True Journey of Hindu Woman Part 2

Part 1 :

As you read in 1st part of my story I use to have phone conversation with my husband (rohit mishra) from my 1st week of my wedding because he went to clear his licence exam in delhi. So I will continue the story from where it was end
As I made face attractive sexy expression towards showing to muhmud I sat there in balcony I lied to rohit his mom (mother in law) was not calling me. Then I started facing towards the other right side of muhmud tailor shop so that he can see me as my left side and I started looking at him with my eyes. was he seeing my shape of body and open waist or not? was he seeing my backless saree and blouse or not? Those questions in my mind making me so curious to see him how he is liking my body exciting me as well I wanted to see his expression and it happened he saw me as he was pounding something in his lungi(towel) and behaving like gentle cute at his 45y/o.
Muhmud’s body shape broad chest , long height like some kind massive real hunk thats so much attracting me towards him its making me think about him only if I can hug him my body not able to see by other back side of him. he can only give me full pleasure of sex to my every nerves in body part wanted him to touch me give little smooth hard pressure on me.

And suddenly breaking of my thoughts I heard the sound of closing of shutter of his shop in that night I again started thinking while at bed I got dream with him it was quite naughty sexist dream I were having threesome me rohit and muhmud
as I got up next morning early 5am had bath washed up my cloths thongs and lingerie put it in balcony at ropes and then I went to pray god by the time it was 6am I made some tea coffee for everyone
And Everyone had bath and breakfast went busy in their works while I were watching tv shows and movies.
And exact 8am I heard it again there was opening of shutter sound’s and I tried to look at there raju who was pulling shutter up and muhmud was looking at my balcony I were wondering he might starring at my thongs and lingerie I were just thinking these all thoughts are making me so horny and letting me go for one more step to do
In the noon time I got the chance drop my thong near his shop and as far as I tried to throw it could reach to in his shop inside so it went and luckily land off the space between going inside the shop and I so fast moved to came in my bedroom window to show that they could not see me and I can see them.
By an hour muhmud luckily saw my thong on ground of space between in enter the shop he took it in his hand he stretched it with his both hands then faced towards my balcony and later he went inside the shop around after 2 hourse he rang my house doorbell I saw its muhmud here I were in backless sleeveless blouse and in transparent saree that could easily visible my shape of body and I clear my face without worry with increase of heart beat in a excited moment it was my 1st time to going face some1 whom I always thinking of day and night to have sex and tremendous pleasure and without making late of 3rd bell about to rang i opened the door

We were just one foot distance my boobs started having sensation letting me lean on me
And in between I said yes ji kya kam hai?
Muhmud- something felt down from your balcony and it came to my shop (infront of your house)
And while we were talking he saw me from up and down he almost saw every curve and tightness in my body except my private parts
I can see him he wanted me badly as I were looking at down I saw near his thigh part something making moves.
in the other second he took off my thong from his lungi and stretched it with both hands
And asked me is that your ma’m?
me- oh yes thats mine thank you so much when I took in my hand something I felt sticky in my finger.
Muhmud- you’re always welcome and koi problem nhi ma’m padosi hai apke itna toh help kr hii saktey hai
I were enjoying My sexist moment and talks with muhmud and it got disturbed by I saw my mother in law coming here I finished conversation with muhmud at that point there. i again said thanks to him and closed of the door
Then these all done by my today’s steps toward of my dreams then I came back to bedroom I wore that thong started thinking about muhmud idk when I got a deep sleep then meanwhile when my phone rang at 9pm and I saw its rohit’s calls
And I picked up then I scolded him for wake me up
In a sarcastic way And we had some convos rohit asked for my pictures to send him
Me- oh so sorry I totally forgot to take my pictures I were so busy in house work today’s don’t worry my hubby give me for awhile I will send you right now
And I sent him some pictures of me and he sent his pictures while stroking his dick
rohit was asking of my nudes and I said I can not take my nudes now I will try to take nude picture me to any other day and my dear husband I just woke now let me serve the food to everyone im going to busy here now. Bye bye!

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