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3 reasons why christian women of europe should choose to be with a Muslim man

In recent years, Europe has experienced a record increase of Muslim men due to various factors and that is a good thing for the christian women across Europe because of the following 3 reasons!

1. An opportunity to have a child sooner rather then later.
Countries across Europe have long been registering low birth rates.Especially in Germany, Spain and Italy.The continent would greatly benefit because of the influx of Muslim men into the countries. The western men are focused on work and careers so they don’t have interest or time to have children until much later on. As a result, Europe does not have a well-established program for widespread childcare and local women are simply running out of time to have children as they keep waiting for western men to settle down. Muslim migrants are not as occupied making them a much better candidate.

2. Stronger And Happier Marriage
In a relationship or a marriage it’s important for the man to have certain qualities such as making decisions, leading, being dominant and so fourth. The problem is that western men lack these type of attributes because of how they are raised but the women craves dominance from a man and they wan’t to submit to him it’s natural. A women must also have discipline and only a Muslim man can properly train her of that. It’s highly recommended for a christian women to convert to Islam once she has proven worthy to do so and her man allows it.
Shortly after, marriage and procreation would be the priority.

3. Better Love Life and Sex
Muslim man have more testosterone then western men because of there diet and genetics making them have a deeper voice, more facial hair and so fourth. European women will also get to experience a new level of sexual pleasure because Muslim men are circumcised, they have better stamina, harder erection and better overall performance compared to uncircumcised christian men.

2 thoughts on “3 reasons why christian women of europe should choose to be with a Muslim man

  1. I believe that to be the truth.European women,especially in Germany love Muslim men a lot,and that a good thing!!!

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