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Tinder Hindu girl’s path to Muslim man’s bed

The following story is based on a true experience.
Tinder is growing in India which is the largest market for Tinder in Asia. Most of the girls on Tinder India more than 90% of them are girls from Hindu families.
Getting matches on Tinder can be difficult for average h!ndu guys, but it was not so for the musalman stud Faheem.

Faheem was a handsome and proud musalman guy. He had uploaded a few of his pics on his tinder profile. In one of the pics he was looking extremely dashing in white pathani kurta pyjama and a (kufi) skull cap that no Hindu girl could have ignored it.

Faheem woke up that morning, had his breakfast then checked his mobile and saw he had got matched up with a girl named Shubhangi who had super liked him.

Fahmeem saw her pics and he was mesmerized by her beauty. In one of the pics she was outside a temple with a tilak on her forehead as Faheem’s dick was now beginning to dance as he saw that she’s from the same city just 3 Kilometers away as the tinder app showed.
Faheem sent her a message saying what a beauty she is and that he is very happy to see himself matched up with her. Shubhangi was obviously flattered and that is how it all started.

They had lengthy conversations which increased with each passing day. So here are the some important bits of text chat they had on Tinder.

Initially Shubhangi had make it very clear that she is not up for hookups.
Faheem asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she is in a relationship with a guy named Jatin and he currently doing an internship at a multinational company.

Faheem asked her if she is serious about her relationship with him and why is she on Tinder if she has a boyfriend. She replied no she is currently stuck in a limbo whether to continue her relationship with him or not because of the nature of her relationship with him which is a troubled one. She was also afraid if she tries to break up with him he might try to harm her and she is just checking out Tinder app as she saw few of her female friends using it.

Faheem consoled her – you don’t need to worry, you are a strong woman and strong women aren’t afraid of such men. She feels better and now both of them were getting emotionally attached and Shubhangi now begins to share personal things with him.

Faheem – Do your parents know that you have a boyfriend ?
Shubhangi – No they dont.
Faheem – Would your parents have a problem if they find out that you have a boyfriend.
Shubhangi – Depends on the guy, if the guy is good-natured and successful then they won’t have a problem.
Faheem – If the guy is a Muslim then ?
Shubhangi – Then they might have a problem, but I dont care about religion and I don’t like our society.
Faheem – I know you don’t, you are so nice. In fact Hindu girls are usually very nice and easy going I like Hindu girls.
Shubhangi – Really !! hmmm

One thing about Hindu girls is that when a musalman guy tells them he likes hindu girls and praises them they get super flattered just like Shubhangi was that very moment, she felt on top of the world.

Shubhangi – Do you have a lot of experience with Hindu girls ?
Faheem – Yes all of my female friends are Hindu.
Shubhangi – Still you don’t have a girlfriend, do you ?
Faheem – No, I just have friends.
Shubhangi – And what about me aren’t we friends ?
Faheem – We are, but I feel attached to you differently.
Shubhangi – How different ?
Faheem – I want to see you happier, I want to see you with a man you really like. I will pray for your happiness after Namaz.
Shubhangi – You are so good I wish I had a friend like you in real.
Faheem – You can have me, I would come where ever you call me.
Shubhangi – So sweet of you.

Another day…
Faheem – Do you have any muslim friends ?
Shubhangi – No I don’t. I just know one muslim guy.
Faheem – Ever had a muslim boyfriend ?
Shubhangi – No, but what difference does it make.
Faheem – It does make a difference 😉
Shubhangi – I don’t know.
Faheem – You would know when you have a muslim boyfriend and once you get hands on experience.
Shubhangi – OMG ! Do you talk like this with all your hindu females friends.
Faheem – To some who are close, they laugh and I like to make them smile, like I said earlier Hindu girls are easy going.
Faheem – What about your female friends none of them have a muslim boyfriend.
Shubhangi – One has, I told you I know a muslim guy, he is actually the boyfriend of one of my friends.

Just another evening, both of them are chatting…
Shubhangi – Do you have a facebook account.
Faheem – Yes I do.
Shubhangi – Show me, we have been chatting for many days I think we should know each other better.

Faheem gives her the link to his facebook account and she sends him a friend request. Shubhangi was starting to like Faheem, she thinks highly of him as a person who could be trusted.
Faheem though it is time to switch gears and take this to the next level.
Faheem – You fascinate me, sometimes I see you in my dreams and I feel sad when I wake up, I wish the dream to never end.
Shubhangi – awww so sweet.
Faheem – Baby
Shubhangi (surprised) : You called me baby, but I already have a boyfriend you know.
Faheem – I know, but you don’t love him, and you think your relationship with him is meaningless.
Shubhangi – You are right, you understand me.
Faheem – Would you still say you are in a relationship with him ?
Shubhangi – Yes kind of. Do you want to become the reason for my break up ?
Faheem – Why not baby, so you want me to do your breakup.
Shubhangi – If he finds out that I like another guy he would get really angry, I feel afraid sometimes thinking about it.
Faheem – Baby dont be afraid I will handle him, I won’t let him touch you.
Shubhangi- Aww baby (sends a heart symbol).
It was on, she fells for him.

Next day she givs her mobile number to Faheem. Now they started talking on whatsapp. She had also planned out her breakup and shared it with Faheem. Jatin was on her friend list on facebook. She told Faheem to post comments on her pics calling her baby and she would like those comments of his. Few days later they both met at a cafe. Shubhangi clicked a few cozy pics with both of them together. She posted them on facebook saying best guy she has ever met.
This caught Jatin’s attention and he called Shubhangi with an intent to know who is that guy with her. With Faheem’s backing Shubhangi was now resolute and unswerving.
Shubhangi – Its none of your business, I don’t have to answer you.
Jatin – I am your boyfriend.
Shubhangi – You are not, I have had enough with his stupid relationship.
Jatin- You stupid bitch, you think you can just break up like this.
Shubhangi – Yes get lost no woman would touch a man like you, oh my mistake I shouldn’t even call you a man.
Jatin – Randi sali I know you are talking like this because of that guy, that katwa. I will thrash you.
Shubhangi – Really, then why don’t you talk to him. I know you aren’t a man enough to even stand in front of him, you can only threaten a girl.
She then cuts the call.
In the evening Jatin was heavily drunk, he phoned her again as he was in another state because of the internship. He verbally abused her and asked her to give him Faheem’s number. She cuts the phone call and messages him Faheem’s number. Jatin then calls Faheem, they both quarreled on the phone. Faheem challenges him for a fight.
Faheem- Tell me the time and place, I will be there.
Jatin says next week he is coming back home, he lived in the same city. He tells him the name of the place and time. Faheem accepts it.

Later he tells Shubhangi about this, she was with him in his room.
Shubhangi – I am worried, please don’t get yourself into any kind of trouble.
Faheem – I am not afraid of dying, I am a muslim.
Shubhangi – I don’t want to loose you baby, don’t say that.
Faheem holds her hand and takes her in his arms, then he kisses her on the lips, Shubhangi reacts and kisses him back. Faheem’s dick gets hard in no time. Shubhangi unbuttons his shirt, kisses his robust chest and says I love you Faheem dont ever leave me.
Faheem presses her boobs, and says I wont, I will do nikah with you.
Shubhangi was very pleased to hear this she kissed him wildly.
Soon one by one he removes every piece of cloth from her body. Faheem played with, kissed and sucked every part of her body he could get his hands on, then he said to her “baby won’t you open your gift.”
Shubhangi – What gift ?
Faheem points towards his dick and it was enough for her to understand. She unbuttons his jeans and pulls it down. As soon as she moves his underwear down his big dick pops out in front of her face. She looks at him and smiles. Faheem knew she likes it.
His big circumcised dick was hard and when she kisses and sucks his cock head, his dick gets even harder.
Shubhangi – Baby this thing is big.
Faheem – You haven’t seen a muslim dick have you ?
Shubhangi – I see it now baby, and I love it.
Saying this she takes it deep inside her mouth and tries to swallow his dick. She sucks and licks every inch of his dick. His robust dick was super hard, cut and clean with nice head just like girls want it.
Shubhangi grows very fond of his muslim manhood, she enjoys playing with it.

She now lay naked on the bed as Faheem opens her legs. He slaps her pussy with his dick. As Faheem pushes his dick inside her pussy she for the first time gets the taste of muslim man’s circumcised cock. Shubhangi hugs him tighty with her hands behind Faheem’s back. Faheem fucked her real good that day as she falls in love with him even more.

The day finally came, Faheem reached the spot where Jatin had called him. Faheem’s friends Anwar Ali, Parvez and Hamid told him not to go alone, they followed him and stayed at some distance away from him. Faheem waited for an hour and Jatin didn’t show up. It was clear Jatin didn’t challenge him the liquor in his belly did without which he had no spine.
Faheem calls Jatin who now changes his tone – he says he doesn’t care about that bitch, she isn’t worth fighting for and bad-mouths her. Faheem calls him impotent and that she left him for a real man.

Faheem meets Shubhangi and tells her what happened and she became extremely happy that Jatin has now finally gone away from her life. She gave all the credit to Faheem who backed her and gave her the courage to get herself out of the relationship. She was now yearning to make love with Faheem. Shubhangi says lets go to your room, baby I have something special for you today.
As soon they enter the room she hugs Faheem. Today she wanted to please her man to the fullest. She says to him you were right about muslim boyfriend, it does make a difference and I crave for your muslim lund she says this while grabbing his dick.
Faheem was pleased he presses Shubhangi’s ass while sticking closer to her. He says – it gives him immense pleasure to see a hindu girl craving for his dick.
Shubhangi unbuttons his pants and takes out his already erect dick.
She gently strokes his dick and says to him – I want to hear something more dirty, she says to him now she knows why a muslim man satisfies a Hindu girl to the fullest.
Faheem gives her a smile and says – I love hindu girls as much as I hate your stupid whiny impotent men.
Shubhangi says while unbuttoning his shirt – you aren’t an extremist are you ?
Faheem – I am but only in Hindu girl’s bedroom.
On hearing this her eyes became intoxicated with a weird feeling running down her spine and she kneels down and takes his dick in her mouth. Faheem loves to see her working his dick.
Faheem moans a little and says – You like it like most hindu girls, muslims have a different package than all the other indians.
Shubhangi while licking and sucking his organ – umm baby I love the kata lund, I don’t like the one that hides inside the shell.

After they both undress each other, Faheem starts kissing her body, he turns her with her back facing his front and his dick brushing against her ass. There was a Sanskrit tatoo on Shubhangi’s back which catches Faheem’s attention, he kisses on it and says it looks so good on her body.
Shubhangi- Baby its a divine tattoo.
Faheem- What if my cum falls on it.
Shubhangi moves her ass backward puts pressure on his hard cock and says Umm! baby thats exactly what I want you to do, you can cum on it.

Faheem lifs her and puts her down on the bed. Both of them hug each other tightly as they suck on each others lips. Shubhangi reaches out and grabs his big muslim dick and tries to put it inside her hole. She was so hungry today. With little help from Faheem the muslim dick goes inside her already wet pussy.
Faheem beings to stroke and jerk his dick inside her.
Shubhangi’s breaths could be heard, she wasn’t able to speak fluently but still she was saying things to Faheem in a shaky voice. Umm! baby your dick feels so heavenly… You muslim men treat hindu girls so well, in a polite matter almost like princess even we get surprised sometimes and you are equally rough in the bed.
Faheem while fucking her pussy gasps for air and says – and your whiny men vilify us, they say we trap you and rape you, but who do you think is winning ?
Shubhangi – Real men are winning baby, real men ! Every hindu girls needs a muslim beast in the bed and a I can hang out with anyone, gentleman outside, you fit into both the categories.
Faheem now pounds and ploughs her pussy, she clasps him with her hands behind his back in pleasure digging her nails on his robust back. Faheem bangs her rough while she moans in agreement as she becomes Shubhangi Faheem Ahmed.

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