The Muslim Thing : By Anisha

Muslim men with their rugged looks, international style and sky high fame are really attractive and for me they are the real charmers. Such an attraction is frowned upon by many in the society, therefore many Hindu girls try to keep it a secret but now more and more girls are getting bolder and opening up to the new age.

I have nothing against hindu guys but Muslim guys will always score over Hindu men when it comes to women and usually I see its the Hindu guys who complain about Hindu girls running away with muslim men or marrying them, and sometimes even western men raise up the issue of Muslim men dating and marrying their women. So its seems quite global, there is something about Muslim men.

I’ve spent a few years in the US and UK and dated quite a few men including Arabs, Africans and even a Pakistani once. One of my friends in the U.S who came from a hindu family fell in love with a Saudi Muslim, they both got married last year and she now lives in Saudi Arabia. In the hook up and dating scene Hindu men are at the bottom of the table. Most of the Indian NRI girls in West date non-hindus many of them even sleep with pakistani muslims. Though dating is easy in the west a Hindu guy could get a girl but the preference for Hindu guys is no where when compared to Africans, Arabs and even Pakistanis. According to an article posted on Pakistani Men Are Third On The World’s Sexiest List, Indians Aren’t Even On It.
Many Hindu men are CEO’s of some big international companies they are good at it carry on no offense, its their department, but when it comes to women thats where Muslims are really good at, I’d say it is their department. Muslims have got into the pants of women where no Hindu man would have had a chance. Rita Hayworth one of the greatest beauties ever was once married to Aly Khan, a pakistani. Another big name Princess Diana had an affair with Muslim Hasant Khan.
Some things just can’t be explained logically, but it doesn’t mean they doesn’t exist. There is a muslim thing which does something to us that can’t be explained.
The real feeling of the hinduness that is somewhere inside me buried beneath the liberalness comes to life only when the muslim man bangs me with his circumcised organ pushing it deeper and deeper with each thrust, and boy that feels totally out of this world.

When it comes to the bedroom of Hindu girls, it will be the muslims males who’d dominate it. May be in the future I would marry a Hindu guy at the end and settle down, but that doesn’t mean I’d stop thinking about hot muslim men. I may love the Hindu guy for other reasons and in the bedroom it would be Muslim men whom I would think of even while fucking my hubby.

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  1. wow… so sexy hot comments….. and i saw an artical too on timeofindia.. topic is There is something in Paki men…

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