Threeesome with a muslim man

Hi my name is riya sen 25 yrs old married lady and a mother, i m happily married with my family, today i m going to narrate you my story when i got married at the age of 20 & how i was satisfied by a muslim man who was around 25 yrs elder to me.

That was the time when i got married n shifted with my hubby to a new place, we didnt had any kids and we decided to plan family after few years of sexual enjoyment.
I possessed a marvelous figure of 34d-27-35 gr8 butt to look upon, 5 feet 5 inches height black hair, fair skin, as i was shifted to a new place not very known to to me i was generally alone when my hubbby went for work.
One day my hubby suggested me to join some classes so that i donot feel bored at house, i made few friends in the neighborhood shilpa was one of them.
I talked to her regarding time spending classes, she suggested me to join fitness n aerobic classes, i discussed with my hubby he happily agreed.

Next morning after finishing the morning jobs Shilpa gave me a call and i was ready for the class, we both went out took a auto rickshaw and reached the gym, as i entered the gym, a middle man aged around 45 years old tall, muscular good physic came towards us and gave a hug to Shilpa and asked how is my son, is he alright, at first i thought he might be her hubby, but later shilpa introduced him as javed our gym master. The way they hugged each other it looked like they were couple, Soon Shilpa went to the changing room and changed to a skin tight clothe revealing her nipples & butt crack and joined for the class, As that was the first day javed sir instructed me to do the aerobics in proper way, he gave me diet chart, as i went to the class wearing salwar suit and dupatta, sir asked me to buy a skinny for aerobic purpose, he also asked me to shave off the private hairs as the dress he suggested wud be backless & sleeveless revealing the full bare back and the pant too was skin tight, that dress has to be worn without any bra & panty inside, at first i refused to buy such a vulgur dress but he explained the benefits of skinny during aerobics.

While returning i asked shilpa about the dress she said it is required and i shall purchase it, that day in the evening i went along with shilpa to buy the dress, we bought the dress while returning shilpa said that javed sir house was on the way and why not show the dress to him for approval. I said ok and we both went to javed’s house, shilpa pressed the bell and a lady opened the door, i thought she was mrs javed but javed sir came out welcomed us and introduced the lady as maid named sarla. Sir asked sarla to prepare coffee for all of us we went into the drawing room and sat on the sofa. Javed sir came and joined us he asked me what’s yur name young lady i answered him and felt shy as i was visiting his house first time i said sir i just came to show u the dress for the aerobic class. Soon coffee arrived and we started the coffee, javed asked sarla the maid to leave as it was 7 p.m. sarla soon left and we started chatting, shilpa asked me riya why don’t u change the dress and show how the dress fits u, i felt shy but javed said sure young lady come on please show me.

I went to the next room for changing the clothes locked the room and started changing suddenly shilpa knocked the door and said no bra or panty underneath sir told u. I did the same and wore the dress and saw my self in mirror my goodness, the whole back was bare upto the waist, and the dress was so skin fitted that my 34d breast made a great cleavage, butt cracks were clearly visible, i felt shy, i came out of the room with dupatta covering my breast, both javed and shilpa started laughing at me and they said in hindi “aa gayi sati savitri, bhartiya naari” then javed sir asked me to remove the dupatta as i have to be free while doing aerobics, i hesistantly removed my dupatta, my face turned red as i was feeling standing nude in front of a man, whom i knew a day ago.

Javed came close to me stared my body from top to bottom, i felt very shy, he went towards my back and touched my butt, said this is the perfect ass, i shivered as if current passed to my body this is the first time anybody except my hubby has touched my private parts, then he caressed my breast and asked me to remove the mangalsutra while aerobics, as he wanted his girls to be sexy and smart, i felt angry and tried to say something but shilpa asked to keep mum, suddenly he touched my vagina i moaned oh…. ouch what is this, this is enough, he said this is not enough baby 2morrow come to class after trimming your pussy hair, shilpa interfered sir why not she shave right now in the washroom, he said great idea, come on baby, i said shilpa i m leaving, but hold me up and asked me to do what sir was saying, i took the cream shilpa gave me and moved to the washroom for shave,
After the shave i came to the room i saw the drawing room was closed and my god, shilpa was on her knees and giving blowjob to javed, i just kept quite and saw from the door gap, my god javed had a monster dick fully erect circumcised as he was Muslim, i just felt wet by seeing this as i was not having sex for last 5-6 days, i just stood and watched shilpa gave the full blowjob and javed was moaning and stroking himself, after 5 min of suck javed moaned and poured the cum inside shilpa’s mouth, shilpa drank the whole cum and cleaned the dick by licking it properly then she touched his feet and said thank you my master, are u satisfy with my service, javed said yeas my slave i m satisfied with your service. i felt nervous and knocked the door, they both sat on the sofa and asked me to come in, javed asked have u trimmed ur hair, i said yes sir, then we both left for our homes, on the way shilpa was very happy and was cracking jokes about my shyness, i felt quite, i could not sleep for the whole night and kept thinking about shilpa and javed,
Next morning shilpa gave me a call for classes i said im unwell and not be coming, shilpa again called in the evening and asked me about shopping i said i was unwell and want to stay at home, shilpa said that she is coming to my house and both would have chat along with coffee, soon shilpa arrived and we both sat in the drawing room shilpa asked me about the health, i could not resist and asked shilpa what relation u are having with javed? At first she kept quite the she said just friends, then i said about the blowjob which i saw in the room, now she became frank and started the story that she met javed in the gym 5 yrs ago in the same way as i met him, slowly they came closer, as javed was a divorcee and shilpa’s husband ramesh was impotent both of them came closer which built an affair, she said the son was also from javed and not ramesh, that is why javed asked about the son in the gym, i just felt shocked, i asked did ramesh knew this she said yes and he is not having any problem as he is impotent.
Me : shilpa you should be ashamed to have affair with divorced muslim man.
Shilpa: dear you would also become javed’s fan once u sleep with him.
Me: shut-up shilpa my hubby is not impotent
Shilpa: maybe but u would like javed’s dick once u taste it.
I shivered for a while as i also needed sex badly, but kept mum for a while, shilpa Came and stand in front of me, kissed on my forehead and said there is no harm in satisfying your body needs dear, irrespective of caste, community and religion. I broke down into tears and hugged shilpa, slowly shilpa started kissing my neck as if she was my hubby, i moaned in her arms and kept enjoying, slowly she opened my gown and i was in bra and panty, tied a cloth on my eyes and asked me to keep cool. She started massaging my body slowly, at first she removed my bra, sucked my nipples for 10 mins as i was maoning loudly, she took some oil from her bag and started massaging my boobs, after that the whole back, navel, stomach, i just became mad with this lesbian act,
Me: put off my panty and rub my pussy
Shilpa: wait dear why are u in hurry
Me: i need orgasm shilpa, pleaseeeee
Shilpa: slowly i shall remove ur panty dear just feel the current.
I was moaning ohhhouch…….. shilpa u slut u wud make me horny i need a fuck now,
Shilpa: but your hubby is out of town
Me: but i need sex
She pulled down the panty and started rubbing my pussy i was just sailing in heaven with my eyes closed with cloth, after rubbing for a while shilpa started licking the pussy clit which drove me wild, soon my pussy became wet and i was moaning bit louder, after few mins of licking shilpa took out an object and started inserting in my love hole (the hole where only anik used to insert)
Me: what is this shilpa
Shilpa: Artificial dick dear, is this size ok for u
Me: yeas feels like my hubby’s dick
After stroking for few min i started moaning, and saying, harder u slut harder
Fuck me harder, then again she removed the dick,
Me: what happened
Shilpa: wait dear a new thing 4 u
Me: whats that
She again took a dick from her bag, and tried to insert
Me: u bastard u would kill me
Shilpa: no it will not kill, it will satisfy u
Me: oh god fuck what is this, i will die out of pain ohhhh ouch maaaaaa….
She took a rope out of her bag and tied mt hand & legs with the be applied some lubricant on my pussy and ass, slowly slowly started to insert big dick in my pussy, i cried out of pain, my tears came out,
Me: u slut i will die
Shilpa: till now u have been fucked like a virgin, now u have become a woman with torn pussy,
Me: oh god save me…….
Shilpa: i m preparing u for the suhaagraat with javed as that sex play would be more tough
I moaned 4 a while and the burst to have a great orgasm.
After that we both put on our clothes then we chatted, shilpa said that she was offering massage service to high class men and women, javed helps a lot to arrange client, i just became excited and asked shilpa to arrange a fucking session with javed me and shilpa, she agreed and went away.
Next day in the evening fucking session was fixed at javed’s house, we both reached there by 6 p.m. today was sarla (maid) absent javed himself greeted us and offered us bear, he himself took whiskey, we started talking before the fuck.
Shilpa went to the kitchen and prepared 3 glasses of energy dring (milk, honey, pista, kaju etc) that energy drink was kept in the refrigerator, Javed asked shilpa to bring the bridal dress from the almirah, that dress was muslim bridal dress along with full set of jewellery, javed asked me to be ready as muslim bride and a room was decorated for my suhaagraat with javed.
Shilpa took me to the bathroom, she asked me to remove all the clothes, she took out cream and shaved all my armpit hairs, but for pussy, she said that javed loves trimmed pussy hair, hence she trimmed my pussy hairs and made my pussy look beautiful, i was bathed into water mixed with sandal & rose fragments, my ass hole was cleaned with some cologne liquid which could help in anal sex, although i was on liquid food since from the morning so that i can have anal sex (as directed by shilpa) after the bath was completed i wrapped myself in a towel and moved to the room where all the dress & jewelleries were kept. Shilpa removed my mangalsutra and kept aside, she said that this is for anik dear, keep it for him, as javed would be giving u a new marriage sign and that is nosepin. Shilpa massaged lotion throughout my body, then she gave me a pink coloured panty n bra set, i wore those bra n panty, the green coloured ghagra n choli was there as my bridal dress, i wore both of them which revealed my navel and belly. Now it was around 5 p.m and i was ready as bride sitting and waiting for javed. I was just waiting inside the room after 15 min javed entered the room along with shilpa
I was sitting on the bed with ghungat (as directed by shilpa).
Shilpa sat on the sofa inside the room and javed came closer to me on bed, shilpa soon asked me to give milk to javed and offer salaam to him.
Me: dudh garam hai mere aaka.
Javed: haan meri raani main tumhare haat se lena chahunga
Me: jo hukm mere aaka, i gave the milk to javed my master
I was taught to play like master & slave as it was very much liked by javed.
Javed: tumhara naam kya hai jaan
Me: riya sengupta
Javed: no dear from today your my riya begum, 5 years ago, shilpa also became my begum, in return of her service i have gifted her a son, ask her, shilpa nodded her head.
Me: ok sir, from today onwards i m your slave or begum as u treat me, saying this i again sat on the bed with ghunghat.

Shilpa: master shall i take off your clothes
Javed: sure darling
Shilpa soon went up and first opened javed’s shoes, the, his sherwani, pyajama, topi etc, javed was wearing only underwear and standing in front of the bed, shilpa was caressing his chest, back to make his arousal.
Javed soon came on bed and removed my ghungat, kissed on my forehead, i kept my eyes closed, he then removed my maang-tika, nosepin and started kissing my lips, kissed my neck, i was just going mad, this is the 1st time someone else of my hubby has kissed me, soon he opened my blouse & threw on the floor, and started kissing all around my neck, cleavage, navel, he kissed for aroung 5-10 mins and i was also enjoying the act sinfully, then slowly he de-threaded the ghagra and removed, now i was only in bra & panty, he was kissing on my thigh, legs, sucking toe, n i was moaning in pleasure, slowly i started getting wet my panty also started getting wet now he said to shilpa, see this slut is getting wet. He removed my panty & bra and started sucking n biting my nipple, i was getting more wet as juice was pumping out of my lovehole, he asked shilpa to bring pista, badaam n honey paste, shilpa brought the pase, javed applied the paste on my pussy, nipple, asshole, i was just watching the passion of a 45 year old man 4 sex, he started eating the paste from my pussy, and said its delicious when mixed with beautiful girl’s pussy juce, later he ate up all the paste on my asshole, nipple, he licked and made it clean.
We rested for 5 mins javed asked shilpa to be naked and join us, shilpa soon became naked and joined us on bed.
Javed: holding my hair, come-on my slave make my dick hard
Me: sure my master
I opened the underwear and started sucking javed’s circumcised dick of around 9 inches , in the meantime shilpa was licking my pussy to make wet, after 5 mins of oral, i was asked to lie down on the bed, both the hands were tied by shilpa, javed was getting ready with his toolslowly after roleplay he inserted his dick in my lovehole, i cried out of pain as javed inserted his dick half,
Me: pls leave my master let me go home
Shilpa: caressing my boobs, darling nothing to fear, u wud feel gr8 after intial pain
Javed again pushed his dick inside my pussy, i cried out of pain, ohhhh………
Ouchhhhhh………….. oi maaaa………………. u will kill me, leave me u bastard, leave me, but this time neither javed nor shilpa had any mercy on me, shilpa hold back my hair tightly, my hands were already tied, she started sucking and fondling my nipples to give me relief, but his strokes were really unbearable, javed fucked for 10 mins and i was crying out of pain, lastly, he cummed inside my hole, i said i was unprotected as i finished my periods 3 days ago, javed said he wants another son from my womb.

3 of us took rest for sometime after that javed pounded my asshole for 10 mins, then again pussy, i was fucked 5 times on a trot by javed, all the 5 times he cummed inside me as he wanted a son from my womb, shilpa soon, brought the oil and massaged my whole body, she asked me to have dinner and sleep as it was 11 o clock, i slept, later after dinner, javed pounded shilpa twice and they also slept, next morning we woke up and went our home, later this sex play was repeated for whole week, i also agreed bcos i was a fan of javed’s strong and circumcised dick, after the whole week of fuck i knew i had become pregnant, my hubby returned home on weekend, i had sex with my hubby twice just because to show him about my pregnancy, later after 1 month doctor confirmed my pregnancy, and after nine months i gave birth to a cute healthy boy, my hubby was very happy till now he thinks that baby was done by him, but ??????
My son is 2 yrs old now, i m happily staying with my family but sometimes once or twice i go to javed doctor for check-up and satisfaction.

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  1. so sensual n gracefully arranged suhaagraat with best gift from masters.
    Special thanks to Shipla didi,as she is on the same line as I am following for our real hubbys.

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