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In my first post I had mentioned about tinder.
I used tinder for a year. I waited for six months but didn’t get any match, even if I did the girl didn’t reply me. I thought its fucking useless. I decided to use it differently then, I made a profile with muslim name and uploaded a pics of some muslim guy with bot kufi and modern dress and got some matches from willing hindu girls. I chatted with a few. I found it its much easier to get romantically and even sexually involved with them with a muslim name. May be get infatuated with a muslim guy more easily and they definitely get flattered when you say that you like hindu girls. After chatting for many weeks the girl would ask for my number and that moment would be the end because how can I give my number I am not the same guy the muslim whom I pretend to be, I would make some excuse and it is then she would know that either I am fake or I am not interested to move forward.

I did another tinder experiment which lasted for a month. I already knew what the result are gonna be like but still I did it the second time that what if I am wrong. This time I tested it on different cities by changing my location as opposed to previously.
I was using tinder as a muslim guy, a different one than what I used the first time. I upload pics of an above average looking indian muslim guy, in muslim attire. He wore a white kurta pyjama and had a islamic skull cap on his head.

Why choose tinder ?
Because most people on tinder are real and you’d find that more than 95% girls on tinder india are from hindu families who are usually looking for a guy to chat with, date or hangout with.

Swiping right
I only liked the girls who were hot as hell. With my real account I swipe right on each and every girl and still don’t get any matches even if by mistake I do get a match the girl doesn’t talk. However with the musalman’s guy profile I only swiped right on the girls that were too pretty or too hot which was approx 30% of the girls (only the creamy layer you could call it) and still got so many likes. What boggles me is that If I had swiped right on every girl’s profile I would have got overwhelmed with the amount of matches. Some of them even had their instagram profile linked to their tinder account. Some were student in college and others were independent working class h!ndu girls.

The amount of matches, piled up, you would have to scroll down 2 to 3 times to reach the bottom of the page.

Match on:
After the match some of the hindu girls messaged me themselves, I didn’t even had to make the first move and for the rest of the girls I messaged them and they were happy to talk.
At one moment I felt jealous of the musalman mard and also got carried away at the same time, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of matches. It felt like a burden to talk to each one of them so I said something to piss off some of the girls so that they unmatch me. Of course I could have unmatched them myself but I couldn’t.

Moving ahead:
I still had many matches I talked with all of the remaining once. One of the hindu girl was ready for a relationship after a day of chatting. I spiced it up by talking about how fun it would be if you have a muslim boyfriend and all that stuff. She herself gave me her facebook id and told me to add her. It was her real account. This is where it ended, now I don’t operate real account of that musalman guy, I added her on facebook with an account I had just made and she knew its fake. Thats how she suspected me that I might be fake because she couldn’t belive I don’t have a real (proper) facebook account. She stopped talking.
The catch here is that – she was ready to move forward with the the musalman guy. She had also earlier told me that I look attractive. I can say she she would have easily opened her legs for that musalman guy, she was very eager.

There was another hindu girl I was talking to and she told me she had a muslim boyfriend in the past and she wouldn’t mind making another one.

Let me summarize
I talked with many girls. To all the girls I talked about having a muslim boyfriend and how fun it would be blah blah blah!
I asked them what if your parents find out that you have a boyfriend, most of them said their parents would allow her to have a boyfriend. Most of them were from upper middle class families living in the metro cities.
Then I asked what if your boyfriend is muslim.
Most of them said parents would have a problem if the boyfriend is a muslim but (important word is but) she would still go on and have a muslim boyfriend, she would try that her parents don’t find out. It was a bit surprising for me this was so “general”, in 98% of the time this was the kind of answer I got, that if the boyfriend is muslim she would try that her parents dont find out. For those who read my first post know I come from a background where I have seen thousands of h!ndu girls on facebook over the years who were not hiding their muslim boyfriend.
The kind of girls who had pics of her with her muslim bf and anyone could see or make out that she is in a relationship with the muslim guy. Now the fact is that not many girls make it public, most h!ndu girls would keep it private especially if the bf is a musalman. Now if 98% of the girls told me that she would hide it if the bf is muslim and since I told you that I have seen so many on facebook hundreds of them not hiding it – if the girls who are open about it are so many then you could imagine the number of hindu girls secretly taking muslim lund, far far greater.

Kolkata was the place from where I got most of the matches. I also got matched to gujarati hindu girls, girls from mumbai and banglore and delhi too. There were the cities I tried out.

One thing that I have seen more in case of Bengal is as compared to other places is this- some bengali h!ndu girls who have their brother, sister and other family members added in her profile and still she is open about her relationship with muslim guy. The muslim guy has relationship status public and the girl has pics with him in her profile. She is just a common girl and not some celebrity. In one particular case which stands out the girl has pic of him tagged to her by her muslim bf in the pics they both are kissing each other lip to lip, her brother and some other family members were also there in her profile. She was from a rich upper class family.

One of the girls from Delhi was clever. She was studying in a law college. I told her that I would happily do Nikah with you. She said she would have to elope and she would if I make a promise that I will not get married again. She said we would first do court marriage according to speical marriage act and then you can have your nikah. I think deep inside her she had a burning urge to get fucked by a musalman lund, but she wanted to be sure that the musalman mard does not bring a second wife and does not divorce her.

Ending note
The guy looked above average with islamic skull cap and white kurta. In one pic I had captioned jumma mubarak. So it looked as if he was some resolute / hardcore muslim to see if it turns them off. To see if h!ndu girls could like a musalman like him, who could potentially be a lovejihadi. He looked good but would the good looks be diluted or negated by the attire and appearance of a staunch muslim ?
Well it didn’t according to the results, on the contrary h!ndu girls seemed to be attracted to him, all of them were happy to talk, some were even ready for a relationship after just chatting for a day.
(would she have felt the same if the guy was in lungi or brahmin attire with janeu, I think not, she would feel more strongly about the musalman mard.)
With few girls I got involved erotically and they didn’t mind, with others the chat was romantic in nature. To one bengali hindu girl in particular who wore a skimpy and revealing outfit, I said some sexually explicit dirty things to her, and not a word of protest from her side. It felt the urge of getting a handsome muslim katwa lund was there in many of the girls.
Now I am done with this. I was very curious trying to get to the bottom of this thing. Now nothing more is left for me to seek here.

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