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The stalker

I was 16 back then. A 16 year old only son of my parents. Father worked for the government oil corporation as drill inspector and got stationed onsite frequently. Mother worked in a major hotel chain as a receptionist. Just by this you can imagine that she must have had good looks. After all, good looks matter, looks sell. It so happened that my mother, who was 39 at the time got promoted and was to join the hotel’s mumbai office as a sales manager. She was very happy but her happiness was short lived as father did not want her to live in the big city by herself. They fought frequently and mom wanted to assert her independence so she told him that no matter what she will move to mumbai and take the job offer. Dad anyways was onsite for the better part of the year and so according to her, it really didnt make much difference where they lived. Finally, dad gave in. Although he also put in his application to be deputed to mumbai, things work rather slow in government offices and so both him and mom knew it would take at least a year before his request is approved.

Mom was very happy moving to the big city. We rented a flat and set up the furniture. She was living her dream! Smart independent woman. Since dad was not around, she used to get a lot of male attention as well. Right from the next door neighbour to the office boss. They all liked her and she had begun to feel important. I was happy for her and I too had resumed schooling in a big mumbai school.

Then it all started. First we ignored it but then things turned south real fast. It started with phone calls. Someone would call mom from a random number and not say anything. We ignored it but it started to get creeprier as time passed. Every night around 11pm someone would call her and not say a word. I picked up the phone a few times and heard moans coming from the background occasionally. I immediately knew that the guy was watching porn and wanted to hear mom’s voice in his lustful state. We blocked all numbers but the calls kept coming from new numbers. I suggested the we should lodge an FIR with the police but were scared since everything was new in the big city.

After a month of this, another shock came to us. Someone mailed us photo of mom in her office. Her office requires her to wear either red or black saris and with her good figure and complexion, I must admit she is a treat to the eyes. This stalker had found out where she worked and was taking her pictures. Not only that, he was mailing them to us via post! We were really terrified and I wanted to tell dad everything but mom forbade me to do so. She knew that if dad came to know of this, her independence would end and she would have to move back and quit her job. I wanted her to approch the police but she still didnt agree to it.

After another month, it got even worse. In her email, someone had sent images of her pics morphed with nude porn models and sent them to her. This was it! This was the limit. I remember she cried the whole night when the pics came. She stopped going to office. Out of concern her manager Mr. Khan called her and asked what was wrong. She didnt say anything. Luckily for us, the porn image emails stopped but the post photos continued. By now she used to silent her mobile phone every night but the caller still used to call every single day.

Then an idea came to me. I asked mom who do we know here apart from Mr. Khan. I asked her to speak to him. He was a senior manager and seemed like a good person. He was quite good looking and dressed impeccably always. He was always soft spoken when I visited the hotel and spoke very highly of mom and her work. Mom also seemed to like and and so she reluctantly agreed to the idea. The next Sunday, Mr. Khan came to our home. Mom had cooked lunch for us and he got me chocolates and some flowers for mom. Mom had told him the reason for her absenteeism from office as health issues so he was concerned. He was happy to see that mom was in good health.

We chatted a lot and instantly there was a connection. Maybe because there was no male influence in our home for so long but his presence felt really good. Mom was laughing alot and was happy. He was a well traveled man and told us tales from around the world. I have to admit, mom was attracted to him. He was better than dad in all manners. Later that evening, she told me what was going on. He grew very concerned. I told him again that we should contact the police to which he immediately said no. I was taken aback at his sudden repulse but he said that involving police can make matters worse. What if the stalker throws acid on her face. Till now he has not made any physical contact and also that the morphed images have now stopped so maybe we should just wait it out. Mom liked his idea.

Mom and Mr. Khan grew close over the next few days. They soon got onto first name basis – Deepti and Aslam. Professionally, they maintained formalities but other than that they became close friends. He used to visit us frequently and honestly, I too had grown quite fond of him. Aslam had a wife and 2 sons in Delhi and was looking to get transferred there. In mumbai, he lived alone. Mom used to call him to our home for dinner and 4 out of 7 days a week he used to visit us. Mom had asked me not to tell dad about all this to which I agreed since I thought that they are only good friends and Aslam too is helping us with the stalker. Interestingly, the phone calls and post mails stopped completely once Aslam started visiting us.

One time, he had to go to Delhi for a week and also had chances to get his transfer approved for senior management. During the week, the calls and emails started again. We concluded that the stalker is afraid of Aslam and so doesnt bother us when he is around. I told him about this over the phone and he agreed to come back as early as possible. Mom cried while speaking to him and he consoled her. He told her not to worry and that he will be here. From the airport he directly came to our home with his bags. Mom ran to him and embraced him and started sobbing. “Why me” she kept saying. Aslam hugged her and consoled her. He even gave her a small peck on her cheek. Mom didnt object and he hugged her tighter. Mom asked him about his Delhi visit and he said that his transfer has been approved and he will leave mumbai in one month. His flat rent agreement was aready getting over in 3 days so mom invited him to stay with us for the remaining one month to which he immediately agreed. I was surprised at mom’s invitation to another man to stay in her house but I guess she was really scared. Even dad was coming to live with us after 2 months so we thought that things would improve with some male presence.

And yes it happened, it was bound to happen. Honestly, I did not even feel like resisting it from happening. My mother had sex with Aslam. The next day Aslam went and got his remaining items from his flat and gave the keys to the landlord. He came home around 11 pm and I was really tired so I went to bed. Aslam was to sleep in the living room sofa. Around 2pm I woke up to drink some water and realised that he wasnt there on the sofa. The bedroom door which was never locked was shut! I peeped in through the keyhole which gave a full view of the bed. What I saw gave me a cocktail of emotions – anger, sensuousness, pleasure, happiness, ecstasy and love. Yes, I saw my Aslam and my mom Deepti have passion filled sex. Both wanted to eat each other. Their hands were allover each other. They kissed, laughed tried various positions. She moaned, he moaned. She talked dirty, he smacked her ass. She sucked his thick tool, He licked her juicy hole. A night full of wild, uncontrollable passion of lust. Of two bodies wanting to become one. I enjoyed watching them make love and had to relieve myself before going to bed. I slept peacefully.




They made love every night and I watched them every night. Mom didnt even let him wear a condom. During his last week, mom allowed him to take some pictures of them having sex and record videos. Aslam promised her that this will be for his personal use and mom believed it. But like all men, I knew he would show these to his friends and boast about how he used to fuck this hot milf back in mumbai. Anyways, I couldn’t stop him so I decided to erase the pics and videos from his phone. Now getting access to his mobile was difficult but I knew he synced everything to his cloud. If I could hack his cloud account, I could erase it all. And so I waited till their last fuck session and once he had gone, I tried to login to his cloud account. It wasnt too hard to guess. The password was a combination of his wife’s name and her birthdate. Both of which I knew of since he shared a lot of details about her with us. But, what I saw inside blew my mind completely!

Not only did he have the sex pics and videos of my mom, he had hundreds of her photos! He also had her morphed images which were sent to us! My mom’s manager turned lover, the man who kept her warm in the cold nights was indeed her stalker! I immediately purged his cloud of all information and logged out. Mom didnt receive any more emails or phone calls so I thought that since he went to Delhi, his interest had subsided.

Also, since he knew that his cloud had been purged, he didnt dare make another move else I would tell the cops. He called mom once, after 1 week and spoke for an hour. I guess he was just checking to see if I had told her about him and was glad that I hadn’t. He then spoke to me too and sensed the tension in my voice. “I was lonely beta” he said. “It doesnt make it right”. “I know and anyways now I am away. Is she doing ok?”. “What do you care”. “I do. I am obsessed with her. Even now”. “Dont call us again else I will send the evidence to the police. I had made a recording of your cloud while purging it. Stay away”. “As you wish beta”

I didnt have any recording or any evidence. I just wanted him to stay away. Which he did. Dad came to live with us for few months after which he left again for onsite. I knew mom missed Aslam alot. She loved him and enjoyed sex with him. I didnt want to break her so I never told her the truth about Aslam. Sometimes, when dad is onsite, I hear moans coming from her bedroom. The keyhole tells me she fingers herself looking at Aslam’s picture.

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