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The Moment I Was Hooked on Muslim

Hi there

Ive visisted this site a few times and ive always wanted to share my story but I was always nervous and didnt know which one to choose. Now i want to take the plunge so here is one of my memorable real life stories.

Im 22 Years Old and im from the UK and yes I am a white Christian Girl :). Ive known since I was 17 that I liked Muslim Men and have been with a few but this is about a young man who ill call Jalal (Not his real name to keep his identity secret). Jalal was originally from Pakistan.

It was less than a year ago i was single at the time and Jalal was 18 at the time. I knew some friends of his and he tried pursuing me for a while but he wasn’t my time. Seemed more like a wannabe gangster and any time he tried to act like a player he looked more like a fool, but the more he tried the sweeter he got. Eventually after nearly 2 months of asking I agreed to go on a date with him. He took me to watch a movie and bought me dinner, and we parted with a kiss goodnight.

A couple of days later Jalal shows up at my workplace with flowers and asked me to go on my lunch and he will take me to get something. I thought why not and we get in his car and go for some Fried Chicken were chatting and he’s hinting about having another date. I said I would give him one more date, then asked if we could “celebrate” right now. I wasn’t ready to sleep with him but bless him he was trying so I said I would thank him and he got in the passenger seat and put it all the way back I lowered my head and pulled down his trackies. He was already hard and I proceeded to open my mouth and give him a little joy and apart from him getting a little too rough with forcing my head down it was fun. I agreed to go on a date with him that weekend.

After giving him a blowjob I knew he would expect sex on the date and I figured if hes still sweet what the hell, try him out. He buys me more gifts and takes me for another meal this time at a posh place so I bite the bullett and ask him back to mine. We get home and he asks if we can do something a little kinky.

“You ever been tied up”


“Can we?”

So I get some scarves I have in my wardrobe and he ties my arms to the bed. He climbs on top of me and begins kissing my neck, he asks me to beg him for his cock. I give in “Jalal, by all that is good and holy im a filthy girl who needs your superior muslim cock inside me”. This was everything he needed to get started. He puts on a condom and starts pushing back and forth caressing my breasts with his mouth as he does. He then asks “How much do you love me?”

“So much baby, I want you inside me always”

“You dont ever want anyone other than me”

“No baby, I live for your cock”

He then stops and pulls out half way through, now im obviously telling him what he wants to hear but he takes it a little more to heart. He pulls off his condom and I ask him what he’s doing before he gets back on top of me and starts fucking me again. I tell him to stop but I just hear him mutter “Have my babies”. I shout at him to stop but he keeps saying “Your gonna have my babies”. I hear him getting close so I start struggling and ask him not to cum he then lifts my legs up and changes his angle so he is fucking downwards and begins thrusting even harder and im trying to kick my legs and then I hear him scream and I know it. He came inside me. Jalal lowers my legs and lies on top of me hugging me. Im in shock at what just happened after 30 seconds I ask him “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Better angle for getting you pregnant isn’t it”


“You just said you never wanted anyone else.”


“Ya never said, if this happens then we are together. You can convert”

I call him names as he gets off me and he goes to the toilet when he comes back I ask him to untie me. He said he will in a minute and he starts touching me. He asks for one more time and again I call him names. He said just give him 5 minutes and he can go again. He ignores my pleas and sits on top of my chest putting his cock in my face and asks me to suck to get him ready. I told him to get lost and he asks twice more but I wont so he improvises and turns around. Im still tied up and then he pushes his ass up against my face and rubs his ass against it. I can still smell it if I close my eye. I hear him wanking as he tries to force my nose into his asshole. After a few minutes of me gasping for breath he gets off me and I can see he is fully erect again and is ready to go. He again enters me with no condom but as hes inside me I can’t explain what it happens I was still angry, I still hated him but I knew this was the most taboo thing id ever done and I had never been so turned on. I find myself kissing his neck and he is loving it as he does his thing before he once again plants his wonderful creamy majestic muslim seed inside my worthless Christian pussy. After he gets off me he unties me and asks me if I had fun, he had me lick my own juices off his cock before telling me.

“Ring us when you done a test yeh”

This is just one of my experiences, if you would like to hear more please comment.

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