The mighty Mughal The true rulers of India

As time progressed more Muslim Rulers ruled India and the h population bowed deeper and deeper. Their women spread their legs wider and wider. And they never felt any shame or any disrespect.

On the contrary they felt honored when a Muslim abused their wives and daughters.

Classic example is of His Highness- Emperor Jahangir. The Emperor was a known a warrior and a skilled leader. He ruled India with an iron fist but cloaked in a velvet glove. The example I quote is and Raja Man Bahn Singh of Jaipur. The Raja was used to his comfortable life, his dance and sangeeth sessions.

He didn’t want to spend time in the sun fighting enemies. So when Jahangir attacked Jaipur, Man Singh quivered like a dog and feel at Jahangir’s feet and begged the Emperor to forgive him and not attack his precious palaces.

Jahangir was a man of true strength, he demanded that Jaipur submit to Mughal rule, Man Singh was happy to accept. Jaipur became the rakhel of the Mughals. Further Jahangir demanded 5,000 women to be distributed among his soldiers.

Man Singh accepted. 5000 pretty young and horny rajput bitches were sent to the Mughal army for their enjoyment. That night the Mughal army fucked every one of those bitches.

To make the night pleasant for the Emperor, the Raja opened the doors of his own chambers and presented his queens and daughters so that the Emperor can fuck them.
The painting below shows a shocked Emperor surrounded by the desperate and eager queens and princesses of Jaipur

The Emperor thoroughly enjoyed fucking these sluts, before leaving Jaipur the Emperor demanded that 5 of Man Singhs daughters become his personal randis. Man Singh was thrilled by the honor. He sent his daughters Premabai, Rakhibai, Krikabai, Devikabai, and Lumibai as sex slaves for the Emperor.

Here we can see the Emperor enjoying all of his Rajput whores!

mughal sex with hindu

When Man Singh visited Delhi with his sons, the Emperor entertained him by making his daughters dance for them. Father and brothers were extremely proud to see that their sisters danced very gracefully in transparent lehnga and cholis. In the middle of the performance the Emperor got up, held the hand of one girl and dragged her toward his bed chamber to screw her. Immediately Man Singh shouted..’Jahanpanah Zindabad’

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  1. Nobody can refuse this truth. It’s our great indian history of islamic rull. Every indian would proud of mighty mughuls and beautiful hindu girls mating and breeding process. So lucky hindu girls and our hindu king. That golden era will must come again.

    Dear admin, U should mention the Harem sex slave system and trade of great mughals and mighty Khilji.

  2. MD. FATEH ALAM KHAN March 2, 2016 at 4:10 am

    yahi aukat hai hindu o ki wo to bas hmse chudne k lie bani hai

    • फ़तेह जी आपने बिलकुल सही कहा .. जब से मुस्लिम भारत में आये .. उन्होंने पहले यहाँ के सभी राजाओ को अपना गुलाम बना लिया .. अब राजाओ ने अपनी जान बचाने के लिए अपनी माँ बेहेन बीवी और बेटियों को मुस्लिम बादशाहो के हवाले कर दिया … कुछ ही समय में हिन्दू औरतो को मुस्लिम लिंग की ताक़त का पता चल गया .. तब से हमारी माँ बेहेन बेटियां मुस्लिम लिंग के नीचे लेटने के लिए बेचैन रहती है. और मुस्लिम मर्दो को भी पवित्र हिन्दू औरतो को अपनी रंडी बनाने में बड़ा ही मज़ा आता है.

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  3. HAaa..fateh jiju sahi hamari didi aapke lund ki shokhin h aap muslim lund s hi hot didi ki chut aur gaand ki khujali mit sakti h…..islie to aaj bi ham hindu minority m h fir bi aaj bade bade paise wale aur brahmin rajput sabi bade khandaan ki beti bahu muslim bf hi rakhti h..sabi muslim bf ka jese shokh h maja h….
    Aur ham hindu o m ab muslim jiju bnane ka shokh chada kuki hm bi ab asliyat jaan chuke h…….
    Jo asliyat jan k bi apni didi biwi ki khushi ko mante isaki behan beti muslim mard k sath bhaag jati h randi ban k..
    Isase acha h hm pehle se hi didi ko muslim lund lene d aur inaki khujali mitane d……..
    Nito wo hindu luli se to nakhush hoke jarur apni chut aur gaand ki khujali mitane k lie muslim mard ka lund lene bhag jaygi…..kyu na hm muslim jiju s mila k jodi bna d didi ki…………
    Hame to bad biwi didi ki chudai dekh k hilana h aur nokari jakr..
    Muslim jiju aut didi biwi ko khilana pilana aur chudai dekhni h.usi m maja h.

  4. Jahanpanah Zindabad!

  5. Awesome story admin… Plz contact me …
    [email protected]

  6. Yeh Mughal toh aise tharkee they ki woh aurat ko kya, jab kisi smart handsome mard ko bhi dekhte they toh unke lund tan jaate they. Unke harem mein khoobsoorat mard bhi they.

    • ji jab bahen aake apne bahi ko batati thi mote muslim lund ke baare mein to wo bhi machal jaate the kuch shukeen muslim maaliko ke lode ka swad bhi lete the

      kik :muslimkasalabeta
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  7. This is so true.. this is in our dna n blood so we girls still crave for muslim men… we love treated like whores by muslim kwn and in fact only they hav the guts n power in their dicks to treat us like sluts and satisfy our dirty n slutry souls…

  8. Ok mail kiya h tu yahoo massanger use nhi krti kya

  9. Nai ji..thnx 4 replyin… tab hai.. otherwise hubby ko pata chal jayega

  10. Mail check kar reply karugi promise

  11. Samay badal gya par reet wahi chali aa rahi aa. abhi hi rajpoot auraton ki shahi chut ki khujli ko musalman mard hi mita rahe hai. meri rajpoot mummy Monika (38-32-42) ki taange jab bhi khulti hai to sirf musalman mard ke bade aur sakht lund ke aage hi khulti hai naa ki choti aur dhili hindu lulli k aage. hamari haweli pe musalman mardon ki bheed lagi rehti hai meri mummy ki shahi chut faadne ke liye aur jab tak mummy ki chut se khoon na nikal jaye daily uski berehami se chudwayi hoti hai

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