Super hot desi hindu hottie pooja misrra and Faisal

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Ye misra ki ladki chain lene nahi degi.

Faisal and Pooja

Who is Pooja Misra’s boyfriend ?
Miss Malini links her to a controversial director/ scriptwriter musalman Faisal Saif.
The press note that I got this morning alleged that they were “sitting together very romantically and after the function was over, They both left together.”
The PR note also said Pooja “walked in with a handsome man and the press were trying to figure out who that man was? The man was Faisal Saif.”
Faisal and Pooja know each other well and they also shot together for a multilingual film Amma.

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Tadpa rahi hai ye.

11 thoughts on “Super hot desi hindu hottie pooja misrra and Faisal

    1. es mean badnaami ki kya baath hay. aaj kal tu har koy famous hona chahta / chahti hay. aur kya brahmin females hot sexy nahi hoti hay ? kya aun ka man nahi karta hay? yah aun mean dam nahi. history deko tu sab apnay ap ko auchay jaath wali hi mughal empires ki biwian banni thi. lagta hay Vandana tum budhi ho gaee hoo. tum mean dam nahi raha. maybe jealous feel kar rahi hoo.

      1. chudh es koo , jealous ho rahi hay. agar yah cool mind sochay gee for fun she will enjoy it alot as well. waisay tu indian govt . pakistan kay saath dosti dosti nahi kar raha hay. how many billions indian sarkar spend on paki media to compaign for friendship and business.

  1. There should be festivals for hindu women and muslim men get to interact with each other for 7 days. It should be declared a national holiday called ‘Fuck Fest’

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