The syndrome which has become popular today is ‘my wife’s boyfriend’

What are your views on this? do you agree or disagree?

The syndrome which has become really hip and popular today is ‘my wife’s boyfriend.’ Lachmi Deb Roy probes this new flavour of modern day marriages.

A recent survey done on contemporary marriages by the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai, has brought to light the fact that there is a rise in extramarital affairs, and couples know and accept their partner’s paramours.

But the most surprising finding is that more and more married women are looking for love or rather fun outside marriage. With the work place and the Internet, over scheduled lives and inattentive husbands – it’s no wonder more Indian women are looking for comfort in the arms of another man.

Women interact with men more at work. They go for more meetings, take more business trips and presumably participate more in flirtatious water-cooler chatter.

Many women say that an affair outside marriage has changed their lives for better because they feel desirable in the arms of somebody else.

“The love and care is definitely there, but passion definitely dies away with years. From having sex once a week, they have sex one a month or may not even for months together. It is high time we accept the fact that everybody needs variety in their sex life,” says Devyani Rao, a stylist with a leading lifestyle magazine.

According to Mumbai based psychologist, Dr. Varkha Chulani, “This condition of wives having affairs generally arises in 80 percent of marriages today because there is very little communication with each other. For most women, an inattentive husband is the biggest problem, and husbands too have accepted this situation because they refuse to go through the tedious process of divorce.”

For women who have been married for many years and for whom the whole life is about taking care of their kids and their house life definitely becomes very monotonous for them. It becomes natural for them to look for love outside marriage, just to spice up their life.

There are easons that men accept this arrangement. Firstly, they don’t want to go through the legal hassle of divorce.
Second, after spending so many years of togetherness they get used to each other and just knowingly shut their eyes.

I agree, I also see the trend in India where many modern day women are trying to make sex outside the marriage a normal / ok thing. They are very vocal about it.
Married Hindu women are mostly hungry and one reason for this trend is that their husbands are not able to satisfy them to the fullest.  There are instances where they have affairs with musalman mards too.  At the work place a musalman mard is more likely to find a willing Hindu woman.

A H!ndu activist (his name is hidden) in a personal interview said “Muslim men are sexy because they have hard forehead due to circumcision and this is preferred by Hindu girls and this is why we need cultured Hindu girls who think of their family and not sex”
They should not think about sex. What he thinks is unreal because let alone girls even married Hindu women are craving for lunds outside the marriage. So again its proved, what he thinks is completely unrealistic.

It is high time we accept the fact that everybody needs variety in their sex life,” says Devyani Rao, a stylist with a leading lifestyle magazine.
Circumcised Muslim cock can offer a good variety, different from the rest of the Indian lot.

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