The latest trick: H!ndu girls changing their names to Musl!m names

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Many hindu girls change their names partially (just the surname) or fully after marriage to a musalman but have you seen unmarried hindu girls changing their names to muslim girl’s name ? I have.

I observed the following two reasons behind it.
Reason number one: She is completely captivated by the musalman. The musalman has given her heavenly pleasure and she is totally into him.
H!ndu model R!tambra changed her named to muslim girl name Z. Khan her boyfriend was/is Zubair Khan

The second reason is more interesting one and it is something which I discovered a few months back, I saw some cases of this then only I came to the conclusion that this thing exists.
Some hindu girls with muslim change their names on facebook or instagram to muslim girl names because they don’t want to grab the attention of guys who would then antagonize her to leave her Muslim boyfriend and lecture her on lovejihad which happens quite often.
I saw some girls and these were especially the type of girls who on social media would upload pics of kissing and romancing with her boyfriend.
Recently it happened on twitter that a modern and pretty college hindu girl who had uploaded romantic pics of her with her muslim bf, in some of those pics she was in hijab, later she deleted her instagram account because she was getting messages of such H guys who would irritate her, comment on her and tell her to leave her muslim boyfriend. How do I know this ? I know this because a H guy who was followed by many like-minded guys shared her instagram on his twitter account calling her victim of lovejhad and that she is wearing hijab for her moslem bf. I still follow them because I get to know more cases about h!ndu girls and musalman guys (lovejihad) though their network which such h guys share quite often.
That pretty girl deleted her account when she started getting messages but later it was found out from her boyfriend’s profile that she had created a new instagram account and this time she had changed her named to a Muslim girl’s name and also she had made the account private. I know her instagram account and i think I should not post it here and let her peacefully enjoy with musalman bf.

I saw some more girls on facebook who had changed their name. One beautiful girl I followed on facebook had completely changed her name to muslim girl’s name few days after she made a muslim boyfriend as she saw shez attracting too much attention.

Few months ago a girl who was bengali had hot romantic pics with her muslim bf and I just doubted if she is muslim and it came true after further digging in I found out that her sister and a few family members were in her profile and clearly she had changed her name even though her family was accepting of her relationship she was just camouflaging with a muslim name to the outside world quite possibly to stay out of unwanted situation.

This thing seems to be directly proportional to the lovejihad hullabaloo, no matter what smart hindu girls will always find a way.

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    1. Yes sir. We are jealous as we cant satisfy our girls like you do. Also about being submissive, I think that’s because of years of slavery.

    2. Sir why are you asking. Its common truth that we are all namards and you Muslims should fuck our wife sister and mom’s and we all Hindus will always be slaves of you Muslims.

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