The lost girls

Hi I am ashu bringing another post the hindu boys could either do chintan or jack off to the post.

As present generation of hindu girls are grabbing more and more musalman lunds the hboys are either left scratching their heads or shagging at lovejihad.
When the Hguy hears about a hindu girl spreading her legs for a katmullah or having musalman bf there are things which may happen to the hguy.
1. He’d get disgusted and start swearing.
2. He’d start jerking off thinking about all the possible ways the katmullah must be enjoying the hindu girl.
3. He wouldn’t care until in the future he comes to know about his wife’s past, she had affairs with musalman lund and she slept with some mohammad, khan, ahmed or sheikh.

The next question you might want to ask is whats wrong if she had slept with musalman ?

Nothing is wrong as for the hindu girl sex is emotional and with musalman its hell of a ride. The musalman would usually leave no stone unturned in making hindu girl prefer the katumullah lund till the rest of her days. He’d fuck her for the ummah and completely take every inch of her body and soul under his control.

Quite recently I met a girl in from MP. Her previous bf was a namazi musalman katmullah after the break, few months later she made another boyfriend and that too was musalman.
I couldn’t help but question her, “kya musalmano ka he pasand hai tumhe” she replied in a defying tone “ha pasand hai”.
She is actually not entirely secular she is a bjp supporter now this actually shows how much the musalman lund has been able to penetrate itself in the hindu society, you wont see this on the other side. Modern day hindu girls no matter what their views, when it comes to relationships and sexual satisfaction they prefer the katmullahs. They need the musalman sullah to settle their bursting hormones which is why even the daughters of rss fathers run away with katmullahs these days.

You could well imagine the situation of secular hindu girls in jnu, jamia, AMU, well they are bathing in the sea of musalman cum to be honest.

Hindu girls prefer mushroom tip.

They like it edkum kadak, uspar uchal ne mai maza aata hai hindu ladkiyo ko.

One thought on “The lost girls

  1. Sahi kaha Hgirl ko muslim ke saath dekh sabse pehele room pe bhag ke lulli hilata hu ki na jane kaise kaise chodra honga wo

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