The Tinder Experiment By Ashu

My previous posts In my first post I had mentioned about tinder. I used tinder for a year. I waited for six months but didn’t get any match, even if I did the girl didn’t reply me. I thought its fucking useless. I decided to use it differently then, I made a profile with muslim name and uploaded a pics of some muslim guy with bot kufi and modern dress and got some matches from willing hindu girls. I chatted with a few. I found it its much easier to get romantically and even sexually involved with them with a muslim name. May be get infatuated with a muslim guy more easily and they definitely get flattered when you say that you like hindu girls. After chatting for many weeks the girl would ask for my number and that moment would be the end because how can I give my number I am not the same guy the muslim whom I pretend to be, I would make some excuse and it is then she would know that either I am fake or I am not interested to move forward. I did another tinder experiment which lasted for a … Continue reading The Tinder Experiment By Ashu