Sydney diaries with my Pakistani bf part 2

Continued from part 1
Istakhar was probably the best man I dated. We made loads of luv on daily basis. There is a different kind of aggressionand satisfaction a Muslim man feels when he has sex with a non muslim. This aggression of him used to drive me crazy. I was almost half his age but loved spreading legs for his dick. The passion he had for me took me to cloud 9. I still remember we went to Gold Coast for Christmas Vacations. Amazing sunset,beach walks,late night parties and hard lovemaking was something that happened daily. He wasn’t even shy in kissing me on the beach in public. He used to instill so much confidence in me. He made me wear a two piece string bikini although i was hesitant due to my fleshy figure. We did lots of different sex positions and had long foreplay sessions. He used to cuddle me like no other man did. My husband is not even 10% of what my Pakistani bf was. I seriously recommend all young girls to do away with the barriers like religion,cast n creed and just love the man who truly loves you.


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