Sydney diaries with my Pakistani boyfriend


Good old days
I m writing this down to share with all u guys my 8yrs i had spent in Australia. I m the youngest and maybe the naughtiest among 3 sisters. Being good in academics my dad allowed me to go to Australia to pursue my higher studies.

I was a shy young girl but my roomies taught me how open this society was and how different things are compared to Punjab. I had a failed relationship with a hindu guy there. But moved on pretty early and was unstoppable. After dating 4 guys i shifted from Melbourne to Sydney where i met the love of my life ISTAKHAR ALAM.

He was a 40yrs old bearded muslim guy from Peshawar. I was only 21 when i met him. We started as friends as both were punjabis. I was naturally busty since early ages. This attracted him and he proposed to me. We started living in as a couple in a secluded Suburb in Sydney. His love was truly unconditional and pure. He was so attracted to my big boobs and fleshy tummy that i wasn’t allowed to wear any thing on my upper body when home. He would lick my boobs n navel for hours. He wanted to flaunt me in public so he brought me a lot of croptops.

We loved each other to the core. He was 19yrs older than me but his cock was soooo thick i could just not resist. We used to make passionate love almost daily. But he moved back to his hometown to attend a wedding. I came back to India and got married. But i hate my life here. Although reading on interfaith makes me remember those days. Do suggest me what to do guys.





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  1. Didi tussi sardara da naa eme hi ucha rakheoo.. lok kendi ki best Jodi Muslim te bangalan di hundi aa pr Hun sadi maa bhena nu sabit karna chahida ki Muslim sardarniya nu doggy style vich kesh khich k karde hoi jayda maja lunde aa

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