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Suparna Goes Pujo

The year was 2016 and for a bengali hindu girl like me who didn’t want to the festive and joyous days of pujo it was a homecoming for me. I was a 23 year old girl then who was studying in Delhi.

I always went to Muhammad Ali Park which hosts one of the biggest pujos with the help of organizers many of whom are muslims.

I usually met my old friends there and have a lot of fun. Also my parents don’t mind if I stay outside all night long during the festive days of pujo.
The first day of pujo finally arrived, I was dressed elegantly in a saree, it took me 3 hours to get ready.  I reached Muhammad Ali Park which just takes 20 minutes drive from my home.

On the first day I met an old friend Maqsood. He was my class mate in 10+2 many years ago.
At first I didn’t recognize him because he had changed so much. He came up to me and called out my name. I was not sure who the guy is. Then he said he is Maqsood from ******(school name).
I was surprised he had become a total hunk. He gave me a one arm hug as the palm of his one hand brushed against my exposed back in the deep back saree blouse.


That moment I felt like electricity just flowed through my spine.
He said he is doing modeling for some clothing brands these days.

I inquired how come you are here at the pujo ? He told me, he was helping out his friend who happens to be one of the organizers.

We were talking and in the middle he started looking somewhere  else I followed his eyes and he was looking at a girl. She was pretty. She also saw Maqsood staring at her and she gave a very subtle smile.

I felt jealous for a moment, I said are you here to ogle girls ? He said to me “she likes it”. Pujo without girls like you would be so dull you are the main attraction, he said.
Not girls like me, but girls like her.
You look prettier than her you really do but I can’t look at you like that because when I see you old memories tend to come up in the mind when I was a boy and we rarely had any conversations back then in the school.

But now we can, you know what, I couldn’t recognize you at first because you were looking so good, couldn’t imagine it was the same guy from the class but I had a feeling that I have seen you before.

Maqsood – That is good to hear, so how long are you planning to stay out tonight.
I can stay out all night long if I get some company.
Thats great, so shall we go somewhere else, may be on a drive or do you want to stay here.
Its just the first day and I am done with the darshan, so lets move out, shall we.
He took out the car and we went on a drive on the lonely road. He stopped the car near a shop and bought a cone of ice cream for me. Then he drove a little further and stopped the car at the side of the street where there was no one, no shops nothing.

Why stop the car here.
I dont feel like driving, when you are sitting next to me. I just want to look at you for some time. He started looking at me while I was still trying to finish up the ice cream.

Maqsood – Oh you have icecream on your nose.
Where ?
Maqsood – Dont worry let me clean it off.

Later I realized he just made this up to come closer to me, he touched my nose as if he’s cleaning something off but suddenly he came too close and kissed me. I didn’t say anything which encouraged him to go further as he starts to press my boobs while kissing my lips harder as the ice cream cone fell down from my hands.

From the outside he touched my pussy which had gotten real hungry with the touch of his flesh.
He bit my ear and was now kissing my neck. I said gaspingly “you are making me mad ummmm!”.
There is so much heat inside you, your body was just craving for the touch of a real man.

He whispered in my ears told me to unzip his pants.
I did as he said, then moved by hand inside and pulled out his big mamba which was hard and ready to go into my hole.

bengali girl sex story

He grabbed my head and moved me down towards his dick as his dick meets my lips. He was sitting on the driver’s seat as I was now sucking on his big heavy dick.
It was a messy blowjob. I sucked it wholeheartedly. I was glued to his big lund. The tales of hindu girls enjoying the muslim circumcised lunds were nothing but true as I found myself in one of them. The heat of the situation – sucking a muslim man’s louda who I just met at the pujo, turned me on to new heights.

Out of nowhere a car stopped not very far from our car. I became uncomfortable, told him that we need to go somewhere else its not safe here.

Maqsood started the car and we went to a hotel where he booked a room. As soon as I stepped inside the room he shuts the door and grabs me from behind like a tiger leaps and catches his prey.
Next I felt his breath and his tongue all over my exposed blouse back.
Breathing heavily I said to him “please don’t leave any marks on my back I have to wear saree tomorrow and the rest of the days.” I was concerned that he might leave love bite and suck marks on my back as my skin tone is light it would be clearly visible.

Maqsood- Dont worry I would just lick the body parts which you like to expose in the saree but on the last day of pujo I would be rough, I will not spare any part of you.
He begins to undress me, removes my saree, unhooks my blouse and the bra, and how does it feel to have the forbidden hands of a muslim man touching you and removing your saree. Well, it sends chills through the spine and after the wild experience you don’t find the same intense flavour with the hindu man and you tend to go for the muslim louda.

I was stark naked in front of Maqsood. He pushed me onto the bed and took off his clothes. Next he was over me as his tough body touched and brushed against my soft skin.

I grabbed Maqsood’s dick and placed it on my pussy’s doorway. He then applied a bit of pressure which was just enough for his cock head to go inside my pussy. For the first time I got the taste of the circumcised muslim cock whose unwrapped  head was sending pleasure waves across my body whose pleasure center was by pussy.

As he applies more weight and penetrates his cock deeper inside my vagina I hug him tightly with my nails digging his back which was an opposite reaction of his action and in this reaction the catalyst was the muslim thing, his muslim cock whose supada was unwrapped forever making it stronger, resistant and always open for girls, it excels in captivating hindu girls as the katwa becomes her bedroom fantasy and makes her touch her pussy in awe.

He turns me around with my face down and in front of him. Maqsood pushes his dick from behind inside my pussy, then hugs me tightly from behind and begins to hammer me with his cock.
His mouth was near my ears as he was pounding me from behind. He says to me in a low voice, you had the best piece of ass in the school.
I reacted “you eyed me”.
Yes, that slim waist and nice shapy ass was hard to ignore, he said and kept fucking me.

Maqsood was banging me with his rod like cock continuously pounding my pussy from the back. Some would say I am being defiled by the muslim man and others might think I am getting plundered and ravaged but as long as my pussy enjoys this invasion words have little meaning.

He kept fucking me most of the night and the rest of the nights were no different.

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  1. lovely story i do support you encourage you to write more suparna dii

  2. Please write next part of this story… Superb

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