Theory of muslim lund ka supada

I came across this erotic theory and it seems good so I am gonna explain this in detail.


Name of the theory:
Theory of “Muslim lund ka Supada”
theory of muslim lund ka supada

While fucking the penis moves in and out of the vagina. There are two types of movements that are involved in this process. Forward jerk or pushing the penis into the vagina and backward jerk which means pulling the penis backwards. So there is backward and forward (to and fro) movements involved during a sexual intercourse.
lund ka supadaThe ‘edge of muslim supada’ comes into play when the musalman man moves the penis backwards during fucking.
When the musalman man moves his penis inside the vagina then the upper part of the Supada comes into play and when he moves the cock backwards then the edge of the Supada comes into play as it rubs against the vaginal wall of the hindu woman or any woman as a matter of fact but hindu women are more likely to feel the difference as their men have foreskin.
ragdaSo when the muslim lund ka topa (upper portion of the Supada) as well as the edge of the supada rubs against the vaginal wall, this process is called Ragda.
uncut dick looseThere is always some part of skin around the supada of an uncut dick because of the foreskin like you may see in the above image, the amount of skin varies from penis to penis. But in case of a musalman’s circumcised penis there is absolutely no skin around the around the supada it looks absolutely clean and the supada is fully exposed, kind of mushroom shaped.

The muslims get foreskin removed when they are infants and there is difference between adult circumcision and infant circumcision. Getting circumcised as an adult is a more complicated procedure than as an infant. Babies receive no stitches, and get either no anesthetic or a local anesthetic.

Due to exposed supada from early childhood the supada of muslim penis gets stronger with time, it rubs or touches against the underwear every time he walks, plays or when he performs other activities which requires body movement, due to this the supada gets stronger and less sensitive. The less sensitive supada doesn’t mean less sexual desire and power but it makes musalman men last (fuck) longer during sexual intercourse which means more pleasure for a woman.

So musalmans exposed penis is like a strong warrior who thrives and faces the harsh environment making it tougher while an uncut dick is like a man who hides under the blanket.

Penis with foreskin has lower friction because the foreskin acts as a glider of sorts and when the uncut penis gets lubricated by semen and also from Vaginal lubrication discharged  by woman’s vagina it decreases the friction immensely. The decrease in friction is directly proportional to Ragda. So there is less ragda effect.
Ragda effect decreases with the decrease in friction and increases with the increase in friction.

The musalman man’s penis has perfect amount of ragda and friction and no gliding effect because of the foreskin. The circumcised musalman penis feels hard as a steel rod inside a woman’s vagina plus the right about of ragda effect makes even more pleasurable.

Psychological aspect takes it further. The thrill of doing the forbidden make it even more fun for hindu women.
forbidden thrill

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  1. yes and more thing.circumsized penis is more hygienic than uncut.that foreskin is main cause of penile n cervix cancer in hindus.anyone can study on Islamic theories r so natural n great..proud to b a musalman [email protected]

  2. Yeah…its true…I’ve Also Googled This…This Is True Fact….ours is very loose and not very strong.

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