Think It Through

For the love of God, why is everyone so fucking stupid? This shit makes me feel sorry for the fucking world. I’m black, not mixed 100% Carribbean BBC, and everywhere I look on the internet there is interracial porn which I of course love that’s why I’m here but all of it is bookended by the whole breed out the white race shit. WTF. NO, don’t breed them out the girls are way too pretty. Look when we were slaves they bred us for strength since so many white girls are on our side let’s breed them for looks and looks only. Get the prettiest white girls and the prettiest white boys and breed them like animals, turn about is fair play, very pretty white kids especially daughters raised to understand their place is wherever we want them. I mean future generations of sisters bringing sisters to bed, mothers bringing virginal daughters imagine those threesomes. STOP THE HATE AND GENOCIDE! Let us have them serve instead, imagine carrying your son to the house of your favourite white bimbo he’s ready to be a man she has a daughter or two, virgins that he can have, completely submissive she can’t handle his cock but shes been raised to know that pain for the masters is her highest calling. Imagine her body as he slaps that pale ass red, her blue eyes red and watering her body shaking with pain and pleasure as she scream out to ALLAH.While your boy is becoming a man you can have the other daughter or the mother or both. Depending on their bodies, skills and enthusiasm find a whiteboy of appropriate physical characteristics and breed them, next generation even prettier, a fatter firmer ass with blonder hair and bluer eyes maybe dimples if you find the right guy. Genocide is wrong, guiding the future generations is a good thing. Think it through.

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