The Conquering Part 1

This is a story about an incident that occurred in our complex building a couple of months ago. What I know about the incident and what happened is based mostly on rumours and a few personal experiences. This is a story about a Wife, a mother of 2 and what happened to her family. Since I am no God and didn’t see much of anything with my own eyes, what I write here might be 100% false, maybe 50% false or totally true. Any ways I am not gonna bore you much with this and going to get on with what I think happened. One thing is for sure, the ending is totally a fact, I can promise. Lastly, this is the first story I have written so please give me some reviews and let me know how I wrote.

This story is about Neelam Singh, a woman living in our Complex. Neelam was married to Umesh, a stock broker who was doing pretty okay, if not good. She had 2 kids who were about the same age. A boy, named Kabir 11 and a Daughter named Yashika, 13. She seemed to be for the most part the common mother like figure in the complex always helping with things and being kind. Most people liked her and she had good image in the society.
Neelam Singh was 35 years old. She had married when she was in her late teens. A woman from UP, Neelam had been raised very conservative. People in her native place were very formal and respecting. Women dressed conservatively and men had to approach the girls parents to get them to marry the woman. This is exactly what happened with Neelam when Umesh had approached her parents with a marriage proposal. A good business man earning himself good money, Neelam’s parents agreed to let her marry him.

When Neelam first came to Mumbai with her husband, she spoke funny with a Bhaiyya Accent, she dressed in a Saree and covered her head with the palloo. She always wondered how Mumbai girls, women, Hindu, Muslim were so modern. Most dressed in a very modern way, shorts, tanktops, skirts, and if not so revealing, at least a top and jeans etc. She criticed them to herself but, finally in a year or two realised why they wore so modern attire.
The summers in Mumbai were terrible. People felt so hot and the humidity made it worse. So Neelam started dressing a little modern. She started wearing tops and leggings and started to understand how good it felt to not die from the sun every day. She didn’t feel anything shameful since the Mumbaikars were very modern and liberal and very western in nature.

Though if some gossip happened amongst people, one thing was for sure, Neelam looked so beautiful in Conservative clothes so obviously she looked like a babe/ milf in those modern outfits. Neelam was 5’4 inch tall, with a full figure, she was not thin, but one wouldn’t call her fat either. A slim waist and a spankable ass were some of her many positives. She had long legs with thick thighs. But the best thing about Neelam were her boobs. They were easily DD or F cups. All in all her figure was 32- 23- 35. Main reason why we called her a milf was this. A beautiful heart shaped face with beautiful lips and long black hair. Everybody in the complex felt she was easily the sexiest woman in the society.

4th April 2013:-
The start.
It was a hot summer as usual. Neelam was seated in her chair wearing a tank top and leggings. Umesh was working and the kids had just went to school. Neelam was sweating bullets and the reason for that was the power was suddenly cut off an hour ago and when the power was back on, her electric fuse had blown of causing the power to go off again. She didn’t know it had happened and had went to the building watchman to ask for help. He had said he would do something but no one came. Restless she had gotten angry and in her anger fell asleep waiting and frustrated.

Half an hour later someone rang her doorbell and she immediately woke up being a light sleeper. But fearing she must have kept the guest waiting she ran to the door to open the door.
It was then she met him. A tall 6’4 man with a long beard and a muslim cap weirdly wearing a worn out shirt and shorts. He was really black and looked like a monster with his phisique. He had two black dots on his head. Neelam looked at his face and realized he was pretty ugly looking but what was a concern to her was that his eyes were not looking at her face but rather at her huge chest. He grinned.
When Neelam had been sleeping, the sweat on her body had tightened and her nipple buds were clearly straining her tank top, poking out. Neelam felt disgusted. She was a married woman with kids and it was so uncouth that a man would look at her like that. She felt like sending him away but her fuse needed repair and the man would certainly help her since he was carrying his electricians satchel.
She covered her breasts with a hand and asked him who he was. He was an electrician named Sajjid and had come to fix her fuse as the watchman had asked him to. She asked him to wait for a second as she changed and in a hurry came back wearing a tight T- Shirt, which hung low on her neck and was tight as hell. And she looked just as hot as before.

Sajjid was a local electrician and was very much involved with a muslim group. Though he respected no women, Hindu or Muslim or whatever. So when he looked at the bitch that opened the door, he immediately felt that he had to fuck her. She had such a mature face but her tits were so amazing. If he could he would Straight away have his way with her. But he needed to wait.
She showed him the electric box and so he immediately went to work straight away. Sajjid fixed the fuse but wanting to see her tits again from another angle, he cut a wire that lead to the main fan. Seeing his work was done Sajjid asked her to check the power. It was obviously on again but to Neelam’s concern, the fan was not working. Asking him to check it, Sajjid asked her he would need a stool or chair to check it. This was something that put Neelam in a Dilemma. She didnt have a proper stool and the one she had was broken at one foot. Sajjid asked her to bring it anyway and just hold it a little tight as he stood on it and worked on the fan.

As Sajjid worked on the fan, he peeked down and saw a huge part of cleavage wad clearly visible. It was milky skin with just one spot on her right cleavage which made her look so hot. Holy shit he had to fuck her today and hence Sajjid made up his mind. Neelam was frowning clearly aware him looking at her like she was meat. But what was deeply shocking was the huge boner he was sporting on the bulge of his shorts. Sajjid saw her sweating and immediately got harder as her breasts seemed to glow and shine. He enjoyed the view for sometime and then got off. Without saying anything, he went back to the fuse and fixed the issue he had purposely created. As he came back Neelam was already ready with the money wanting to get him out of the house. He took the money and headed staright for the door.

Neelam sighed, happy that the pervert was going back when suddenly he turnt around and asked her for a glass of water. Muttering something unusual, she went to the kitchen to fill a glass of water. As she filled the glass she thought about his arousal and found out that she was starting to get wet. Just about to turn she felt someone close to her back and suddenly with a tissue on her face, she struggled to get out but ultimately fainted. Sajjid looked at the milf and grinned to himself. She was definitely a catch.
When Neelam opened her eyes she felt something restricting her hands and legs and something placed on her mouth. She saw she was in her husband’s room, windows closed and remembered what had happened earlier. She immediately started thrashing around. The door opened and in came Sajjid. With the largest grin on his ugly face he walked slowly towards her legs and started to climb on her.

“Listen to me Rand. And you listen good. If you ever want to see your kids again, you will let me do to you as I want. I am going to fuck you, slut. And I am gonna fuck you as long as I want until your family is back. Now, I am gonna untie you and then you will let me have you however I want. If you shout or tell the neighbours, you will definitely get me arrested but my family is big in politics and if they found out what happened, they will end your kids and your husband. So the choice is yours. Nod if you agree and dont if you are gonna shout, I am gonna let you speak anyway by pulling the tape stuck to your mouth, so the choice is yours. The lives of your family members is in your hands.”
Neelam was worried about her kids and her husband. This man was about to rape her and if she didn’t agree he was going to kill her kids. Fearing she couldnt do anything, she bit back her tears a little and nodded. Sajjid smirked. He was totally under control now. He was gonna finally fuck her. Slowly climbing on top of her, he pulled the tape from her mouth. He untied her hands and legs.
Neelam spit out at him. Sajjid just grinned. He looked at her trembling form, looked so weak yet beautiful under him. Her chest was heaving and her heavy boobs were moving up and down.

Sajjid suddenly groped her chest over her T shirt hard. Neelam was not expecting this and opened her mouth to moan. As she opened her mouth Sajjid stuck his big finger and his thumb inside her mouth and pulled her tongue. He moved his mouth on hers and started licking her tongue with his fingers still pulling on it. Neelam was disgusted. Sajjids tongue tasted so gross but at the same time she couldn’t let the feeling go. He continued this for 2-3 minutes and then started groping her tits again. Wanting to see her huge tits he tore her shirt earning a scream.
Neelam was wearing a black bra which looked so beautiful on her white skin. Not wanting to waste time, Sajjid asked her to remove the bra. Dejectedly Neelam started to undo her bra letting her huge boobs free. Sajjid couldn’t believe his eyes. Her boobs were so big and still they stood up like she was a 19 year old. On top of the milky tits were small ring shaped skin light brown areola. But the real cherry was the long 1 inch nipples standing proud on her huge tits.

Sajjid couldn’t control himself as his hands groped her huge tits. They were unbelievablely soft. Soft skin filled out of his hands as his rough gropes made Neelam moan loudly. Sajjid stopped groping her tits and started pinching her diamond hard nipples. He was pinching her nipples really hard and Neelam had felt nothing but pain the whole time.
Before she knew he gave her hurt nipples a long lick. He licked the other one as well and as soon as he was done with her nipple he left it for the other, and pinched the former one. He was harshly pinching her nipples and then bite the other one. He continued this for some minutes until her nipples were red and swollen.
Neelam felt his head move from her tits and straight at her pants. He pulled them off and looked at her lady panties. It was not sexy but understandable since she was a mother. He pulled of her panties and looked at her pink pussy. It was small. Sajjid smirked as he knew she was in for a surprise. He suddenly jerked one finger in to her pussy hard which made her scream. He continued fingering her and then started to enter another finger in her. With his other hands, he pinched her thick clit. Her pussy was completely drenched. She had come on the bed and squirted all over it.

Sajjid got up from her and pulled his shirt and his pants of. Neelam freaked out looking at the huge bulge in his pants. He pulled out his underwear which made Neelam dread what was she gonna do. She could easily be 12-13 inches which was more than thrice her husband. But what made it worse for her was he was as thick as a beer can or a water bottle.
“Please let me go, Mister. I will pay you whatever you want. Please dont do this.”
“Oh you and your Hindu chut is gonna pay alright. There is no way I am not fucking you today”
“But it wont fit, you are so big. Please dont do this”
“Oh i will see to it that it fits alright. Now shut up and lie on the bed”

Neelam closed her eyes and waited for it to happen. Sajjid was gonna punish this Hindu bitch. He had always hated how Hindus were held high in regard, how the soldiers raped lakhs of Muslim girls in Kashmir and else. He was not gonna let her go easy. He touched her pussy with his dick sending jolts all over her body.
It was then she felt it. His two hands pinched her tits and pulled her towards his dick hard. Neelam screamed in pain. She didn’t know she could be stretched this bad. Sajjid slowly pulled back and slammed inside her again by pulling her boobs. Neelam’s pussy felt hot like lava. Sajjid knew he had landed a trophy and he was gonna totally use this milf as long as he could. Neelam was in complete pain as he thrust in her by pulling her tits. He slammed in her hard and slow making her suffer but he was in full pleasure as he felt her pussy pull his dick to her.

Suddenly Neelam felt Sajjid let go off her nipples and felt his hands on her waist. Now Sajjid had rappidly started pounding into Neelam making her choke and scream. He was banging her hard as his dick entered her pussy furiously. Finally not being able to handle it, Neelam orgasmed for the first time in her life. She laid down but Sajjid was not finished. Which each thrust 12 inch of his dick rammed into Neelam and made her pussy spread. He continued for half an hour and finally came inside her shooting jets of thick cum inside her defiled chut. Neelam laid on her bed lifeless as Sajjid collapsed on top of her. 15 minutes later Sajjid had got his erection back and once again pounded her and after another session and a break he fucked her a third time and then again. An hour before her kids came back Sajjid had left with a huge smile as he thought about the day. Neelam came back to her senses after half an hour. She cried as she cleaned her body and her bed and other places which had gotten dirty. Only positive for her she thought is that was it was finally over.
Too bad she was wrong

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  1. nice story, keep up writing, you will be better at it …
    nice plot.
    contact me on twitter. would like to talk to you, @swlabha and Tel me that you are from here.

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