Trapped by best friend

Hello everyone my name is Zeel I am a beautiful Bra#min girl just
married yesterday and I got turned 21 today. I am just waiting for my
1st night to happen with my loving hubby. My hubby 30 years of age is
also a Bra#min and working as a clerk in state government. Similar to
all #indu Bra#min boys my husband is also little over weight with pot
belly and receding hair line. He never hits gym and he is far from
handsome and lazy. On the other side I was a very active girl from the
first and represented University in women’s badminton during my
College. I completed my degree and currently unemployed. I was
lucky that my mom supported me during my badminton in college and that
helped me to maintain my body very well with shapely thighs and perky
boobs. I was very fair in Color with long silky hair thanks to my
My best friend Vazida sultana whose father owns a resort at the
outskirts of the city gifted me a honeymoon suite for the first 3
nights of our marriage and I was happy for her lovely gesture. The
resort also has a Beauty salon and as planned I got ready for my 1st
night with the help of the beautician of the beauty parlor. The parlor
lady was very kind and helped me to get ready from head to toe not
leaving any of the inch unattended. To be honest her attention on my
body made me very much excited and was eagerly waiting for my husband
to see me in in my bridal dress waiting for him to undress and fuck
this beauty out of her brains and give her life the 1st orgasm she has
been waiting for the last 21 years.
My beautician finished her work and was impressed at the end product
which looked fabulous on my fair skin. She winked at me saying you are
going to have a sleepless night. She took a selfie with me and 4/5
photos in solo probably to promote her parlor. I looked at myself in
the mirror and felt this was the most beautiful I have ever been
better than the dress at the reception and at the marriage. I kept the
milk glass in hand and covered my face with veil (ghunghat). I was
enjoying the rich aroma of flowers used for decorating the room and
was passing time gazing through the decoration, sweets, flowers and
photo frame of me and my husband kept on the table.It was beautiful
even though we are not made for each other. I felt my husband was
hardworking honest and lovable person with the interactions had with
him till then so I was happy with the marriage.
It was time, clock struck 10 pm and I could hear a cuckoo sound from
the clock. After 5 minutes my husband entered the bedroom in his
traditional white clothes. The moment he entered I realized he was not
normal, he was drunk to the core and his footsteps were wavered. He
was hardly able to reach the bed. He came to me and said sorry Zeel my
friends forced me to have a shot of vodka and I don’t know it was too
strong. I replied ji okay. I guess it’s more than one shot. His eyes
were heavy and he hardly could keep them open. He mumbled Zeel you
look verrrrrrryyyy… B…e..a.uuuu..tttt..ifu.. And he slept on the
bed. Tears ran down my eyes and this was not the night I was expecting
and this was not the husband I imagined. Drunk to the core not Caring
for me and not honest at all. He told me he never drank till date but
broken his words on the 1st day of our marriage. I invested 3 hours to
get ready and he hardly noticed me for 3 seconds. I couldn’t control
my cry and there was no one to stop or console me and I was sitting on
the neatly decorated suhagraat bed and was crying.

After some time there was a message from Vazida “hi meri Jaan how’s
your night going” (Little did I know that it was all her setup from
the first). I couldn’t control my frustration and replied her that my
husband was drunk and sleeping like a log without even touching me.
She replied wait I am at the resort I will be coming in 2 minutes.
There was a knock at the door after 5 minutes and I opened the door.
It was Vazida. I hugged her and cried my heart out. She consoled me
saying it’s common in most of the #indu families that husband is a
drunkard and patted on my back and after few minutes I regained my
composure. She looked at my husband who was snoring very loudly. She
V: Look at him and look at you girl, how did you even marry him? You
are so beautiful look at your boobs and she touched my boobs and
pressed them hard. They are so good. They need a real man who knows
how to handle them. And she continued pressing. Look at your beauty.
If I was not a girl I don’t know I would have raped you to make you
mine. You create dirty thoughts even in a girls mind. You are truly
such a Beauty like a #indu princess. We could have easily done a
swayam-varam and could find a prince instead you got a Piper who is a
drunkard. I know you hate drunk people how did you accepted him.
Me: I asked him before and he told he never had drinks in his life.
V: such a convenient liar.
Me: yes.
V: I guess he wouldn’t have touched you till now.
Me: yes. How do you know??
V: I know these #indu men they have limited interest in sex and just
wasn’t a wife to show to the society they are men and in real they
just want maid for life time.
Me: really??
V: yes. With their limited interest they just struggle to make babies
and if they are not able to make one they blame the girl when they are
the real problem who cannot make babies.
V: my cousin is a doctor and she told this to me many times. That
cases comes that her wife is having a problem when they do the test
the find that the girl has absolutely no problem and sometimes she
even says that the girls husband dick is so week that he couldn’t even
break her hymen.
I was shocked listening to all of this.
Me: Yeah I know a friend of mine who faced similar pregnancy issues.
But it can’t be true always. If so how can all #indu women get
pregnant? Just like my mother.

V: she laughed at my statement. I am saying not all are impotent. But
many of them are impotent. These #indu women use other methods and
resorts to get pregnant and save their marriage. Let’s hope this is
not the case for your marriage. Hope you will get a nice and we’ll
endowed husband to fuck you sexy pussy.
Saying that she kept her hand on my pussy and rubbed it over my dress.
V: Look at your sexy legs. They are so shapely and your body is so
sensitive. It’s every boys dream to have you in their bed. Let’s do
one thing let’s see your husband’s dick and we can know what he has in
store for you.
Vazida was fast and kept her hand inside my husband dhoti. She removed
the underwear and pulled it down. There comes my husband life less
cock. The problem was not the life but the size of it. Vazida laughed
at the size and mocked the dick of my Bra#min husband by playing with
her little finger. She symbolically said that the size of the dick was
less than her little finger. I felt really bad seeing at the size and
I felt that my life was ruined.whydid he marry me if he knew that he
has such a little penis that can never fuck me properly. All words
said by Vazida felt true and I kept my head down. Vazida had other
ideas she came to me and made me lie down and she kept her hand inside
my lehenga reaching up to pussy covered by my red panty. She felt the
tightness of my pussy. Her hand was causing little sensations inside
my body. Nobody ever touched my pussy like that. She told Zeel your
pussy is fucking tight and I don’t feel he will ever be able to
penetrate your lovely virgin pussy with his lulli (she was referring
to husband small dick). I felt bad and tears were rolling down from my
eyes. I felt my life was over and there is no place for women in our
community who cannot conceive.
She took my head closer and wiped my tears and told if you listen to
me and do as I said you will enjoy your women hood and also get babies
and can save your marriage. There was still a glimmer of hope and I
looked at Vazida curiously.
Vazida: listen to me my dear. I know it’s difficult but it’s the only
way you have. I know a man who is very fertile and can make you
pregnant in no time and I know he has a strong long and big dick that
can properly fuck you and can turn you into a women. I trust him very
much and will keep your affair discretely and will not let anyone
Me: no I am a #indu Bra#min and I cannot do that.
Vazida: I told you before too when you get a namard (impotent) #indu
husband what else the girl can do. She has to search it outside. My
cousin told me that many girls has fucked outside their marriage and
got pregnant. And that’s the only way.
Vazida: If you trust me I will help you and save your marriage and no
one needs to know. If you try the same thing of getting fucked outside
your marriage with an unknown boy after a year and if the boy uses you
even after pregnancy or he can blackmail you. So listen to me you
cannot trust anyone outside. So be a good girl and enjoy with the man
I am going to send. If you enjoy this night with him no one will ever
know and you will truly deserve an amazing 1st night (Suhagraat) and
you will get one. That’s my word. Thats my marriage gift for my
beautiful fucking #indu girl.
Now I felt there was no way out and if I do anything this is the time
to do since no one knows me here and I can do the thing very
discreetly. I felt it is not wrong to cheat my drunkard husband who
lied about his habits and his sexual powers.

I told to Vazida that I was ready and will do whatever it takes to
become pregnant.
Vazida told me don’t worry dear you becoming pregnant is inevitable
when you get fucked by the guy I am sending in. However the main
motive for today is not to become pregnant but to enjoy your suhagraat
and become a women and do what you were born for.
Me: what am I born for??
Vazida laughed at my question and said..
From our fore fathers all beautiful #indu women are born to warm the
beds of Mu$lim big dick guys and raise their children. Now you are
going to discharge your duty as a #indu slut and serve your master
I felt bad at his derogatory remarks but inside me the taboo felt good
and it gave me a different kick that I never felt before and I wanted
to be dominated by those big dicks.
Me: no I am not doing it for the enjoyment, but I am doing for my
marriage and to save my family from the pain.
Vazida: may be your opinion will change after your suhagraat.
Now get ready for your man. Clean your eyes wear your veil and retouch
your makeup and wait for you man just like you did for your husband.
She said to me not to close the door and asked me to wait at the bed
and the moment he enters she asked me to touch his feet and take
blessing like a good #indu slut wife.
My heart was beating rapidly as I was waiting for a man who is not of
my caste or religion and who eats beef is going to fuck me a pure
vegetarian Bra#min #indu girl during my suhagraat.
I was tensed as well as excited at the same time. The taboo in fucking
a different men just beside my husband in the lehenga wore for my
husband and in a room decorated for my suhagraat.
Every second was like a minute and can’t wait to see the man who is
going to take my virginity. Who is going to enjoy my 21 years
untouched beauty?
After an eternity a man entered into my room and turned back to close
the door. He was around 6 ft. height and was wearing a skull cap and
was in his traditional Mu$lim attire a white shirt and white trouser
just above their ankle. He has a huge body and I can see the shape of
his biceps through his cloth covered arms when he was closing the door
and keeping the upper bolt of the door. Unlike our Bra#min #indu
husband he was strong and muscular.

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