Thoughts of a H!ndu Husband

This is one Hindu man take on the Muslim-Hindu wife phenomenon. Why the Hindu mind is occupied by Big Muslim Cock in all it’s forms and fetishes. There has been an awakening in the minds of all Hindus. We have collectively accepted the sexual dominance of the Muslim male. I’m totally for Hindu women getting fucked down by big Muslim cock.

Let me try explain my position.

There are a few reasons I enjoy Muslim- Hindu wife sex. Most of these are fucked up reasons and I totally expect (hope) you will judge me. So, in no particular order:

Contrast looks awesome

Oh yeah! Seeing perfect Hindu wife next to a muscular Muslim bearded man. Fuck yeah, visual orgasm.

The big Muslim cock

The big Muslim cock is the dreams. True, size isn’t everything, you need technique too. But somehow they’re expert in technique either.

Taking her away from me

Call it a error in my upbringing. Either nature or nurture. But I see a Hindu girl looking at a Muslim guy with lust in her eyes and I feel that he’s taking her away from me somehow. It’s not that she was ever “mine”, it’s more like I think (on an almost unconscious level) that I have more of a “right” to her than a Muslim guy. Consciously that thought and telling myself that she chooses a Muslim cock over any Hindu one turns me on. Maybe it’s nature’s way of ensuring that only the strongest breed. Nature is hijacking the Hindu mind so he finds it hot that the Hindu women wants bigger Muslim cock and not his. Weird but cool.

The risk of getting bred

Oh yeah! Seeing a fertile Hindu pussy taking a massive cum dump from that monster Muslim cock. Yeah! Something inside me knows it’s right. Might makes right. And in sexual terms, what is mightier than the big Muslim cock? Only the Alpha males of the pack breed. And so our Hindu women are taken and bred, easy as that. (and hot as fuck!)

Communal part of my brain

I’ll be honest. Most if not all of us have our prejudices. And often our fears are closely linked to our fantasies. When our fears meet our fantasies, the process is often difficult. It might not turn out as we thought. I’ve had the privilege and burden of seeing a few Hindus girls get Muslim. It’s a strange feeling to be humbled and turned on at the same time.

But most of all, it just feels right to accept Muslim sexual dominance.

Hindu men need to be prepared for what is going to happen when you turn your Hindu woman over to a Muslim Man. No matter how good of a Fuck you think you are or how connected and in love you two are, Muslim Cock is a whole other thing. Your woman’s idea of what a good Fuck is will be obliterated by Muslim Cock!! You and your average Hindu man’s dick will be embarrassed by what you see and what you hear. The Muslim Man is Physically and Sexually Superior to any other Hindu man. But I think The Muslim Man takes his Sexual Dominance to another level when Fucking a Hindu Man’s woman in front of him. He likes letting the Hindu Boi know who is in charge, who The Superior Man is. It is something the Hindu man is going to have to accept.

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