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Suchita’s New world – The beginning(part 2)

Previous part:

Hi guys thank you for reading my story I hope you all liked it. Now I am going to continue the story as many people email me and asked me to continue even Suchi wanted me to write more and gave me many ideas so here I am writing the 2nd part of the story how we met for the first time and kissed for the first time. After contacting on kik we became good friends and suchi used to come every night on kik to chat with me we shared lot of fantasies, she got the website information through comments on some Sex story sites. Suchi is homely but a slut in bed that she discovers later when she visited hinduladies(door to heaven for hindu women) our conversation was like this:

Me: hi what do you like the most in the site?
Suchi: almost everything
Me: really? Are you virgin?
Suchi: yes, kissed 3 times in my life with my brother’s friend
Me: oh wow, was he hindu or muslim?
Suchi: muslim
Me: how did he manage to kiss you?
Suchi: he was my brother’s good friend so he used to come home, my brother would trust and left him in the terrace with me, he would constantly stare me in that way I got seduced. Bahot Ghurta tha mujhe wo.
Me: fir kya hua?

Suchi: usne hath pakda aur deewar se tika ke kiss kar liye it was a long kiss then he asked me to open my mouth and I was so stupid ki me uski sari baat manne bhi lagi me 11th standard me thi us time.

Me: wow maza aya hoga tumhe to?

Suchi: amazing!! Acha laga tabhi to 2 baar or kiya usne

Me: fir next time kese kiya?

Suchi: hehe!!! Next time uske bole bina mene apna mouth open kar diya uske liye and then we sucked each other’s lips for few minutes. Tongue kissing was so amazing lekin wo sirf 3 times hi tha uske baad abhi tak nahi kiya hai mene.

Me: kyu bf k sath nahi kiya?
Suchi: no…he is a nerd keeps on studying and does nothing, are mera bhi mann hota hai ki kabhi hath pakde corner me leke jaye kiss wagerah kare.
Me: haha he is useless…if I were your bf I would have showed you how to make love properly with gf.
Suchi: ya I know muslim guys specially are good at it.
Me: how would you know that?
Suchi: after visiting the sites and watching videos uncut ugly cock has no match than cut manly super hot cock.

So isi tarah hamari friendship continue rahi bahot sare roleplays kiye hamne then one day we exchanged our number and used to chat on whatsapp and talked for hours on phone. She got addicted to me when I was out she used to ping and chat with me. Then finally the day came it was 4th march when we decided to meet. We planned to meet in E square to watch a Hollywood movie together. We both were very excited the thought of seeing Suchi was enough to make me hard and she also told me that the moment she agreed to meet me she started feeling unusual in her body. The anxiety nervousness and crave to meet a muslim man specially from the site which shows hindu woman down on the knees blowing cut lund was enough to make her wet. Finally we met OMG she was gorgeous so beautiful I used to think only stupid ugly or hindu aunties visit this site because they are not getting any lund to get satisfaction but after seeing Suchi all my perceptions gone wrong She was so pretty and moreover a bramhin maal with hot figure. Use dekhke me sapne sajane laga ki ek baar bas bed pe le aau ise fir to jannat hai. Believe me any hindu guy who would see such girl with a muslim man will die of jealousy. We met and shook our hands it was so soft it felt like I was touching some wolf’s fur. That point I made a decision that I am gonna make love to her like no one ever imagined. Then we went to watch the movie inside the hall. The hall was almost empty with few couples sitting at the corner and some college students.

I deliberately took the corner seat and we sat. There were many couples mostly hindu single guys as seemed by the look of guy because they appeared ugly and dark. Found one more couple sitting there where the guy was handsome they came out to be muslim guy and hindu girl as girl called his name many times as rehan and the girl was sporting bindi so obviously she was hindu Suchi too noticed that.

Me: seems like she is also from hindu ladies.
Suchi: chup raho….har koi nahi dekhta.
Me: har kisi ka nahi malum but tum kafi ho mere liye
Suchi: flirting mat karo
Me: well wat do you think about me?
Suchi: nothing
Me: arre ab bata bhi do isme kya sharmana
Suchi: you are good looking
Me: thanks

Then the movie started and we were watching, her right hand was on the rest beside my seat and mine was also there distance apart. I was feeling very horny that time and wanted to do something.

My heart was beating fast and was very anxious to use this hindu bitch. Mene thoda side face karke usko dekha wo pretend kar rahi thi ki movie dekh rahi hai lekin uska adha dhyan meri taraf tha. Usne meri or dekha or smile kiya fir boli ki movie dekho meri taraf nahi. Then ham dono firse movie dekhne lage thodi der baad mene fir dekha to wo tirchi nigaho se mujhe dekh rahi thi.

Mere hath uske hath se touch hua and then hamari fingers touch hui. Mene thodi der hath wese hi rakha ye dekhne k liye ki wo hath hatati hai ya nahi lekin usne nahi hataya. Then mene thoda hath or aage badhaya dheere dheere mera confidence badh raha tha. Achanak usne ek finger uthake mere hath me rakh di mujhe thoda or confidence aya. Then mene apni dusri finger aage badhai or ab dheere dheere pura hath hamara touch hone laga. At last dono hath ek dusre k samne aagaye or dono ne ek sath pahal ki or intertwined kar liya.

Uff kya feeling this yaar jese hi hath padka she squeezed it and sighed omg wat a feeling it was. Me dheere dheere hath rub karne laga or usko dekha. Uski nostrils flare ho rahi thi wat a Brahmin beauty she is anyone can pay her few thousands just to spend an hour with her and here she is giving full access to use her body just because I am a muslim wow hindu guys must be jealous of it. I moved closer and my nose was near to her cheeks. My breath was touching her cheeks and ears, I said softly “you are so hot suchi” she blushed and sighed and her nostrils flared again. I rubbed my nose on her cheeks so hard and kissed her softly on cheeks she said uff. Then I kissed again and this time it was harder and then I opened mouth a bit and kissed cheeks and ears with mouth open she was breathing heavily by the time and her nostrils were just flaring. I took my tongue out a bit and touched her cheeks she sighed and said omg no please faiz.

I was licking her cheeks and that time we both fucked the movie we did not even know wats going on in the movie. Then I moved back and she looked at me both were staring each other. She was so cute, hot and pretty hindu girl ready to do anything for a muslim hunk. We moved closer and rubbed each others nose wat a cute nose she got. We were rubbing nose so hard and then I lifted her nose upward and placed my mouth on hers …uummmmm ummmm. We kissed finally and then rubbing nose kissing rubbing kissing rubbing changing position tilting head changing lips kabhi wo mere upar wale to kabhi niche wale lips ko kiss kar rahi thi then she responded well as soon as I opened my mouth she knew what is coming for her, she also opened hers and let my lips slide into her mouth, as soon as my lips slides she held the lips with hers and I felt very warm and wet inside. The taste and smell of her mouth and saliva was making me hard felt like keeping sucking it till the end of the world. We sucked sucked sucked sucked ummmm muaah slrp slurp slurp ummm muah ummmmm poooooucccch chchchch umm…. Changed position rubbing nose sucking lips then I slid my tongue in she realized and made the way for my hungry tongue to meet hers my tongue enters her and she touched it with her milky pinky tasty bramhin tongue. Our saliva met and the kiss turned to sloppy kissing. My tongue was deep inside her mouth and she was sucking it hard that she is hungry for muslim tongue. She was sucking so hard I actually felt as if some kind a vaccum cleaner trying to rip my tongue apart I said Suchi slowly…give me that tongue you muslim hunk I will suck every drop of saliva from your mouth give me that you bloody muslim hunk….ummmm muaaah slurp slurp slurp ummmm ummmmpouchchc….then she entered her tongue into my mouth and asked me to suck it hard.

I sucked it hard like there is not tomorrow drank all her saliva and tasted it. She pushed tongue deeper in my mouth ufff yummy ummmm muah slurp slurp slurp….then we took each others tongue out and played with it aaaaaaaa eeeeee aaaaa ummmm eeeeeeaaaaaaaaaeeeaeaeee slurp slurp we were tongue twisting. Mere bf to chakka nikla he looks like servant infont of you thank god we have lot of muslim guys here in india other wise we hindu girls would have lived in denial dilemma and unsatisfied whole life…we kissed around 20 minutes and then we realized that the interval is there everybody were going out for snacks. Many hindu single guys were sitting and looking at us some were even passing comments to which she said iske alawa ihne ata kya hai life time akele hi rahenge ye log, jab koi ladki milti hai to uska use nahi kar pate or nahi milti to muslim k maal pe comment karte…well I feel much safer with you because I know they are jealous and you can beat the hell out of them anytime. I could see her nipples erect from her tees they were big and hard I knew what she wanted but before me she said lets go somewhere else faiz the movie is boring and I am interested in something else. Ha haha what are you interested in? I said do you want to see where I live? That would be the great idea lets go there atleast we will get some time to spend and we will not have to bare these ugly hindu guys here. So went out and rode on my bike pulsar 200NS she hugged me from behind I felt her tits touching my back I felt as if someone is poking me with sharp object.

Mene mann me socha iske to aaj chuske hi rahunga bramhin dhudh peeke rahunga aaj maza aa jayega dabane or chusne me laal karke ghar bhejunga me. She hugged me tightly everyone were looking at us as we stopped at the signal all the hindu uncles, aunties, guys and girls were looking at us I could feel what hindu guys might be thinking. Some were even following us and tried to take a look of her face and ass, unlike all hindu girls in pune she did not hide the face she was brave enough to show the world how a hindu girl is owned by a muslim man. Finally we reached at the flat I parked the bike and took the lift to the 6th floor of my flat in Aundh area of pune. We reached flat and I made her coffee after that we sat and were talking to each other automatically the situation and the mutually feeling arose and then we started staring each other again……to be continued

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I will write the remaining part as the story is very long cant write in a day it’s a complete series tab tak k liye good bye and khuda hafiz love you all.

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  2. wowwwww we all hindu girls love to ride on muslim cock muahnnnnnnnnnnn.

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