Trapped by my best friend part 2

Hello everyone my name is Zeel I am a beautiful Brahmin girl just married yesterday and I got turned 21 today. I am just waiting for my 1st night to happen with my loving hubby. My hubby 30 years of age is also a Brahmin and working as a clerk in state government. Similar to all Hindu Brahmin boys my husband is also little over weight with pot belly and receding hair line. He never hits gym and he is far from handsome and lazy. On the other side I was a very active girl from the first and represented University in women’s badminton during my College. I completed my degree and currently unemployed. I was lucky that my mom supported me during my badminton in college and that helped me to maintain my body very well with shapely thighs and perky boobs. I was very fair in Color with long silky hair thanks to my ancestors.

My best friend Vazida sultana whose father owns a resort at the outskirts of the city gifted me a honeymoon suite for the first 3 nights of our marriage and I was happy for her lovely gesture. The resort also has a Beauty salon and as planned I got ready for my 1st night with the help of the beautician of the beauty parlor. The parlor lady was very kind and helped me to get ready from head to toe not leaving any of the inch unattended. To be honest her attention on my body made me very much excited and was eagerly waiting for my husband to see me in in my bridal dress waiting for him to undress and fuck this beauty out of her brains and give her life the 1st orgasm she has been waiting for the last 21 years.

My beautician finished her work and was impressed at the end product which looked fabulous on my fair skin. She winked at me saying you are going to have a sleepless night. She took a selfie with me and 4/5 photos in solo probably to promote her parlor. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt this was the most beautiful I have ever been better than the dress at the reception and at the marriage. I kept the milk glass in hand and covered my face with veil (ghunghat). I was enjoying the rich aroma of flowers used for decorating the room and was passing time gazing through the decoration, sweets, flowers and photo frame of me and my husband kept on the table.It was beautiful even though we are not made for each other. I felt my husband was hardworking honest and lovable person with the interactions had with him till then so I was happy with the marriage.

It was time, clock struck 10 pm and I could hear a cuckoo sound from the clock. After 5 minutes my husband entered the bedroom in his traditional white clothes. The moment he entered I realized he was not normal, he was drunk to the core and his footsteps were wavered. He was hardly able to reach the bed. He came to me and said sorry Zeel my friends forced me to have a shot of vodka and I don’t know it was too strong. I replied ji okay. I guess it’s more than one shot. His eyes were heavy and he hardly could keep them open. He mumbled Zeel you look verrrrrrryyyy… B…e..a.uuuu..tttt..ifu.. And he slept on the bed. Tears ran down my eyes and this was not the night I was expecting and this was not the husband I imagined. Drunk to the core not Caring for me and not honest at all. He told me he never drank till date but broken his words on the 1st day of our marriage. I invested 3 hours to get ready and he hardly noticed me for 3 seconds. I couldn’t control my cry and there was no one to stop or console me and I was sitting on the neatly decorated suhagraat bed and was crying.

After some time there was a message from Vazida “hi meri Jaan how’s your night going” (Little did I know that it was all her setup from the first). I couldn’t control my frustration and replied her that my husband was drunk and sleeping like a log without even touching me. She replied wait I am at the resort I will be coming in 2 minutes. There was a knock at the door after 5 minutes and I opened the door. It was Vazida. I hugged her and cried my heart out. She consoled me saying it’s common in most of the Hindu families that husband is a drunkard and patted on my back and after few minutes I regained my composure. She looked at my husband who was snoring very loudly. She told

V: Look at him and look at you girl, how did you even marry him? You are so beautiful look at your boobs and she touched my boobs and pressed them hard. They are so good. They need a real man who knows how to handle them. And she continued pressing. Look at your beauty. If I was not a girl I don’t know I would have raped you to make you mine. You create dirty thoughts even in a girls mind. You are truly such a Beauty like a Hindu princess. We could have easily done a swayam-varam and could find a prince instead you got a Piper who is a drunkard. I know you hate drunk people how did you accepted him.

Me: I asked him before and he told he never had drinks in his life.

V: such a convenient liar.

Me: yes.

V: I guess he wouldn’t have touched you till now.

Me: yes. How do you know??

V: I know these Hindu men they have limited interest in sex and just wasn’t a wife to show to the society they are men and in real they just want maid for life time.

Me: really??

V: yes. With their limited interest they just struggle to make babies and if they are not able to make one they blame the girl when they are the real problem who cannot make babies.

V: my cousin is a doctor and she told this to me many times. That cases comes that her wife is having a problem when they do the test the find that the girl has absolutely no problem and sometimes she even says that the girl’s husband dick is so week that he couldn’t even break her hymen.

I was shocked listening to all of this.

Me: Yeah I know a friend of mine who faced similar pregnancy issues. But it can’t be true always. If so how can all Hindu women get pregnant? Just like my mother

V: she laughed at my statement. I am saying not all are impotent. But many of them are impotent. These Hindu women use other methods and resorts to get pregnant and save their marriage. Let’s hope this is not the case for your marriage. Hope you will get a nice and we’ll endowed husband to fuck you sexy pussy.

Saying that she kept her hand on my pussy and rubbed it over my dress.

V: Look at your sexy legs. They are so shapely and your body is so sensitive. It’s every boys dream to have you in their bed. Let’s do one thing let’s see your husband’s dick and we can know what he has in store for you.

Vazida was fast and kept her hand inside my husband dhoti. She removed the underwear and pulled it down. There comes my husband life less cock. The problem was not the life but the size of it. Vazida laughed at the size and mocked the dick of my Brahmin husband by playing with her little finger. She symbolically said that the size of the dick was less than her little finger. I felt really bad seeing at the size and I felt that my life was ruined.whydid he marry me if he knew that he has such a little penis that can never fuck me properly. All words said by Vazida felt true and I kept my head down. Vazida had other ideas she came to me and made me lie down and she kept her hand inside my lehenga reaching up to pussy covered by my red panty. She felt the tightness of my pussy. Her hand was causing little sensations inside my body. Nobody ever touched my pussy like that. She told Zeel your pussy is fucking tight and I don’t feel he will ever be able to penetrate your lovely virgin pussy with his lulli (she was referring to husband small dick). I felt bad and tears were rolling down from my eyes. I felt my life was over and there is no place for women in our community who cannot conceive.

She took my head closer and wiped my tears and told if you listen to me and do as I said you will enjoy your women hood and also get babies and can save your marriage. There was still a glimmer of hope and I looked at Vazida curiously.

Vazida: listen to me my dear. I know it’s difficult but it’s the only way you have. I know a man who is very fertile and can make you pregnant in no time and I know he has a strong long and big dick that can properly fuck you and can turn you into a women. I trust him very much and will keep your affair discretely and will not let anyone know.

Me: no I am a Hindu Brahmin and I cannot do that.

Vazida: I told you before too when you get a namard (impotent) Hindu husband what else the girl can do. She has to search it outside. My cousin told me that many girls has fucked outside their marriage and got pregnant. And that’s the only way.

Vazida: If you trust me I will help you and save your marriage and no one needs to know. If you try the same thing of getting fucked outside your marriage with an unknown boy after a year and if the boy uses you even after pregnancy or he can blackmail you. So listen to me you cannot trust anyone outside. So be a good girl and enjoy with the man I am going to send. If you enjoy this night with him no one will ever know and you will truly deserve an amazing 1st night (Suhagraat) and you will get one. That’s my word. That’s my marriage gift for my beautiful fucking Hindu girl.

Now I felt there was no way out and if I do anything this is the time to do since no one knows me here and I can do the thing very discreetly. I felt it is not wrong to cheat my drunkard husband who lied about his habits and his sexual powers.

I told to Vazida that I was ready and will do whatever it takes to become pregnant.

Vazida told me don’t worry dear you becoming pregnant is inevitable when you get fucked by the guy I am sending in. However the main motive for today is not to become pregnant but to enjoy your suhagraat and become a women and do what you were born for.

Me: what am I born for??

Vazida laughed at my question and said..

From our fore fathers all beautiful Hindu women are born to warm the beds of Muslim big dick guys and raise their children. Now you are going to discharge your duty as a Hindu slut and serve your master

I felt bad at his derogatory remarks but inside me the taboo felt good and it gave me a different kick that I never felt before and I wanted to be dominated by those big dicks.

Me: no I am not doing it for the enjoyment, but I am doing for my marriage and to save my family from the pain.

Vazida: may be your opinion will change after your suhagraat.

Now get ready for your man. Clean your eyes wear your veil and retouch your makeup and wait for you man just like you did for your husband.

She said to me not to close the door and asked me to wait at the bed and the moment he enters she asked me to touch his feet and take blessing like a good Hindu slut wife.

My heart was beating rapidly as I was waiting for a man who is not of my caste or religion and who eats beef is going to fuck me a pure vegetarian Brahmin Hindu girl during my suhagraat.

I was tensed as well as excited at the same time. The taboo in fucking a different men just beside my husband in the lehenga wore for my husband and in a room decorated for my suhagraat.

Every second was like a minute and can’t wait to see the man who is going to take my virginity. Who is going to enjoy my 21 years untouched beauty?

After an eternity a man entered into my room and turned back to close the door. He was around 6 ft. height and was wearing a skull cap and was in his traditional Muslim attire a white shirt and white trouser just above their ankle. He has a huge body and I can see the shape of his biceps through his cloth covered arms when he was closing the door and keeping the upper bolt of the door. Unlike our Brahmin Hindu husband he was strong and muscular.

Like a Bollywood movie the time was passing slowly and I could listen to my heart beat and slowly the man turned towards me. I was little shocked and the man was none other than Aslam Ji, father of Vazida. He is a widower aged 55. I didn’t expect to have sex with a 55 year old man. But Vazida sent uncle to fuck me and he is here to take my virginity and nothing much can be done now. I just kept my head lower and waited for him to come. I was feeling shy to look at him. I saw and met him before so many time. But now it was different. Previously he was father of my best friend and now he is the one who is going to turn me into a women. Who is going to make me pregnant? I will be carrying his baby inside my stomach. I am going to give birth to a baby who will be a sibling to my friend.

Aslam Ji walked to the bed where I was sitting with a glass of milk. He looked at me in the veil and my stupid husband who was lying on the bed on the other side deep in his dreams fucking his bride.

Aslam Ji looked at me and said why this pathetic husband of yours lying on the bed he should be down on the floor. Bed is reserved for men like me. He voice has authority and he was showing his ownership on me. He just lifted my husband very roughly and made him lie on cold floor. Aslam Ji came near me and slowly removed my veil and looked at my beautiful face.

“Zeel you are a very pretty girl and I didn’t want your life to be spoiler. I wanted you to enjoy the life as any other beautiful women. But God punished you and married you to drunkard and he is not even a man to own a Beauty like yours. That’s the reason I am breaking my marriage vows made to my beautiful and loving wife. She is with me every day in my heart even though she is not with me physically. She was the only women I loved ever. Since I am breaking my vows it’s your duty to satisfy me in every way I like just like my wife for the next 3 days so that I will be happy and make you pregnant and give you my baby so that you can keep your head high. I am doing you a great favor and you need to return it to me with your young beautiful body and satisfy this real Muslim lion.”

His words are very demanding and his words touched my heart and felt that he is doing me great help that I will never be able to repay and it’s my duty to warm his bed and make him feel loved and satisfied. Aslam Ji might be feeling lonely with his wife death and it’s my duty now to repay his favor by making him cheerful and forget his wife and make him enjoy my beautiful Hindu body.

Aslam Ji had a huge body and he sat beside me. I can feel the foam bed going down below him and making a slope and slope was drawing towards him. His breath had a very warm feeling. I can feel the fire inside him from his breath.

Aslam Ji held my smooth mehandi filled right hand in his rough hands and said. How smooth Zeel, they are just like sponge. His hands were rubbing my palm and gradually they started moving up towards my shoulder. Once he reached them his hands moved to my ear and played with my junkas hanging down my year.

Zeel I like the way you got ready for the occasion. You are looking stunning. Any actress will fail in front of you. It was always my dream to fuck a Hindu virgin bride on her suhagraat in her bridal attire. Allah has blessed me and sent you to fulfill my dream. For the first time he advanced and his lips came near to my ear and he smelled my perfume while I was waiting for his lips to touch my body.

Aslam Ji sensed it and planted his first kiss on my cheeks and moved towards my ears kissed them and pulled the junkas and romantically played with my ears and then he moved on to my fore head and moved down to my nose then to my untouched lips. He did a small smooch and I can feel his beard rubbing against my smooth skin. Once he tasted my lips. He looked into my eyes and I can see the lust in his eyes. Aslam Ji sucked my lips, inserted his tongue we exchanged our Saliva and tasted each other’s juices and Aslam Ji continued kissing my lips for atleast 10 minutes. He is a passionate kisser.

Once he was satisfied with my lips his hands went downwards towards my boobs. He measures the size of my boobies with his hand over my top. Aslam Ji was becoming more and more aggressive like a possessed man or may be like a real man who gets excited seeing a beautiful babe. He pressed my boobs hard over my dress and then impatiently removed the dupatta and then brought his lips down to my cleavage where as his hands were busy untying the hooks and to free my boobs from my dress. “Aslam Ji please press them slowly its paining” I moaned loudly as Aslam Ji pressed them again hard over my dress. Aslam Ji finally was able to unhook all the hooks of my tight blouse and my sexy boobs were hardly covered by sexy bra purchased just for my honeymoon which started just above my nipple. It was a sexy piece of lingerie made up of transparent netted material.

Aslam Ji gone crazy with the sight of young boobs hidden under the translucent material. My pinkish nipple outline was slightly visible through it. My old tiger Aslam Ji needed no other motivation. He just pounded on me like a lion on to his deer. He pulled my bra up and took my beautiful pink nipple in one mouth and with other hand he was playing with the other boob. His whole body was on me and his assault was too much to bear for me. I just held his head and pulled him towards me and gave my body to him. I was giving my boobs to his mouth and was allowing him to suck bite and eat them at his wish.

My Hindu body was at the mercy of my raja’s Muslim body. Aslam Ji felt like the real man and my Hindu husband was like a namard. Aslam Ji sucked my boobs hard and I was moaning so loudly with no shyness where my husband was also there sleeping on floor.

“Aslam Ji Miya please todha aaram se. Ufff.. Slowly. Aaah Aslam Ji aaah I am not going any where.. Ufffff.. Dheere se.. Aah. Aslam Ji” I was moaning in pleasure filled with pain.

Zeel teri jism merey Ko pagal kar Raha he, kya masth badan hai teri.. Bahut Mazaa aaah Raha he.. I just like to press them hard. They are so soft.. Rasagulla jaisa..

Aslam Ji he made so high with his boob sucking that I wanted it never to end. Aslam Ji was an expert khiladi in seducing girls. Instead he wanted me to remain high. He moved down and I can see my boobs dripping drops of saliva and few red marks over my milky skin.

Aslam Ji moved down to my navel, my waist is so perfect with proper shape and just a hint of fat around my sexy navel like a doughnut. On top of that I tied a slim gold chain around my waist just around my navel making it even sexier. Aslam Ji stared at my navel for eternity. It made me very shy. “Meri sexy Jawani Hindu ladki.. How can you be so sexy.. Teri navel dekh ke meri lund ek dam kada hogaya dekh” saying this he took my hands and kept it on his dick over his doti. I could feel the hardness and size of his dick. It’s too big and it’s very hard unlike my namard Hindu husband.

Asalm said “Kya hua meri Hindu randi.meri lund dekh ke phat gayi kya. Kya socha. Hum Musalman hai. Hum beef kathe hai. Isliye humara lund bahut bara hota hai. Aur when it goes into your tight Hindu pussy it gives you lot of pleasure. It shows you heaven”. Aslam Ji just said me Randi but instead of feeling bad that word got me excited. And over that his dick is like a complete package.

Aslam Ji was crazy for my navel. He sucked my belly button, kissed it, kept his tongue inside it and rotated it. It was too good. I could barely stay on the bed with all the excitement and pleasure from Aslam’s tremendous navel sucking. Aslam Ji hands played with my boobs and my waist and his rough hand’s increased the pleasure by one more notch. Aslam Ji sucking made my pussy so wet that I can feel the wetness inside my panty. His hands were moving all over my body and slowly hands went down below my waist and rubbed my wet pussy over my bridal lehenga. A shock wave went through out my body. First man to touch my 21 year old vagina. Just for the first night I got it clean shaven and applied vaginal perfume. I also had a full body wax and my body was looking perfectly smooth and shiny. Aslam Ji searched for the knot of the lehenga and once he found that he untied the knot in no time. He was anxious to see my hidden womanly treasure hiding between my shapely thighs. Aslam Ji moved his hand inside my lehenga and his hands were touching all over my panty. It was something new I never experienced before. His strong hands against my sensitive virgin pussy. Aslam Ji continued sucking my navel while his fingers entered inside my panty and was you touching my vagina. I was pushing his head more and more towards my navel. My pussy was so wet and his touched made me leak my juices more. My Hindu Brahmin pussy leaking juices with the touches of a hard and old Muslim hands.

Update 3

Aslam Ji hands were so good. One hand on my soft boobs his tongue inside my navel and other hand on my silky soft vagina. He continued rubbing hard and in no time I had huge orgasm, first of the night. Aslam Ji fingers were dripping wet with my pussy juices. Zeel my slutty Hindu whore.bahut Mazaa Aah Rahi he kya. Look at my fingers they are filled with your virgin pussy juices leaking to take my Katwa Muslim lund.

I was shy and was looking at him with unknown love and my body didn’t wanted him to stop and I wanted more and more of those orgasms from my Muslim sher. I never know what sex was before but today I feel this is the best feeling I ever had and I never want it to stop.

Aslam Ji was rough and sensuous and knows to excite. He took the wet finger and tasted it slowly licking it like an icecream and said waah meri randi teri Hindu jism ka ras bahut masth hai. Ufff aur peene ka mann kar Raha he. Le thi bhi taste kar. Saying that he moved his other finger on to my lips and made me taste my own fluids. It was exciting to do that. Aslam Ji randi Abhi teri choot dekhne ka time aagaya. Saying that he pushed my lehenga down. I was down to my panty with my lehenga holding down at the knee and my boobs are out above my bra and blouse of lehenga hanging like open window showing my assets. Aslam Ji moved down and his mouth was just above my panty. He smelled my juices over my wet panty. Waah kya swaad aah rahi he. Phool jaise. He looked into my eye and kept his mouth on my panty and gave me a kiss on my pussy lips. And ran his tongue on the wet portion on the panty. Aslam Ji then pulled my panty down using his teeth. My virgin pussy was out and the pinkish skin smooth pussy was inviting Aslam Ji to kiss it. Aslam Ji accepted the invitation and in no time he drowned my pussy with his kisses. Current was passing through my body with his touches on my womanly parts. He inserted his tongue inside my vagina lips and played with my pussy. It was so exciting and I was moaning very loudly. Aslam Ji expertly inserted his finger. My body was barely able to stay on the bed with excitement. I was pressing his head onto my pussy as his pace increased a big orgasm was developing inside my Hindu body. I was moaning Aslam Ji’s name and was pushing his head more and more on to me. Aslam Ji understood that I was reaching an orgasm as he increased his pace with his tongue and fingers. I could barely stay and reached an intense orgasm.

My fluids were all over his mouth and he sucked them clean with his tongue and sucked them dry. He removed my lehenga fully. Now I was just in my red jacket and bra. He made me sit on the bed and removed them too. I was down to my wedding jewelry. Aslam Ji loved them and asked them to keep it. I was shy and don’t know what to do. Aslam Ji understood my reluctance and took my soft hand towards his doti. Meri randi Ab teri Baari hai. Teri shouhar Ko Sukh dene ka. Saying this he asked me to pull out his cock from his doti. I was shy but I wanted to return the absolute pleasure given by him and further more I wanted to look at his bulge. The one that is going to take my virginity.

The outline inside from his doti was huge and I really wanted to feel it in my tiny hands. I could feel his monster dick width and length when I touched it on his doti. It was really big like a monster

And it’s definitely way bigger than that of my husband. Slowly I kept my hand inside his jockey and took his dick out. And it was half erect but it was huge like a snake. I moved my hand on the dick to feel the length. It was becoming hard inside my hand and I can feel the bulging veins against my hand. The sensation of it was too good and I can feel the heat of his dick. I was moving my hands on his dick giving him a nice hand job while Aslam was enjoying the touch of my smooth hands on his dick. Aslam Ji pushed my head on to his dick and I understood what he wanted.

I kissed it on the tip and while kissing the tip of Aslam ji’s Muslim dick, I was moving my hand to and fro on the entire dick which was Hard like an iron and hot like a lava. It’s so huge. Even after keeping both my palms on it still I can see a lot of base outside. I spitted my saliva on his dick and I rubbed my saliva on his dick with both my palms and sucked his upper part of his katwa dick. His dick was increasing and moving like a snake when my soft lips were touching his dick. Pre cum started oozing out and for the 1st time in my life I tasted that salty liquid. It was different but I was doing it for Aslam Ji and I didn’t bother much about the taste and started taking his big Muslim dick inside my sweet little mouth.

His masculine smell was filling my nose and I was getting more and more excited. I wanted to make him happy as much as possible. He ordered me take his dick fully into my mouth. I obliged to him and took his long Black Muslim cock as much as I can it was touching my throat and I can feel still his Muslim cock in my hands. He allowed me to relax with his cock in my mouth. I took his balls into my hands and pressed them together while I started slowly to move lips up and down his cock. He was enjoying my slow sucking and my licking with my tongue. He was enjoying his luck took his hand and kept on my head and he pushed it further more than previous. I started gagging but Aslam Ji ordered to suck it fully. I took the challenge and allowed him push him further more inside my Hindu mouth. His cock was fucking my throat and i was gagging. Tears were rolling down my face meeting my saliva dripping down my fucking mouth. He gave me a long thrust and pushed all his cock into my mouth. He was fucking my throat. Sometimes he removed his cock and made me suck his balls. And he again deep throated me.

“Yess… That’s it. Relax your throat and take it right in!” He encouraged me stroking my hair and caressing my pretty face. He pulled me back and my saliva was flowing on his cock he made me lick and ordered me “swallow the spit in slut, you r so hot my Hindu Randi”. He kept his cock back in mouth. Force on his thrusts were increasing stretching my little mouth. He was becoming uncontrollable and was fucking like a bull. I tried to forget my pain and all I wanted to do is pleasure my Muslim master. My mouth was leaking all, the saliva and his cock was shining with it. He pumped me like 10 minutes and I was acting like a slut. He told me he was Cumming and pushed his cock deep down and cummed inside my mouth. With my hot body he might have developed lot of sperm he shuttered two shots inside my mouth and pulled his cock out and shuttered 4-5 times on my cute Hindu face hair and my boobs. He made me lick all the cum on my body and swallow it. He made me lick his dick. But look on his face showing that he was satisfied with my oral skills and I was happy for that even though my jaw line was paining. Aslam Ji said “Waah Zeel you are the best. I never had a blow job of this amazing satisfaction”.

I am now lying on my marital bed nude along with a Muslim who is of my father age and my husband is sleeping on the floor and has no idea what’s happening on his suhagraat. Aslam Ji went down till my toe and planted kiss on my toe and started sucking my well-shaped long leg fingers one by one while his hands were massaging over my calf muscles. He sucked my toe fingers like candy and started kissing my feet and moved up to my calf and then to my inner thighs. He was looking at my pussy. It’s one hell of a sight to Aslam Ji which he is going to treasure for rest of his life. Young beautiful Hindu housewife nude and below a Muslim. Even Aslam Ji would not have dreamt of this. I covered my pussy with my hands.

Zeel your lips are just like rose petals so lively and so smooth and the smell from your pussy is so addictive that my face is not able to move saying this he licked my pussy lips with his strong tongue. Aslam Ji started tongue fucking me.

I was enjoying the oral pleasure and Aslam ji’s tongue was like heaven and his tongue went deeper and deeper. His tongue was touching new places and the pleasure was so immense that my orgasm started building up with in a minute and my body became stiff, Aslam Ji realized that I was reaching an Orgasm stopped his tongue fuck. I was disappointed and looked at him questioningly he did not say anything but moved up to lips and planted a kiss. Aslam Ji’s dick was right above my naked pussy and his strong dick was touching my outer lips. The sensation of such a strong dick on my smooth tight pussy was making me wet.

Aslam Ji positioned himself on me in a missionary position and kept my legs on his strong shoulders and his dick at tip of my pussy and was ready to invade. Aslam Ji told “Zeel my sexy Hindu slut my dick is little big for sexy Hindu pussy and it may pain a little” and Aslam Ji looked into my eyes and told today will be most erotic day of my life. I will get the maximum pleasure fucking your smooth tight pink pussy and rubbed his dick on my slit. I moaned loud and told him loudly Aslam Ji your dick is so big you will stretch my pussy please do it slowly. I am ready to bear the pain. Do whatever necessary my lion.” Listening to me Aslam Ji was also excited and I could feel his dick becoming even harder. Aslam Ji you are not even wearing a condom and we don’t have any condom that fits your dick. You are entering my fertile pussy unprotected. Please cum inside me and make me pregnant. I will carry your baby in my tummy and become mother of your child. The taboo of it was so exciting and was making my pussy wet and had a different effect on Aslam Ji and Aslam Ji became very hot. He was rubbing his dick against the lips of my hot pussy. The sensation was so good I was feeling out of the world and I could not wait anymore to take Aslam ji’s dick and become a Muslim slut and Aslam also could not control anymore and pushed his dick into my married tight virgin pussy.

My pussy was taking a dick other than my husband. Aslam Ji’s dick is so thick that my pussy was not allowing his dick inside and his dick was stretching my pussy walls like anything. Aslam Ji my sher todha aaram se karna. It’s so big its paining. It’s stretching my virgin pussy. No one has touched my pussy and stretched it like that. Oh its feels so good.

Aslam Ji applied more pressure and it was like inserting a hot rod inside my pussy. My pussy was burning and I was not able to bear the sensation. I asked Aslam Ji to remove his dick and tried to push him away but Aslam Ji held my hands with his one hand and told Zeel it will reduce in a moment bear it. My dick is big and your pussy is very tight like all other sexy Hindu Mall. Bear the pain for 5 minutes then you will only beg for more of my Muslim cock saying that Aslam gave me a huge stroke and 5 inches of his dick went inside my pussy. I cried out loud with pain and was not able to bear Aslam Ji’s dick inside my virgin pussy.

Zeel please relax if you co-operate I will fuck you so slowly and with love that you will also enjoy and we both will get maximum pleasure and if you keep your body stiff I need to use more force and it will give you more pain. Aslam Ji started kissing my lips tenderly and was pressing my boobs slowly and with one hand he was rubbing my pussy lips from top to make them relax. The love shown by Aslam Ji made me fall for him more and I decided that since I have reached this far Aslam Ji will not stop until he fucks me whether with love or force and my drunkard husband who is staying on the floor doesn’t deserve me.

So I thought I will co-operate fully with Aslam Ji and enjoy the pleasure of fucking from him. I asked Aslam Ji please do slowly. I have never taken a cock of this size. I told “Aslam Ji there is KY Jelly inside the cup-board please apply some on your cock and some inside my pussy it will help us for easy penetration”. Aslam Ji took the jelly and gave it to me to apply the jelly on his dick. I didn’t want the pain so I willingly took the jelly in my hand and applied the cream on his strong pulsating cock. The cock was so strong and long and as if like a rod and it was responding to my touch becoming even stronger.

While I was playing with Aslam Ji dick, Aslam Ji took some jelly and started applying in my virgin pussy using his fingers. Even his fingers were bigger that my husband’s pathetic dick and Aslam Ji rubbed jelly nicely all inside my pussy and fingered my pussy first with one finger and then with 2 fingers. His 2 fingers were so thick that it felt like a dick ramming my tight pussy. The pain eased with time my pussy walls adjusted for the thickness of his fingers and my pussy became fully wet with my own fluids and jelly. My wet smooth pussy shining with my own fluids I ready to take Aslam Ji’s big black cock. I still can’t believe how big his dick is. Its humongous.

Aslam Ji positioned back himself on me in missionary style. Aslam Ji widened my legs and told Zeel keep your legs as wide as possible and keep your body relaxed my big Katwa cock will dig your pussy deep and will show you heaven just bear with the initial pain. All the while he was rubbing his cock on my delicate pussy making me crazy. Oh Zeel you have such a smooth and delicate pussy. Oh. I can’t wait to fuck this pink pussy. I have never seen a pussy this smooth and delicate. You are like sex angel fallen from heaven. You deserve a man like me and not a wimp husband. He was rubbing my pussy with his strong dick and I could not control anymore and was moving my ass up to the dick inside my wet delicate pussy. Aslam Ji was teasing me more by moving his ass away from me whenever I was moving my ass upwards. Aslam Ji Oh Zeel… How many time you teased me with your sexy body and now lying under me nude and trying to take the dick in like a whore. Normally I would have been angry with his words but at this moment his words are adding fire inside me.

Me: Oh Aslam Ji why are you waiting please do it.

Aslam Ji(A): Zeel, Your pussy is so wet for me. Look at your pussy it’s dipping wet with your juices

Me: Please you do it.

A: Don’t you feel bad for your husband, begging for other person dick when your husband is sleeping in the same room

Me: You only made me this hot, I cannot stop it now. Please keep it inside.

A: Oh beg for it Zeel, you have teased me so many days, Now it’s your punishment my whore. Beg for it.

Aslam Ji was rubbing his dick while his hands were playing with my boobs. I had no control over my body.

Me: Oh Aslam Ji Please take me and have sex with me. Oh you are so big please do it slowly. I have never had this much big

Aslam Ji: How many people did you sleep with whore?

Me: Aslam Ji yessssssssssssssss(he just pressed his dick inside my pussy) No one.

Aslam Ji: Oh my whore your pussy is so tight. Beg for my dick

Me:Aslam Ji Yess please fuck me with your big dick. Please yesssssssssss fuck my pussy with your big Muslim cock.

A: what about your husband?

Me: Oh he is not a man. He cannot fuck my pussy. He is a wimp. Now please fuck me.

Aslam Ji started giving small strokes and his dick was entering me slowly.

A: Oh Zeel darling your pussy is just like a flower so delicate. I will suck the honey out of it.

Me: Yes Aslam Ji It’s all yours. Oh fuck me slowly.

My pussy was so wet and with KY Jelly Aslam Ji could insert 6 inches of his dick and still 4 inches was remaining outside. I kept my hand to feel the remaining dick and was shocked seeing the length as my pussy was feeling full with only 6 inches. Aslam Ji was finding it hard to enter with small strokes as my pussy was never been stretched like this.

A: Zeel darling, you r pussy is so tight and warm

He kissed me and pulled his cock back till the tip and gave it a huge push. The dick entered further stretching my pussy walls and I shouted in pain. He closed my mouth with lips and tears were rolling down my eyes. Oh Zeel the pain will go and after that it will only be pleasure. You will become addicted to my Muslim cock and beg for my cock every night.

Aslam Ji didn’t move his cock inside my pussy but was kissing me and playing with my boobs. There is still two more inches of cock left outside my pussy. My pain decreased and Aslam Ji’s Katwa cock was feeling good inside my tight delicate Hindu pussy. I started moving my ass to feel the cock more, Aslam Ji sensing that I was ready started moving his cock up and down In small strokes slowly. He was gentle and was allowing me to enjoy the sensation of his big cock in my married pussy. Aslam Ji was showing me new pleasures and was exploring new areas inside my body which my husband will never be able to do. Slowly the pace of strokes increased and my body was responding to Aslam Ji strokes by pushing my ass towards Aslam Ji along with his stroke

A: Zeel… Yesssssss ahhh your pussy is so tight……. It’s giving me so much pleasure.

Me: Ahhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Yesss yessssssss slowly yesssssssssssss your cock is filling me completely.

A: There is still cock left I am going to go in completely

Me: No, Aslam Ji You will tear me…. Please no… This itself is so big….Oh slowly Aslam Ji (As Aslam Ji started increasing his speed)

A: You Hindu bitch, your pussy is asking for more get ready now.

Me: No Aslam Ji…

Aslam Ji again pulled his cock back to the tip and this time he inserted with full force. Aslam Ji 10 inches dick was fully inside my pussy and I can feel some blood coming out.

This time Aslam Ji didn’t stop and started giving me small and fast strokes deep inside my pussy, it was giving me both pain and pleasure.

Me: Ahhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Yesss yessssssss slowly yesssssssssssss

Me: Your big katwa cock is feeling so good inside my pussy yess go on fuck meeeee

Aslam Ji was pinching my boobs as his dick started ravaging my pussy. My body was moving along with his strokes and his fucking sound pcch pch puch where his balls were hitting my pussy along with my bangles and anklets sound was echoing in the room. His pace was increasing with every minute and was giving me lot of pleasure, I just held his hair and made him suck my boobs which were moving up and down with his stoke. I locked him up with my legs surrounding his ass. He was giving me long strokes. With each thrust I felt that Aslam Ji was drilling my pussy deeper and deeper.

I was moaning loudly Oh Yes Yess Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yess Aslam Ji yes fuck me…… Ohhhhhhhhhhh along with the sound of my bangles and anklets and the sound of pussy getting fucked with a proper man’s dick. I couldn’t control anymore and I reached an orgasm with a loud moan. Aslam Ji stopped stroking allowing me to enjoy the biggest orgasm I ever had. It sent waves of pleasure one after another and I can feel large amount of fluids releasing from my body.

It was indeed the most pleasurable moment of the life and I was slowly falling for this middle aged man and gave him a passionate kiss right from my heart and hugged him tightly. Aslam Ji was so happy with the kiss as it was the first time I initiated the kiss and he reciprocated the kiss with equal passion.

After the kiss Aslam Ji made me lie on all fours in doggy position and entered me from behind. Aslam Ji entered in a swift but with my pussy fluids and Aslam Ji’s pre cum his dick entered with less pain that before. Aslam Ji held my hair and started banging my pussy like a bull. Aslam Ji this time was rough and was fucking with long and huge strokes and was pulling my hair and was pinching my ass and was screaming all swear words

You dirty whore look at your pussy how is it getting fucked by your husband driver, and you shouting like a bitch. All you dirty Hindu women you are all born to satisfy us and raise our Muslim babies. I was just moaning Ah Ah Ah………. And was enjoying his banging.

Me: Ahhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Yesss yessssssss yesssssssssssss

The sound of his ball hitting my pussy was echoing in the room.

Thup. Thup.Thup.Thup.Thup. Thup. Thup.Thup.Thup.Thup.

Me: Oh you feel so fucking good

With each minute Aslam Ji is becoming confident and dominating me more and more. He started spanking my well build round ass cheek screaming whore, randhi, bitch, slut everything. Aslam Ji was fucking like a bull and the pleasure cannot be told in words.

Because of my husband’s inability I am getting fucked by a bull and a muslim man was fucking me pinching me, spanking me, and swearing at my family. He got this guts just because of my incompetent idiotic namard husband.

I reached another orgasm with Aslam Ji’s fucking and could not stay on all fours and fell on bed. This night is 1st of so many things in my life. Aslam Ji just rolled on to a slide and inserted his dick from the side and continued his fucking. Aslam Ji was fucking with lot of stamina and was inside my pussy for more than 30 minutes. My body was moving and my bangles sound was echoing throughout the room. Aslam Ji while fucking my pussy was rubbing his hand along the lengths of the gold chain tied along the waist and was kissing my neck and shoulders. After slow fuck in the side ways, Aslam Ji pulled me on top of him easily, he lifted me just like a doll. Aslam Ji then asked me to ride him. His big black cock was still inside my pussy and I stared moving up and down along his dick and took support from Aslam Ji’s body by leaning in front. Aslam Ji extended his hands and was playing with my boobs and pulled me on to him and kissed my lips while I was moving my ass up and down. This was another 1st of the night and this was the 1st time I was riding a cock. After few minutes of riding I became tired and fell on Aslam Ji, Aslam Ji again made me turn on bed and kept a pillow below my ass and started fucking me in missionary position. Aslam Ji fucked me like that for another 5 minutes and orgasm started building up in both of us.

A: Zeel I am going to cum inside your pussy and bitch I will make mother of my child. I will make you a whore

Saying this he fell on me and cummed inside my pussy. He unloaded loads of semen inside my married fertile unprotected pussy. His warm semen made me reach my orgasm with a huge moan and I also reached 3rd orgasm for the day.

We slept like baby after the super awesome fuck. In the morning Aslam Asked me to give a rough hand job to my husband so that he feels that he fucked me in the night and slept. I gave him a very rough hand job showing my anger and Aslam told even the dick pains a little after the 1st fuck and the rough job should do the trick. I made my husband cum on the bed and washed my hand and wore a nighty. Aslam told not to allow my husband to fuck me in the morning and he told he will come again in the night. When in the morning my husband approached me for a fuck I told him my pussy is all sore with the sex last night which was true but the sex was with Aslam. My impotent husband was so happy listening to that and didn’t touch me. This continued all the three days. Aslam used to fuck me all night while my husband slept because of the sleeping pills.

Even after three days Aslam made a nice plan and started coming home in the pre-text of learning English from me and My husband also agreed because of the handsome tuition fee offered by Aslam. So it was easy for him to come to my home and fuck me royally every day. We decided to enjoy for some time before planning for pregnancy and I started taking pills.

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