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This is rina sen 45 yrs old married lady, my hubby saikat 57 yrs old my stats are 34d-27-37, after tasting arif’s dick i have been fanatic but unfortunately i didnt able to have it daily, it was when my hubby was out of city, whenever he was out i along with aarif enjoyed the sexual pleasure.
Might be my hubby has noticed this god knows how he came to know about my fantasies towards young muslim dick but he kept mum and continued his sexual life as it was before.
Then One Fine Day my hubby asked me to get ready as we had to attend a business party, as usual he selected a pink satin saree along with sleevless blouse, I took the sare went to get ready, I completed my makeup and we moved for the party. We reached there within 30 mins, the party was already started, my hubby introduced me to few unfamiliar guests, else other were the known faces whom i knew, while introduction we met a family Mr Sabir & his wife Mrs Anita Khan, we were pleased to meet a new couple in the party, we greeted each other by shaking our hands, after the introduction both the husbands went for the drinks I along with Mrs Anita Khan sat on the chair with a glass of juice.

Mr khan was quite handsome man he must be around 50 to 55 yrs old, grey hair, strongly built seems like a sports man, and his wife anita was around 30 yrs beautiful lady with good vital stats,
I thought the couple has age difference of around 20 to 25 yrs.
Soon the cocktail party started, i and mrs khan took soft drinks glass and sat to chat, while chatting mrs khan talked about mr khan, she said that khan had a daughter who got married last year and in the same year his wife expired, she was his secretary anita tyagi she was a hindu girl, being attracted towards her gorgeous personality Mr Khan proposed anita to stay with him at his flat.

They both stayed together for few month later after being satisfied they both got married, this is how she became Mrs Anita Khan, we chatted for other household topics, during discussions I gathered information that they both had sex 3 to 4 times a week this made me a bit jelous as I didn’t had that pleasure, i understood that anita was fully satisfied with him.
Party was on we both went to bring some hard drinks, anita met somebody else and started talking to her I returned and sat on the chair and got shocked to see Mr khan sitting next to me.

He said “Hi,” i replied “Hi!! Don’t you like drinks” I responded softly “No, I don’t drink? Too much 1 or 2 pegs are enough, what about you?” he said “No, I’m Protestant so I don’t drink much,” I said “Okk”. He said“ all men are looking at you in spite of having wives by their side” i laughed and said “Then they must be jealous of u as you are sitting next to me and talking to me” mr khan laughed and ordered tequila shots we had them quickly and after that we went dancing floor to dance. I was talking to him about how they manage their house and life as I am housewife was curious to know about these things. As I was talking to him I saw his muscles and his tight t-shirt showed his abs and this was turning me on, Looking at me he said “I hit the gym so” I didn’t get it, he replied “I caught you staring at my muscles so said it” I changed the topic to cooking and found that he is cook too we slowly got into good touch and slowly started to come near me and started talking and between the talks one hand touched my shoulders and other my thigh his touch aroused and when he was bringing his hand to my thigh near to my crotch area it aroused me so much that I closed my eyes and he kissed me his tongue was playing with my lips and I could feel it I opened my lips and invited his lip to play with my lips and his hand on the thigh came on my boob and he pressed it, this happened in such quick moment that i could not resist although i didnt wanted to resist as I wanted to have the pleasure which anita had regularluy, soon the music stopped and we separated i came to my consciousness. Anita along with saikat came, anita took mr khan away and saikat took me away Party was finished we all bid bye and returned home
I and Mr khan kissed each other in the party. Sorry, dear i told to saikat in the car, There’s nothing wrong with it” and he drove to home.
Next day anita came to our house to say sorry, she said my Husband, about the kissing incident she wanted to pretend as if mr khan was drunk so he did the mischief and was sorry you, “all right” anita you need not be sorry for what Khan committed, its ok cool with it” “It happens.

My wife has the complete freedom to do anything until it doesn’t affect my marriage” anita replied “You’re really impressive Mr Sen, my hubby replied to anita “See, Anyhow you guys have felt bored in your routine sex life lets swap each other partner and bring some spice in our sex life, by saying this he caressed anita’s breast, she shivered. What’s wrong?” “My wife rina likes your husband Mr Khan and I like you so it’s just a simple friends with benefits relationship”
She stood up and said what r u saying Mr Sen but saikat said go and ask Sabir he will never miss such opportunity, even he is rina’s butt fanatic by saying this saikat caressed my back, it seemed like any adult movie shooting was on both me and anita couldn’t understand, anita said ok i shall let u know after talking to Mr Khan, as excepted anita Whatsapped “My husband is cool with it. Let’s do it on Saturday night until Sunday evening, bring extra clothes for staying whole night.

Saikat hugged me from behind and said: “Now you will get a chance to fuck Mr khan this weekend” i got shocked and mad “R U Crazy? It was a mistake” Saikat said no dear it was intentional “I did it just for you, so that it can spice up your sex life, which was boring day by day.

Khan said me that he has a bigger cock than me and katwa cock of course will do anal also, so be prepared honey, Imagine that big cock inside you it takes you to new spots in your vagina” hearing those words from my hubby my brain flooded with those thoughts and reluctantly said ok darling.

The main day came so we took 2 extra dresses and i bought some extra sexy lingerie and we left off to their house which was 20 km away, I knocked the door and saw anita wearing Cream coloured skirt & Black coloured top and i wore t-shirt and jeans. Anita was white Complexion 34-26-36, 30 yrs old gorgeous women whom every men be happy to fuck, As we proceeded inside the house anita instructed to go in that room and signalled saikat to another room.

As I went to the room I saw khan on the couch doing some work on laptop I kept my bag on the side and bag sound made khan focus on me and greeted “Hi, come sit on the armrest of this chair” I did so and kept my legs over his and said “You’re one of the beautiful women I have ever seen” Moving his fingers over my thighs I said “Ahh! Thanks that so sweet” He placed his hands on my boobs and while pressing it I could feel his dick getting hard. khan said “That Moment when I kissed u I wanted to fuck you” placing his face near me and kiss me on lips after we opened the tongue and slides them we slowly turned for French kiss played with each other’s tongue.

Then we slowly greeted each other’s tongue and saliva flew from one and other He then started opening my shirt buttons and I didn’t wear any bra to make him hard. As he unbuttoned my shirt and threw it and started pressing and sucking my boobs while placing his hands on my waist where still jeans are there. After satisfied with sucking my boobs for 15 mins both the brown nipples hot erected, he told me to stand up and turn around, he unzipped my jeans and pulled it down along with my panty. He gave a slap on my ass and kissed it saikat never did it so I was happy and was exciting me even more. He was kissing one of my ass cheeks and making them apart, i stretched my legs at the ends of the chair thus opening my pussy from behind as i wanted those holes to be licked hard and khan started licking ass and I was biting my lips. He then brought his lips near to my pussy lips stretched one of them and the tongue started its job, it was too satisfying and I moaned ahhh ohhh o maaa for every time he did so and then he was tonguing everywhere in the pussy area and then entered his finger into my ass and pussy thus making feel like sex started slut hungry for his cut dick, i started to moan in pleasure and then he turned me over and I sat on the chair spreading my legs and he started licking me off, I was on cloud 9 giving satisfaction moans and then he stood up after 15 mins of licking my lovehole was wet already, I understood it was time to serve his dick, i kneeled down unzipped his pant, as he opened his pant I was craving to his cock, he removed his pants and ser aside, Then he removed his undies and his 6’’ circumcised cock popped out and immediately, this was the second time i was about to taste muslim dick, i held it and kept it in my mouth and start massaging it with my tongue and jaw Licking and pinching his tip.

It was long and thick thinking of it my pussy made me wet. Then after few strokes, I removed it and licking and pressing his balls. I was tonguing his entire cock kissing it and pulling his balls with my mouth making him more excited he was unable to control that pleasure his dick also grew further by an inch, he said to sit on the chair in doggy style I did so and he entered this massive dick inside me and he entered into one stroke I took a long breathe and as he was fucking me I was giving pleasure moans ooohhh aaahhhh oohhhh god oie maaa, He held my hands backwards increased speed thus making me moans “Oh Goddd. Aahh.. It paining MMmm” My boobs got pressed on the arm of the chair which excited me even more, After few strokes he was tired and said to taste his dick which had my juices.

I gave a small blowjob and he was back on track. Then he sat on the chair and I was on top of him and kissed his lips rubbed his chest and held his dick and placed it in my pussy held my legs over his thighs and started pupping him my pussy was on fire and wanted the most of it I separated my legs and fucked him my pussy adapted to his cock dimensions so I was fine. After some time I got tired so he held my body and pushed it, I was moaning in pain and pleasure he placed me in the chair and he entered me and we had some intense session after which I had an orgasm and relieved my mind, after some time he too cummed white liquid sperm, i stood up and saw entire was filled with liquid drench, left really tired so he sat on the chair and I sat across him and slept on him keeping my head on his shoulders.

Next day saikat and anita woke up kissed each other and went to the other room and was happy to see me sleeping on khan’s laps on the chair and so anita woke us up and i opened eyes and saw as we all were naked. So as it was Sunday maid didn’t come and we all went to the washroom got freshen up the we both ladies went to kitchen to have some food, while having food we discussed the entire encounter. Saikat asked: “Didn’t you do Anal with my wife?” khan said “No saikat suggested “My wife likes Roleplay and rough sex Try one and don’t forget the anal.

We ladies brought some readymade foods and we ate the best part all were naked. We then proceeded to the hall rooms, As said by saikat they both took the role play of escort guy. Me and anita sat on the sofa, “Hello Ma’am its khan the escort you ordered” i understood and said “Do a dance for me” they both made a sexy dance I sat on the chair laughing and smiling to myself of the crazy things that we did yesterday, anita ordered saikat to spread butter on her pussy and lick it saikat went to freeze to bring butter and then khan came and sat next to me said “I heard you liked anal. Want some” I kept my head down and nodded smiling he said, “That’s my girl” started kissing my ears and neck thus giving me more sexual arousals then he came front and started licking my boobs and biting my nipple he also gave me a love bite on my chest area. Then he lifted me and threw me on the bed, again he gave love bites on my back i cried out of pain, he went down and started licking my pussy.

After licking my pussy he stood up and while then I was little bit rubbing my pussy and then noticed his ) dick got erect and slowly inserted inside my pussy sent some hormones into my brain and I couldn’t help but scream loud. He kept on stroking his dick and my screams just got louder and even though he was pressing my boobs and kissing me in between it couldn’t help much so she lifted me in the air as we were in missionary position earlier he fucked me for some time in stand carry sex position where he was standing and my legs were on his thighs.

He couldn’t cope with more time and he sat on the be For some time I moved my body to get that fuck and after a while, yeah, ohh aahhh mm sounds, my clit and we both were in cloud 9 and after some time I came and collapsed so he changed to missionary and came removed his condom threw in dustbin and collapsed over me.

I crossed my legs over his back and hugged him, held his hair and started rubbing it, I was on the rampage he showed no mercy i liked it and went with the flow as he was about to come I stood up and i kneeled and he flushed entire cum on my face and i licked the rest dripping from cock by licking it, Then he) woke up from the chest and I was staring at him he said “I didn’t had a time with my wife. Thanks for it” I smiled and said “Me too” He said “Let’s try Anal” I blushed and turned to doggy style he bent and said “That’s my girl” kissed my ass cheeks and spitted on the anal hole and applied some lubricant on ass and on his dick and entered his finger to excite me. He slowly entered my virgin ass and as his thick cock entered me it was tearing me in apart so he was slowly making strokes. After a while with his slow strokes he came in suddenly and I screamed as if my body was tore into two he held my hair and pulled me back and kissed me on my lips, it helped me reduce my pain.

I stayed in doggy for a while and my knees were hurting so for a while we changed to missionary and his dick enjoyed my pussy and then he again resumed to anal, spanking and pressing my ass cheeks kind a excited me and this new anal thing made me cum and drips of juice fell from my vagina and seeing it he increased his speed thus making my ass hole wore up then his body suddenly started to shake and I understood he held my ass and he came inside me he removed his cock and my ass was dripping with cum. We cleaned ourselves and went to their room, we saw they were also enjoying anal anita was shouting like hell saikat’ dick secreting sperm juice inside her saikat never anal fucked me it might be due to swaping made his interest, “We will be waiting down come fast” khan said. We all had lunch together and left for our home.

From that, I used to have a quickie in my home with khan Also, anita used to say me that saikat also used to come to their house and used to have a quickie in the main room. Of course, Saturday night outs were also there and we all enjoyed it. We also went from 2 couple to 3 couple the other couples were Mary and salim who were actually khan’s Neighbors, later on aarif along with his wife nazia also joined us now we were 4 couples.
Wife Swapping or Sharing is not bad in my view because we human beings always want more in life, something new so trying these things out for the betterment of personal relationships is not a bad thing.

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