Topper T!na to marry kashmiri musalman interesting reactions

Earlier posted about she being in relationship with kashmiri musalman

It turns out to be that she is set to marry him.

This is what Tina said:
Uske liye pehli nazar mein pyaar ho gaya (For him, it was love at first sight),” says 2015 UPSC topper Tina Dabi. They met in the morning at a felicitation ceremony in North Block’s DoPT office and, by evening, he was knocking at her door.
“We met in the morning and by evening Aamir was at my door. Uske liye pehli nazar mein pyaar ho gaya.”
Wooing her wasn’t an easy task at all. It took three whole months for Aamir’s charm to work on Tina. Musalman mard haath do kar piche pad jaate hai 😉


Rachna knows.

After she made it public that she is in relationship with Athar, a Kashmiri musalman she received many negative comments. Some guys told her not to marry a musalman. But this is what Tina said about the criticism “As any freethinking independent woman I am entitled to certain choices. I am very happy with my choice and so is Aamir.”
There were some people protesting against this love story, doling out free advice that Tina should not marry a Muslim! However, Aamir, considered the best-looking IAS officer of India and Tina, called India’s beauty with brains, remain steady in their resolve and relationship.

Some interesting reactions. There were thousands of reactions not possible to post them all so I am sharing some of them.


As far as maximum pleasure is concerned, the musalman mard will take maximum pleasure no doubt but he will also give immense pleasure in return


muslim boy secudtion

This is win comment from a hindu guy. Muslim guys are expert in the art of seduction and copulating.


H!ndu girls are following their heart and going for musalman mards.


He has already started fantasizing


Sulle mai maza bahot hota hai.



Hijab is nothing a hindu girl can do any thing for the musalman lover.



Khatna ho rakhe lund se he to asli maza milta hai.

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