked each other in their eyes and bashar
gave a kiss on her forehead which everyone gave an “awww” reaction. My mom
was lying their with her wet pussy open and Bashar with his still erect
penis. My mom picked up the phone and called room service to bring
champagne and two platters of steak. A 20 year old room service man opened
the door but was shocked to find them naked smoking a cigarette, he
immediately apologized and closed his eyes. My mom laughed and said don’t
apologize have you never seen a woman naked. Please come and put the plate
and champagne next to the bed. The service man reluctively walked on the
slippery floor from all the tallow and poured champagne in my moms and
Bashars glass while fully exposing themselves. He then set up a bed tray so
they can eat the steak. My mom said thank you and gave a kiss on the
service man’s forehead and pulled out 100 rupees from inbetween her breasts
and put it in his pocket. Embarrased and blushing the 20 year old
immediately walked out the door to my mom’s laughter. Everyone in the
theater was shocked with their mouths wide open. Even I was in complete
shock. Here is my mother, ms. meenakshi iyer, a palakkad brahmin who only
had sex for procreation, who never took the bus since there were guys, only
sat on ladies only compartment on trains, who never exposed any clevage and
never saw her look at any guy in the eye, just layed in bed after having
sex with a muslim and allowing a stranger to watch her completely naked
with cum and tallow drenching from her pussy. This too me was the greatest
thing I have ever witnessed. The entire sex last for 30 minutes, after
which they took a 10 minute break to drink champagne, eat beef and smoke
before they started the whole cycle again. They did it for total of 4 hours
and I was amazed at their stamina. None of us in the theater blinked and
when it was all over everyone stood up and applauded at the greatest
performance every given by the whore of cochin.

Chapter 7: Mr. and Mrs. Choudhary

Its been three years since my mother, now known as Meenakshi Iyer
Choudhary, got married to Bashar Choudhary who is 22 years older than her.
Life has never been any better. I have been taking secret videos for 3
years and have sold more than 1000 VCDs at my school, however haven’t
recorded in last 1 year since I have been focused on exams in order to get
to a good college. Luckily, I saved up close to 5 lakhs from the VCDs in
order to pay for college which I have been telling my mother, Ateef is
giving me. My mother has never been happier with Bashar and during breaks
we have travelled all around India and for first time truly felt I was part
of a family. Ateefa is now 3 and is looking more and more like Ateef. My
sister is now 16 and is looking beautiful just like my mother. I on the
other hand, still remember what Ateef told me during the wedding and I have
been counting down till I get to college so Ateef can help me become a man
just like him. I have been watching the same VCDs to get my imagination
wild on how wonderful it will be to have sex with a mallu brahmin

One day we went to 5 star restaurant to celebrate my sisters wedding. We
ordered steaks, pizza, burger and a birthday cake and celebrated my sisters
birthday in grand style. While we were sitting, my mother told Bashar that
even though she enjoyed being home, she wants to start working. She was
especially worried about me and my sisters well being in terms of marriage
and college and wants to save enough money rather than relying on Ateef.
Bashar was happy about this prospect since he has been working extra days
as a cook at a local road side stand. My mom insisted that it should be a
family business that Bashar and her should work so she can be with him all
day. Bashar came up with an idea of opening a restaurant since he is a good
cook and my mom is popular in the community she can recruit people coming
in. My mom loved the idea and asked what we thought of it. We naturally
agreed since we knew mom was bored being a housewife for more than 25 years.

A few days later bashar was able to get a loan for 20 lakhs with the house
and we started looking around places to buy a restaurant so we can run it.
My mom found a liquor store near town that is for sale for a good bargain
so went as a family to check it out. While we were there we found out that
it was next where all the butcher shops and slaughter houses are. The
liquor store seemed small and run down from the outside, but when we went
inside it was big and private. My mom immediately fell in love with this
place. Bashar immediately noticed that the kitchen is small and said it
will cost a lot to renovate. When we went outside we noticed that the
slaughter house next door was also on sale. We went in and looked and there
were mostly chicken and goats but there was a huge kitchen that was unused.
We found out that the same owner owns this place and we asked if we can buy
the slaughter house also. The owner said that it would cost 25 lakhs and
didn’t budge on the cost. Bashar and my mom were disappointed but I told
them that I saved up 5 lakhs that ateef has been giving me monthly and
together we should be able to afford it. My mom said that it was for
college and I shouldn’t spend that money, but I insisted that we will make
enough money next year that the business can pay me back. After much
thought we decided to buy them and we spent many weeks renovating it.
Bashar insisted it should be named after my mother, so we came up with
Meenakshi’s Restaurant and Liquor store. We modeled the logo for the
restaurant after her wedding picture where she is wearing a pattu podavai
with pottu, iyer thalli and jasmine in her hair. The logo at first makes
you think that it is a pallakad brahmin restaurant, only when you read it
will you realize that there is nothing brahmin about this restaurant. I
realized how much publicity this will provide and it would definitely be a
successful business model. We then were trying to decide on the menu, my
mom was adamant that it should be all beef restaurant and all liquor should
be imported, but bashar insisted that the slaughter house is far away and
it would be expensive to ship the beef there. My mom than said what about
using the slaughter house we have, so we can slaughter our own cows. Bashar
agreed to it and everything was set up.

Few weeks later was inauguration day and everyone in town was invited. Due
to the controversial fact, that a brahmin iyer housewife started a liquor
store with a restaurant serving beef slaughtered in the restaurant was too
good for people to miss it. On opening day, my wore a thin sari, with hair
folded up, wearing a pottu and her thali prominent on her chest. Wow, my
mom looked so beautiful, I am sure all the guys were there to see her. My
mom cut the ribbon and the restaurant was in full business. There was a
viewing window in the restaurant where everyone tried to sit next to so
they eat/drink while seeing my mom cut and garnish the beef. What a sight!
Business was booming and it was one of the most popular restaurants in
town. Within a few weeks, my mom had the idea since very few woman were
coming to the liquor store/restaurant, we used the empty building behind
the current restaurant to renovate and make it woman only seating, that is
separate from the main restaurant. The entrance was a secret one within the
butcher shop so woman can come to buy meat but also enter the restaurant
without anyone noticing. Within a few weeks this was a hit and many woman
came, ate and drank at the restaurant. I was surprised to find so many
brahmin wives smoking, drinking beer and eating beef while chatting with
friends that were muslims and christians. Our restaurant had become the new
social spot for everyone in town.

While things were going well the first few weeks, crowds started to dwindle
towards night time due to lack of entertainment offered at the restaurant.
Bashar stated that places that have night time entertainment are making a
lot of money and he stated that most come during the day to see meenakshi
cook but aren’t interested. My mom then had a brilliant idea, “what about
entertainment staring me?” Bashar was tempted with the offer, since many
are coming to see her. My mom then asked what type of entertainment are men
interested in? Bashar replied that cabarets are the new trend and they are
making quite a lot of money. My mom then replied well then I can be a
cabaret dance! Hearing this made me so happy, since now the entire
community can now can appreciate the beauty of my mom. We started
advertising around town about the first brahmin cabaret dance that will be
taking place. Opening night, I made sure to have my camcorder ready, and
there came my mom on stage wearing a very skimpy bra (at certain light can
see her nipples) and see through skirt with her thali, jasmine in her hair
and pottu being prominent. Everyone in the place went nuts and started
whistling while throwing money at her. I started playing music and my mom
started dancing very erotically to a lot of cheering in the crowd. My mom
immediately got into it and enjoyed the fact that drunk men were cheering
her loud and yelling out obscenities in malayalam. After a successful day
my mom counted the money and we made 2 weeks worth in 1 month. My mom got
very excited and said we should do this every night. As I walked out the
restaurant and looked at the sign I realized what has happened the last few
years. My mom, meenakshi iyer who used to avoid walking in streets not only
butcher shops but also non vegetarian restaurants because of smell, who
used to not show any cleavage even to my father is now a owner of a cow
slaughter house, a liquor store and all beef restaurant during the day and
a cabaret dancer at night. I could have never been so lucky to be in this

Chapter 8: Subramanian goes to college

Money was pouring for our family from the restaurant/cabaret. I just turned
18 and will be finishing school soon. I applied to a lot of colleges, but
remembered the promise Ateef made. In order to be close to him, I decided
to go to engineering college in Chennai. When I was leaving for a train to
Chennai, my mom was teary eyed and gave me a hug and told me take care. My
sister also hugged me and told me to call her everyday. Ateefa is almost 5
now and gave me a kiss on the cheek. As I was leaving, I felt sad in a
place that has given me so much the past few years thanks to Bashar and
Ateef, but at the same time excited to meet Ateef, so I can be set for a
new adventure. Ateef was standing at the railway station and I immediately
ran over and gave him a hug. I have talked to him on the phone but have
never seen him in person since my mother’s wedding. He smiled and we rode
in his car to his house. While in the car, we were talking about cricket
and politics before we stop at this huge mansion. I couldn’t believe it,
Ateef has been very successful while being in Chennai. When I walked in I
was shocked to find, two brahmin tamil women in their mid 30s smoking and
drinking beer. They immediately came and planted a kiss on Ateef’s lips. He
introduced me to them and they hugged and kissed me on the cheeks. I had a
huge erection I immediately tried to conceal. While we walked in, ateef
asked if I wanted to eat to which I said yes. He took me to this huge
dining table and an old brahmin man in his 60s without his shirt wearing a
poonal put a plate for me and Ateef. Ateef apologized saying hat beef is
banned in Tamil Nadu but we do have chicken and mutton. He introduced the
old man as the cook for this house and told him to bring food. The old man
served me some rice, mutton curry and a bowl of chicken soup. I immediately
ate it since I didn’t like the train food as much. While it wasn’t as good
as the beef I had at home, it definitely satisfied my hunger. We then went
into the entertainment room with a big screen and he turned on the cricket
game while we sat down.

I had so many questions and immediately asked him what happened to his
wife. Ateef replied unfortunately she left him because she found out the
VCDs with him having sex with other woman. He said that his goal was to
give it up but she could not forgive him so she left him and married
another muslim man back home in Kerala. He said he was devastated since she
was the love of his life but had no choice but to pursue a career in
Chennai. I asked him how he made so much working as an engineer. Ateef
smiled and asked if he knew who the girls in the VCDs were? I shook my head
no. He replied that they were all his co-workers wives who he met at
company dinners. He then added that his boss came across one of the videos
online and fired him which happened 2 years ago. He couldn’t find another
job since word spread around quickly, so he had no choice but to find
another option. While he was sitting down in his office he soon saw all the
DVDs with the sex he had with woman in Chennai and uploaded it on his
personal website he created. Immediately he made more money in 1 month than
he made in 5 years. Even though there are muslim, christian and hindu women
of different caste, people liked the brahmin woman the most. He then used
the money to build this house which has an underground studio where he
makes porn illegally to be posted online. He stated that all this money is
tax free and he has been living a good life the past year. I then asked
which one of the brahmin women downstairs was his wife. He immediately
laughed and said they were some of the first few coworkers wives he
videotaped having sex with. When the boss found the videos, their husbands
divorced them, so they are working as secretaries and recruiters for him. I
was just stunned and shocked while listening to Ateef. He has been living
my dream for the past year. I immediately reminded of the promise he made
at the wedding, to which he smiled and asked if I lost my virginity yet. I
replied that I heeded to his advice and waited till college for it. He
immediately said good and said he will help me lose my virginity soon. I
immediately in excited asked which one of the brahmin woman downstair will
have sex with me. Ateef laughed and said you dont want to lose your
virginity to kuthiyas (whore in tamil), I will set you up with someone
good. I immediately insisted that it has to be a brahmin woman in her 30s
like downstairs. Ateef smiled and said they are the easiest to get.

Ateef then gave me a invitation to local club for upper middle class/rich
people and he said for me to dress in a suit and gave me an address to a
male beauty shop for a makeover. After chatting with for a while, he gave
me a box of mutton biriyani and rice and told for a taxi to drop me off at
my hostel. When I got there, I walked into the room and set all my things
up. In came my roommate, his name is Joseph Vincent, he was 5′ 6″, dark
complexion and thin stature. He asked if I knew malayalam, to which I said
yes. He said he was from Trivandrum to which I replied I was from Cochin.
We hit it off immediately and started talking about Kerala and what to
expect for our new college year. I immediately took out my mutton biriyani
and he was suprised asking me how a brahmin can eat meat. I laughed saying
ever since my muslim neighbor gave me beef, I can never put any vegetarian
food in my mouth. Joseph was shocked saying a hindu eating beef? He then
said thats amazing, hopefully your parents don’t find out. I laughed saying
my mom made us eat beef and even owns a slaughter house. Joseph looked
stunned, and said he will check it out when he is in Cochin. He stated that
he loves pork and sausage a lot more than beef and asked if I have tried
it. I said that it was hard to get in our area sine we lived in a muslim
rich area, and he replied that he will make some for me to try. I gave him
some of my mutton biriyani which he enjoyed and I was glad to have made a
friend on the first day.

I could not pay attention in classes because I kept thinking about the club
party Ateef invited me to and how I was going to lose my virginity.
Thinking about it gave me huge erections in class which forced me to excuse
myself to the bathroom each time so I can release some cum. Finally it was
Friday and the party is just one day away. In class, a tamil girl
immediately approached me and said her name was sruthi rangarajan and asked
me if she could borrow my notes from yesterday since she missed class. I
gave her my notes and told her to keep it. She was puzzled asking me
wouldn’t I need it for the test on Monday. I didn’t want to be late to the
beauty shop appointment in preparation for the club party so I just gave
her my cell phone number and told her to SMS me tomorrow to pick it up and
I left.

I immediately rushed over to the beauty clinic which was huge with a
security guard. He asked me if I had an appointment card, I said Ateef sent
me. Immediately one of the brahmin girl who worked as Ateef’s secreatary
came outside and told me they have been expecting him. She immediately gave
me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and took me inside. Inside was a big
muscular american who took me to a private room with mirror. He told me to
undress completely including my underwear. I did it and he told me his name
is Bruce and he used to be porn star in the United States but was hired by
Ateef to be the one of the male stars in his porn movies. I just realized
how hot this was, many indian woman including brahmins are recorded having
sex with a foreign porn star that have had sex with 1000s of woman. He said
Ateef personally sent him to make me to look like a porn star for his big
day tommorow. He completely waxed so I didn’t have a speck of hair, gave me
a nice haircut, trimmed all my nails and transformed me into a different
person. He then looked at my penis and said we need to remove the foreskin
if you wanna look like a porn star. He immediately sent me to a local
health clinic after where a doctor gave some local anesthetic and removed
all the foreskin which was painful. Doctor said that pain should subside
and recommended against sex or masturbation for 2 weeks and gave me a cream
to apply everyday for pain. I was immediately disappointed knowing I will
not be losing my virginity for 2 more weeks. I went outside and Bruce told
me to not be disappointed and that you want your first sex to be perfect
and handed me a big bottle of mousse, telling me to put it in my hair and
comb it everyday, especially the day of the party. He also gave me a suit
and pant with readymade bow tie for me to wear that day. I went home on a
taxi that arrange in pain from the surgery. I immediately went to sleep
after I got to my hostel.

I woke up the next day to a SMS which stated it was sruthi and asked where
we can meet so she can drop off the notes. I originally didn’t want to go
and wanted to SMS her that I will pick it up tommorow. Then I realized the
party is tommorow and didn’t want her to keep bothering me while I was
thinking about the club party. So I replied back okay and told her to meet
at a local park. I immediately got out of bed, brushed my teeth, took a
shower and applied cream over my penis to alleviate the pain. I then put
mousse on my hair and combed it neatly. Wore a tight T-shirt and jeans and
before heading out poured some whiskey (that ateef gave me) in a pepsi
bottle so I can sip on something to alleviate the pain. While walking out a
delivery man gave me a package. I took the package to the park and opened
it. There was a tiffin carriage and note from my mother saying how much she
misses me and said she has some of my favorite beef dishes in the canteen
for me to eat. I was sitting on a bench getting ready to open the carriage
and reminiscing about how I should act at the club party tomorrow.
Immediately I heard a voice saying, “hi subbu (my nickname)”. I immediately
stood up and turned around. Immediately after looking at me she immediately
dropped all her books. She then reached down and kept saying sorry. I
reached down to help her, and she immediately got nervous when I touched
her. She got all her stuff and handed me the notes while looking down. I
was a bit puzzled why she was acting this way since she wasn’t like this
yesterday. She then slowly looked up and asked if I got a haircut. I said,
oh ya I did since I have to go to a friends party tomorrow. She immediately
had a nervous smile and said you look handsome with the haircut. I said
thanks with a smile, realizing that the makeover I got is working like a
charm. She turned around nervously with what looked like a tiffin box and
started nervously walking away. I immediately said in tamil that its a nice
day outside, would you like to join me here for lunch. She turned and
nervously said okay for only for a short while since I have to study.

We sat down and she opened up her tiffin box which had yogurt rice and
pickle. I asked if thats all she is going to have for lunch. She nodded
nervously while still looking down. I opened my tiffin carriage and I
immediately I took a whiff off my mom’s amazing beef curry. She immediately
looked at it and screamed “its meat!” She then said “I thought you were
brahmin!” I smiled and said this was sent from kerala by my mom. She once
again looked shocked and said “your brahmin mom wants you to eat meat!” I
said yes, ever since I was young she wanted me to build muscle and be
strong. She once again looked down but peeked while I was chewing my beef
curry with rice that was laced with tallow (beef fat). I asked her where
she was from. She replied that she was from srirangam where her dad is a
priest at a temple and mom is a housewife. I asked how come her parents
sent her for college so far away. She said that my parents want me to go to
the best engineering college, so after I got admission they wanted me to
come here. I then asked if she is staying in a hostel, she immediately said
no, my parents would never feel safe for me to be there. She says she lives
in her uncle’s house nearby who drops her everyday. I then caught her
peeking at my beef curry and I asked if she has ever tasted meat. She
immediately said no and said “my parents will kill me even if I eat eggs”.
I smiled and said “it seems like you ran out of the pickle and just eating
plain yogurt rice, why not try it with some my mean”. She immediately
panicked and said “if my parents find out I ate chicken they will probably
drag me back to srirangam”. I said don’t worry and that the secret is safe
with us and I took a huge juicy piece of calf meat and put it in her tiffin
box next to the yogurt rice. I said go ahead and try it while still
suprised that she couldnt tell the difference between beef and chicken. She
hesitantly took a piece of beef with rice and swallowed it while barely
chewing it. She initially smirked but then said it tastes different but I
like the flavor. She quickly started hiccuping. I immediately tapped her
which made her more nervous and got up. She said she will go and buy some
water. I immediately gave her my pepsi bottle and told her to have some
pepsi which will help with the hiccups. She immediately gulped half the
bottle and the hiccups went away. She said thanks and immediately sprinted
away with her books saying her uncle is waiting for her. I packed my
carriage with smile with disbelief on how easy it was to convince a brahmin
to eat meat for the first time and I couldn’t help but thank ateef for this
makeover since it certainly played a role in influencing her.

Finally the day of the club party was here. Ateef’s driver picked me and
dropped me at this huge five star hotel. When walking in I saw Ateef, who
welcomed me and took me inside. After walking inside I noticed we were the
only guys in the entire place. Ateef told me that this event was set up by
woman’s rotary club consisting of most rich housewives and I am the star
speaker since I am donating 1 crore for their cause. He winked saying I
usually make it all up since this is where I do most of my recruiting for
my pornographic films that fetches me 1-2 crores easily. I felt like I was
a little kid in a candy store. The entire place was filled with beautiful
house wives in their late 20s and early 30s. My eyes immediately panned
over to a group of brahmin house wives who were smoking and drinking wine
in a beautiful sari and nice jewelry. I was amazed, since I thought it was
only my mother who are indulging in these vices, it seems like a lot of
brahmins are doing it. Ateef said, “I know you wanted someone in low 30s, I
think I found a perfect one for you, let me introduce you to her”

I was nervous while walking over to a outdoor garden filled with people,
and he approach someone from behind who was wearing a red sari with jasmine
in her hair. She turned around and oh god she looked absolutely stunning.
It was hard for me to admit but she looks hotter than my mom when she had
sex with ateef. She was probably 5′ 3″, very fair, plump at the right place
and amount and large breasts. I immediately looked down and was nervous
(ironically just like sruthi the day before). She immediately said hi to
ateef and gave him a big hug and kiss on his cheek. She said “thank you so
much for the donation”, “I am sure the school kids who will receive it will
love it”. She then looked towards and asked “who is this handsome man”.
Ateef replied that “he is subbu, he is in engineering college in town but
also works for me”. She immediately smiled and stuck out her hand to which
I nervously shook. She immediately said “I am Janani Mahadevan, do you know
tamil?”. I replied, “I know tamil”. She immediately replied, “You are
palakkad aren’t you” in tamil. I blushed and said yes. Ateef told us to
keep talking and left. I immediately felt nervous since Ateef left and
didn’t how to converse with her. She immediately took out a pack of
cigarette and asked if I wanted one. I couldn’t believe it, my mom never
let me smoke since she said I was too young and here is a beautiful brahmin
housewife offering me a cigarette. I pulled one out and made sure to put
the right end in my mouth. She immediately took a lighter out and lighted
it for me. I have never been more aroused than at that moment. She
immediately took another lighted herself a cigarette and blew puffs of
smoke like a pro, while I nervously puffed the cigarette. She immediately
gave me a glass of wine and said lets sit down! She sat down and asked me
how I like chennai so far. I don’t know if it was cigarette or wine or
sitting down, I immediately felt a little bit more confident and said I
love it here and is much more metropolitan than cochin. She immediately
smiled and said yes thats true. Women especially are more modern and
liberal compared to cities in kerala. Immediately the conversation hit off
at the right pace and then the conversation took a surprising turn. She
then stated in a slightly drunk state isn’t beef legal in kerala. I was a
little taken back since I wasn’t sure I should admit I eat it all that
time, so I just simply answered yes. She then added “thats great!
Unfortunately we are mostly limited to chicken and mutton in this city, so
we are not modern yet” I just had a thrill up my spine after she said that
and I had a huge erection that I tried to cover by crossing my legs. I
couldn’t believe that brahmins here eat meat and asked if she cooks it at
home. She immediately laughted and said “oh god no, my husband, my parents
and my in-laws will kick me out of the house”. Very few brahmin wives eat
eggs let alone meat. Only few select of them that are in socially active
groups like us are more modern than most of the country. She added that
traveling around the world, we are forced to indulge in these western
delight in order to fit into our social scene. I had an immediate smile and
suddenly fell in love with her. She then said, “speaking of meat lets go

We walked over to the buffet, we took the plate, I just saw Janani aunty
just walk past vegetarian section right to the non vegetarian section. She
immediately took two big scoops of hyderbad chicken biriyani and latered it
with mutton gravy. She then put two boiled eggs and 4 lamb pieces in the
other plate. I was so tempted with was she put on her plate, I put the same
thing on mine. We then sat at one of the tables. She immediately told
waiter to get two kingfishers. She then went straight for the lamb bit a
huge chunk of it. I have never seen anyone enjoy the meat so much. She then
continued to say that her husband and both the in-laws and her family are
very orthodox. She said that she didn’t try any of this until joining the
rotary club. She said almost 80% indulge in all of this secretively which
is why we don’t ever bring our husbands to these meetings. I was just in
awe while she was explaining everything. I knew immediately that she will
be my future wife and was thinking of ways to continue to keep in touch
with her. I then immediately said that my mom cooks really good beef and
sometimes sends it to me by mail so I can enjoy them. Her eyes lit up and
said, thats great! I have only tried it during overseas trip for the club
but its been a while since I have been to those. I then replied if she
sends me some next time, I can let you have some of it. She immediately
said that would be great and took a pen and wrote her number on my wrist.
She said to SMS her so we can continue to keep in touch.The entire rest of
the night I couldn’t help but continue stare at her beautiful face and hear
her beautiful voice. I completely ignored Ateef addressing everyone and all
the speeches and events that occured around me. When the day ended, Janani
aunty gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek and said speak to you soon and
left. I was just standing there in awe, while I saw her leave with her
group of friends. Ateef came by and said ready to go? I shook my head while
still looking at her in awe.

As we got into the car, Ateef asked what I thought of her? I immediately
said she is wonderful and it would be a dream come true if she can be wife.
Ateef smiled and said “you still have a lot to learn about brahmin woman”.
“Like I said I have slept with different woman of different caste, religion
and caste but brahmin woman are the ones that I derived the most pleasure
out of all them,. In addition, if you want to commit adultery they are the
easiest to snatch, since they dont indulge in pleasurable things like
alcohol, smoking or meat, so you can use those to lure them in. Thats why
they are sexually repressed due to their culture and superstition which
includes fasting and avoiding sex consistently, So when you do have sex
with them, you can never find anyone hornier than them. I am fortunate
enough to have sexual experience to know how to be presentable to them such
as a cut penis, waxed body and I work out to look strong. They are usually
married to brahmin husband who wouldn’t have any of that since they mostly
spend time working and making money so naturally having sex with me would
be better. However if I marry them, I can never adequately satisfy their
desires emotionally and sexually so they will naturally commit adultery and
move on. Thats why you need to keep reminding yourself and her that
brahmins are only kuthiya (whore) material but never wife material” Even
though I pretended to agree, I found it hot and made my mind that I want to
marry Janani since I find it especially sexy that she will have
unsatisfiable sexual desire. Ateef dropped me off and all I could do was
think about her but couldn’t do much about it since every time I have an
erection it hurts because of the surgery.

Chapter 9: Love for Janani

After I went to bed, I immediately sent Janani aunty a SMS saying its me
and constantly checking my phone to see if she will reply back. I soon fell
asleep, sad that there was no reply. The next morning I woke up and checked
phone but no reply. I immediately felt sad and went around getting ready
for meeting Ateef for lunch while constantly checking my phone. While I was
leaving the hostel to take the car Ateef sent for the hotel, I heard alert
from my phone saying I received a SMS. My heart immediately raced and I was
thinking of clever things to reply back. When I looked at the phone, I
realized it was sruthi who sent a message saying, “Happy Sunday, any plans
for today? I need a study partner for tommorow’s test”. I immediately
became sad and closed the message, while hoping that Janani aunty will soon
message me. We arrived at one of the few steak houses in chennai. As I walk
in, I saw Ateef sitting at a tablet. He immediately said that “this was his
favorite place, although the steak is bull meat and not rare calf meat that
you find in kerala” When we ordered, Ateef asked what my plan is with
Janani. I told him that she gave me her number but hasn’t replied yet. He
said good, but “don’t reply before her. you never want to seem desperate
they will lose interest. You need to learn that with woman you always
should play hard to get even if they are interested in you”. I then asked
is that how you lured all those brahmin wives. Ateef smiled and said “like
your mom?”. Ateef smiled and said “I have to admit to you a dark secret I
have been carrying for many years and wanted to wait till you are older
before I admit it to you. If you stop talking to me I will understand”. I
immediately said, “there is nothing you can say that will make me stop
idolizing you. He smiled and said, “have you ever wondered why your dad
committed the crime in dubai?” I replied, I have stopped thinking about the
disgusting crime he committed. Ateef became serious and said “well if I
said if I had something to do with it would you be suprised?” I immediately
had a shocked stare and said “what do you mean?” He said that during that
time, his appetite was very hungry for brahmin housewives. When your dad
introduced me to her I immediately wanted her to be one of my whores that I
can videotape. She was difficult from the beginning, she would never look
at any guy in the eye, very conservative and had no appetite for any
indulgences. Thats why I worked hard to rent the flat right across from
yours. I felt bad for your mom, since I did not think your husband was
letting her be happy and she will never leave him due to her religious
idealism. To me your dad was committing the sin of not pleasing his wife. I
had an elaborate plan to get him arrested by commiting a crime but
unfortunately he was transfered to dubai making it difficult. I was
especially worried that he may make enough money to move your mom to dubai.
I was then able to pay enough people in india going to dubai to make a fake
accusation on him. What i did not intend was him trying to escape and
unfortunately dying due to an accident. There hasn’t been a day I have been
guilty about it.” I was just in stunned silence while he was telling me the
whole thing. Even though Ateef was partially responsible for my father’s
death, I still found reasons to justify his decision since I want to
continue idolizing him. I immediately said, “well I can’t be mad at you
even though I am sad this happened, since my mom is happy for the first
time and is in the arms of the man of her dreams”. Ateef smiled and said “I
had a hunch you would say that so thats I why I wanted to tell you the

Ateef then changed the subject and told me that he wants to hire me for his
company. I was excited, since all my life I have been an amateur
pornography filmmaker and here is my hero ateef who wants to hire me for
his well established company. I immediately said yes. He told me, “You have
to be sure. You have to understand that I am doing something that is very
illegal. The police can arrest me right now in this restaurant and will put
me in jail for the rest of my life if they find out. Even when my boss
found out, I had to pay a lot of politicians and police officers to keep
this a secret. I am lucky that brahmins are not well represented in this
state so there are letting me do this. But if the people who I pay, decide
to talk, if you join me you are risking your entire life to be in jail” I
still without hesitation said yes to which Ateef had a huge smile. He said
that when “he started this company he wanted this to be a big pornographic
production studio like in foreign countries but very few people want to be
male actors in this country due to the illegal nature of it and their
perceived difficult in recruiting women in this country. I on the other
hand, believe this country is a gold mine for good pornographic actress
especially this state. Due to lack of competition, I have been extremely
successful, since there are so many interested viewers in this country
because of internet makes it easy.” I have been the only male in almost 90%
of the videos since the only other male actor was the american you met that
gave you a makeover. Problem with him is its hard to recruit woman who
would have sex with someone that is foreign and have a hard time speaking
their language. You on the other hand not only have the advantage of tamil
being your mother tongue but also a brahmin. I believe we could get a lot
more brahmin women (especially ones your age who are in large demand) that
I personally cannot. I immediately felt happy that Ateef thinks I have a
better chance of getting a girl than him. He then took out a poonal (sacred
thread for brahmins), and told me he wanted me to wear this all the time.
He said brahmin women and people watching the video to know that the main
male actor is a brahmin. I immediately took it, thinking that I threw away
mine before coming to college since our family is no longer religious and
wanted to avoid being made fun of in college. I left the restaurant with so
many thoughts in my head while I got to the hostel.

In my bed, I started piecing together everything that happened in my
childhood. I realized that everything Ateef said made sense. If he didn’t
want my mom to eat beef, he would have never brought a pot of it to show it
to her. In addition, it was fresh and hot which meant he made it just for
this occasion. Then I realized that him slapping my mother and leaving must
have also been planned. Knowing Ateef he will never accept my mom as a wife
only as a whore. But he probably felt bad that my dad died, he probably
planned he will have a small window when my dad is arrested to have sex
with her and videotape her. When he is released and it will be known he is
innocent he was planning that he will come back to fill the role of husband
and life would move on. Instead he died, and Ateef probably knew my mom
will be desperate for a partner and who better than his lonely father who
probably has the same sexual desires as Ateef and it would be difficult for
him to get since he is old and not very attractive. Then I realized that
Bashar also planned to have sex with her when we came to his place and also
planned to marry her. All this time, I thought they had a good heart and no
desire to use my mom for satisfying their own pleasures. Bashar is also now
cashing in on my mom providing a stage to be a cabaret dancer and beef
serving brahmin to make his restaurant a very profitable one. Ateef also
probably purposely left he camcorder and computer on, so I can fill the
role of videotaping for him and thats why he never confronted me when
tapes, cassettes and camcorder was missing. He also purposely left the
camcorder at his place so I can continue to refine my skills as an amateur
so I can help him with his job. Wow…I then realized that Ateef was a
master planner since he planned all of this under our noses. I knew that if
I were to marry Janani, I would need someone like Ateef in order for me to
accomplish it.

I immediately got an SMS and my heart raced again thinking it was Janani
aunty. When I looked to my disappointed that it was Sruthi again. I then
realized what Ateef told me, he hired me so I can recruit women of my age
and better yet, Janani is a brahmin so Ateef will definitely be proud of me
if I can recruit her. I opened the message and it stated, “Are you mad
about something I did? I lied to my uncle I am at my friends place do you
want to get dinner?” Even though I have no interest in having lunch with
her, I knew I had to respond in order to please Ateef. I said “yes but lets
get some cool drinks and ice cream since I am not hungry” in hopes that it
would be short meeting so I can come back and rest. She immediately
responded with a smiley face and sent me directions to a near cool drinks
bar. I got up and noticed the mouse on the table and new I needed to look
like the day I saw her last time so I put it on my air and combed it and
made sure to shave and dress nicely. I went to this place and found that
she was already there and had a smile when she saw me. I went around and
sat across her. She immediately became nervous and looked down, which
seemed familiar since thats how I was around Janani aunty. I started the
conversation since it seemed like she was too nervous, I asked “how
studying went”. She replied it went great, I was hoping we could study
together. I then apologized saying I got a new part time job with a friend
that would make my weekends busy. She then asked, what kind of job is that?
I told her that he has an amateur photography company for which he needs me
to help out. She immediately smiled and said, “I love photography, maybe
you can teach me some new tips and tricks” As we talked, I was daydreaming
about Janani aunty and was getting frustrated with this chit chat. But the
good thing was at least I got her to start talking rather than being shy. I
knew that it will be only a few days before I can lure her in and hopefully
get her to be one of porn actress for Ateef. Since she is 18, I am sure
there will be heavy demand to watch it. I then told her “maybe I can bring
my camera during one of the weekend and I can show you how get good shots”.
Sruthi was excited and said she would love too. We got up and I saw that
she continued to be shy when she looks at me. In order to speed things up,
I immediately gave her a hug and told her I will call her and walked away.
I knew that I left a lasting impression on her after that exchange.

Few days went by, and I got hundreds of SMS from sruthi but none from
Janani aunty. I grew more and more desperate but heeded to Ateef’s warning
and did not sent any messages. Finally on friday I got a message, who I
first thought was sruthi but ended up being Janani. My hands suddenly
started to tremble and my palms were sweaty. I opened and saw that she
invited me to dinner on Saturday as part of her rotary club. I immediately
got excited and replied back immediately saying yes. I was so excited the
entire day about the dinner that I made sure to check into Ateef’s beauty
salon and get a good makeover in preparation of Saturday. The day finally
came and Ateef sent a driver to drop me at the Rotary club headquarters. As
I entered, i was led to a dining room with only Janani in the room smoking
a cigarette while reading the menu. I walked in nervously and stood across
her. She immediately looked up with a smile and got up and gave me a hug.
She then sat down and asked how I was doing. I said great while looking
down nervously. She then said, Ateef called her last night and recommended
me to help her utilizing the money he donated to the club. She stated that
they were planning on cleaning up the beach nearby. They usually pair up to
take turns to clean it everyday and they need us tommorow. I immediately
said sure. She said great, I am glad you will be helping me tommorow. I
then said, how about I bring a camera also, so that way we can take
pictures of how the beach looked like before we cleaned up and how it
looked after so we can promote how much a difference ateef has made. She
immediately liked the idea and said we can also post it on our website. The
conversation went on for hours on different aspects of life and I got more
and more confident as we talked more and I drank more wine. I went home
that night feeling very happy and looking forward spending time with Janani
aunty. Next day came and I was excited to go to the beach. Ateef’s driver
came by and when I got in the car noticed Ateef was in it. He put his hand
over his shoulder and told me that day was a big day for me. He said known
brahmin housewives, the third meeting is important time to make the move to
be sucessful. I had a immediate smile when he said that. He said you have
exactly 1 week to get that whore in my studio and you are going to be the
star of that movie. I immediately had an erection when he said that and I
replied, Janani aunty is so classy, well respected in community why would
she humiliate herself and have sex with me so the entire world can watched
be humliated. Ateef immediately said don’t call her aunty, either call her
Janani or whore. Thats what she is going to be after next week, and you
need to portray as someone who is closer to her age rather than your true
age which is 18. No women will want to have sex with someone that could be
their son. I immediately agreed. He pulled out a bottle of whiskey and
poured in a shot glass. He told me to take a shot of it for good luck which
I immediately did. He told me when everything is finished tonight and its
time to leave, make sure you make the first move. I have studied her for
many months and usually I never make the first move, but in her case I am
confident you will be successful. He then asked me if I was wearing my
poonal to which I said yes. He then said good, It is going to be very hot
ouside that you will be sweating a lot. I want you to take your shirt off
while cleaning the beach. This is a picture of her husband who is 12 years
older than her, he showed a picture of a bald, obese and short man with
bald completion. Remember you are competing against this, if she takes one
look at you without your shirt that will be a enough of a trigger to fall
in love with your body. I immediately agreed and walked out of the car.
While I was walking to the beach, I saw Janani and MY GOD…she looked very
hot. She wore a tight athletic pant and tight shirt with a cap and
sunglasses. I have mostly seen in sari but she looked like a western model
in western dress. I went up to her and she immediately smiled and gave me a
hug. She gave me a stick to pick up paper and can and a trash can to carry
and she stated “lets get started! I will go this direction and you go in
the other direction” I immediately remember and said lets take a picture of
it first. She then said good idea!. I took my professional camera and took
pictures of the site. She looked at the pictures and said “you are such a
good photographer”. I put the camera away and started working. It was hard
work and the sun got right above me and I started sweating a lot. I
remembered what Ateef told me and I took my shirt off and put it in the
bag. I looked at myself and was happy I heeded to Ateef’s advice last year
when he told me to lift weights for 1 year until I have chest and abs just
like ateef (eating beef everyday also helped). I realized that with the
waxing, I looked like one of those foreign male models. I continued working
and when I got closer to Janani, I realized that she kept looking my
direction, I knew that she has noticed me with my shirt off. After we were
done, I took a last picture of the site and she was impressed with the work
we did. She then said, sun is about to set I cant believe we worked for 4
hours, let go watch it up there. We went up and sat in one of the fisherman
boat on the shore to get a good view of the sunset. She called one of the
fisherman and told him to take a picture of us. She then immediately put
her arm around my sweat naked body and smiled. I immediately got excited
that she was using this oppurtunity to get a physical interaction. The
smell of sweat from her body was very toxic that I couldnt have been more
aroused. We then watched the sunset as I took pictures of it. She said
“well its getting dark, I should probably go home since my family is
waiting for me” I knew this was the oppurtunity and I quickly grabbed her
hand. She looked at me with a puzzled look, I then realized I didnt know
what to do next since I have never been this close to a girl. I then
blurted out, “lets take a walk around the beach since its a beautiful
night” She smiled and said “well I do have some time for that”. While we
walked around the beach we looked the beautiful shorline and as we got ot
the end of the beach, I grabbed her hand again and she turned and looked at
me. I made sure to look in her eyes, and I told her “I want to be honest
with you” as I took my hand rubbed against her face, “I think you are the
most beautiful person I have ever met and I have feelings that I cannot
explain, I want to find out if you have the same”. She immediately blushed
and looked away and then looked in my eyes and said, “I am married wife for
15 years and I have never thought about cheating on my husband once”. I
then said “You didn’t answer my question”. She then said with a tear in her
eye, “Yes, Yes I do and I was afraid of these feelings to take hold of me”.
I then had a huge sigh of relief on the inside because just like Ateef said
I now have her in the palm of my hand. I immediately turned her face around
and said, “I now want to kiss your beautiful lips, is that okay” She shook
her head yes while closing her eyes. I immediately went in and french
kissed her for 5 mins. In the back of my mind, I never felt so much ecstacy
since it was my first kiss and this is a moment I have been practicing
since watching and modeling after Ateef from the videos. Her lips tasted so
good, I have never put in my mouth anything better including beef. When I
stopped, she looked at me with a glow in her face that was similar to when
my mom had when she was with Ateef. She immediately pushed me down, and
kissed me passion while waves were going in an out over our body. She was
rubbing the dirt that was mostly mud now while she is doing it. I was
thinking MY GOD if only I had a camera videotaping this so I can watch it
over and over again. After a while she moved her hand down to my pants and
and unzipped it. I immediately stopped her and said its getting dark
outside maybe we should go. She immediately blushed and I saw some anger in
her face. She got up and said, “Yes, you are correct, my husband is waiting
for me”. She immediately sprinted out of her to the car. I zipped my pants
and was in disbelief that there was this brahmin woman who is the woman of
my dreams wanted to have sex with me in public on the beach right now and I
said no. I knew that it would be impossible for me to have sex, since my
surgical area is still healing and it would be extremely painful. I then
walked up the hill towards the parking lot and noticed, Ateef waiting
outside the car. He had a huge smile and gave me a big hug. He said you are
finally a big man now and gave me a kiss on the forehead. He told me he
watched everything from a distance and was impressed to have stopped her
from having sex with you at that moment. In addition to the fact that you
are healing from the foreskin surgery, I want you to have sex in the right
setting where I can videotape the whole thing which is in a studio. You now
have a week like I said to get that khutiya in my studio and you have
already completed the hard part, now is the easy part. He patted on my
shoulder and he took me to to my hostel. While I was taking a shower, I
realized how much of a man I became today and did what Ateef has been doing
all his life which is seducing a woman, especially one that is Brahmin,
into committing adultery to a stranger in the third meeting. I got out of a
shower and applied cream to my penis, I got dressed and saw that my phone
had multiple SMS messages. The first was multiple messages from sruthi
asking if we can hang out. I replied saying I have work the next two
weekends, and told I will be free in 2 weeks. I knew she will be mad about
this response but knew I had to focus solely on Janani and meet his
deadline of having sex with her in front of a camera. The next few SMS were
from Janani which said “I apologize for what happened tonight. I didn’t
mean to go too fast. Hopefully this won’t hurt our relationship and we can
continue to meet each other” I immediately knew Ateef was right, once the
brahmin lips has tasted pleasure they become untamed beast. I knew that I
can easily meet the deadline Ateef and slept with a smile.

The next few days, Janani kept inviting me to dinner which ended up in more
kissing session but I kept stopping her when she wanted to take it further.
Each time she got angrier and angrier and tried to be more and more
aggressive. Finally on the Friday of the following week (two days from the
deadline), she gave me a ultimatum saying she no longer wants to see me, if
I do not have sex with her that night. I could see desperation in her voice
just like my mom when she tried it with Bashar when she first had sex with
him. I immediately replied, “I wanted to have sex with you the first night
I met you” She had a immediate smile and started kissing me on the lips. I
immediately pushed her away and said “But, I have bigger plans on what to
do with you”. She seemed puzzled and said “like what”. I said I work for
Ateef and do you know what he does? She replied well I thought he owned a
photographer company. Keeping in mind what Ateef advised me before I was
here, “I said well that is just to hide what he truly does.” She replied
“Well what is that?”. I immediately said that he makes blue films with
woman like you and thats how he makes all of his money. She looked back at
me in a shocked state. “He expected to make the money back that he donated
with shooting just 1 movie with you”, I replied. Luckily for you, instead
of having sex with a complete stranger, you can do it with me since you
already want to have sex with me. She looked away and immediately asked,
“how much will I get paid?” I was immediately stunned when she said that,
here was a brahmin wife who has been faithful to her husband for 15 years
has thrown away all idealism away in order to make money. It was clear, she
has been willing to be prostitute all along and has suppressed it until an
opportunity came by. I remembered that Ateef told me last week that she
will require a premium price knowing her which will be 75 lakhs, so I
immediately said that amount. She thought about it for a few seconds, and
said “Fine!” and gave me a kiss on the lips and got up. She replied, “I
guess I have to wait 2 more days to satisfy my desire. When and where do
you want to do it?” I immediately said sunday and gave Ateef’s card that
had his home address. She immediately took it and smiled and said “I will
see you there!”.

Chapter 10: My first night

I went home that night proud of myself but then I suddenly felt nausea and
fear on how Sunday is going to go. While I was laying in bed, I realized
that I am a virgin and have no experience in the matter of sex while Janani
was a sophisticated brahmin woman who expects a lot from me in bed
especially since she is cheating on her husband. What if I am horrible in
bed? Then she will never talk to me. I was so scared, I was thinking about
not even going to the house for it and maybe Ateef taking my place. I
pulled my pants and looked down at my penis, the surgical site finally
healed and there is very little pain. I finally put the last drop of cream
on it and was hoping that I will be fully healed with no pain on Sunday.

Sunday finally came and I got ready for the big day. I was told driver will
pick me up so I waiting outside early while nervous on how today is going
to go as my first as a porno actor. Suddenly a delivery man came and gave
me a package. I opened the package and there was a tiffin box with a note
from my mom said it was beef curry made from expensive imported calf and
said that she continues to miss me. I opened the tiffin box and took a
whiff of tasty beef that I have been missing out in Chennai. I realized
that I promised Janani that I will share some of this with her and saved it
in my backpack so we can eat it together. The driver finally came and took
me to the house. As I walk in, one of the brahmin secretary took me
downstairs to the office. There was Janani sitting down and I sat across
from her. She stared at me angrily since I have been ignoring her SMS
messages since I was so nervous about this day. I wanted to go and tell her
sorry, but Ateef came in with a smile and asked how we were doing. Janani
quickly smiled and gave Ateef a big hug and a kiss on his cheek. He sat
down at the desk and said he was delighted to have us as main star from his
next movie. He said the movie will be undedited and will be all one shot
with no cuts or interruptions. He gave us both scripts. He told us that
since it is such short notice, the script is just a guide but if you forget
just act naturally and said dialogues that you will naturally say if there
are no cameras around. He then said let me show you the set. He brought me
in and it looked just like middle class bedroom with a bed that was
decorated with flowers. He said it looks just like a first night bed for a
newlywed right? That will be our main story for this movie. First night for
a brahmin couple, uncensored and unedited. There has not been a single
pornographic movie that has depicted it and you won’t believe how many
brahmins watch porn. I know for a fact this will be an instant hit. In
order to appease to the crowd, there will be no cigarettes, no alcohol and
definitely no meat. There just has to be sex that must seem real to them.
We agreed while Ateef took us into the dressing room. Ateef emphasized that
for this to be real, I am going to have my brahmin secretary dress you up
in tradtional south indian wedding clothes so it looks like you just got
married. He turned to Janani and said, you brought your sari and jewelry
hat you wore for the wedding correct? She said yes and added that it still
fits her well. Ateef than looked at me and said you are still wearing your
poonal correct, to which I replied yes. He called his two brahmin secretary
and said take these two and give them a complete makeover including full
waxing of their body so there is not a speck of hair. Put mehendi on
Janani’s hand and feet and dress her properly with the dress given. For
Subbu here make sure he gets proper santhanam (sandlewood) on his forehead
and his body so it likes like he is a iyer groom. Also do a complete wax
and hair cut so he looks spiffy. The makeover took for 2 hours and I waited
for 6 more hours until Janani got ready with her mehendi and her dress
ready, so in the meantime I was reading the script to make sure I knew my
lines. Ateef cam in briefly and said, I almost forgot and he gave a box of
viagra. He said take this 4 hours before we start shooting. I then realized
this is what Bashar and Ateef were taking to make their penises so big
before sex. I took the pills and then few hours later, we both walked into
the bedroom and when I looked at her, I could not believe my eyes how
beautiful she looked. She didn’t look a year older than 20 with a beautiful
red pattu podavai (silk sari), nice pottu with vermillion, mehendi on her
hands and feet, nice jewelry on her neck and a nice toe ring. I felt like I
just married her and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

Ateef pointed to the large glass window across the bed. He pointed and said
thats where me and all the camera men will sit. He took a remote and
pressed a button and suddenly the window became a mirror. He said its a one
way mirror now, so you will not see us but we will see you. He pressed
another button and all the cameras above, below and on sides that were
camouflaged started moving around. He said no one will be in this room
except you guys. Everything will be controlled behind that mirror, so that
you can totally forget that someone is watching you in order to make things
natural. In addition, he said just forget that you are in a movie shoot
just pretend this is your real first night. LIke I said the camera will be
running continuously, so there will be cuts or interruptions until the next
morning when you wake up. He then looked at Janani’s thali and told her to
removed it and give it to him. He then took out the gold chain and replaced
it with thick yellow thread to make it look like a fresh thali. He then
asked if we have any questions and we shook now as I was eager for this to
be started. He told us to go into this room until he is ready with the
camera in the room, he then gave me a box of yogurt rice with pickle and
said remember from the script that before you start anything you will feed
her this while she feeds you since you guys were supposed to fast until
this moment. Before I walked in the room, Ateef said, “Oh ya, I forget make
sure all your dialogue is in tamil since that will be your main audience,
we will add subtitles for foreign audiences. When I walked into the room he
sent us there was large mirror where I saw myself and was impressed at how
much I looked like a iyer groom, with my veshti, angostram, poonal and all
the santhnam markings. I saw Janani behind, who looked like a beautiful
innocent brahmin bride which made me feel guilty that I was going to devour
in bed something that beautiful and innocent. I turned around and sat and I
saw that she continued to be angry with me. She then said, why have you
been ignoring all my messages? I told her sorry and said I was really
nervous about today since I don’t know how much I can impress you in bed.
She smiled and sat next me. She held my hand and said this is supposed to
be a “first night” so its okay to be nervous. Its been so long since my
first night that I don’t even remember it so you being nervous makes it
more real for me. She ten said, you won’t bleieve it but I am also nervous
since I haven’t had a sex in over a year since both my husband and I have
been busy with our work. I smiled and looking at the yogurt rice helped me
remember the beef curry my mom gave me. I then told her, remember that I
promised I will share my mom’s beef with you? She smiled and said yes and
you never delivered the promise. I pulled my mom’s tiffin box and opened
it. Janani immediately took a whiff and said it smells wonderful. I
replied, I know ateef said no meat, but if I mix it underneath the rice,
the camera will probably not notice it. I went ahead and mixed it careful
under the the yogurt rice so its not really visible. I then took a small
bottle of vodka and told her to give me a jug of milk. I poured the entire
bottle with the milk and gave it back to her. She smiled and said well this
certainly didn’t happen at my first night to which I replied, well you will
have more fun with this one then.

Ateef walked in few minutes later and said we are ready. As I walk out my
palms became sweaty and my heart started racing. I sat down in bed while
Janani sat next to me. Ateef walked backwards into the exit while counting
us down. As he closed the door, the lights went on, and window switch to a
mirror. I looked up and around and it felt like we were the only ones in
the room. I immediately started sweating and I wasn’t sure if it was my
nervousness or the lights. I looked at Janani and she was looking at me to
say my first line. I looked down and tried to take a deep breath and
created a longer pause than necessary. I then looked at her and in tamil
said sticking to the script, “are you hungry?” She then nodded yes. I took
out the yogurt rice with pickle that had beef secretly mixed in it. I then
said here is some yogurt rice from the wedding. She immediately replied in
tamil, “can you feed it to me since my hands are greasy from the homam
(fire sacrifice) we did today. I then took a hand full of yogurt rice,
making ure the beef is hidden inside the rice ball and fed it in her mouth.
I could tell immediately that she enjoyed the beef. As I was done halfway,
I told her to feed me the rest. She then replied, well my hands are greasy
to which I said I know, but I still want you to feed me. She then took the
rice and fed me my mom’s delicious beef that was hidden in it. After we
finished we were in state of ecstacy from the beef. She then reached for
the milk jug and poured it in a glass. She said here have some of the milk.
I drank some of it and immediately got a kick from the whiskey. I then gave
the other half to Janani who drank the rest. After that we each looked down
at the floor. I once again paused longer than I was supposed since I was
trying to get into grips with the fact that I am going to soon lose my
virginity to a brahmin woman of my dreams. I realized this is the moment I
have been waiting for every since I accidentally saw Ateef’s porn VCDs. I
then realized I forgot the script and didn’t know what to do next. Janani
whispered quietly, “do something quick”. I froze and then realized Ateef
told me to improvise if I forgot the script. So i tried to put myself on
the beach when Janani tried to have sex with me and tried to imagine what I
would have done next if I had sex during that moment. I then peeked to the
left and looked her beautiful hand that had mehendi on it. I slowly moved
my left hand and held her right hand, while she looked down. I immediately
lifted and gave a kiss while looking at her eyes. I could tell she looked
confused since I wasn’t following the script. I then slowly started kissing
towards her shoulder. I then looked in her eyes and said in tamil, “you are
the most beautiful person I have met in my life and I will do anything to
protect you as a husband for the rest of my life” Janani immediately smiled
while almost crying since she knew that wasn’t in the script and I said it
from my heart. She then put her hand on my face and said in Tamil , “I will
always be faithful as your wife whether during times of distress or times
of hapiness” and she kissed me on my forehead. I then realized that we both
are completely throwing away the script Ateef gave us and completing
creating our own first night story. I then put my thumb on her beautiful
lips and then proceeded to kiss her passionately while holding. After a few
minutes she pushed me down like in the beach and started kissing me more
agressively. She then proceded to towards my veshti and started untying it
and pulled it down revealing only my underwear. She then reached in my
underwear and started squeezing my balls. I then became immediately aroused
but used all my willpower to make sure to not cum too fast. She then
proceded to pull down my underwear. She then gasped and said y”ou have no
foreskin!” in tamil. I immediately replied that it was removed due to an
infection as a child. She then replied, it looks beautiful and went ahead
started stroking it while I ran my fingers through her beautiful hair that
smelled like jasmine. She then looked at me with her beautiful eyes and
started sucking my cock. She had perfect technique and started stroking my
dick with her hand and her mouth. I immediately worked hard to make sure I
don’t ejaculate. All the years of practice with masterbation has helped me
control it. I then stopped her and lifted her chin and told her in tamil
“to lie down” I then proceded to remove her sari and slowly unbuttoned her
blouse and bra to reveal her beautiful breasts. I went ahead and did what I
wanted to do ever since I first laid eyes on them, I immediately started
sucking them with the same technique I saw Ateef and Bashar used on my mom.
She immediately became aroused and started biting her lips and moaning. I
could tell that she has never been touched like this by her husband. After
I was done with both breasts, I slowly started kissing downwards towards
her naval to which she moaned in delight. I then took my penis and started
titty fucking her while she started screaming in delight. While I was doing
it I accidently removed her thali (mangalsutra) which was on my dick.
Improvising, I then wrapped the thali tight around my dick and told her to
suck on it in tamil. She then proceeded to suck it with delight. I then
lifted her legs and tried to spread it. I then said in tamil, “thevydia
munda, kala orunga viri” (you whore, spread your legs properly) to which
she immediately spread her legs. I then proceded to put my dick that had
the thali wrapped around it and slowly inserted it in her beautiful waxed
pussy. I can’t believe how tight her was, she must have not had sex in
ages. She immediately started screaming in pain.

I then immediately put my hand over her mouth to silence her while saying
“punda mavale, kathathe” (whore’s daughter, do not scream) and pounded her
pussy even more. She couldn’t help put but close her eyes in pain while
tears came out. As I started picking up pace, and pounded her pussy harder,
I said “na kai ya eddukarai, kathama sollu, na theyvidya ki poruntha nalla,
nannu oru thevidya annu asai padarai” (I am going to remove my hand,
without screaming, say I am born to a whore, so I also want to be a whore).
As I removed my hand, she softly repeated it. I then took my right hand and
choked her and screamed “sattama sollu” (say it louder). She then tried to
scream it while I was choking her. I kept having her repeat it until we
both reached a climax. I then proceeded to remove my cock that had thali
soaked in pussy juice, while completely controlling myself to not
ejaculate. I then proceded to turn her around forcefully, and said “kundi
valli, na oh kundila vakaporah” (Woman with an ass, I am going to put my
cock in your ass). I noticed a box of tallow (beef fat) my mom gave with
food, so I took a bunch and rubbed in on my cock with the thali and also
took a handful and stuffed in her tight asshole while she screamed again. I
once again pulled her hair and screamed “kathathai” (do not scream!) to
which she physically used her hand to close her mouth to suppress her pain.
I then slowly inserted my cock with thali slowly in her ass to which I
could see tears from her eyes from the pain. I made sure her facing the
camera and proceded to pound her ass harder and harder. She slowly loosened
up that I was able to pick up pace. I could tell she was enjoying it since
on the mirror, I can see that her eyes were rolled up in ecstacy. As I
reached climax for the second time, I pulled out my cock that had the thali
drenched in cum/ass juice and beef fat and said “naara koodhi, vayaa
tharai” (stinking cunt open your mouth). I then stuffed the cock down her
throat which resulted in her regurgitating some vomit but was unable to
spit it out since I firmly held my cock in my mouth at which point I
exhaled and released all my cum which filled her cheeks. I then screamed,
“Seniyan, orunga murungi” (Bitch, swallow properly!). She then forcefully
swallowed the whole thing. I slowly took out my dick and saw that the thali
rope was no longer yellow but brown from all the cum, ass/pussy juice and
vomit. “Ippai, yo thevidya amma marai nanna nakku” (Now, lick it properly
like your prostitute mother). She then proceded to lick it fast since she
was intimidated by my forcefulness. After she was done thoroughly licking
everything, I then unwrapped the thalli and tied it around her neck making
sure I tied three knots and told her “ippada, nee anakku pondathi” (Only
now you are my wife). I then from exhaustion just fell right next to her.
We both looked at the ceiling in disbelief on what happened. Maybe it was
the ecstacy or the alcohol but I could not believe how much of a dirty man
I was and I knew she was impressed and aroused with the way I treated her
tonight. I noticed that all the nlghts suddenly turned off, while the
shutters on the ceiling slowly opened shining the moonlight on our bodies.
She then proceded to put her arms, legs around me with her head resting on
my chest and said thank you with a smile. We both slept the entire night
thoroughly satisfied.

To be continued in the next book, Subramanian’s Autobiography: Adventures
of my Iyer Mother with a Muslim – Book 2.

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  1. It would’ve been great to be freinds while growing up, with the writer of this story. He has such a good imagination. It would’ve been so awesome to watch each others mothers and share fantasies with him. My kinda guy…

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